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You will hear an interview with Tom Armour, a landscape architect, about the Thames Strategy. Complete each gap (1-
10) in the notes below with the missing word(s).

The main objective of the Thames Strategy is to enhance the 1 ___ of the river. In this respect, the Strategy has in view the
following major points:
• to raise 2 ___ of the river
• to 3 ___ some of the poor-quality areas
• to protect areas of 4 ___
• to harmonise the 5 ___ of new buildings with the 6 ___
• to create 7 ___
• to improve the 8 ___ to the riverside
All this will give tourism a big 9 ___, and so the area will not be an 10 ___ asset any longer.


For questions 1 - 6, you must choose which of the paragraphs A - G match the numbered gaps in the extract from a
newspaper article. There is one extra paragraph which does not belong to any of the gaps.

Job seekers ill-suited for interviews
By Rodney Hobson

Job Hunters are abandoning the suit and dressing in outrageous clothes in order to stand out from the other candidates.
Another candidate, determined to show the prospective employer how desperately he needed the job had large holes in his
Examples of odd interview attire offered by managers taking part in a survey we conducted varied from the merely inappropriate
to the provocative, and even revolting: earrings, pony tails, shorts, bright yellow suits and pink corduroys were listed. And that
was just for men.'
In a slightly different approach, another man tried to unsettle the interviewer by refusing to take off his overcoat although it was
a sweltering hot day and the interview room was warm.
One woman showed how much she felt at home in the office by finishing off her interview attire with a rather delightful pair of
gold slippers. Laddered tights, loud and revolting ties, sunglasses and tattoos were cited as pet hates on the interview circuit.
`In creative environments such as advertising, people can get away with more unconventional dresses than within, say,
accountancy,' he explained.
`You are likely to score more points in that crucial time by looking smart and professional rather than by trying to stand out from
the crowd with a style of dress that may be alien and ridiculous to the interviewer.'

A. Mr Grout said: `To increase your chances of getting a job at the interview stage, you need to play the interview game and
ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the profession and the position.
B. Jeff Grout, Managing Director of Robert Hall, the financial recruitment specialist, said: `Many interview candidates are
abandoning the conservative suit and sensible shoes for a look that is bound to get them noticed - but for the wrong
C. While the men tended to be unconventional or just plain scruffy, the women dressed to kill.
D. Another female candidate, who was extremely thin, managed to turn up in a suit which she had apparently borrowed from
a friend several sizes larger.
E. However, as the decision to hire is made within the first five minutes of the meeting, possibly before the candidate has
spoken, dress and personal presentation are the key to the decision-making process.
F. One young hopeful sped into the interview room on a skateboard.
G. Other male candidates made their mark at important interviews by turning up in a boiler suit, baseball boots or different
colour socks.
From The Times


QUESTIONS 1-10 DIRECTIONS: For each blank think of ONE word that can best fit in the context. On your answer
sheet write the ONE word you have found.
Each year, thousands of illegal immigrants cross the U.S. border. Many come from poor countries (1)____ Latin America. An
illegal immigrant’s journey is fraught (2)____ danger. Scores of people die trying to cross the southwestern deserts. Others
perish in locked container trucks. (3)____ who survive the trip usually work (4)____ low-paying jobs, often in unsafe conditions.
They have (5)____ rights and are easily exploited (6)____ unscrupulous employers. The workers don’t (7)____ protest; if
immigration officials catch them, they will be sent back to (8)____ own countries.
Estimates put the number of illegal aliens living in the United States at anywhere (9)____ 7 million to 14 million. No one knows
the exact number (10)____ undocumented workers live in the shadows of an underground economy.

QUESTIONS 11-20 DIRECTIONS: For each blank decide which of the options A, B, C or D is best. ONLY ONE answer is
correct and THERE IS ALWAYS ONE correct answer. On your answer sheet write A or B or C or D.

President George W. Bush recently proposed that a new visa (11)____ to allow (12)____ workers to live and work in the United
States for three years. “Out of common (13)____ and fairness, our laws should allow (14)____ workers to enter our country and
fill jobs that Americans are not filling,” Bush says. (15)____ employers would apply for visas for “guest workers” (16)____ they
could prove that no U.S. citizens (17)____ the jobs. Workers already here illegally would also be able to apply for the (18)____
visas. However, Bush says, “This program expects temporary workers to return permanently to their home countries after their
period of work in the United States has expired, and there should be financial (19)____ for them to do so.”
The plan has created a firestorm of (20)____. Some say it would open the door to illegal immigrants. Others say the visa
proposal doesn’t go far enough.

11. A will be created B be created C was created D has been created
12. A low-skilled B low-skilful C low-cost D low-cut
13. A behaviour B knowledge C sense D ground
14. A wanting B wishing C willing D wishful
15. A Perspective B Prospective C Prospector D Prosper
16. A unless B but if C if only D only if
17. A would take B had taken C had been taking D should take
18. A renewable B renewed C recyclable D reusable
19. A rewards B prizes C incentives D interests
20. A contrition B contraction C contraption D controversy

QUESTIONS 21-25 DIRECTIONS: In each of the following sentences there are four parts underlined and lettered A, B, C
and D. For each sentence, find the underlined part, A or B or C or D that makes the sentence INCORRECT. Only ONE
answer is possible for each sentence. THERE IS ALWAYS ONE possible answer. On your answer sheet write A or B or
C or D.

21. Critics say that Bush’s proposal (A) will encourage even more immigrants (B) to come in the United States seeking
jobs. With U.S. (C) unemployment already high, they say, that (D) would be bad for U.S. workers.
22. (A) Others object to the visa because they say it rewards people who (B) have entered the country illegally. People who
(C) broke law by working in the United States without the legal right to do so (D) should be deported, they say.
23. Some immigration-reform advocates (A) criticize the visa proposal because it (B) does not allow temporary workers to
change their status (C) of permanent residents. Other critics, however, oppose the temporary visa because they fear it will
lead to (D) more people coming and staying in the country.
24. Mexican President Vicente Fox (A) hailed Bush’s proposal as “a very important step forward.” About (B) half of the illegal
immigrants in the United States are Mexican. Many say (C) they have no wish to stay. They’re just here to make money and
plan (D) returning home to their families.
25. (A) Immigration-reform supporters say that (B) as long as poorly workers from other countries can find (C) higher-
paying jobs in the United States, they will keep coming, with or without visas. (D) If foreigners can work here legally, they
will add to the economy by paying taxes.
(adapted from Teen Newsweek Jan. 29

QUESTIONS 26-30 DIRECTIONS: Starting from the word in CAPITAL LETTERS at the end of each sentence, derive
another word that best fits in the context of that sentence indicated by a blank space (“____”). On your answer sheet,
write the derived word.

Finally, some support Bush’s (26)____ because they see it as a way to improve PROPOSE
homeland (27)____ security. The government needs to know who these millions of illegal workers SECURE
are and what they are doing here.
Politicians cannot easily reach (28)____ when they have to deal with such AGREE
(29)____ issues. Hopefully, their final decision will not CONTROVERSY
fall short of our (30)____. EXPECT


Imagine that you are the president of a country which has to cut its government expenditure. Explain where it would be best
to make cuts and how you would make the cuts. Where necessary, you may wish to make qualified generalisations, mention
cause and effect or use examples. Make your own position clear at the end and try to give reasons for your view.
Your essay should have at least three paragraphs and should not be longer than one page.



1) environmental quality
2) public awareness
3) upgrade
4) historic importance
5) design
6) landscape
7) river-related jobs
8) access
9) boost
10) under-used



1) F
2) B
3) G
4) C
5) A
6) E



1 IN
4 IN
5 NO
6 BY
11 B
12 A
13 C
14 C
15 B
16 D
17 A
18 A
19 C
20 D
21 B
22 C
23 C
24 D
25 B