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Probability and Statistics

Assignment #1
Sections: E

Date of submission: 20 Sep. 2018


 Assignment should be done on A4 size paper

 There is no tolerance for plagiarism
 Clearly specify the source from which you have collected the data

Problem #1.
Collect the data (40-50 values) on a targeted variable which must be continuous:

(i) Construct the frequency distribution.

(ii) List the mid-points for your frequency distribution, as well as the relative and cumulative
(iii) Draw a histogram depicting the data from the frequency table in # (ii) above and
superimpose a frequency polygon on top of a histogram
(iv) Repeat (i-iii) in R lang. and list the results.
(v) Also construct an ogive for the data considered before through R.

Problem #2.
The numbers of motor vehicle occupants killed in crashes in 2001 are shown in the table. Use
R Code to construct a pie chart to organize the data. What can you conclude?

Motor Vehicle Occupants Killed in 2001

Vehicle type Killed

Cars 20,269
Trucks 12,260
Motorcycles 3,067
Other 612
Problem #3.
(i) Take a suitable data set to construct the component bar diagram through R-lang.
(ii) Use another data set to display the multiple bar diagram through R-lang.
(iii) Use the data set given in problem # 2 to make a simple bar diagram in R.
(iv)What is Cran Mirror in R? Write the application of R software in Computer Sciences?

Note: The data set must be relevant to your field.