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It is our objective to revolutionize the unhealthy image of the

PNP to become effective, efficient, and morally upright law
enforcement officers equipped with knowledge and skills in the
management of law enforcement and public safety.

It is expected that the trust and confidence of our citizenry

among PNP members will be restored and continue to grow and
enhance the investment climate. They stand together with other
law enforcers, laws and regulations, as well as public awareness.

Every individual must realize the significance of the role they

play and endeavor to be a firm pillars that vigorously preserves the
legal and justice system in the society.

Contemplating the mentioned vision, PLEB develops its
common ideas and objectives in collaborating with government as
well as the society to foster good governance through national legal
reform aiming at establishing the rule of law in the country;

To make them more effective and efficient in carrying out

their duty and promote discipline, outmost integrity and
credibility among the members of the PNP.


Dr. Morena s. Canizares



Coun. Luis S. Javier, Jr.

PB Armando P. Padilla
Elmer Jose N. Espiritu
Antonio G. Marty


Coun. Nemesio S. Yabut, Jr.



PB Dennis B. Almario
Ligaya L. Antonio
Dr. Jose Reynaldo L. Guiuan
Engr. Secinio Z. Bermudez, Jr.

 the PLEB shall direct the parties to file their

respective position paper in lieu of a full blown INTRODUCTION
hearing taking into account the summary nature of
the proceedings.
 submit within fifteen (15) days from termination of In line with the government’s efforts to promote peace and order,
pre-hearing conference ensure public safety and further strengthen local governments capability
 shall contain only those charges, defenses and aimed towards the effective delivery of basic services to the citizenry through
other claims contained in the affidavits and
the establishment of a highly efficient and competent police force, the
National Congress, on December 1990, enacted Republic Act No. 6975
 may attach in the position paper relevant affidavits
and/or documentary evidence otherwise known as “An act establishing the Philippine National Police under
 Upon receipt of the position papers, affidavits and a reorganized Department of the Interior and Local Government, and other
other pleadings filed, the PLEB may consider the purposes”. Under the said law, is the creation of the People’s Law
case submitted for resolution. Enforcement Board in every city/municipality that will conduct hearing and
 Upon motion of the parties and within five (5) days adjudication of citizen’s complaints against uniformed members of the PNP
from receipt of position paper or after the expiration for offenses committed in their area of jurisdiction.
to file the same, the PLEB may issue an order for
the conduct of a one-time clarificatory hearing National Police Commission promulgated Memorandum Circular No.
6 CLARIFICATORY HEARING 91-002 establishing the procedure in the investigation and hearing of
administrative complaints before the PLEB against erring members of the
 PLEB will propound the questions from the ones Police force.
submitted by the parties
 require the affiant/s to identify the affidavit/s On March 6, 1998, Republic Act No. 8551 otherwise known as “PNP
attached to the position paper which was/were not Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998” took effect amending Section 43 of
identified during pre-trial. RA No. 6975 in order to further strengthen the Board. Likewise, there is a
need to revise the existing rules of procedure; NAPOLCOM issued
Memorandum Circular No. 2002-010 which was recently amended by
 The PLEB shall render its decision on each
case within sixty (60) days from the time the Memorandum Circular No. 2016-002.
same is filed before it
Pursuant to above-mentioned laws, on October 1991, Makati
Sangguniang Bayan promulgated Resolution No. 421 creating the People’s
Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) of the Municipality of Makati.

On February 22, 2017, City Ordinance 2017-031 was passed

creating the 2 PLEBs of the City of Makati. An Executive Order for the
reorganization of PLEB Makati was signed by the Honorable Mayor Mar-len
Abigail S. Binay.

MENU OF KEY SERVICES Office/Service Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Person Eligible to Avail of Services: All citizens
Documents and Forms Required:
Sworn Complaint Affidavit of complainant/s
Frontline Service Fees How Long Reference Certificate of Non-Forum Shopping duly notarized
will it take Page Affidavits of witnesses
Supporting documents
1. Issuance of PLEB None 1 day
1 Filing of complaint. Complainant must submit the
following documents:
2. Receiving of None 60 days
a. Sworn Affidavit Complaint
Administrative b. Certificate of Non-Forum Shopping
Complaint against c. Sworn Affidavits of Witness/es
erring PNP members d. Other Supporting Evidence/s
2 Docketing of complaint in the official docket book. (A
Case against the Respondent shall be deemed
formally filed and pending upon receipt and entry of
the same in the official docket)
3 Issuance of summons. Summons will be issued to
respondent/s within 3 days upon docketing (Respondent
should file his counter-affidavit with 7 days upon
receipt of the summons)
4 Pre-Hearing Conference. Within fifteen (15) days from
receipt of the answer, the PLEB shall conduct the pre-
hearing conference for the purpose of:
a. defining and simplifying the issues of the
b. entering into admissions and/or
stipulations of facts;
c. marking of exhibits after proper
identification by the parties/signatories; and
d. threshing out other matters relevant to the
Office/Service Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Person Eligible to Avail of Services: Makati PNP members and PNP
members residing in Makati
Documents and Forms Required:
For Schooling/Loan Availment: PNP I.D.
For Retirement, Transfer of Assignment and Promotion:
a) Service Record/Duty Status
b) PNP I.D.
c) Endorsement from Admin. Office
d) Barangay Clearance, if not Makati PNP

STEP Customer/ Service Provider Fees Duration

# Client of
1 Fill-up PLEB Give form to client None 1 min.
2 Submit filled- 1. Verify from records None 5 mins.
up form 2. Prepare clearance
3. Endorse to
Chairman of PLEB for
3 Received and Release clearance to None
signed in the client
logbook upon
receipt of the