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— Absen’s New 27.5” LED Solution
Powered by Absen

“You have to create an experience

that people go to, and then they shop.”
—Norman Roberts, vice president of FRCH Design

“The store is evolving from being a

distribution channel to becoming a media channel.”
—Doug Stephens, retail industry futurist
Get the best of both worlds
Retailers face the increasing challenge of drawing consumers inside their
stores. The rise of the internet has created fierce competition as well as led to
ever-shorter attention spans. More and more consumers need visual stimulation
to capture their attention. Absen A27 series is the ideal upgrade for your printed or
LCD signage.

The A27 offers the flexibility and performance to design the signage solution of your
dreams, creating the ultimate seamless digital art. The A27 series can be wall
mounted, hung or stacked from the floor. It can be built in a vast variety of shapes and
sizes and is compatible with most media players. The A27 is not only one of the most
versatile video solutions on the market but provides picture perfect bezel free video
display to take your message to the next level.

LCD benefits LED benefits

Easy Installation and Set Up Bezel Free

0 MM

Plug and Play Color Uniformity


Standard 55’’ Size Greater Visual Impact


Standard Video Inputs High Brightness

“Box Moving” Distribution Concept Easy Maintenance

Easy to Stock Flexible Configuration

With Absen A27 series, you get the best of both worlds.

.5’’ ≤10 cm

Standard 27.5’’ Size Front Install/Service ≤10 cm Wall Mount Outstanding Image Quality Standard Video Input
HD & 4K Pixel to Pixel Resolution EasyMount Kit CrystalView Technology HDMI-Direct
Attracts Visitors
High Brightness
High Contrast

Higher Color Accuracy

Standard 16:9 Size

Pixel to Pixel 4K & HD Resolutions
HDMI-Direct Technology

Simple Maintenance VESA Compatible
Magnetic Front Service Technology EasyMount Kit (≤10 cm Thickness)
NPP MatteSnapMask Technology
Front Install
SlideTrack Technology
Multi-Type Install

Ease of Use

5 Uniformity

Over Time
A3C+ Color Calibration, 100,000 Bezel Free
Hours of Operation Duo-Die-Cast Technology
(Only for A2719, A2715, A2714, A2712)

Flexibility and
Creative Possibility
Endless Creative Possibilities

Powered by Absen

Attracts Visitors display space and its higher brightness and outstanding
picture quality attracts customers into the store, better
conveys the on-screen message, and improves the overall
Often LCD screens become lost among the store products look and feel of the location.
and displays and can be hard to draw customer attention.
The A27’s ability to custom fit the size and shape of the

High Brightness

LCD Screen LED Screen

High Contrast

Normal LED without Mask Matte LED with Black Mask

Low Contrast High Contrast

Higher Color Accuracy
CrystalView Technology
An LED can display more details with more vivid images and richer color than a normal LCD. This is because LED display can
enrich the color layering to enhance the details. But traditionally even on LED as one decreased the brightness the greyscale
also decreased leaving images flat at low brightness levels. The A27 series uses a premium chip which with PWM that can
maintain complete detail and high contrast ratio and achieve high greyscale even at low brightness levels. This allows a
natural and smooth color gradient and superior image accuracy at almost any brightness setting and room condition. So, no
matter the location, the A27 will always look outstanding!

Clear Textures in Shadows Lost Details in Shadows

Smooth Transition of the Gray Scale Unsmooth Transition of The Gray Scale
in the A27 Series

LED professionals in the AV industry are already aware of
the benefit of using LED technology; the ease-of-use from
installation to operation and maintenance. But the
connection between LCD for business and TVs at home
Ease of Use
have made it seem simpler. That is no longer true. If you video inputs and VESA mounts. Offering even greater
can manage LCD, you can easily master the A27. It is a flexibility and options for installation the A27 performs
user-friendly product that uses standard sizes, resolutions, better with less effort than LCD.

Standard 16:9 Size
Pixel to Pixel 4K & HD Resolutions

1,920x1,080 pixel 8

1,920x1,080 pixel 6

1,920x1,080 pixel 5
1,920x10800 pixel

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

110” 165”

137.5” 220”

HDMI-Direct Technology
Directly plug HDMI into the panels without the need for traditional LED data cables and sending boxes. A27
Direct HDMI inputs make installation faster, simpler and performance even more stable.


A27 Series

100% VESA Compatible
Four A27 panels create a 55” display that can be mounted on any VESA mount. Multiple 55” displays can be VESA mounted
to create whatever sized display required. All without bezel or seems.


55 “
LCD 55”

A27 A27

A27 A27

A27 Series LED 55”

EasyMount Kit
Special wall mount allows self-location.
When we fixed first wall mount, the rest of
others can be fixed directly without any tool’ s
assistance. The four corners of panel have
special location pin which can match wall
mount. Also with panel “fast lock” , quick
installation is absolutely achievable in front
maintenance. Thickness of whole structure is
only 10cm, saving installation space.

≤10cm Thickness

Front Install
Installing a video wall in public space can be very difficult, especially in retail stores. For these tough spaces or anytime the
screen will be mounted without rear access a 100% front installation is needed. Fortunately, the A27 is fully front mountable.
The EasyMount Kit can be installed directly on the wall. Once the mounting kit is assembled just remove the modules from the
frame, mount the panels to the kit, align the panels and put the modules back on. The process is simple, quick and avoids
damaging the LEDs on the module.

Multi-Type Install
The A27 can be mounted in almost any situation. Whether wall mounted with our EasyMount Kit, a VESA mount, rigged on
a truss, or installed on a floor stacking system, the A27 goes up in a snap.

Wall Mount



Powered by Absen

LED panels are frameless, meaning that any LED installation

Bezel Free is completely seamless. The result is one complete display,

as if the screen were one enormous panel. There are no
Bezels between panels as is found in LCD applications.

Duo-Die-Cast Technology (Only for A2719, A2715, A2714, A2712 )

A27 is built with CNC machined “Duo-Die-Cast Technology”, with vertical and horizontal side locks. These locks hold the
panels together into one without external structure and force.

A27 Series Module

A27 Series Structure

Powered by Absen

Fleexibility and Creeativve Posssibilitty

Because LED screens are modular, they can be made into Also, on site there are often surprises, such as walls not
many more size variations than other display systems. So being exactly the expected size, or ceilings being lower
the screen can fit to the dimensions of the space instead than planned, and LED products can adapt well to these
of needing the space to fit the screen. variations.

Because LED screens are modular, they can be made into many more size variations than other display systems. So the
screen can fit to the dimensions of the space instead of needing the space to fit the screen.
Also, on site there are often surprises, such as walls not being exactly the expected size, or ceilings being lower than
planned, and LED products can adapt well to these variations.

Powered by Absen

LED Screen

LCD Screen

Endless Creative Possibilities
LED screen modularity and software configuration makes it easy to be creative with the physical installation.
Screens are not limited to being rectangular 16:9 proportions. LED screens can be any size or shape, limited only by the
module size and your imagination! It ‘s important to remember to use specific creative content built for these creative
applications for best results.

A27 series     A2715 Terminal 3, Jakarta airport, 

Powered by Absen

Powered by Absen

Both LCD and LEDs lose brightness over the life of the product. In LCDs
this loss happens differently across screens leading to a patching, color
variations and an overall displeasing appearance. Good LED displays do
not lose color uniformity and the brightness loss happens uniformly

Over Time across the screen. So the loss is not apparent to the viewer and the
vivid picture continues to amaze over time.

Absen 3rd Generation Calibration Technology with Auto-Upload Feature

10,000K 8,000K 6,000K 5,000K 4,000K 3,000K

Allows for color temperature adjustments between 3,000K-9,500K to adapt to different circumstances
and application requirements.

Simple to Service
Over the years of use there are times when the screen will need to be repaired. LED video walls can usually be
easily fixed by substituting components with quick to install swappable spare parts.

Magnetic Front Service Tool
Use the magnetic service tool to quickly pull of modules
from the front.

NPP MatteSnapMask Technology (A2715/A2719)

Masks around the LEDs increase image quality, contrast and

the reliability of the panel. But when repairs are needed
masks traditionally can be hard to remove and replace on
finer pixel pitches. With the MatteSnapMask Technology,
the A27 can remove and replace masks with just a few clicks
even at its tightest pixel pitch.

SlideTrack Technology
When connecting a module to the frame the SlideTrack
allows the module to ease into place and snap to connect.
Makes installation a snap and also protects the LEDs from

Power Out

Indicator Light
Test Bottom

Power In

Product Solution
Handle Tool hole
RJ45 (Optional)
HDMI In (Optional)
HDMI Out (Optional)

RJ45 (Optional)

Easy Mount Kit

Side Locker

General Accessories

Sending Box (For standard version)

It is used to send display signals.

Front Back

Short Power Cable Long Power Cable Short Network Cable

(For standard version)
Used to connect panels Used to connect the distribution box Used to connect signals
to panels between panels

Long Network Cable Short HDMI Cable Long HDMI Cable

(For standard version) (For smart version) (For smart version)

Used to connect the sending Used to connect panels Used to connect video player to panels
box to panels

Insatllation Tools Module Remover CreativeDesign Kit Case & Protection

Optional Accessories

Video processor aiBox (Coming soon)

It provides multi-channel signal input interfaces. Used to set the display screen through the
Any signal can be selected to be output to the mobile phone, even the screen brightness
screen or processed by relevant image adjustment, etc.
processing technology.

It is used to control ultra-large screens with Rigging Kit
ultra-large resolutions.

EasyMount Kit Stacking Kit
(Mounting bracket, screws)

Video Input

HDMI or RJ45
(Optional) RJ45 Configuration (Optional)

Sending Box


WIFI Bluetooth


Local Control
(Coming soon)

LED Screen 1


LED Screen 2

PC / Pad / Phone

LED Screen 3


Car Dealers

Suppermarkets Transportation

Consumer Electronic Stores

Fashion Stores

Show Room

Conference Room



Entertainment / Hospitality

A2725 A2719 A2715 A2714 A2712
LED Type Black SMD2121 Black SMD1010 Black SMD1010 Black SMD1010 Black SMD0808

Pixel Pitch 2.54 mm 1.906 mm 1.58 mm 1.46 mm 1.27 mm

Panel Size 27.5"

Panel Dimension 610 x 343 x 61 mm (24.01" x 13.51" x 2.40")

Resolution 240 x 135 (16:9) 320 x 180 (16:9) 384 x 216 (16:9) 416 x 234 (16:9) 480 x 270 (16:9)

Product Weight 8 kg (17.64 lb) 8.5 kg (18.74 lb) 8.5 kg (18.74 lb) 8.5 kg (18.74 lb) 8.5 kg (18.74 lb)
Panel Material Die casting Aluminum

Brightness 1,000 nit 800 nit 700 nit 600 nit 600 nit

Refresh Rate 1,920-3,840 Hz 1,920 Hz

Color Gamut 110% NTSC

Contrast Ratio 5,000:1 4,500:1 4,000:1 3,000:1 3,000:1

Viewing Angle
(Horizontal/Vertical) 160/140 deg.

Input HDMI (Smart Version) / RJ45 (Standard Vesion)

Output HDMI (Smart Version) / RJ45 (Standard Vesion)

External Control USB, RJ45

External Sensor WiFi, Bluetooth (With aiBox)

Power Supply AC 100 - 240 V~ (+/- 10 %), 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption 2
203/610 W/m 167/500 W/m2 173/520 W/m2 460/153 W/m2 460/153 W/m2

Operating Temperature -10°C ~+ 40°C

Environmental Operating Humidity 10%~85%
Operating Environment Indoor

A2725/ A2719/ A2715/A2714
HDMI Chain Supporting FHD Resolution,RJ45 Chain maximum Supporting 655360 pixel

Special Software Support(Screen configuration, brightness adjust, color temperature adjust,

signal Switching & Recovery)
Internal Media Player N/A

VESA Standard Wall Mount 600 x 400 mm (Need customization panel)

Absen Wall Mounting Bracket 1 x 1 Panel, 1 x 2 Panel

Bezel Bezel Width No Bezel

Riging Riging Quantity (Vertical) 12 PCS

Quick Setup Guide, Warranty Card, Application U Disk, Signal Cable, Power Cord,
module maintenance tool

Optional Mount VESA 600 x 400 mm (Need customization panel, and screen size less than 110”)
Optional Absen Wall Mounting 1 x 1 Panel, 1 x 2 Panel

Optional Rigging Bar Single panel width, Double panel width

Optional Stacking System According to screen size (Need customization panel)

Emission Standard EMC

Green RoHS Compliant Yes
Certification TUV-CE/ETL/FCC/CCC/RoHS

Service mode Front

Standard Warranty 2 Years (Parts / Labor / Repair)

Aug. 2017  V1.5

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