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1. If a gps receiver readout displays a height = +36.

05 meters and the geoid undulation, N, is equal

to +25.73 meters, calculate the orthometric height, H, in meters, of the point.
a. 9.32
b. 12.32
c. 10.32
d. 11.32
2. Triangulation baseline were measured accurately and carefully using ____, an alloy which is
highly resistant to change in length caused by changes in______.
a. Fiberglass, temperature
b. Invar, humidity
c. Invar, temperature
d. Fiberglass, humidity
3. Geoid ____ is the distance between the ellipsoid and the geoid at a give___.
a. Merging, point
b. Merging, surface
c. Separation, point
d. Separation, surface
4. GNSS satellites have _____ clocks
a. Quartz
b. Atomic
c. Analog
d. Astronomic
5. Bench marks are relatively _______ objects, natural or…… bearing marked points, whose
________ above or below an adopted…. Known
a. Temporary, elevation
b. Temporary, coordinates
c. Permanent, elevation
d. Permanent, coordinates
6. Orthometric height is generally presented as a mean _________ .. elevation
a. River
b. Sea
c. Lake
d. Water
7. The orbital planes of the GPS satellites are inclined by ______ degrees with respect to the
a. 50, meridian
b. 55,equator
c. 55, meridian
d. 50,equator
8. The classical definition of geodesy at present has been extended to include the temporal
variations of the earth’s surface and the ________ field.
a. Remote sensing
b. Satellite
c. Gravity
d. Cadastral
9. Multipath causes GNSS signals to travel along ____ paths.
a. Circular
b. Shorter
c. Longer
d. Elliptical
10. ________ in antenna height measurement are a common source of error in GNSS surveys
because all GNSS surveys are ____ dimensional whether the vertical component will be used or
a. Records, three
b. Blunders, three
c. Records, two
d. Blunders, two
11. the angle between the _______ plane and a line joining a point on ellipsoid to the center of the
ellipsoid is called____ latitude.
a. Polar, geodetic
b. Polar, geocentric
c. Equatorial, geodetic
d. Equatorial, geocentric
12. __________ gravimeters are based directly on measuring the acceleration of free fall.
a. Spring
b. Absolute
c. Relative
13. The equinox is one of the two points of intersection of the… the celestial equator occupied by
the sun when its declination… _______ degrees.
a. Ecliptic, 90
b. Galactic, 90
c. Galactic, 0
d. Ecliptic, 0

14. The semi-major radius of the world geodetic system of.. is _____ meters
a. 6378.237
b. 6378.137
c. 6378.654
d. 6378.123
15. The convergency correction between two geodetic control points… to the product of the ___
difference in arc seconds multipl…. The sine of the mean____
a. Latitude, longitude
b. Longitude, azimuth
c. Longitude, latitude
d. Azimuth, latitude
16. GNSS real-time network RTK GPS surveys use several ____ -mount…. Continuously operating
reference stations.
a. Tripod
b. Rover
c. Temporarily
d. Permanently
17. In the relation between Cartesian coordinates (x,y,z) and ellipsoidal coordinates( latitude,
longitude and height), z= [(b^2/a^2) N +h] times ______, where the value N is the radius of
curvature in the prime vertical.
a. Cos ϕ
b. Cot ϕ
c. sin ϕ
d. tan ϕ
18. when the center of the _____ of a geodetic datum coincides with the center of the mass of the
earth, the geodetic datum is _______
a. ellipsoid, non-geocentric
b. geoid, non-geocentric
c. ellipsoid, geocentric
d. geoid, geocentric
19. An inaccurate _______ determination in GNSS observation…. ______ error because the
computed distance between the …. And the satellite is incorrect
a. Continuity, position
b. Ambiguity, position
c. Continuity, multipath
d. Ambiguity, multipath

SITUATION 3 – The WGS84 geographic coordinates of PRS92 station AGS-3 in San Luis, Agusan Del Sur,
are latitude = 8d26m49.17455s and longitude = 125d43m18.25170s. If the semi-major axis a= 6378137
meters; first eccentricity, e = 0.0818191909; and h=...

Determine the x-cartesian coordinates of station AGS-3, in meters

a. -3683739.740
b. -3683736.740
c. -3683141.740
d. -3482740.740

Determine the Z-Cartesian coordinates of station AGS-3, in meters

a. 930703.542
b. 930707.542
c. 930708.542
d. 930706.542

Determine the Y-Cartesian coordinates of station AGS-3, in meters

a. 5122364.797
b. 5122366.797
c. 5122365.797
d. 5122163.797