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Digital Modulation Lab Station

Agilent Digital (I/Q) Modulation Lab Station

The Agilent Digital Modulation Lab Modern communications systems rapid growth of the electronics and
Station is an integrated solution that demand more information capacity, telecommunications industry which
can be used for easy generation, higher signal quality, greater security intern has put tremendous pressure
accurate measurement and complete and digital data compatibility. Tra- on the industry to recruit highly skilled
analysis of today’s complex digitally ditional AM and FM, while valuable and knowledgeable engineers.
modulated formats. This solution is modulation methods have proven
designed to understand, learn and inadequate to match today’s needs Keeping this in mind the Digital (IQ)
develop practical experience in for high-volume traffic. With millions Modulation Lab Station has been
Agilent hardware & software that are of cell phone subscribers gobbling up designed such that it provides the
widely used by the communications more voice/data bandwidth, the right platform for engineers to learn
industry today. need for modulation methods that and have hands-on experience in un-
can efficiently transfer information derstanding the measurements, using
in a reliable manner has become the analysis tools and finally knowing
imperative. This has resulted in the how these help in designing & testing.

The Complete I/Q Modulation Kit Comprises of:

1 Two 33220A Function/Arbitrary

waveform generators for
generating realtime I/Q signals
2 N9310A RF Signal Generator
3 N9010A EXA Signal Analyzer
4 DSO/MSO6000 Series Oscilloscope
5 Visual Engineering Environment
(VEE) Pro Measurement, Control
and automation software
6 Vector Signal Analysis (VSA)

Parameters of Digital Modulation

Flexible generation: Versatile analysis:

• User defined I/Q generation • Capture & view I/Q signals in time Apart from the above mentioned
domain capabilities this lab solution can be
• Programmable carrier frequency used for noise generation, injecting
and amplitude (9 kHz to 3 GHz & • Capture analyze and demodulate noise in to the baseband signal to test
–127 dBm to +13 dBm) the baseband & RF signals demodulator reliability and ruggedness,
etc. All the advanced capabilities are
• Supports popular wireless • Vector Signal Analysis using listed below:
communication standards like GSM oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer
• VEE Pro signal generation software
• Supports a wide range of digital for automatic configuration and
modulation such as MSK, FSK, generation of signals
• Flexible spectrum analyzer based
• Supports analog modulation such demodulation for analog modulation
as AM, FM and PM as well as well

Modulation Other
Standard Data pattern format Filter Impairment parameters

• GSM • PRBS • BPSK • RC • Noise • Symbol rate

• DECT • User • QPSK • RRC • Interference • RF frequency
• PHS • 8PSK • RECT • IQ rotation • RF amplitude
• CDMA • 16QAM • GAUS • Etc. • Hardware
• User • 32QAM • None • Platform
• 64QAM
• 256QAM

Some of the Functionalities Offered by the Agilent I/Q Modulation Kit :

Transmission section: Receiver section:

• Highly intuitive VEE user interface • The receiver section has been • I/Q signals can be provided to the
allows one to select various param- divided in to two different functional I & Q inputs of the N9310A RF signal
eters and options through simple blocks. One, for viewing time domain generator. The digitally modulated RF
drop-down menus and also enter and frequency domain information of signal can be analyzed on the EXA
custom values to see the effect off the baseband signals, the other for signal analyzer platform. Highly
various parameters on the final viewing spectral content and analyzing accurate measurements in the
signal quality and measurements modulation on the RF signals. frequency domain of the modulated
carrier can be performed through a
• Users can choose to generate • Agilent I/Q modulation kit is the only single touch of a button such as
signals either specific to communi- integrated solution that uses the occupied bandwidth, channel power,
cation standards or custom digital world famous, industry standard ACPR etc. Being the world’s fastest
modulation formats. One can vary 89600A Vector Signal Analyzer spectrum analyzer in its class, it is
parameters such as symbol rate, software platform on both Agilent capable of capturing all the frequency
samples per symbol, data pattern & oscilloscopes & spectrum analyzers components of even burst signals
voltage level for I & Q signals; to provide a comprehensive set of and also uses the time gating feature
frequency in Hz, amplitude in dBm & measurement & analysis tools to for capturing specific slots of signals
type of output, continuous, TDMA or deep dive in to signals in the like GSM. Apart from this, the EXA
burst, of the carrier. One can also baseband & modulation domain can run the 89600A VSA software to
select the filter type, filter roll-off, perform extensive vector analysis
modulation type and also see various • Analysis of Baseband I/Q:
Agilent DSO6000 series oscilloscopes in the modulation domain like
other signals/stages such as IF, filter constellation plot, I/Q eye patterns,
data and clock of the transmitter or are the most versatile scopes in the
industry with the fastest waveform Spectrogram, CCDF etc.
even noise. The N9310A signal
generator, by itself, is capable of update rate and a whole set of
application suits that help I analyzing Similar to how the transmitter section
generating analog modulation schemes
such as AM, FM & PM as well signals. Viewing of baseband signals provides tools necessary for testing
with 256 levels of intensity grading students’ receiver designs, the receiver
• The real power of the transmitter and excellent Math & FFT functions section can be used to measure and
section lies in its capability of allow accurate frequency domain analyze transmitter designs. VSA soft-
injecting impairments in to the ideal measurements on these signals as ware is a fully loaded version that can
signal that effectively simulates the well. One can trigger the oscilloscope be extended to be the measurement/
changes that a modulated signal on data, pattern, pulse width etc to
analysis tool for upcoming trends and
undergoes during transmission. precisely capture baseband signals
Some of the impairments & errors for analysis. researches in RFID, WiMax, Wi-Fi etc.
that can be induced to simulate
channel effects are – Wide Band
Noise, I/Q Imbalance, I/Q offset,
Quadrature error, I/Q Rotation,
Interference & Quantization noise

Apart from being the ideal tool for

tomorrow’s engineers to unravel the
mysteries of today’s complex digital
communication technology, this software
controlled digital transmitter can provide
the necessary signals to test receivers
designed by students as part of their
undergraduate project, research etc.

Configuration Details

The Digital Modulation Lab Station is simple to set up and easy to use as shown below:

EXA Signal Analyzer

33220A Arbitrary N9310A
Waveform Generator RF Signal Generator

DSO/MSO6000 Oscilloscope



Product Part number Description Quantity

Function generator 33220A 20 MHz Arbitrary waveform generator 2
33220A-001 10 MHz External Timebase Option 2

Oscilloscope DSO6012A 2-channel, 100 MHz Oscilloscope

options MSO6012A 2+16-channel, 100 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
DSO6014A 4-channel, 100 MHz Oscilloscope
MSO6014A 4+16-channel, 100 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Software 86900SPC-HE1 VSA Edu version; 15 seats + 1 instructor copy 1

W1141B-PRO VEE Pro 8.5 1

Signal generator N9310A RF Signal generator, 9 KHz to 3 GHz 1

N9310A-001 Analog I/Q input capability 1

Signal analyzer N9010A EXA Spectrum Analyzer 1

N9010A-503 EXA Frequency range, 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz 1

Instrument Features
2 3 4

Arbitrary DSO/MSO6000 N9010A N9310A Visual Engineering Vector Signal
Waveform Series EXA Signal RF Signal Environment (VEE) Analysis (VSA)
Generators Oscilloscope Analyzer Generator Software Software

Two 33220A wave- • 2 or 4 analog A fully featured Signal The N9310A, with • Intuitive user • Complex modula-
form generators can channels for Analyzer that not only capability to accept interface and tion schemes are
be synchronized viewing baseband do accurate spectral real time I & Q a plethora of pre- being employed
through external I/Q signals analysis and complex signals can be pro- defined objects for optimum
time base references modulated carrier frequency domain grammed to gener- enable rapid bandwidth
to accurately gener- • High sampling measurements but ate most of today’s program develop- utilization and
ate I & Q modulating rate of 2G Sa/s also runs the Vector digitally modulated ment and system these signals can
signals. for best signal Signal Analysis signals. This feature customization be analyzed using
viewing software to perform is very useful for • Supports instru- Agilent VSA.
• Generate standard, demodulation on working on custom ments with • Demodulation
custom and pulsed • 8 MB deep modulated signals. modulation projects
memory for cap- multiple connec- of signals and the
signals up to 20 MHz tivity options to be intricacies involved
turing long signal • Fastest spectrum • 9 KHz to 3 GHz
• 64K Points of lengths with integrated in to in measuring the
& signal analyzer CW output; 20 Hz one system; be it critical parameters
memory for gen- highest resolution in its class with to 80 KHz low fre- LAN, USB, RS-232 can be understood
erating custom
• Inbuilt Math & analysis from 9 KHz quency (LF) output or VXI for a deeper
I/Q signals with
FFT for fast and to 3.6 GHz with an • –127 to +13 dBm insight in to
accurate phase • Inbuilt MATLAB®
accurate signal analysis BW of output level range communication
synchronization scripting allows
analysis 10 MHz systems.
• Continuous and • Full sweep func- use of MATLAB
• Compatible with • Can work as swept tions – frequency functions thus • This unique
burst modes for
Vector Signal tuned receiver or and amplitude making processing software, the only
generating various
Analysis software in the FFT mode and analysis easy one of its kind
standard wireless • Built-in analog
signals for advanced • Performs Vector for MATLAB users in the industry,
analysis of modu- modulation
Signal analysis capabilities • Predefined data integrates
• USB, GPIB and lated signals with the industry structures and seamlessly with
LAN provide • Remote program-
• USB, GPIB standard 89600A extensive driver the DSO/MSO6000
versatile and easy ming & control via
and LAN provide VSA software compatibility makes series oscilloscope.
connectivity to PC USB
versatile and easy running in the program develop- The scope
connectivity to PC signal analyzer ment easy and captures the time
• Windows based convenient for domain signal
• MSO6000 Series
with USB, GPIB different types of whose frequency
adds 16 digital
& LAN connectivity programmers domain informa-
channels for a
options tion and other
complete insight • Large choice of parameters can be
into mixed signal • Flexible, upgrade prewritten ex- obtained by
design able platform that ample programs employing the
can be customized for instant instru- VSA software on
for mobile WiMax, ment connectivity the captured
W-CDMA, Noise and system waveform.
figure and other startup

Configuration Options

Basic Enhanced Advanced

Base band signal RF signal
I/Q Base band RF signal
demodulation demodulation
modulation signal analysis analysis
analysis analysis
VEE software • • • • •
VSA software • • • • •
Arb waveform
• • • • •
generator: 33220A
• • •
6000 Series
RF signal generator:
• •

Signal analyzer: EXA • •

Educator’s Corner

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capabilities. With a wide selection of
integrated solution kits and curricu-
• Pre-written and interactive
lums, our product offering will help
• Lecture assistance To learn more about the Agilent
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