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Reader in International Relations

Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), University of Cambridge
Fellow in International Relations and Politics, Emmanuel College
work phone: +44 (0) 1223 767248
website: http: //


2007 PhD in Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison (MA included).
1999 BA in Political Science (minor in Classical Studies), Middlebury College.

Professional Appointments
2017 - Reader in International Relations , Department of Politics and International
Studies (POLIS), University of Cambridge.
2013 - Official Fellow (Politics and International Relations), Emmanuel College,
University of Cambridge.
2013 - 2017 University Lecturer in International Relations , POLIS, University of Cambridge.
2012 - 2013 International Affairs Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations, with placement at
the Congressional Research Service, Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade
Division (U.S. Library of Congress), Washington, DC.
2007 - 2012 Assistant Professor of Politics, Washington and Lee University, Virginia.


2017 Hierarchies in World Politics. Edited. Cambridge Studies in International
Relations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [Runner-up 2019 ISA
Theory section prize (Honourable Mention)]

2011 After Defeat: How the East Learned to Live with the West. Cambridge Studies
in International Relations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Reviewed in: Comparative Studies in Society and History, Europe-Asia
Studies, Human Figurations, Hollings Center for International Dialogue
Good Reads, International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies,
International Journal of Turkish Studies, Perspectives in Politics, Review
of Politics, Turkish Politics, Today’s Zaman, the ‘NonWestern World’ blog.

Yenilgiden Sonra: Doğu Batı ile Yaşamayı Nasıl Öğrendi (Turkish translation
of After Defeat, but with an additional introductory chapter written in Turkish
by me). Istanbul: Koç University Press, trans. Barış Cezar, 2012.
Reviewed in: Hollings Center for International Dialogue kitap tavsiyeleri,
discussed by columnists at Turkish dailies Haberturk, Radikal, Sabah,
Yeni Şafak, Zaman, Salom; featured in the book review inserts of Milliyet
Sanat and Star Kitap (inc. an interview).
Articles (peer review)
[2019] 'Rise of the Rest: As Hype and Reality', International Relations [Special Issue:
Reflections on a Century of International Politics]. {commission + peer review}
2018 ‘Sovereign Equality as Misrecognition’, Review of International Studies 44.5:
2018 ‘A Non-Eurocentric Approach to Sovereignty’ in ‘Forum: In the Beginning There
was No Word (for it): Terms, Concepts and Early Sovereignty’, International
Studies Review 3.20: 489-520
2017 ‘States and Ontological Security: A Historical Rethinking’, Cooperation &
Conflict 52.1: 48-68.
2017 ‘TRIPping Constructivism’, PS: Political Science & Politics 50.1: 75-78.
2016 ‘Hierarchies in World Politics’, International Organization 70.3: 623-54 (with
Janice Bially Mattern).
2014 ‘What Made the World Hang Together: Socialization or Stigmatization’,
International Theory 6.2: 311-332.
2013 ‘Revisiting Second Image Reversed: Lessons from Turkey and Thailand’,
International Studies Quarterly 57.1: 150-62.
2013 ‘Cultural Intimacy in International Relations’, European Journal of
International Relations 19.4: 915 - 38 (with Jelena Subotic).
2012 ‘Problem Areas for the New Turkish Foreign Policy’, Nationalities Papers 40.5:
739 -45.
2011 ‘What Makes Terrorism Modern? Terrorism, Legitimacy, and the International
System’, Review of International Studies 37.5: 2311 - 36. [Winner of BISA best
article award]
2010 ‘Ontological Insecurity and State Denial of Past Crimes: Turkey and Japan’,
International Relations 24.1: 3 - 23. [Currently most-cited article in the history
of the journal].
Book Chapters (mix of editorial and peer review)
Forthcoming ‘Chapter 22: Turkish Foreign Policy’ in Takashi Inoguchi, ed., The Sage
Handbook of Asian Foreign Policy (2 volumes).
[2019] ‘Ottomans and Diversity’, in Andrew Phillips and Chris Reus-Smit, eds., Cultural
Diversity and International Order. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 
2018 ‘Between “East” and “West”: Travelling Theories, Travelling Imaginations’ in
Andreas Gofas, Inanna Hamati-Ataya and Nicholas Onuf, eds., The Sage
Handbook of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of International Relations
(with Zeynep Gülşah Çapan).
2017 ‘Theorising Hierarchies’ in Ayşe Zarakol, ed. Hierarchies in World Politics.
Cambridge Studies in International Relations. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press.
2017 ‘Why Hierarchy?’ in Ayşe Zarakol, ed. Hierarchies in World Politics. Cambridge
Studies in International Relations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
2017 ‘Türkiye ve Rusya: Tarihsel Benzerlikler’ in Evren Balta and Gencer Özcan,
eds., Tarihsel Perspektiften Rusya-Türkiye İlişkileri. İstanbul: İletişim
2017 ‘Postcolonial colonialism? The case of Turkey’ in Charlotte Epstein, ed. Against
International Relations Norms. London: Routledge (with Zeynep Gülşah

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2016 ‘Is Judicialization Good for Democracy: A Comparative Discussion’ in Giorgi
Areshidze, Paul Carrese and Suzanna Sherry, eds., Constitutionalism,
Executive Power, and the Spirit of Moderation: Essays in Honor of Murray P.
Dry. Albany, NY: SUNY Press.
2015 ‘Afterword: Creating a Community of Area Studies in a Changing World’ in
Edith Clowes and Shelly Jarrett Bromberg eds., Area Studies in the Global Age:
Community, Place, Identity. DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press.
2008 ‘Fear and Loathing in the International System’ in Rafael Reuveny and William
R. Thompson, eds., North And South in the World Political Economy. Malden,
MA: Blackwell.

Commissioned Articles (editorial review)

2017 ‘Are Eurocentrism and Babel the only options?’ Contribution to a post-
publication ISQ Symposium on 'Comparing International Systems in World
History: Anarchy, Hierarchy, and Culture’: 6-7.
2017 ‘Some thoughts on How the West Came to Rule’, Spectrum: Journal of Global
Studies 8.1: 21-30.
2016 Contribution to ‘ISSF Roundtable 8-10 on The Global Transformation: History,
Modernity and the Making of International Relations by Barry Buzan and
George Lawson’, H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable Reviews VIII.10: 12-13.
2015 ‘Response to “The Interplay Between Regional International Societies” by
Thomas Linsenmaier’, Global Discourse 5.3: 467 - 9.
2012 ‘Turkey and Thailand: Unlikely Twins’, Journal of Democracy 23.3: 71-79 (Co-
authored with Duncan McCargo). [Republished in Turkish by online
newspaper Zete, 11 Aralık 2013.]
2011 ‘Theorizing International Relations: Politics vs. Philosophy’, International
Studies Review 13.4: 647 - 53.
2011 ‘Turkey and Changes in the Arab World’, Orient (journal of the German Orient-
Institute) 52.III: 31-36.
Policy Papers
2016 ‘Turkey and Russia, Erdoğan and Putin’, PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo No.
444, IERES, George Washington University.
2016 ‘The Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey: What We Know So Far’, PONARS Eurasia
Policy Memo No. 433, IERES, George Washington University.
2013 ‘Russia in a Sea of Rising Powers: The View from Washington, D.C.’, PONARS
Eurasia Policy Memo No. 263, IERES, George Washington University.
[Republished in Russian by online news website of the radio channel Echo
Moskvy as 'Россия на фоне ‘растущих держав’: Взгляд из Вашингтона,'
ЭХО Москвы, 21 августа 2013.]
2012 ‘Turkey, Russia and the Arab Spring’, PONARS Eurasia Tartu Policy Conference
Proceedings No. 207, IERES, George Washington University. [Also available in
2011 ‘Turkish Foreign Policy in the AKP’s Third Term’, PONARS Eurasia Annual
Policy Conference Proceedings No. 189, IERES, George Washington University.

Other (Selected)
2017 ‘When Yes Means No’, London Review of Books Blog, April 19.
2016 ‘Assassination of an Ambassador’, London Review of Books Blog, December 20.

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2016 ‘Turkey through the Looking Glass’, London Review of Books Blog, August 3.
[Republished in Norwegian in the daily newspaper Klassekampen.]
2015 Contribution to ‘Roundtable: International History and Reconceptualizing
Empire’, International History and Politics Section Newsletter of the American
Political Science Association (APSA) 1.1.
2015 ‘The European Gaze and the EISA Asylum Seekers Campaign’, The Disorder of
Things, September 17. Translated and published in Turkish in Birikim Dergisi
(with Zeynep Gülşah Çapan).
2012 ‘Thailand and Turkey: Challenges to Elite and Military Rule’, Asia Pacific Memo
#180 (with Duncan McCargo).
Book Reviews
2015 ‘Recalling the caliphate: decolonization and world order by S.Sayyid’,
Cambridge Review of International Affairs 28.3: 508-9.
2015 ‘Opting Out of the European Union by Rebecca Adler-Nissen’, Global Affairs
1.2: 216-8.
2014 ‘Established and emerging powers’, Journal of Asian Studies 73.3: 778-780.
2011 ‘Turkey, Islam, Nationalism and Modernity by Carter Vaughn Findley,’ Review
of Middle East Studies/MESA Bulletin 45.2: 224-5.
2011 ‘Visions of World Community by Jens Bartelson’, Journal of Politics 73.4:
2011 ‘Rethinking World Politics: A Theory of Transnational Neopluralism by Philip
G. Cerny', International Affairs 87.1: 198-9.
2010 ‘The Politics of Uneven Development: Thailand’s Economic Growth in
Comparative Perspective by Richard F. Doner', Review of Policy Research 27.6:

Awards, Honours, Grants and Fellowships (After PhD only)

2019 - Role in ‘A Conceptual History of International Relations (CHOIR)’ project, led
by Dr Halvard Leira of NUPI, Oslo, funded by the Research Council of Norway.
2019 Runner up (Honourable Mention) for ISA Theory Section best collection prize
for Hierarchies in World Politics.
2018 Visiting Fellowship at the University of Copenhagen.
2018 Residential Fellowship at 18 Nyhavn, Copenhagen, sponsored by Danmarks
2016 - 2021 Role in the European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant for the project
‘Diplomatic Face-Work Between Confidential Negotiations and Public Display’,
overseen by Prof. Rebecca Adler-Nissen (University of Copenhagen).
Responsible for the Turkey and Russia legs of the project.
2016 Visiting Fellowship at the Nobel Institute, Oslo, Norway.
2016 CRASSH Early Career Fellowship, University of Cambridge.
2015 Swedish Political Science Association (SWEPSA) IR Section “Rising Star”
Award. Award included a lecture tour of major Swedish universities.
2015 Cambridge Humanities Research Grant.
2012 - 2013 Council on Foreign Relations, International Affairs Fellowship.
2012 Winner of the BISA Best Article in Review of International Studies Award for
‘What Makes Terrorism Modern?’
2010 Junior Faculty Research Leave award, Washington and Lee University.
2008 - 12 Glenn/Lenfest Grants for research, Washington & Lee University (won

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Invited Solo Talks (Last 5 Years only)
2018 Opening keynote response. Academic Exchange (AE) European retreat.
Wilton Park, West Sussex. 14 October.
The Weatherhead East Asian Institute and the Sabanci Center at Columbia
University, New York City, USA. 28 March.
2017 Goethe University Frankfurt/Main, Germany. 18 December.
IBEI, Barcelona, Spain. 11 December.
University of Laval, Quebec City, Canada. 1 November.
2016 University of Westminster, London. 22 November
King’s College London. 21 November.
Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany. 3 September.
NUPI, Oslo, Norway. 9 June.
Nobel Institute, Oslo, Norway. 8 June.
University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 29 April.
London School of Economics. 29 February.
University of Birmingham. 29 January.
2015 University of Sussex. 21 October.
Çukurova University, Adana, Turkey. [In Turkish]. 27 September.
Turkish Businessmen Book Circle, Adana, Turkey. [In Turkish]. 8 May.
University of Uppsala. April 20.
University of Stockholm. April 21.
Lund University. April 22.
Free University of Brussels, Belgium. April 1.
2014 University of London, SOAS. 26 November.
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. 15 October.
University of Erfurt, Germany. July 22.
2013 London School of Economics. 9 December.
George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA. 8 March.
Foreign Service Institute, US Department of State, Arlington, VA, USA. 25

Invited Workshops (Last 5 Years only)

2018 ‘Rethinking regional orders: Hierarchies and Heterarchies’ workshop,
Università L’Orientale, Naples, Italy. 13-15 December.
Minor Cosmopolitanisms Weekend (sponsored by Humbold Unversitat,
Freie Universitat Berlin, Universitat Potsdam and Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaft) at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. 7-8 December.
Research Seminar, Department of Political Science, University of
Copenhagen. 25 October.
First Academic Exchange (AE) European retreat. Wilton Park, West Sussex.
14-16 October.
[International Organization Special issue Workshop on ‘The End of the
Liberal Order?’, University of Wisconsin, Madison. 7-8 September.
Workshop attended by co-author Rebecca Adler-Nissen].
‘Masterclass on Cultural Diversity with Chris Reus-Smit’, NUPI, Oslo,
Norway, 20-21 June.

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‘Ontological Security and Populism’ Workshop, University of Utah, Salt Lake
City, USA, 9-10 April.
‘Emotions in world politics’ Workshop, Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany. 23-24
Journal of Global Security Studies special issue workshop. University of Denver.
Colorado, USA. 29-30 January.
2017 ‘Cultural Diversity and International Order’ Workshop, Social Trends Institute,
Barcelona, Spain. March 30-April 1.
'Rule, Resistance, and the State' Workshop, University of Helsinki, Finland. May
‘Social Power and the Transatlantic Space’ Workshop, Concordia University,
Montreal, Canada. February 21.
2016 PONARS Eurasia Policy Workshop, McGill University, Montreal. December 1-3.
PONARS Eurasia Policy Conference, George Washington University,
Washington, DC. September 23-24.
H2020 planning workshop, Free University of Brussels, Belgium. August 29-30.
‘Syria: Strategic, Legal and Moral Dimensions,’ Conference organised by
Academic Exchange, King’s College London. June 30 - July 31.
Nobel Symposium 2016: The Causes of Peace, Bergen, Norway. June 15-18.
STANCE conference on State-building, Lund University, Sweden. May 19-20.
‘History and Theory’ Colloquium, London School of Economics. May 7-8.
‘Beyond Ruptures and Crises: International Relations and the Long Unwinding
Road of the Middle Ages’. Pre-ISA Workshop. Atlanta, USA. March 15.

2015 Exploratory EISA Symposium on ‘Recognition’, Rapollo, Italy. 12 - 13 November.

PONARS Eurasia Policy Workshop, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan
14 - 17 June.
‘Living in Eastphalia?’ Workshop, Australian Catholic University, Sydney. 13 -14
‘Reclaiming Constructivism’ Workshop, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA.
22 - 23 February.
2014 ‘Borders and Biotechnologies’ Workshop, University of East Anglia, Norwich. 3
Belgrade Security Forum, Serbia. 30 September - 2 October.
‘History and Theory’ Workshop, London School of Economics. September 22.
‘Political Order in Changing Societies Revisited’ Workshop, London School of
Economics. 22 - 23 May.
‘Theorising Hierarchies in International Relations’ Workshop, University of
California - San Diego, USA. 15 - 16 May.
‘Theory in Time of Crisis/Third Generation of Constructivism’ Workshop.
University of Erfurt/Weimar, Germany. 31 January - 2 February.
2013 ‘Ontological Security’ Workshop, Lund University, Sweden. 20 - 22 May.
PONARS Eurasia Policy Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia. 23 - 24 May.
Council on Foreign Relations Annual International Affairs Fellowship
Conference, New York City, USA. 2 May.
ISA Working Group on ‘Theorizing Hierarchy in Anarchy: Political, Economic
and Social Perspectives’, San Francisco. 2 April.

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Invited Roundtable Appearances (Last 5 Years only)
2018 Opening roundtable ‘Rethinking regional orders: Hierarchies and Heterarchies’
workshop, Università L’Orientale,Naples, Italy. December.
Closing roundtable (moderator), ‘Revolution and Resistance in World Politics’,
Annual Millennium Conference, LSE, London. October.
Doing IPS Roundtable Event: ‘International Political Sociology & Historical
Sociology: Encounters’, Kings College London. October.
‘The End of Democracy? The “New Turkey” and a Region in Flux’ panel
organised by Centre for Turkey Studies at the 2018 Labour Party Conference,
Liverpool. September.
Semi-plenary session (moderator) on ‘Politics of Memory’; Roundtable on The
Sage Handbook of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of International
Relations; ‘Concept of empire in IR’, EISA Annual Convention, Prague, Czech
Republic. September.
‘Misrecognition in world politics’, BISA Annual Convention, Bath, UK. June.
‘The Ottomans in International Relations’; ’Re-Uses of the Other: New
Perspectives on The Return of 'the East' in European Geopolitical Imaginaries’,
ISA Annual Convention, San Fransisco, USA. April.
2017 ‘Author Meets Critics: International Pecking Orders by Vincent Pouliot’; ‘Book
Roundtable: Global Historical Sociology by Julian Go and George Lawson’,
SSHA Conference, Montreal, Canada. November.
‘Against International Relations Norms’; ‘Dimensions of Power in Global
Politics’; ‘Global Histories of the “International”’, EISA Annual Convention,
Barcelona, Spain. September.
‘Global IR, Justice and the Mediterranean’; ‘History and Theory in IR,’ WISC
Conference, Taipei, Taiwan. April.
LSE’s First Annual Roundtable Series on the state of the discipline of
International Relations, London. March. Included student workshops.
‘Terms, Concepts and Early Sovereignty’; ‘Russia and NATO: Change, or
Continuity?’; Presidential Theme Panel ‘Making Change Peaceful’; ‘The
Globalization of International Society’, ISA Annual Convention, Baltimore, USA.

2016 ‘International Order and Diversity: War, Trade and Rule in the Indian Ocean’;
‘Centenary (inter)national, 1914-1923: The politics of commemoration and
historical memory in IR’, ISA Annual Convention, Atlanta, USA. March.
2015 ‘Anarchy and IR Theory: Relevant or Relic?’, BISA Annual Convention, London.
Book launch: ‘The Global Transformation: history, modernity and the making of
international relations’, London School of Economics. March.
‘The Uses of History in IR’; ‘Lost in Translation? Practicing IR theory beyond
English’, ISA Annual Convention, New Orleans, USA. February.
2014 ‘BRICS and R2P’ public roundtable, hosted within the ‘Global Norm Evolution
and the Responsibility to Protect’ Workshop at the Central European University,
Budapest, Hungary (sponsored by Global Public Policy Institute, Germany).
‘History and IR’, BISA Annual Convention, Dublin, Ireland. June.
'Identity and IR’, CEEISA Annual Convention, Cluj, Romania. June.

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‘Defining the Early Spaces of International Relations’; ’Spaces, Temporalities
and Ontological Security’, ISA Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada. March.

Papers Presented at Conferences (Last 5 Years only)

2018 Millennium Conference, London School of Economics, October. ‘Global IR:
Should it be anti-Western?’(with Tarak Barkawi).
ISA Annual Convention, San Fransisco, USA, April. ‘A Post-Mongolian
International System?’; ‘Global IR: Should it be anti-Western?’(with Tarak
2017 SSHA Conference, Montreal, Canada, November. ‘Legacies of Ottoman
conceptions of order and sovereignty’.
Millennium Conference, London School of Economics, October. ‘A Post-
Mongolian International System?’; 'Legacies of Ottoman conceptions of order
and sovereignty’.
EISA Annual Convention, Barcelona, Spain, September. ‘Legacies of Ottoman
conceptions of order and sovereignty’.
ISA Annual Convention, Baltimore, USA, February. ‘Waiting for the Barbarians:
Great Powers Perceptions of Rivalry and Decline’.
2015 EISA Annual Convention, Naxos - Giardini, Sicily, Italy, September. ‘Theorising
Hierarchies in World Politics’; ‘Silencing in the Discipline: the Case of
Constructivism’(with Jelena Subotic).
ISA Annual Convention, New Orleans, USA, February. ‘Waiting for the
Barbarians: Perceptions of “Rising Powers” in Historical Perspective’.
2014 CEEISA Annual Convention, Cluj, Romania, June. ‘Theorising International
Hierarchies,’ (with Janice Bially Mattern).
ISA Annual Convention, Toronto, Canada, March. ‘Ontological Security, Space
and Time’; ‘Politics of Nation-Branding: Survival Strategies in an Increasingly
Constructed World,’ (with Jelena Subotic).
2013 ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, April. ’What Made the World Hang
Together?’; ’Come to Azerbaijan! Cultural Intimacy and Official State Tourism
Ads’(with Jelena Subotic).

Invited Cambridge Appearances (Selected)

2018 Book launch panel, A Westphalia for the Middle East?, The Forum on
Geopolitics. 31 October.
Discussant, Divided: Why We’re Living in an Age of Walls book launch, The
Forum on Geopolitics. 16 May.
Closing roundtable, History & IR Conference, Queens College. 11 May.
Panel, ‘From Discord to Cooperation? Armenia and Turkey in the 21st Century’,
the European Centre, POLIS. 10 May.
Discussant and roundtable participant, ‘Contested Identities and Conflicting
Alliances in the Shadow of the Arab Uprisings’ PhD Conference. 26 April.
Book launch panel, The Formation of Turkish Republicanism, St. Johns College.
13 February.
Presenter, ‘Ottomans and Diversity’, POLIS Research Seminar. 7 February.

2017 ‘After July 15: The Future of Turkey’ panel, Cambridge Middle East and North
Africa Forum (MENAF), Gonville & Caius College. 13 November.

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Research talk on ‘Ottomans and Sovereignty’, History & IR Seminar Series,
King’s College. 26 October.
Roundtable on US Decline, Induction Day, POLIS. 3 October.
Panelist, Talking Politics Live Podcast, Alumni Festival, 23 September.
Discussant, ‘Topographies of Citizenship in the Middle East’ Workshop (John
Harvard Seminar), CRASSH. 6-7 July.
Presenter, ‘Dynamics of Religious Interaction’ Workshop. 4 - 5 June.
Discussant, History & IR Conference, Queens College. 12 May.
2016 Interviewing The Guardian Journalist Luke Harding on Russia, Cambridge
Festival of Ideas. 21 October.
Roundtable on Risk, Induction Day, POLIS. 4 October.
2014 Roundtable on ISIS, Induction Day, POLIS. 7 October.
Roundtable on ‘The First Year Anniversary of the Istanbul Gezi Protests,’ POLIS.
3 June.
Special Department Seminar on the Great War, POLIS. 8 May.
Turkish Awakening event with author Alev Scott, Cambridge Literary Festival
sponsored by New Statesman [as chair and discussant). 5 April.
Women and Academia discussion, Trinity Hall College. 10 February.
2013 Book talk on ‘How the East Learned to Live with the West’, Peterhouse College
History Society. 4 November.
Director’s Roundtable with Müjde Mizgin Arslan, Film Screening by UK .
Independent Film Trust: ‘I Flew You Stayed/Ez Firiyam Tu Ma Li Cih/ Ben
Uçtum Sen Kaldın’, Queens Theatre, Emmanuel College [as chair and
discussant]. 17 June.
Research talk on ‘Waiting for the Barbarians - Rising Powers in the Western
Imagination’, POLIS Research Seminars. 10 June.

Media Appearances & Other Outreach (Selected from last 5 years)

2018 How the bubble of Western "irrational exuberance" about Turkey was
deflated,' talk given at Labour Party Conference, Liverpool, published by Ahval
News in English and Turkish.

2017 ‘Теория большого поражения. Как профессор из Кембриджа искала

лекарство от стагнации’. Interview in, weekly Ukranian magazine
(interviewer Anna Syniashchyk). 14 August.
‘Trump, Putin and Russia-West relations’ (recorded) debate sponsored by
YouGov, London. 26 June.
After Defeat selected as one of the best books to understand the 21st century by
Russian daily
‘What’s next for Turkey? State of the opposition,’ State of the Left, 21 May.
2016 ‘Interview with Dr. Ayşe Zarakol on IR discipline in Turkey and beyond’,
Changing Turkey in a Changing World website. 5 August.
Interviewed on air by TBS Radio South Korea. 18 July.
‘Tror ikke Erdogan bryter flyktningavtalen med EU’, Aftenposten. In depth
interview with major Norwegian newspaper (interviewer: Alf Ole Ask). 6 June.
2015 ‘Eşitlik rüyası ile hoşgörü rüyası çelişki içinde’, in-depth interview conducted by
Karel Valansi published by Salom (the main newspaper of the Jewish
community in Turkey). 27 May.

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2014 Interviewed by Serbian News Agency Tanjug. 30 September.
2013 Interviewed on air by BBC World News Radio. 19 December.
Interviewed on air by BBC World News Radio. 30 September.
Author interview published by Star Kitap (about Yenilgiden Sonra). July Issue.
Work on Turkey and Thailand (with Duncan McCargo) discussed by Bangkok
Pundit, an influential news blog in Thailand. June.
Consulted with BBC Newshour production team about Gezi protests in Turkey.
12 June.

PhD Methods Seminar; MPhil Option on IR Theory; MSt Module on Rising Powers; MPhil
Methods Module; PhD, MPhil & MSt thesis supervision.
First year Introduction to IR paper; modules on ‘Terrorism’ and ‘Political Violence’ in the second
year IR paper; modules on ‘Conflict’ and ‘Turkish politics’ in third year papers. Supervision of
undergraduates in all IR papers; long essays; dissertations (Emmanuel College).
Prior to Cambridge
Undergraduate courses on International Security, Comparative Politics of Turkey and Iran,
Totalitarianism, Terrorism, Classical Political Philosophy, Introduction to Political Thought

Professional Affiliations (By Invitation/Election)

2011 - Present Member, Program on New Approaches to Research and Security (PONARS)
Eurasia. [Executive Committee Member: 2015 - 2017.]
2016 - Present Associate Editor, Journal of Global Security Studies (A journal of International
Studies Association, published by Oxford University Press).
2017 - Present Series Editor, Palgrave Studies in International Relations (Book series
sponsored by EISA).
2014 - 2019 Member, International Advisory Board: ‘State-Making and the Origins of Global
Order In the long nineteenth century and beyond’ (STANCE) research
program of Lund University, funded by the Swedish Research Council.
2015 - Present Member, Editorial Board, International Studies Review.
2015 - 2020 Member, Advisory Board, International Relations.
2011 - Present Member, Advisory Board, Palgrave Macmillan book series 'Asia Today' edited by
Takashi Inoguchi and John Ikenberry.
2017 - 2019 Program Chair, Historical IR Section, International Studies Association.
2017 - 2018 Program Co-Chair (Entire Program), EISA 2018 Annual Convention, Prague,
Czech Republic.
2015 - 2017 Secretary, Historical IR Section, International Studies Association.
2015 - 2017 Chair, Francesco Guicciardini book award committee, Historical IR Section,
International Studies Association.
2013 - Present Member, Advisory Council, Historical IR Section, International Studies
2011 - 2017 Member, International Studies Association Northeast Governing Council.
2011, 2013 Member, ISA - Northeast Yale E. Ferguson Book Award Selection Committee.

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Professional Activities (External)
Referee (journal) American Political Science Review, Asian Journal of Comparative Politics,
Cambridge Review of International Affairs, East European Politics & Societies,
European Journal of International Relations, European Review of
International Studies, European Security, Global Society, Foreign Policy
Analysis, International Organization, International Political Sociology,
International Relations, International Studies Quarterly, International Studies
Review, International Theory, Japanese Journal of Political Science, Journal
for the Theory of International Behaviour, Journal of Cold War Studies,
Journal of Global Security Studies, Journal of International Relations and
Development, Journal of South European and Black Sea Studies, Law & Society
Review, Millennium, Nationalities Papers, Perspectives on Politics, Politics and
Governance, Review of International Studies, Social Science Quarterly,
Security Dialogue, Security Studies.
Referee (book) Cambridge University Press (Cambridge and New York), Koç Üniversitesi
Yayınları, Lynne Rienner, Palgrave MacMillan, Routledge, Sage, Stanford
University Press, University of Michigan Press.
Referee (grants) The American University of Sharjah, UAE; Humboldt Fellowship, Germany; The
Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), Belgium; The National Science Center,
Poland; Social Science Research Council of Canada.
Convenor Theorising Hierarchies Book Workshop, Cambridge, June 21-22, 2015 (solo);
Theorising Hierarchies Workshop, UCSD, May 15-16, 2014 (with David Lake);
Political Disorder in Changing Societies Workshop, LSE, May 22-23, 2014 (with
Duncan McCargo and John Sidel); 2013 ISA Working Group on Hierarchy in
International Relations (with Janice Bially Mattern).
Chair Millennium 2018, EISA 2018, ISA 2018, ISA 2017, ISA 2016, BISA 2015, ISA
2015, ISA 2013 (2 + Working Group), ISA 2011(2), ISA 2010(2), MPSA 2009,
ISA 2009, WISC 2005.
Discussant Hierarchies and Regional Orders Workshop 2018, IPS Seminars KCL 2018,
EISA 2018, ISA 2018, ISA 2016(2), EISA 2015, Belgrade Security Forum 2014,
CEEISA 2014, ISA 2012(2), ASN 2012, ISA 2011, ISA-NE 2011, ISA-NE 2010,
ISA 2010, MPSA 2009, ISA 2009, ISA 2006.
External Examiner or
Committee Member Felix Kuhn, National University of Singapore (2019); Tankut Öztaş, King’s
(PhD thesis) College London (2018); Maryyum Mehmood, King’s College London (2017);
Phillis Jeffrey, University of California, Davis (2017); Simon Watmough,
European University Institute, Florence (2017); Seçkin Ötkem, McGill
University (2016); Zeynep Gülşah Çapan, University of Erfurt (2014); Ali
Aslan, University of Delaware (2012).
External Examiner MSc International Relations and MSc in International Relations Theory
(Course) London School of Economics (2015 - 8).

Professional Activities (Cambridge)

2016 - present Co-Convenor, IR and History Working Group.
2017 - present Research Associate, The Forum on Geopolitics.
2013 - present Evaluator (HSPS), Junior Research Fellowships, Emmanuel College.

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2016 - 2018. Director of Graduate Education, POLIS.
2016 - 2018 Member, Executive Committee, POLIS.
2016 - 2018 Member, HSPS Graduate Committee, University of Cambridge.
2016 - 2017 Chair, Degree Committee, POLIS.
2016 – 2018 Chair, POLIS Graduate Forum.
2016 - 2018 Member, PhD Admissions Committee, POLIS.
2017 - 2018 Shortlisting evaluator, GATES Foundation scholarships.
2017 - 2018 Evaluator, AHRC scholarships.
2017 - 2018 Member, HSPS Part I Examiners board.
2014 - 2018 Member, Graduate Education Committee, POLIS.
2014 - 2018 Member, Board of Graduate Examiners, POLIS.
2016 – 2018 Member (ex officio), Graduate Education Committees of Centre for African
Studies; Centre for Development Studies; Centre for Latin American
Studies; Centre for South Asian Studies; University of Cambridge
Centre for Gender Studies.
2014 - 2018 University of Cambridge Centre for Gender Studies Academic Management
2014 - 2016 Co-Director, Master of Studies in International Relations, POLIS and the
Institute of Continuing Education.
2014 - 2016 MSt in International Relations Admissions Committee, POLIS.
2014 - 2017 Research Associate, Centre for Rising Powers.
2013 - 2014 Member, Undergraduate Education Committee, POLIS.
2013 - 2018 Member, Appointments Committees (various), POLIS, Emmanuel College.
2013 - 2018 Interviewer, HSPS Undergraduate Admissions, Emmanuel College.
2013 - 2018 Library Committee; College Statutes Committee, Emmanuel College.
Michaelmas 2014 Convenor of the POLIS departmental research seminar.
2013 - 2016 Co-convenor of the POLIS - Geography Postgraduate reading group on non-
Western geopolitics (with Emma Mawdsley).
Internal Examiner Mano Toth (2016); Mark Powell (2017); Molly Krasnodebska (2017).
(PhD Thesis Viva)
Examiner POL2, International Relations (2018); POL 3, Ethics and World Politics
(2014); PhD First Year Registration Exercises (ongoing).
Assessor POL2, International Relations (2017); POL 3, Ethics and World Politics
(2015); POL 7, Conflict and Peacebuilding (2014); Undergraduate
dissertations, MPhil and MSt theses (2013 - Present); MPhil and MSt
Options on IR Theory, International Security, Asian Politics, Rising Powers,
Middle East Politics (2013 - Present). PhD Registration Exercises. King’s
College JRF Competition (2017).

PhD Supervision Dylan Loh (s. 2015); Jaakko Heiskanen (s. 2016); Hakan Hakki Sandal (s.
2016; Centre for Gender Studies); Lucas De Oliviera Paes (s. 2017); Ce Liang
(s. 2017); Marie Prum (s. 2017); Uğur Tekiner (s. 2018).

Graduated Peera Charoenvattananukul (s. 2014; thesis deposited in 2018).

PhD Students First Appointment: Lectureship, Thammasat University, Bangkok,

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