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a SESTROGEN: RAKERNAS AMSA-Indonesid 2017 WELCOME TO Jambi City . G re e t | MN 9 from AMSA Indonesia.Regional Chairperson Greetings People of Tomorrow! Welcome delegates to the city of Jambi! The Rapat Kerja Nasional will mark our fresh start in this whole exciting new tenure. Thank you AMSA-Unja for pouring your energy, time, idea, and hard work together in making this event come true. As the first national event in this tenure, the National Workplan holds a really important role to make sure the rest of the tenure go smoothly with the help of every single member of AMSA-Indonesia. Furthermore, it is also a place for us, members of AMSA-Indonesia, to meet and greet each other directly, to tell stories and share experiences. | sincerely wish that everyone will have a great time here, making new friends and getting closer to the whole family. With the theme ESTROGEN: Establish your Personal Hygiene and Reproduction, we will raise the ‘ociety’s awareness regarding Reproductive iealth through our social activities. Let us in this new tenure with a big thought, imgle step, and real action together as one family! AMSA! Fostering Unity, Striving for Excellencs Elvira Lesmang Regional Chairperson of AMSA-indonesia ESTROGEN!