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Energy Power Meter

Introduction to energy power meter:

In a house or in an establishment electrical power is used for various purposes. An agency supplies
the electric power at a cost. How does the agency charge you?

The agency charges for the total electrical energy consumed over a period. The amount of electrical
energy consumed from time to time is measured by an instrument called energy power meter. It is
fitted near to mains connection of the user.

Description of Energy Power Meter:

A schematic sketch of an energy power meter is shown above. Two cores of are wound with coils
and separated by an electrical insulator. An aluminum disc is mounted on a spindle in such a way
that it can rotate in between the coils. The aluminum disc also rotates in between a permanent

Principle of Energy Power Meter:

One of the coils is connected across the voltage of the supply and the other coil is connected in
series with the line. Hence, the first coil produces a magnetic flux proportional to the voltage and the
second coil produces a magnetic flux proportional to the current. These two magnetic fluxes are
made to act at 90o and due to interaction of these two fluxes eddy current are induced in the
aluminum disc. Hence the disc starts rotating.

The permanent magnet tries to oppose the rotation and at equilibrium, the disc rotaes at a speed
proportional to the instantaneous power in the circuit.
The spindle is engaged to a set of worm gears which operate a set of tiny clocks. The clocks are
calibrated in such a way to read the number of revolutions in ones, tens hundreds etc.