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del 13 Settembes 2008 STEELWEEK.COM ‘estratto ds pag, 1 Arvedi to build endless strip mill Italy's Acciaieria Arvedi is to install an endless strip mill to allow for continuous production of hot rolled strip, the flats producer's parent company announced. The 190m line, called Arvedi ESP, is scheduled to start up in 2008. It will be able to produce in thicknesses from 12mm to less than 1mm, which will make cold rolling unnecessary for some applications. Widths will be up to 1,570mm. Each of the line’s four sections will be inter-connected. The first section will have a thin-slab caster, followed by a reduction mill at its end. The second section will have an induction furnace for rerolling. The third section will have a high-finishing mill and cooling line, while the fourth section will have a high-speed flying shear and three downcoilers. Cutting of the strip will take place only after rolled product goes through the finishing mill, an Arvedi official told SteelWEEK. VAI, which is part of Siemens Group's Industrial Solutions & Services, will provide equipment for the project. A joint- venture engineering company, Gremona Engineering, will oversee co-ordination of the project's implementation. Acciaieria Arvedi already has a similar process, called In-line Strip Production, which allows liquid steel from the melt shop to be transformed into ultra- thin hot rolled coils. Its finished production for 2006 is expected to reach 1.15mt, and sales for the year are forecast at €600m ($76 1m) ‘Ad Hoc Communication Advisors del 13 Settembre 2008 WWW STEELGURU.COM ‘strato da pag, 1 Atvedi to put up ESP plant at Cremona Italian Accialeria Arved! SpA announced that they are going to build the world's first Arvedi endless strip preduction plant for the continuous production of finshed steel strip at the company's existing site at Cremona in italy, Start up Is scheduled for 2008. The feciity will produce high quality hot rolted and colted thin Strip in a wide range of stee! grades in an endless process from liquid Stee! to rolled goods. The new single ine plant will be Hesigned to yield an annual eapacity of more than 2 mion tannas of rolled steel Arvedi, which has emplayed intine strip production technolooy ‘ince 1992, has developed tne new Arvedi ESP process in whictt the cast thin slabs will De immediately rated to strip and coiled ‘n @ continuous endless process. The line tayout can be subdivided into four main plant sections. The first covers the thin slab caster with liquid core reduction and three high reduction stands at the exit of the casting ‘machine serving for in line rolling. The downstream section comprises the induetion furnace where the intermeotate stip Is equalized. Subsequently, the § stand 4 high finishing mil followed by the cooling line, allows for the rolling of strip to thicknesses between 12mm and imen in widths of up to 1570 ‘mm, The fourth secton consists of the high speed flying shear and three downeailers. The line js sald to have a total length of 190 meter. - ‘Ad Hoc Communication Advisors STEEL BUSINESS BRIEFING ‘estratto ds pag, 1 plant Italian steelmaker Acciaieria Arvedi is to invest €300m to construct a new steel plant in Cremona, which will produce finished strip products direct from liquid steel in a continuous process called endless strip production (ESP), a company spokesman fells Steel Business Briefing. The plant, which is expected to start operations in 2008, will have an approximate capacity of 2m tonnes/year, Added to Arvedi’s 1.2m tly existing plant in Cremona, it will increase the company’s capacity to over 3m ty in the next fo years. The ESP process will enable the company to produce strip in a wide range of steel grades — including HSLA and multi-phase steels — to thicknesses below 1.0mm, It will reduce production costs and improve environmental compatibility, Arvedi says, “For many application areas cold rolling will no longer be necessary,” the company adds, Arvedi has signed a 50/50 joint venture agreement with plantmaker Siemens VAI to establish a new company, Cremona Engineering, that will market ESP technology worldwide. The company will also be responsible for the design and development of Arvedi’s new plant in Cremona, The financial details af the joint sclosed by neither Arvedi nor Siemens VAL. yenture were Arvedi’s production of steel 2006 is expected to amount to 1,15m t and sales are forecast at €600m. The company core business is focused on steelmaking activities ranging from flat rolled carbon steel production and processing to stainless steel welded tube producti ‘Ad Hoc Communication Advisors