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The Sorcery of Mirrors

Mirrors have power. They can entrance the vain and show too much of the truth to the unwary. But in
Théah they can be so much more. Not every sorcier in Montaigne chooses to master the art of Porté,
and those who prove adept at Mirage can listen to the secrets we whisper into mirrors, as long as they
do not lose themselves in the world of the looking glass.

by Andrew Peregrine

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Laisthel Aseravi (orde #147905)

Mirrors and Magic
There are many who say the Montaigne are so vain Illusionnistes did their best to stay quiet after
they sold their souls to mirrors long ago. But in some Therese’s death, which would not be surprising.
cases, such rumors are true. Not every sorcier in However, there are a few stories in even older texts
Montaigne is a Porté mage, and a new form of magic that might involve a similar ability, although nothing
is beginning to grow as the vanity and arrogance of conclusively proving a use of Mirage.
the nation increases.
The main reason Illusionnistes have learned to stay
The sorcery of Mirage is relatively new, so new that hidden in Montaigne is that their abilities seem to
plenty of people haven’t even heard of it, or even interfere with Porté. Given the amount of Porté
refuse to believe it exists. To most it is a paranoid sorciers compared to those with Mirage, the
rumor that anyone can pluck their secrets from a Illusionnistes were in no doubt who would suffer if
mirror or watch them from afar. For many, denial is there was a confrontation. It seems that Mirage
much less frightening than the truth, and so the few abilities tend to muddy the water between what is real
Mirage sorciers who mingle at court keep very quiet. and imaginary, making it harder differentiate
between the real world and the walkway. Making a
Mirage sorcery allows an ‘Illusionniste’ incredible
portal near an enchanted mirror is like trying to
power over mirrors and what they reflect. Using this
build on shifting sands. Usually the portals collapse,
ability they might ‘rewind’ a reflection to see what it
but sometimes they open in unexpected places or
showed in the past, or even push forward into the
take the sorcier somewhere they didn’t expect.
future. They can twist a person’s reflection to make
them see what the sorcerer wants them to see, or As you might imagine, once L’Empereur learned of
even step into a mirror and slip from reflection to the existence of Mirage, he was upset to say the least.
reflection. It was bad enough that the power would interfere
with his own magical abilities. Worse than that, was
However, just like every sorcery, there is a price to
the thought that his court might be filled with
pay. To truly connect to a mirror the sorcerer must
sorcerous spies learning his secrets. His initial
leave a little of their soul in the reflection, a piece
reaction was to order all the mirrors in the Chateau
that might be lost if the mirror is broken. If it should
Du Soleil to be smashed. His second reaction was to
be lost, this tiny shard of the magician’s soul
have all the mirrors reinstalled (at vast expense)
becomes a ghost, trapped behind the glass. It is
when his mistress and daughters complained they
doomed to wander from mirror to mirror looking for
had no looking glass and the palace looked darker
a way out. Just as mirrors are an Illusionniste’s
and less impressive. Since then he has calmed down,
greatest power, their fragility makes them their
but any Illusionnistes at the court keep a very low
greatest weakness as well.
profile. Leon has already executed three that he
It is generally believed that mirage sorcery has been suspected of wielding the power, although he cited
around for less than a hundred years. Theoretically, other reasons for his judgement. It is possible he
the first was discovered in around 1570. A court doesn’t wish to set a precedent and outlaw one
historian in Montaigne reported that a Countess had sorcery when he wields another.
apparently gone mad. She insisted that a lower born
So, at the moment, no one knows quite how many
lady of the court, one Therese Delongue, was a witch
Illusionnistes there might be in Montaigne. Anyone
and had cursed her with ugliness. While she looked
with Porté is not a suspect, so many of the nobility
no different, the countess swore she was hideous.
are off the hook. However, it is very unclear if the gift
Several mirrors were brought to her to prove it, but
has been passed to the peasantry. It is rumored that
she screamed at all of them and broke any she got
this is another reason Léon hasn’t made Mirage
hold of. It is generally believed that Lady Delongue
illegal. If the ability is purged from the aristocracy, it
must have been a Mirage sorceress, but we will never
may become a sorcery only the peasantry have. With
truly know. Delongue clearly overplayed her hand as
magical bloodlines being proof of the nobility’s innate
the countess’ power was such that she had the lady
superiority, the existence of a peasant sorcery will
burned at the stake regardless of her guilt.
negate that ‘proof’.
It is assumed there were Illusionnistes in existence
What has become clear is that the Illusionnistes
beforehand, but according to what records remain,
harbor a lot of resentment for L’Empereur and his
Therese’s power was limited to manipulating images.
court. Most discover their power late after failing to
So the sorcery has clearly been developed and
manifest Porté. So they usually suffer several years
expanded since then. It may be that these early

Laisthel Aseravi (orde #147905)

of being looked down upon for not having the gift The Invisible College
that proves nobility. Plenty are looking to get revenge The scientists have too much on their plate to really
on their peers, or at least take them down a peg or worry about a new sorcery. However, they are
two before they even manifest their abilities. When interested in ensuring it isn’t a potential threat. Any
this is coupled with the discovery that they might be new twist of nature or the supernatural might prove
executed just because their ruler is prejudiced and important, and so a few are very interested in
paranoid, it is the last straw for many of them. While knowing more. Unfortunately a few have reasoned
some seek to get out of Montaigne, a few remain and that if the Inquisition is tempted to crush a new
plot their revenge. sorcery, a few Invisible College members might be
saved by feeding a few Illusionnistes to the church’s
Mirage and the Secret
Knightly Order of the Rose and Cross
Societies As always, where there is a need to right injustice,
Currently, Mirage is only really found in Montaigne. the Knights can be found. A few have helped defend
But there have been reports of several bring innocent Illusionnistes from discovery. But the order
produced in Vodacce. Avalon, with its mysterious is mostly concerned with saving people in need,
Glamor has also potentially produced the odd Mirage sorcerers or not.
sorcerer, although most people think that may be due
to an old Montaigne bloodline given the past Los Vagabundos
occupation. There was a suggestion that there may The Illusionnistes are essentially a Montaigne
have been a Castillian Illusionniste, but that was a problem. But Los Vagabundos, through their
long time ago and the rise of the church seems to connection to La Bravoure de L’Épervier are very
have kept any new sorcery in check. But some of the interested in harnessing the power to watch their
various secret societies have noticed this new power enemies at a distance and spy on the Montaigne
and decided to put it to good use. court.

The Brotherhood of the Coast Mociutes Skara

Pirates have very little use for mirrors, but a few What is not of Matushka, is of no interest to
ships have helped Illusionnistes slip out of Matushka. She owns the mirrors of Ussura, and
Montaigne. The ability to use a mirror to check time Illusionnistes use them at her pleasure.
(if one reflects a clock in the right place) is also
useful for Longitude. Their use as a tool for spying The Rilasciare
had helped a few captains watch their crews, or A few nobles in trouble is of little interest to the
check the cargos of a potential prize. So, a few Rilasciare. But it has also crossed their mind that a
Illusionnistes have ended up serving on one or two purge of noble sorcerers will put the power in the
pirate ships. hands of the peasantry. So the order has begun a
dual policy of helping low born Illusionnistes when it
Die Kreuzritter finds them, but uncovering noble ones where they
While not enemies, Illusionnistes tend to avoid Die can.
Kruezritter if they can. As a new sorcery, the order
seeks to learn and understand its secrets, mostly to Sophia’s Daughters
ascertain if it should be destroyed or not. A few have The daughters have enough to worry about, but they
already decided that more sorcery is just dangerous do have several ways to spirit people in and out of
regardless and this new one should be nipped in the countries. As Illusionnistes occasionally appear in
bud. However, the Kreuzritter are not the Inquisition Vodacce, the nobility is taking notice. Many men are
and some have considered how useful Mirage might keen to control a sorcery they can wield, or make
be in keeping an eye on several potential monster sure any female Illusionnistes are kept in check like
sites at the same time with less manpower. their Strega sisters. So the daughters will usually
help out female Illusionnistes, but are very wary of
The Explorer’s Society allowing male Illusionnistes access to any of their
The Explorer’s like anything new so they are keen to secrets. In fact, the easiest thing for them is to
know more about Mirage. But many have wondered if simply execute male Illusionnistes before they
the remote viewing powers of the Illusionnistes might inevitably join the Princes.
save lives when it comes to exploring old ruins or
testing strange artifacts.

Laisthel Aseravi (orde #147905)

Reflections and Regrets
Mirage is a national sorcery of Montaigne, and can be If they reach a level of Sorcery where they have
obtained with the Sorcery advantage as usual. While learned all the available Reflections, they may instead
it has been known to appear in other nations gain the ability to bind 2 more mirrors. At any level
extremely rarely, for anyone but a Montaigne Hero to the Game Master may allow the player to create new
possess it will require the Game Master’s permission. Reflections for their character instead of the listed
It is beginning to grow into a national sorcery in ones.
Vodacce, and has been discovered in Avalon and
Castille although it is mostly still unheard of. It
follows all the same rules as any other sorcery, but if Bound Mirrors
the Game Master allows Heroes to gain multiple While many of the Illusionniste’s powers will work on
sorcery abilities, no Porté sorcier may ever take any any mirror, some require them to have created a
Mirage abilities (and vice versa). The blood that special connection. Creating this connection is called
allows you to open holes in reality is utterly ‘Binding’ and involves the Illusionniste putting a
incompatible with the blood that allows you to walk in small piece of their soul inside the mirror they have
illusions. chosen to bind.
Illusionniste – New Background Theoretically a mirror can be any reflective surface,
but in practice this is not the case. Bodies of water
You have been gifted with the power of Mirage and are too unreliable, and unless they are perfectly still
learned the secrets of mirrors. You may not pick this do not create an image steady enough to work with.
background if you have any Porté ability. Reflective surfaces in polished plates and the like are
also equally unclear. So if the player wishes to make
Quirk such thing a bound mirror they are welcome to, but
Earn a Hero Point every time you learn a secret they will often get only indistinct or blurry reflections
without anyone choosing to reveal it to you. from it. Binding a mirror doesn’t make it any more
reflective or reliable than it otherwise would be.
Advantages Skills To bind a mirror, the Illusionniste places their hand
Sorcery Convince on the glass and concentrates. They focus on an
aspect of themselves and push it into the mirror. This
Sorcery Empathy aspect of themselves is a part of their soul and
Time Sense Hide carries a particular personality trait. They might
place their kindness, or ambition, or sadness in the
Notice mirror as they wish. But when they are not within
Tempt 100 feet of one of their bound mirrors, they have no
connection to this aspect of themselves. So in some
ways this power can be useful, there are times we
The Mirage Sorcery Advantage have all wanted to be rid of our sadness for instance.
The abilities of an Illusionniste are divided up into But even the worst parts of ourselves are sometimes
two things: the amount of mirrors they can bind at useful and without sadness for instance we cannot
any one time and how many special powers (or fully process grief.
‘Reflections’) they have mastered. As with other
sorceries, the sorcery advantage offers some of these A Note about Aspects
abilities each time it is taken. The player is allowed to pick any aspect of their
character’s personality to create a bound mirror.
When the Sorcery advantage is first taken the They will try to be sneaky about this, but it is the
Illusionniste is allowed to have a maximum of 1 Game Master’s job to be sneakier. You might think
bound mirror at any time and select 2 Reflections. losing some of their worst aspects is a good thing.
For each subsequent purchase of the Sorcery Putting your fear or anger in a mirror will be a bonus
advantage the Illusionniste may either increase the not a penalty. But when the character dies running
maximum amount of bound mirrors they may have by into a dangerous situation because they had no fear,
1 and gain 2 more Reflection abilities, or choose to or fails to be driven to action because they had no
be able to bind 2 additional mirrors but only gain 1 anger, the problems will become clearer. We often
more Reflection. need our negative emotions, even if they are hard to
control. There is also the problem of not wanting

Laisthel Aseravi (orde #147905)

these aspects back. If you cast aside your sadness, the amount of mirrors they can have bound at any
would you really want all that pain back? Some time. Parts of their soul that are lost no longer count
Illusionnistes lose parts of their soul on purpose and against this total, and in this way an illusionniste
that is always dangerous to do. may technically have a complete soul, but one
smaller than anyone else’s. How noticeable this is
Sneaky players may also decide to always keep a
will depend on the aspects of themselves they have
small bound mirror on them at all times. Well, that
will help, but remember mirrors are fragile and don’t
respond well to being taken on adventures. Binding a A bound mirror is usually indistinguishable from any
mirror makes it no less fragile. Additionally, the other mirror, except for an aspect of the reflection.
smaller the mirror the less useful it is in many cases As the Illlusionniste has left a part of themselves in
and the Illusionniste won’t have too many to choose the glass, so does its reflection always carry it. It
from. Also, anyone who carries a mirror around all might be that a reflected painting resembles the
the time may be more easily suspected of being an illusionist, or a ring they often wear appears on a
Illusionniste so sometimes it is good to go without table in the reflection. It is up to the player how this
one. manifests. It is usually subtle, but always visible no
matter where the mirror is pointed. For this reason
Broken Mirrors many Illusionnistes hide the mirrors they bind
Problems arise if the bound mirror is broken. somewhere only they can gaze into them.
Anything more than a small crack across the glass
cancels the enchantment, trapping the bound aspect Attributes of the Bound Mirror
of the Illusionniste’s soul on the other side. This Bound mirrors are useful in a number of ways.
shard of their soul is lost, taking the aspect forever Firstly, they are essential for some of the Reflection
from the Illusionniste. So if they bound the mirror powers of Mirage. But the other advantage is that the
using their kindness, that part of themselves will be Illusionniste can reach into the glass of a bound
gone forever. mirror, and even step through entirely into the
mirror realm. The mirror must be physically large
This soul shard can sometimes be reclaimed, but
enough for them to reach or step through. No
only as the subject of a Story. In most cases it is lost
magical ability shrinks the illusionniste. When the
in the realm beyond the mirrors forever and becomes
illusionniste reaches into the mirror, everything on
a ghost able to haunt any mirror it chooses. When
the other side is as solid and three dimensional as it
such ghosts appear they always take the form of the
is in the real world, just backwards. So if the
sorcerer who made them, which may be another
illusionniste wanted to place a ring in a mirror he
giveaway for an Illusionniste trying to stay hidden.
must angle it so he can see a particular table, reach
If an illusionniste loses too many shards of their through and place the ring on the table. It will remain
soul, they may become weaker and less ‘real’. While there in any reflection the mirror makes in that
they will have already lost several aspects of their room. However, the item will never leave that mirror
personality, they may also become less resolved and room. So if the mirror is taken away the item cannot
fade from the world. Some have been known to walk be retrieved. If the mirror is broken the item is lost
into a mirror and never be seen again. It is up to the until a new mirror can be bound and brought into the
Game Master to declare when a Hero has lost too room. At this point the item will be just where it was
much of their soul. But many who lose too much of left. Some Illusionnistes make a point of wandering
the good parts of themselves become villains anyway. rooms with a bound mirror, looking for items in
reflections that are not in the real world that may
On that note we should add that an Illusionniste have been lost or hidden by another sorcerer.
gains NO LEEWAY in terms of corruption and
villainous acts when they have lost parts of their If the mirror is large enough, the illusionniste can
soul. If they are mean because they have lost their step fully into the mirror realm. They will need to be
kindness, it is still their fault because no one forced careful; if the mirror leaves the room they do not go
them to choose to use their kindness to bind a with it. In the mirror realm, no door opens and no
mirror. So the loss of ANY aspect of their personality wall or window can be stepped through or broken.
is NEVER taken into account when deciding on Trapped sorcerers have told stories of the room
corruption. going dark when a mirror is taken away and all the
windows turning black. Some report seeing faces
If a bound mirror is broken and a soul shard lost, appear at the windows, whose expressions have
there is nothing stopping the illusionniste binding a ranged from anger and malevolence to pure terror.
different mirror with a different aspect of themselves.
An Illusionniste can only release a certain amount of There is one way an Illusionniste can leave the room,
their soul at any one time, and so there is a limit to and that is if they have another bound mirror. In this

Laisthel Aseravi (orde #147905)

case they can use any door to step out of one the dice rolls equal to or under the amount of times
reflection into another. If there is no door in the the mirror has been used a total of 3 times, the
reflection, they can move between reflections with a mirror instantly shatters. If the Illusionniste has just
little concentration instead. They are then free to step stepped into it, they might be trapped if they have no
out of the other mirror, as long as it is large enough. other bound mirrors to escape to. If this happens,
This option is available even if the bound mirror is they are gone forever and will fade gradually into a
covered or in a dark room. mirror ghost if not rescued by another Illusionniste.
There is a 70% chance that anything placed in the
The other use of a bound mirror is that the
mirror may also be destroyed. If this happens it
Illusionniste can use it to see what their other bound
shatters into fragments of glass.
mirrors are reflecting. With a brief effort of will the
illusionniste shifts one bound mirror’s reflection to When a mirror is wearing out, it is advisable for the
show that of another. The illusionniste can use this illusionniste to ‘unbind it’ and remove the part of
ability to swap the images, showing anyone looking their soul they have invested in it (so it isn’t lost). If
into the second mirror what the first mirror would be they do so it takes only a few moments of
reflecting. Exchanging images also counts as a ‘use’ concentration and the soul shard is returned to the
for wear and tear on both mirrors. sorcerer. However, this is considered a ‘use’ of the
mirror and if the ‘wear and tear die roll’ causes the
mirror to shatter the soul shard is lost. If the soul
shard is removed successfully, it may be used to bind
a new mirror if the Illusionniste has slots remaining.
However, regardless of the dice roll, once the
unbinding is complete the mirror in question will

In addition to binding mirrors, illusionists can
manifest other abilities called ‘Reflections’. For each
purchase of the Sorcery advantage, an illusionniste
gains 2 of these abilities, unless they substitute one
choice by adding the ability to bind another mirror.
Pastsight – The ability to ‘rewind’ the reflection in a
mirror to see what it once reflected.
Farsight – The ability to look ahead at what a mirror
might reflect in the future.
Audience - The ability to ask an enchanted mirror a
Entrap – The ability to place a ghost in a mirror
Fading – the ability to ‘turn off’ your reflection
Haunting – The ability to curse an individual to see a
particular failing in every mirror
Transference – The ability to make your reflection
suffer wounds instead of you.
Wear and Tear Shattering – The ability to strike at a person’s
The player must take a note of every time a bound reflection
mirror is used by an Illusionniste. A use is
considered to be any time the Illusionist reaches into Siphon – The ability to draw a person’s life force into
the glass, or uses a Reflection on the mirror. After a mirror
any use of a Mirage power on a bound mirror, the
Illusionniste must roll 1D10. If the dice rolls equal to Pastsight
or less than the amount of times the mirror has been This Reflection allows the Illusionniste to see what an
used, it begins to crack. A small crack appears in the ordinary mirror used to reflect. The mirror in
mirror, which widens each time the dice comes up. If question need not be bound, but it cannot show

Laisthel Aseravi (orde #147905)

anything that it has never reflected. So if it was obtuse, for 2 it will speak the letter of the truth and
moved to a different room a week ago, it will show for three it will answer honestly.
the other room if you look into the past more than a
week ago. Entrap
Some say this is the power that all of Mirage
To use this power the Illusionniste places a hand on
developed from. It allows an illusionniste to trap a
the mirror and concentrates. They must then choose
ghost in a mirror. While it has recently become a
to move through the reflection’s history in seconds,
dangerous skill to advertise, some people without
minutes, hours, weeks, months or years. Then they
Mirage have been known to manifest it (as a 3 point
make a Resolve + Notice roll. The amount of raises
shows the furthest limit of their chosen time
measurement they can see. The larger the time To entrap a ghost, the illusionniste must in physical
measurement chosen, the less accurate the reflection contact with a mirror and meet the eyes of the ghost.
will be. The range of any discrepancy is measured in They then make a Resolve + Tempt roll. If the
the next lowest timescale. So if the illusionniste gets illusionist is using a bound mirror they gain +3 to
3 raises and chose hours, they can choose to see any their dice pool. Every 2 raises they get reduces the
time in the last 1, 2 or 3 hours, give or take a few strength of the ghost by 1. It costs an action to make
minutes. But if they chose years, they can see each attempt. When they have reduced the ghost to 0
anything within the last 1, 2 or 3 years, give or take strength it is drawn into the mirror and trapped
a few months. within. It can only be freed by shattering the mirror.
It should be noted that this power only shows images An illusionniste may speak to a ghost trapped in a
and not sound. Unless the Illusionist can lip read mirror, although the ghost is under no compulsion to
they won’t be able to overhear any conversations, and answer, or to tell the truth. Many who are trapped
even then only if the subjects were facing the mirror. become increasingly bitter and seek out those who
However, when this power is used, anyone looking at trapped them if they escape.
the mirror can see the image change, and so there
may be more people able to notice what the Fading
Illusionniste is looking for. This simple power allows the illusionniste to ‘turn off’
their reflection. It takes ten minutes for the power to
Farsight take effect, after which the illusionniste no longer
This Reflection allows the illusionniste to look casts a reflection in any surface. To undo this power
forward in time, in the same way as Pastsight looks they take another ten minutes for their reflection to
into the past. This power is functionally the same as fade back in.
Pastsight in terms of rolls and the timescale you can
view. Haunting
However, the future is much harder to read. The To use this Reflection, the Illusionniste must look
images are often faded or shrouded in mist as the into the eyes of the target in a bound mirror. At the
future is rarely certain. The images can also be same time they make a Panache + Intimidation roll.
cryptic and mysterious rather than reflect what the For each 2 raises past the first, they may offer a
mirror will one day show. Essentially it is up to the ‘truth’ about the target. This might be simply ‘you’re
Game Master to offer what clues they feel are ugly’ or the more subtle ‘no one listens to you’. The
reasonable about what is to come. truth must be spoken aloud, but can be phrased as
the illusionniste wishes. “Oh my darling, no one
Audience thinks YOU’RE UGLY” or “It’s silly to think GASPARD
IS TRYING TO KILL YOU”. The target need not actually
This is the classic ‘magic mirror’ power. The
hear the words either. So a truly subtle illusionniste
Illusionniste can use this ability to ask a question of
makes eye contact at a distance and whispers.
a bound mirror. The mirror can usually only reply in
one work answers, and its knowledge is limited to Once the truth is spoken, every time the target looks
anything a mirror might have seen (or heard). The in a mirror, they will see the truth reflected. If they
Illusionniste makes a roll of Panache + Intimidate think they look ugly, they will always see their
and spends their raises to determine the sort of blemishes in any mirror. If they think someone
answer they will receive. Raises can be spent to means them harm, they will always seem intimidating
determine how many words the mirror may use to or vengeful when looked at in a mirror.
answer, so it is advisable to spend at least 1 raise on
this. The remainder are spent to improve the veracity It is up to the Game Master to manage this effect
of the mirror. For one raise it will be deliberately when NPCs are targeted, but it usually leads to
madness and torment. Having said that, it can be
used to create positive reinforcement. But such uses

Laisthel Aseravi (orde #147905)

create only the illusion of love or happiness and mirror and their perception changes to that of their
somehow never really last or seem quite real. reflection’s. They effectively shift inside the mirror,
but are able to move about (unlike their body in the
Transference ‘real world’). The illusionniste may then attack them
Using this power, the Illusionniste can pass their in the mirror world, while their real body is unable to
wounds onto their reflection. To do so they need to move or shout for help. Combat is fought as normal,
be in the presence of a bound mirror, although it with the illusionist gaining an opening surprise
need not show their image at the time. When they attack. However, the victim must subtract 2 raises
take a Dramatic Wound they may make a Resolve + from any roll they make as every move they make will
Athletics roll. If they score as many raises as 1 plus work backwards.
the amount of Dramatic Wounds their reflection has
If the victim is killed, they fall dead in the real world
(so if the reflection has 2 Dramatic Wounds the
without a mark on them. The spell is broken if the
Illusionist will need 3 raises) the wound is
illusionist is killed or leaves the reflection. If the
transferred to their reflection instead. Each attempt
illusionniste is killed in the mirror he is lost forever,
to transfer a wound counts as a use of the bound
but he is healed of any damage he otherwise took
mirror. Until the mirror shatters, the reflection can
when he leaves the mirror.
take as many Dramatic Wounds as can be dealt to it.
It will appear more hurt and damaged the worse it
gets. Such use makes the reflection suffer terribly as
This Reflection is a vampiric mixture of shattering
it does not heal, and taking more than 4 Dramatic
and transference. When a target looks into a bound
Wounds is agonizing. There are stories of reflections
mirror, the illusionniste can draw energy from them
reaching out of bound mirrors to kill their tormenter,
through another bound mirror. The illusionniste
or finding other ways to take revenge.
must be looking at the reflection of another bound
mirror in one of his bound mirrors. When a target
Shattering looks into the reflection that the Illusionniste can
This frightening power allows an illusionniste to
see, they make a Resolve + Tempt against the target’s
become an assassin. They can only use this power
Resolve + Notice roll. For each 2 raises the
when they are inside a bound mirror, and their target
illusionniste gets beyond the result of the target, they
must look into the mirror for them to attack. To
may do 1 Dramatic Wound to the target. If they do 4
activate the power the illusionniste makes a Resolve +
or more the target is rendered helpless and passes
Tempt roll and their victim makes a Resolve + Notice
out. The Illusionniste may use these Dramatic
roll. If the target gets equal to or more raises, they
Wounds to heal themselves. However, if they are
see a glimpse of a figure in the mirror but are
unwounded, they become Hero Points. Depending on
otherwise unaffected. The mirror then suffers as if it
the circumstance, the Game Master may consider the
had failed a wear and tear roll.
use of this power a villainous act. It should also be
If the illusionniste manages to get more raises that noted it is considered a ‘use’ or both bound mirrors.
their target, the victim is frozen in place before the

Laisthel Aseravi (orde #147905)

Story Hooks
Desperate Blackmail
An Illusionniste has caught the ire of L’Empereur at court. If he doesn’t leave soon he may be uncovered and
executed. But a moonlight dash will only confirm his guilt. He needs to slip away quietly before anyone knows he is
gone. The problem is that he needs people he can trust to arrange passage. He needs a group of Heroes.
Luckily for him, he’s found a group (the player characters) and he’s been watching them. He knows something
incriminating which he’ll reveal if they don’t help him. Alternatively, he has something on one of their rivals that
he’s willing to share if they help him escape.

Broken Reflection
A friend of the Heroes is going mad. He seems to think everyone is against him and constantly plot his downfall. It
seems an Illusionniste may be to blame, but who? Can the Heroes track down who is responsible for cursing their
friend before the friend loses their mind or does something foolish.
The problem is, should they find the villain behind the curse, how can they get it removed? Will they perform some
service or try to threaten the illusionniste? Maybe the illusionniste only cursed the Heroes’ friend so they would
carry out a mission for them.

A ghost has begun haunting the dreams of one of the Heroes. After keeping them awake with horrible nightmares,
the ghost finally manifests and demands the hero’s help. It seeks revenge on an illusionniste who once trapped it in
a mirror, and a whole host of nobles who taunted it while it was in there. Unfortunately its demands are quite
bloodthirsty! How far are the heroes willing to go for a good night’s sleep? Is there a way to exorcise the ghost

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A group of heroes are trying to get an Illusionniste out of the Montaigne court, but not your group of heroes! In
fact, your heroes have been charged by Los Vagabundos to keep the Illusionniste at court. The sorcerer has been
acting as an agent for both Los Vagabundos and La Bravoure de L’Épervier, and neither organization is quite done
with him yet! Unfortunately the Illusionniste thinks their life is in danger after all the secrets they have uncovered.
Are things as bad as they think? Can the player heroes talk the other heroes out of the rescue? How can they
protect the Illusionniste if he stays?

Other Explorer’s Society titles from me

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places as well as notes on adding a little romance and fashion into your game.
 Hearts and Harlots – Detail on the Jenny’s Guild and life as a Jenny, including a look at Brothels across
Théah, the Guild as a ‘secret society’ and new advantages and story ideas.
 Razor Sharp Dalliance – The history and use of the fan in Théah, including the mysterious fan code and
a new dueling style.
 The Wine List – A guide to the vintages and drinking habits of the nations of Théah
Coming next – Sharper than any Blade – social combat rules for 7 Sea!

Laisthel Aseravi (orde #147905)