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DOCUMENT INDEX – Private Archives by Michael Schratt

Original response letter from the Department of the Treasury (IRS) to John Andrews dated July 31,
1991. This was in response to John Andrew's (FOIA) appeal/attempt to verify the authenticity of Bob
Lazar's W-2 Wage earning statement for 1989. According to Bob Lazar's W-2 form for 1989, he
earned a grand total of $958.11 working for the "United States Department of Naval Intelligence".
Sure seems like "token payment" for working on the "most significant project in human history". As
the letter explains, an exhaustive search was conducted for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
46-1007639 (provided by Bob Lazar) from the United States Department of Naval Intelligence
indicated that there was no taxpayer, agency or employer with this EIN. They could not confirm if
this EIN was used during a previous date.

Letter from John Andrews to R. A. Jones (Captain, JAGC, U.S. Navy) dated July 4, 1991. Folks, in the
interest of preserving an important part of our National History, I'm dropping these babies "as is"
with absolutely no alterations. As mentioned before, its funny that the IRS, U.S. Navy and Dr. Edward
Teller all "dropped the ball" regarding Bob Lazar. All three could have simply stated that "Lazar is
bogus", but never did. There does appear to be a "pattern of denial" here. Michael Schratt

Letter from Philip J. Klass to John Andrews dated May 11, 1992. A bit of a harsh ending.

PAGES 6-7:
Original request to visit Papoose Lake by John Andrews dated December 4, 1989. A bold and
respectable attempt by John which unfortunately never happened. Note the mention of Project
"Snowbird". SS# deleted for privacy.

Letter from John Andrews to Gregory D. Kreis, Major, USAF dated February 19, 1990. John was
denied access to Papoose Lake, but confimed in this letter that there are at least three Area S-4's
within the Nellis Complex. Strike one up for Bob (just keeping it real). Michael Schratt

PAGES 9-10:
Original letter from George Knapp to John Andrews dated July 13, 1992. Its clear that from the very
beginning, Bob Lazar's educational background and crudentials were difficult to verify.

PAGE 11:
Original letter from Robert S. Lazar to Sherry Spencer (Los Alamos National Labs) - no date (address,
phone number and SS# removed for privacy). In this letter, Bob Lazar states that he was a physicist
at the Los Alamos National Lab, Meson facility in 1982.

PAGE 12:
Ltter from John Andrews to Gerald R. Ryan dated August 4, 1991. Note the mention of classified
EINs. Bob Lazar's phone number and SS# removed for privacy.

PAGE 13:
Letter from John Andrews to Lockheed Skunk Works director Ben R. Rich dated Januart 11,
WA S HIN G T O N , O .C. 2022 4

·9 t JUL ~9~1

CC:D-6334 - 91

Mr. John J. Andrews

8180 Santa Arminta
San Diego, CA 92126-1243

Dear Mr. Andrews :

This is in further response to your January 1, 1991, Freedom

of Information Act (FOIA) appeal under 5 u.s.c. § 552, and
related follow- up letters which concerned the denial of
information from the Office of Disclosure, National Office
( FOI/Privacy Section).

Your FOIA request of October 26, 1990, sought to confirm

that the Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the United
States Department of Naval Intelligence is 46 - 1007639. A search
of our current Master File was conducted to ascertain the
employer with this EIN. The results of this search indicated
that there is no taxpayer, agency, or other employer with this
EIN. Further, we understand that there is no practical method of
determining whether the United States Department of Naval
Intelligence or other employer once had this EIN. We regret that
we are unable to provide you with the information you are
seeking .

Special Assistant to the
Assistant Chief Counsel
(Disclosure Litigation)
R. A. Jones
Captain, JAGC, U.S. Navy
Executive Assistant
Headquarters, Naval Investigative Service Command
Washington, DC 20388-5000

4 July 1991

Dear Captain Jones:

I've not heard from you since my letter of 24 April 1991 in

which I cited 2 examples of wrongdoing relative to the Bob Lazar
case . I must assume our relationship has moved to the " ... delay
and stonewall .. . " situation I cited in my letter of 23 March
1991 in the 3rd from last paragraph on page 2.

All agencies, on this topic, move to that mode. It is a pattern

and, a researcher must assume, it is the official mode of choice
selected by the United States government . It is the pattern
that proves the truth: Robert Scott Lazar did indeed work on
recovered UFOs . Dr. Teller has gone into this mode . IRS is in
violation of the law relative to my FOIA Appeal and Navy has
elected to not discuss . Not one agency but THREE. A pattern.
Clear as day. No one has the guts to honestly state, if it is
the case, that Bob Lazar is lying: not Teller, not Navy, not
IRS. That is the pattern . UFOs ARE real and our planet is
being visited and we can't do a damn thing about it.

That must scare the hell out of governments! A government needs

to be looked upon as omnipotent by its citizens or it loses all
value as a control body, taxing body or legal body. And the
truth about the UFO issue musn't be told. The straw men would
tumble if the truth be known. I think the general population is
better able to handle the truth than are the self-appointed
governmental demigods. The UFO is the great equalizer and we
musn't have that must we?

Enclosures state my position, Captain Jones. I am here to help.

In 1986 Congressmen were waving my plastic kit design of the
F-19 Stealth Fighter in front of TV cameras. When we went to
war in Iraq 3 different kits of the real F-117 by my firm were
in the marketplace showing that weapon system. All the research
was done before the official release of F-117 info by USAF.

I'd like to help with the UFO problem . I'm here to help. I'm
ready anytime Navy is. NRL never responded to my letter of 25
February 1990. But that is the pattern isn't it?

John Andrews
8180 Santa Andrews
San Diego, CA 92126-1243
Philip J. Klass 404 "N" St. South west Washingt on D.C. 20024
May 11, 1992
Dear John Andr ews :
Yesterday, whi le goi ng t hr ough one of half a dozen 2-ft . high
p iles o f "answer- when t ime permits" correspondence on t he f l oor of
my s t udy/office , I came across yours of Nov. 3, 1991 , inre Bob
La z ar and Dr. Edward Teller. I was int rigued by the dat ed specifics
which Lazar (I assume) provi ded you. I f true, then Lazar is a
me ticul ous record - keeper who keeps a d i a r y/log. On this basis,
surely he keeps his monthly s alary s tubs and W-2 statements for tax
purposes (at leas t for 7 years) .

Question #1 : Have you asked Lazar to provide you wit h phot ocopies
of his sal ary stubs/W- 2 s t a t ements f or his (alleged) empl oyment
wit h EG&G? (This not only could prove he was employed by EG&G but
would provide an indication o f whether he was empl oyed a s a top -
l evel sci entist , at say $50- 60K/year , or as a technician at say
So , according to Lazar , on Oct. 25 , he was int e r viewed by EG&G
a nd t old he is "over- qual i fied and would l ikely be bored" wi th
positions then availabl e . Onl y four days l a t e r -- "On 29 November
1988, Dr . Teller called Bob Lazar and gave him a name to call. "

Quest ion #2 : Does t his mean t hat Dr. Tel ler not onl y is PSYCHI C,
and read Bob's thoughts from afar, but that Telle r had nothing more
impo rt ant t o do than to cal l EG&G to get Lazar a j ob?
Re f erence your inabil ity to get a flat -out denia l f rom
Te l l e r , I emphasize t hat I am NOT (repeat NOT)(Repeat again NOT )
sugges ting t hat President George Bush i s , or ever was , a KGB agent,
I propose you conduct t he fol l owing experiment which may he l p
fu r t her your education on obtai ning off icial denials from highly
p l aced, busy d i gnit aries to kookie a llegati ons.
Write a l etter t o t he White House posing one simpl e quest ion
t ha t can be answered wit h a bri ef "yes" or "no" : " I s it t r ue t hat
when President Bush headed t he CI A he was really a secret KGB
mo l e?" Under NO conditi on are you to mention my name or that I
s uggested the e xperiment to you. Simply pose the questi on and s ee
if you can get an o f ficial s tateme nt wh i ch says that thi s wil d ,
prepos teriou s a l legation is false.

Finally , r eference "Item (6)" of my earlier l etter, IF t her e

i s NO ONE wi t hi n the CI A who can figure out how to do away with
Lazar while maki ng his "untimel y demise" appe ar to be an accident ,
the n the job could be contracte d out to the former Bulgarian KGB.

< )
Col. Thomas M. Messett, USAF
Commander, 554th Rango Group CTACl
Bldg 200
Nellis AFB, NV 891 15-5000

4 December 1989

Dear Col . Messett:

I have your ' s of 22 November 1989 requesting personal data

needed to process my requ est to visit Papoose Lake, NV, as
out l ined in my initial request of 26 May 1989 and fol low -up of
7 November 1989.

(1) Name John Jerome Andrews

( 2) Rank Civilian but was E-5 <USA>
( 4)
ss •
Security Clearance None
(5) Date of Birth 9 August 1932
(6) Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
(7) Citizenship U.S.A.

Purpose and Intent of Visit: To visit, as both an interested US

citizen and a member of the professional association known as
the Aviation/Space Writers Assn., the Papoose Lake area and, if
possible, the buildings on the we st edge of the dry l ake. There
are reports some very strange things go on at night, strange
things fly. I would like to see it and hear the night sound s at
this place . If there is nothing there - nothing to report -
then we will know that too and it will be duly and properly
reported . The most likely day of the week for the visit would
be a Wednesday evening. Snowbird is likely project codename .

I would like to have Col. Barry Hennessey, Chief, AFOSI Special

Projects <PJ), or his appointed representative, accompany me
during the 6+ hours I am at the site. I've known Col . Hennes sey
for several years - I do not always agree with him and wh at he
must represent and he knows that - yet I personally like him and
I trust him . I do believe Col . Henne ssey and I understand each
other ' s driving forces. I have reason to believe Barry is
cleared for this area.

I would like to take some optical and audio recording equipment

to the site. Nothing exotic, just basic gear. I have no intent
to bring any firearms ... you folks have the guns. We citizens
have paid for them a nd placed them in your hands for caretaking
and I trust Air Force recognizes that nothi n g at the Nellis
Range is owned by Air Force, you aro only caretakers. Do not,
Col . Massett, read that as an insult ; it is instead a tribute to
our Constitu t ion and governmenta l structure. I would like to
~ the gear I bring while at the site. To have it temporarily
confiscated makes no sense .

- more, please -
Col . Thomas M. Messett -2- 4 December 1989

Eguipment to bring :

1. One un i t Sony TCM-5 cassette-corder . No individual serial

number on unit . Battery driven .
2. One microphone to plug i nto unit above .
3. One unit binocu l ars, Zenith 7 x 50, serial #49629
4. One Nikon FM -2 35mm ca mera , serial #N7807109
5. Ono Nikon MD-12 motordrive for above, serial #1622630
6. One AF Nikor l ens, f . 3 . 5 28-85 mm , se r ial #L297859<serial
# not scribed on l ens)
7. One Tamron SP lens for Ni kon, f . 3 . 8 60 - 300mm , seria l 8075 1 6
8. One Fujica ST701 35 mm camera, seria l #6115340
9. One Fujica lens, f.1.8, 55 mm , serial #226223
10. One Soligor l e n s for Fujica, f. 5 . 6, 350mm, serial T41502
11. One Goldcrest 679L tripod, no serial # on unit
12 . Film and audio cassette tape for above
13. Ca mera case for equipment

That, Col. Massett, s h ould satisfy your review needs. Should

there be any further particulars you require please let me know
and I will make every e ffort to assist.

Shou l d your reply to this request be negative I trust you will

indicate to me the organ izational unit and person with whom I
may file an appeal .

Thank you for your careful consideration .

8180 Santa Arminta

San Diego, CA 921 26 - 1 243
Gregory D. Kreis, Major, USAF
Director of Public Affairs
Hq., Tactical Fighter Weapons Center (TAC)
Nellis AFB, NV 89191-5000

19 February 1990

Dear Major Kreis :

I have your ' s of 7 February 1990. And I thank you for your
prompt reply . At least that was a break with tradition in USAF
handling of my request to visit Papoose Lake and the adjacent
area S4.

I had expected to be denied access. So that was no surprise .

What was the surprise was the length of time it took and Colonel
Messett's (554th Range Group) request for a very time consuming
letter from me. If there was an improper action it was on the
part of Col. Messett . Your action , Major , was fine .

I am a member of the Aviation/Space Writers Association and do

intend to carry this pursuit further. I do not believe all
avenues have been traveled .

Perhaps we need to deal with Congress and the Navy on this

particular endeavor. I do know I'm dealing with something very
deep and very "black . " But that is okay. Curiously there are 3
area S4's within the Nellis complex. I do know which one I'm
interested in.

I will persist. AFOSI Det 1812 will have something to add to my

Zero File. I can assure you , and them, l' II not do anything
illegal or foolish.

Major, perhaps one day we' 1 1 meet. I've been on Nellis several
times on research and photography trips.

Oh, can you tell me how many times within the past 5 years
Russians have visited Nellis AFB and have taken a side trip to
Area 51/Groom Lake? I know it has happened. 1 just want to be
certain we have matching score cards .

Thank you for your aid. You appear to be a good PA officer.


Jo h n Andrews

8180 Santa Arminta '

San Diego, CA 92126-1243

July 13, 1992

John Andrews
Te1tstor Corp.
San Diego , CA . 92121
Dear John,
It 's been awhile , but I wanted to let you know that I am
still alive and kicking , and that I am still pursuing
the story of Bob Lazar, although I haven't had a great
deal of luck lately . As you probably know , Bob has
finally secured a tidbit of information from Los Alamos,
a "pin" number indicating that he did work at the lab .
The other records from his employment have not been
found --surprise surprise .
I 'd like to know where you stand on his story these
days . Has your company ruled out any business
arrangements with Lazar because you've been unable to
verify his s tory? And whatever became of your pursuit of
his records? The reason I'm asking is that I am
preparing a paper , to be delivered at a gathering of UFO
researchers in mid-September . I ' ve never done this
before, But Lazar has taken so many hits from people who
haven ' t ever bothered to do any actual research that I
felt it was necessary to set a few things straight . This
will be the first time I have organized all of the
volumes of material I have acquired about him in the
nearly-three years since my first documentary .
If you hjave the time to jot down some of your thoughts
on the Lazar case---what difficulties you ' ve encountered
in trying to verify his background, etc . --! would
greatly appreciate it and will be sure to give you full
credit for your labors . I 'd like to be able to tell the
UFO folks that I ' m not the only one who has run into
s ignificant roadbloacks on this story .

601 $. Rancho. Suite C-26 • Las l,llgas. NV89106 • (702) 383-3348 • FAX: 383-9566
I am currently pursuing s ome very e xciting leads which
could shed considerable light on the whole flying saucer
story (if they work out, that is) and I 'm hoping to
produce a series of UFO documentaries in the near
future . Much of the footage and interviews have already
been shot . It would be great to have your version of
this story on videotape as part of these projects. If
you "re interested , or if you plan to be in this area at
anytime in the future, please let me know.
I 'm looking for any suggestions , leads, or
corroborating information concerning Lazar 's story t ha t
anyone can t hin k of , so please don ' t be shy in making
suggestions if you have them . And thanks (again) for
your help .
George Knapp
Sherry Spencer
Mail Stop P-280
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Dear Ms. Spencer,

I was employed as a physicist at the Los Alamos

Lab, Meson facility in 1~82 . My group conducted experiments
utilizing the medium er.ergy linear particle accelerator,
concentrating on polarized proton scattering experiments.
At another time, I was employed in the Weapons Division,
where my work centered on high energy particle beam accel-
erators for use in space. Despite this employment, however,
there seems to be no personnel file with my name on it.

At tempts have been made in recent months to ver i fy my ernploy-

me~t at the lab but those attempts have thus far borne l itti e
fruit. Journalists who have attempted to find o u t if I ever
worked at the lab have been told that no records of such
employment could be found.

This is a formal request for the release of my personnel

file. I would like a copy of all releasable information
in my file, including any references to my security clear-
ance , my duties at the lab, my tenure of employment, etc.
In order to facilitate this request, I have included a
photocopy from the 1982 lab phone book, indicating tha t
I was an employee. I agree to pay any reasonable duplication
costs and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Roberts. Lazar
Mr. Gera l d R. Ryan
Special Assistant to the Asst . Ch i ef Counsel
<Disc l osure Lit ig a t ion>
Depa r tmen t of the Treasury
Jn t ernal Re v enue Se r vice
Washington , DC 20224

4 August 1991

Dear Mr . Rya n :

I have your let t er dat ed 31 July 1991 relevant to FOIA Appeal

CC: D- 6334-91.

Attached is a copy of the source 1989 W-2 . It was provided to

me by Bo b L a zar . The "Good Luck " notation was p l aced on it by
him kno wing that I would attempt verification via Navy and IRS.
We could a l so i ncludo E.G.& G. in that equation .

Someone is lying. Plain and simple . The question is who and

not if. And I already know the why .

You stat e, "Furthe r , we understand that th er e is no practical

method of determining whether the United States Depa r tment of
Naval Intel ligencc or othe r employer once had this ElN . "
Please , Mr . Ryan, spare me . The W- 2 is from 1989 . Citizens are
as ked to keep person al tax r e c ords for 5 years. Your system is
compu terized , t i od i nt o the system from regional points ac r oss
this l and and access is in seconds . One of your regional people
in South Dakota did precise l y t ha t while in a phone comm with me
so do not ma ke the mistake of th i nk i ng I do not know how wel 1
the system can work. However .•. 1 also KNOW there are classified
E I Ns and you might not be able to provide a su i table answer.
Make no mistake , thore is a record someplace. Security
classif i cation could be reason for denial . But you could - no,
you should - have said that and denied my Appeal.

This Appeal was hand l ed strangely. Both in time and language .

Personally , 1 think someone is buying time, perhaps even

cleansing records; not l egal bu t clea rl y expeditious. Your use
of tho phrase " · . . our current Master Filo ... " shines .

If Robert Sco t t Lazar , · , is lying about his W-2

then someone should ~ay t hat in a signe d letter . ls this W-2
phoney or is the IRS copy in you r f i les? Why not cal I him and
get i t settled . He r o is his phone number in Las Vegas
Cun listed): Then cal I me: 619/546-9494.

Si~ Y•\,,\,,.0/\JU~~ -
John J . Andrews
8180 Santa Arminta
San Diego , CA 92126 - 1243

Encl : Lazar 1989 W-2

Mr. Ben R. Rich
Executive Vice President and G.M., ADP
Lockheed-California Company
Burbank, CA 91520

11 January 1990

Dear Ben:

This may be the most important letter I've ever written to you.

There are 9 extraterrestrial UFOs sitting in hangars at Site S4,

approximately 10 miles SSW of Groom Lake. The craft are
studied, researched, reports have been written and the clearance
level for people working on them is 38 levels above Q clearance
level. A few of the craft are in flying condition.

The program is not run by the USAF. The program is run, or at

least is the covering agency, by Naval Intelligence and Naval
Research Lab. People who hire in run through the E.G. & G.
facility at Nellis AFB. Transportation is done by Key Airlines
from Las Vegas to Groom then from Groom to S4 by bus.

Bob Lazar, a young physicist, double Masters degrees from MIT,

worked on the craft ..• propulsion to be exact. Bob Lazar was
referred to the project by Dr. Edward Teller who knew of Bob ' s
ability as a nuclear physicist from Bob ' s work at Los Alamos.

I have known of all this for about a year.

On 21 November 1989 Bob Lazar went public with the information

on radio KVEG and CBS affiliate TV station KLAS. I have both
the audio and video tapes. He did this to save his own life.
He had been threatened with death by security people on the

Bob is a scientist in the truest sense. The operation is

running very slow, is not properly equipped, and yet we are
sitting with anti-gravitational propulsion and devices that work
and might be of true value to the world. The best and more
minds are needed. The truth needs to come out. But so-called
security is limiting the effort and the knowledge.

I do not know whether you are aware of all this. You are now.

The security people have begun to cleanse Bob ' s work records,
his school records and even his birth records have disappeared.
It was the very · purging of those records which caused Bob to go
public. He was being made a non-person. He had already been
threatened. His options were narrowing.

Mr. Ben R. Rich - 2- 11 January 1990

By what right has the government of the United States taken upon
itself to restrict knowledge of what may be the most significant
piece of history the world has ever seen? Why can't you gain
access to Element 115? It is in the craft - in the gravity
amplifiers. Wou l dn't you like to be able to make one of your
long-range aircraft literally weightless? What are the savings
in fuel and power that exist with knowledge already in our

When will the scientific and engineering community call for a

stop to this security nonsense?

The local media in Las Vegas did a wonderful job with this
story. Our national media put the story "on the spike." So
what's new? Guess who has actively pursued and developed the
story? Nippon Television of Japan!! They bought the rights
from the local CBS affiliate when nationa l CBS did not!

Dr. Teller refuses to answer my questions about this yet he is

the one who referred Bob Lazar for the project. Dr. Teller did
sign my copy of his book, Better a Shield Than a Sword, on 8
December 1989 but he won't answer my questions. But I'm used to
that .

I am in contact with Lazar. I can place you in contact with him

anytime you desire.

UFOs are real. 9 of them are at Site S4 near Groom. You, of

all people,· should be able to view them, reverse engineer them ,
use the knowledge for our betterment. Reports are written. Per-
haps you don't have a clearance 38 levels above Q. Ask for one.

And if I sound hot, Ben, 1 am. This continued nonsense and

stance taken by our government regarding UFOs is appalling. The
craft are from the constellation Zeta Reticulum, 2nd binary
star, forth planet out.

Care to view the tapes?


John Andrews

8180 Santa Arminta

San Diego, CA 92126-1243