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Lesson Type: Grammar Level of Class Number Length of Assumed knowledge:

Lesson Aims: of lesson

To teach students how to use the past A2 students They know how to use the present and past simple and they
(Late elementary/ 12 50 mins
continuous. have some basic everyday vocabulary.

Teenagers (14-16
years old)

Flashcards, and the whiteboard.
Lesson Objectives: to introduce student to
the structure of the past continuous and
the different usages and make them
practice sentences using the past
continuous and finally do a free activity
where they can produce sentences using
the past continuous

N.B. While you may use or adapt practice activities you have found elsewhere, the presentation stage must be of your own design. It is not, for example,
acceptable to use a video or PowerPoint presentation of this language that you have taken from elsewhere.

If you need to, subdivide each stage.

Stage Aim Timing Inter- Teacher activity Student activity

Warmer Review important 5 T-S The teacher will review shortly Past Students will listen to the teacher and
previous knowledge so to Simple and Present Continuous so to answer concept questions about
prepare for the new prepare them for the Past continuous previous lessons (Past Simple and
concept. Present Continuous)
Presentation Introduce the past 15 T-S Teacher will draw a timeline and also he The students will listen to teacher
continuous form and will give some sentences for examples. In explanation and answer concept
usages Each example the teacher will ask concept questions about Past continuous.
Controlled To make sure students 10 T-S The teacher will hand out worksheets that The students will fill the gaps with the
Practice understood the concept of will work on the difference between Past verbs between brackets either in the
Past continuous and make simple and Past continuous. A fill-in the Past simple form or the Past continuous
them practice. gap exercise. form according to the situation of the

Freer To make students 15 S-S The teacher will provide the two decks of Each couple of students pick flashcards
Practice communicate among in flashcards, one deck with different places with images of places and objects, and
English using the new and another deck with objects. then they have to make a sentence
tense using the place and the object with the
past simple and past continuous, each
part each student of the couple.
Plenary To make students use the 5 T-S The teacher will make questions using the The students have to answer the
new tense in a real S-C past continuous: questions the teacher asks, and then the
situation and make sure teacher will ask the other students
they understood the new What were you doing yesterday at 12? around if the sentence is right or
concept wrong.
What were we doing last Monday about
this time?

What were you doing before starting

today’s lesson?

What were you doing yesterday about this


What was mother doing when you finished

your lunch yesterday?

Why I chose these activities and materials for this lesson.

Justify and explain your choice of teaching aids, activities and materials for this class. (80-120 words)

I have chosen flashcards materials and the timeline to represent the past continuous by using the blackboard.
The time-line representations is a graphical representation of the tenses and it makes the students understand without the need of
using words that the students might not understand or the student’s native language, moreover it helps students with a visual
learning understand the concept of tenses clearly.
The activities with flashcards will help student develop the skill to create sentences by using the new learnt tense since they are
interacting with each other. Afterwards, they will make sentences with the teacher as a group, so that the students can make sure
everything has been understood and there are no problem.