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November 26, 2003 Victoria Toensing Laura Murphy c/o DiGenova & Toensing c/o Matt Coles and Leslie Cooper 901 15th Street, NW Suite 430 ‘American Civil Liberties Union Washington, DC 20005 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004 Paul Rosenzweig, Senior Legal Research Michael Ratner, President Fellow at the Heritage Foundation Center for Constitutional Rights 214 Massachusetts Ave NE 666 Broadway, 7th Floor Washington DC 20002-4999 New York, NY 10012 Re: Corruption Sirs, Madams, After viewing your talking heads on the TV byway of C-Span, I have determined that you are all just two sides of a counterfeit coin minted by a very corrupt system. You folks put on a fine show of smoke and mirrors while the malevolent powers that be ge about their business of ruling the world. Your task is to make us think we are free and that our freedom is protected by a sincere and open debate. Meanwhile the lawyers for the bankers that own the media tell us only what they want us to hear. T have acted in good faith with all of you and have only been ignored or worse. The copies of the enclosed emails to C-Span and my letters to and from the ACLU should fell the tale. Now I demand that you obey the Rules of Professional Conduct after your review of the other enclosed documents. Otherwise I will be due to sue you too. To further support the above statement I also must say that I liked what Michael Ratner had to say on C-Span in his debate with Paul Rosenzweig and I went to his web address. It is easy to remember because it is the same as one of my favorite Rock and Roll Bands. The old hippy in me figured it to be good Karma if nothing else. However his street address is the same number that is the sign of a foretold devil wearing the mask of virtue. So my opinion of him was neutralized by any prejudicial Karma. When I saw that he was approaching the Solicitor General to Canada he mode big brownie points with me. I have similar concerns as his client in Syria. I called him immediately and left a detailed voice mail. I was not surprised that he did not return the call. After all, he is a lawyer first and foremost. I suspect that his concerns for the interests of fellow Brothers of the Bar far outweigh the constitutional rights of an alien layman. With regard to Paul Rosenzweig I went to the web address mentioned on TV to see what planet he was from but after reading the quote of the recently defrocked high priest of fascists, Rush Limbaugh, I decided it would be unnecessary to read anymore. Rush Limbaugh stated as follows: "Some of the finest conservative minds in America today do their work in the Heritage Foundation.” With that in mind, I wonder if Rosenzweig and Toensing are prepared to argue a free thinking fun loving fool. If they still hold their former high priest in high regard, I would have great fun poking fun. Please find enclosed an exact copy of a letter sent to every U.S. Attorney in the USA just prior to the malicious side show held before Judge Borenstein in Norfolk Superior Court on September 29". I suspect the recent developments about the SEC and the FBI in Beantown have caused him to delay his judgments of long delayed motions that he had no jurisdiction to hear. He need not be advised as to whether or not to dismiss Prima Facia complaints that belong in federal court. The irrefutable evidence supporting the allegations were filed and served with the complaints. He knew the truth when he read what remained of the dockets. The clerks’ actions in all courts were evil. Today I finally received his judgments. At last I can proceed after over a one year delay. Just so you know everything was dismissed, even the complaint against the Kickhams under the First Amendment. After the Kickhams were illegally off the hook. ‘They practiced the same crimes again. It is too funny for words. The copy of wiretap tape numbered 139 is served upon you in confidence as officers of the court in order that it may be property investigated. I was unable to determine if Laura Murphy is an officer of the court, so I elected to serve it upon her outspoken associates who are currently rejoicing the recent judgment of the Massachusetts ‘Supreme Court. For their benefit I have included a copy of a letter recently sent to many other Gay Rights Activists and a copy of my Request for an Oral Argument with Assistant Attorney General Robert L. Quinan Jr. At the very least I have now made you all witnesses to my pursuit of Justice. May I suggest you forsake your bad-acting friends and assist me. In the long run the wrongful acts of the light lawyers and right wing politicians don't amount to a hill of beans ina town full of nasty old farts. We must protect our children's future even though a gay marriage could not bring them about. In my opinion it would not help your various causes to stand with the likes of Michael J. Sullivan, Judge Carey and Robb Quinan. Cya'll in Court® , v7 Ug fs ct > David R. Amos 153 Alvin Ave. Milton, MA 02186 USS. Postal Service” Delivery Confirmation Receipt DeuneRY consnnarin muser: 3 Postag and Dlvery Confirmation fees mas be pad betore mang, $F wy set: Qt eetay mae D faal Wosduzwer BOLTE Maria cle sells Hoe WE = Wagar, Fon DC Reon 4 454 3 POSTAL CUSTOMER: S Rene, fecosinnat web teal 2® rR orca 00 222-1011 at CHECK ONE (POSTAL USECNLY) 3 [Keir core g ‘CiPe-clse pares {ckage Servos parc! Fem 1, ay 2008 (Gre Revers