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12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

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5 Easy Steps to Praying in

Mar 7, 2016 | 19 comments

My Guest Blogger today is Max Pool. who shares a simple strategy for learning to
praying in tongues.

Misunderstandings About Praying In Tongues

For many people searching to learn the “how to” speak in tongues, their search
ends in frustration. Buried by a volume of books, videos, and articles on the
“why” of tongues, it can be hard to nd the actions to start praying in

To add complications, there are many churches that don’t support this gift.
Some refuse to acknowledge it, others reject it as demonic, or the church
simply doesn’t have the pastoral staff to nurture it.

I know I felt all of these frustrations during my journey towards a deeper

prayer life.

You may be stuck on one or more of these crossroads as well, and if that’s the
case this article on how to pray in tongues for you. This article does not build a
case to convince you on the biblical reasoning or bene ts of prayer in tongues
(there are a lot of great books by authors like Dave Roberson), but instead to
provide you with very real and practical steps to jump start your ability to
receive the gift of tongues.

So let’s get started… 1/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

Get Distraction Free

If there is one thing that will kill your ability to start receiving this gift it’s being
distracted as you learn. Distraction can come in many forms: rambunctious
children, fear of embarrassment, multi-tasking, and even the sound of your
own voice.

Remember that you are trying to remove all distractions, so when you start
trying to pray in tongues nd a quiet place that you can be alone to sit (or lay)
for an hour. It was during lunchtime in my car with the seat reclined that I
personally found initial comfort; however, I found my own voice to be very
distracting, so I even went to the length of listening to gospel music with

The point is that this is a time of prayer, and you will need the same type of
quiet isolation that your prayer time normally demands plus a little extra. If you
are constantly looking to see who might be watching, getting interrupted, or
are distracted you aren’t going to be able to listen to the cues given to you.

Start Trying
This step is the most obvious step, but it’s where most people go wrong – open
your mouth. Start making syllables and word sounds. In short, start babbling
like a baby. Start exercising your tongue and mind to produce random word

Many people incorrectly believe that gifts from God are bestowed upon us all at
once and in full and their inability to heal, prophesy, or speak in tongues is
because God has not yet blessed them with the gift. As a result, they never step
out in faith to try or they quit early, but this just is another example of the old
saying “Jesus can’t take the wheel of a parked car”.

I love how Robert Morris of Gateway Church puts it so simply in this video

Babies don’t start speaking uently, and here is the amazing thing…we think
it’s cute. It doesn’t bother us when our children mispronounce words. In the
same way, so many people are afraid they aren’t going to do it right, but 2/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

even if you don’t do it right your Father likes it. He will like that you are

In the beginning, it will not be uent. Most likely it will be very choppy,
repetitive, and hard to resist your mind taking back control of your mouth. All
of this is just ne as you are starting and you have to start somewhere.

Listen for Hints

Through practice, you will start to gain awareness of your prayer language, and
you will start to notice repetition and a lack of diversity in the syllables/sounds
you’re speaking. The few sounds you are able to make at rst are those most
natural to you, that is, the ones which owed out of your spirit the easiest.
Adding to your sound vocabulary is done through a discovery process that
exists both internal and external.

External discovery would be seeing a sign, billboard, or word in your mind and
wondering “Would this sound make sense if I prayed it?” I’ve linguistically
dissected many words that I’ve seen while on prayer walks – some sounds
worked, some didn’t. Don’t feel like you’re cheating though, you learn every day
through external stimulus so don’t let this be any different.

Internal discovery would be listening for queues in your mind, queues that the
Holy Spirit might be giving you. When I started, with my eyes closed, I would
see word parts or names ash in front of my eyes. Following along with my
mouth, I felt as if I was slowly being tutored to unglue my mouth.

To this day I still listen for those hints God hands out; whether it is a ash of a
word part or name in my mind or a new sound that catches my ear.

Ask for Increased Faith

The truth is God has already given you many gifts, but will only give us an
amount that our faith can handle. So this means for many of us, we must build
up these gifts in a continuous cycle of action and faith. You act out of faith,
your gift is strengthened, which results in increased faith for the next action.
This cycle of action and faith is no different in learning how to pray in tongues. 3/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

However, sometimes amidst all the practice we just don’t feel powerful enough
to break into the next level. When that happens, stop attempting to pray in
tongues and ask the Father (in your native language) for more faith. It really is
that easy! Depend on God to help you increase your faith in praying with the
Holy Spirit, and trust that the Father will remove any barriers in your way.

When I began, many of my rst attempts were lled with me repeating “Lord
increase my faith” over and over again. You need God’s power to pray in
tongues, so it’s alright to drop the “do it on my own strength” ego and ask for
help on breaking through.

Don’t Over Think It

Doubt cripples faith, so quit worrying about the details. The whole gift of
praying in tongues is to give God your tongue and time so your spirit can be
built up. Worrying about your technique of a God-given gift, where the Holy
Spirit prays with you, where spoken words aren’t understood…you get my
point, worrying is meaningless and is going to do nothing but throw you off

My prayer language is simple and vowel heavy. I’ve tried working in complex
sounds such as “x” and “ing”, but it physically doesn’t come out of my mouth
when I’m in prayer – so I’m not going to force it!

In the beginning, everything seems forced, but in a few days, you will be able to
tell what ts and what doesn’t. I promise there will be a day where it all comes
out like a ood and you will nally think “I’m doing it! I’m praying in tongues!” In
that moment all your previous worries will dissolve and your faith in this gift
will be forever changed.

We are called to pray with our minds as well as with our spirits, and starting to
pray with the Holy Spirit really is as easy as the above steps. If you’re serious
about the edi cation process, add tongues into your prayer life. All it takes is a
little practice and faith.

The Gift of Tongues
Is Tongues the Least of the Gifts? 4/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

My Testimony about Speaking in Tongues

The Science Behind Praying in Tongues
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Stephen Cohenour on March 7, 2016 at 10:54 am

A very good well presented article

Kate Shelton on March 7, 2016 at 11:26 am

That is a very good tip about having to start in your eah! My

mom taught me to start with a song, singing the words then
changing the syllables. Amazing grace, how sweet etc da tah ka
ma Ki la ti dee. I knew my spirit took over when i was not thinking
of the next syllable to sing. Then you will get to the point you
don’t need to start with a song. I practiced the most while driving
my car so I didn’t over think it. Great advice!

Patricia Schmidt on March 7, 2016 at 3:27 pm

For many years, I’ve never progressed beyond 3 words that I say
over and over. Nothing more seems to come out of my mouth. Do 5/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

you think this is me hindering the Spirit or is that all He’s giving
me. Would love to hear what you think.

Max Pool on March 7, 2016 at 8:38 pm

Patricia –

Plateaus in anything can be frustrating, but it sounds like you

have the will power of a saint – well done!

One possible way to view your blockage is purely physical, and

one way to train new muscles is to *practice*. Practice is not
prayer, and that is obvious since you are fully aware that you have
taken the lead.

Let’s say one of your basic sounds is “ma”. Then simply practice by
going through the alphabet in order: ba, ca, da, fa, ga…etc etc.
Once you have unglued those sounds that feel like they might
work, then switch to prayer using those new sounds. Some will
work some won’t. Next experiment and practice with short vowel
sounds, then long vowel sounds.

Getting hung up on linguistics can be a huge blockage – so start

from scratch and start learning sounds again.

Another possibility may be spiritual. Prayer in tongues is meant to

be an edi cation process, and personally when I began a huge
release of sin and iniquity left me. As I prayed, sinful memories
bubbled up into my memory, but I instantly felt the guilt and
shame associated with these sins release.

My point is pray to be shown your iniquities and generational

curses, and pray for them to be released. Pray to be given the
tools to ask for forgiveness, and pray for faith. Tongues may come
to you as a tool to break these chains, or you might be shown
something to help you unlock your tongue.

Last, remember that God holds no good thing (Psalm 84:11). I

rmly believe this to be true when it comes to this gift because 6/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

tongues is a core tool for us to edify ourselves and the church.

Keep with it, *practice* more, and always trust God.


Patricia Schmidt on March 18, 2016 at 10:20 pm

Max, I just now gured out how to nd the original post

with comments. Age 81 on the computer ain’t that easy!
I so appreciate your message and I will certainly give all
your suggestions careful consideration. I’m excited to keep
trying and hope the Holy Spirit guides me into learning to
pray in tongues. Thank you so much for your kindness in
helping me along!

Denise on March 17, 2016 at 10:08 pm

Nice post! I, too, nd the sound of my voice distracting. If I focus

on something else, the ow of tongues is more free for me. My
husband often prays in English while I pray in tongues, so I can
focus on his voice while allowing myself to speak in tongues.
Singing in tongues is even easier—especially if you like to sing!

Debra Lee on March 20, 2016 at 9:44 pm

fantastic blog. It really spoke to me and is very encouraging.

Laurie on April 4, 2016 at 4:49 am

I was waiting for a baby to be born in the family. When that day
nally came, I was asleep on the couch in my parents living room.
I was 15 at the time. As I began to wake up and heard the news
that the baby was born I thought to myself God bless this new
baby and new life, take care of her etc. My father and the baby’s 7/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

father were standing there and I wanted to share my thoughts

with them so I opened my mouth and instead of the prayers I was
thinking coming out something in a different language did. There
was no practicing of syllables or meditating or anything else like
that. I opened my mouth and began to speak in a language I didn’t
understand but my mouth knew what it was doing, I didn’t know I
was speaking in tounges at the time and only realized it years
later. I remember looking down at my mouth in disbelief trying to
understand what was happening. My father and his friend laughed
really hard they thought I was still asleep. The words were
perfectly formed and my mouth knew exactly what it was doing
but it has never happened again. I have never found anyone else
who has had the same experience and when I hear people try to
form words using their own language it’s hard to believe that it
comes from the Holy Spirit because I have heard the language o
the Holy Spirit before and its something I will never forget.

Max Pool on April 4, 2016 at 7:34 am

A planted seed only sprouts when the soil and conditions

are ready to produce good fruit.

Through Jesus Christ we all have the gift of heartfelt giving,

but does that mean that the Holy Spirit makes the money
jump out of our pocket into the offering plate? No, there
needs to be a combination of acting through faith and our
freewill to bring it into action.

Do gifts (like tongues) happen instantly? Sure do – I think it

is awesome when it does! But there are many others that
need to act in faith to see the rewards. PM prayed over
hundreds of people before seeing healing. Vlymen prayed
for a long time to see angles (discernment). Working
towards preparing your “soil” does not disqualify or
cheapen these gifts. 8/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

Bill Johnson puts it really well “God hides things to be

found”. I would have to agree, sometimes He has us chase a
goal because it is the journey that will bene t us the

Anonymous on November 24, 2016 at 9:48 pm

Hi Laurie,

Had a similar experience in 2009. I was praying (in English)

intently, really focused and out came my prayer language,
owing! I got so excited that I lost focus and haven’t been
able to get it back ( owing) since. Just phrases here and
there. The same thing happened to my aunt and she said
she just kept praying and seeking the Lord and out they
came again after years of asking. I’m not sure why it
happens, but perhaps to minister to others who are in
similar situations.

Laurie Madsen on November 25, 2016 at 9:19 am

Thank you for sharing. There was no doubt about

my language being tongues. It was miraculous.

Kathi on December 3, 2016 at 3:32 pm

Yes, Laurie, my experience was more similar to yours. In

1987 I had a incredibly supernatural experience with God
but did not speak in another language. I began to call
prayer lines all over the country asking for help to receive
what I understood to be a gift. One evening after yet
another call to the Richard Roberts prayer line without
success I sat and cried, certain that I had in someway done
something that somehow I had done something which
disquali ed me from receiving this gift, that somehow God
did not love me as much as he did those who had received. 9/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

As I sat alone, crying, all of a sudden from my belly welled

up words, beautiful words. Full, complete sentences, in a
language I’d never heard. I was rst shocked. I stopped
crying. I asked, Is this it God? Are these the tongues you
speak of? Then laughter, supernatural laughter from deep
within poured from my belly, a laughter I could not

About a week after this event I shared my story with my

sister who also wanted to receive this gift. I prayed for her
and God lled her with tongues also. Since this time I have
prayed for many believers who have also received this
wonderful, edifying gift. Once I was in a church where
LITERALLY EVERYONE in the church who desired the gift
of the in lling of the Holy Spirit evidenced by tongues
received! In all these cases the gift of tongues was
immediate and full, no making up words or practicing
syllables. This is my experience with the Holy Spirit.

Laurie Madsen on December 4, 2016 at 7:59 am

That sounds exactly like what happened, I opened

my mouth and out it came, no rehearsing or
chanting or helping along, it was just there. Thank
you for sharing your story,

Medra Van Zuyen on April 6, 2016 at 5:36 am

Someone at churches prayed I’d receive the Holy Ghost with signs
of speaking in tongues right after I got saved. I had no idea what it
meant to speak in tongues but after they prayed they told me to
open my mouth and let God use my tongue and when I opened
my mouth… words/sounds came out. I pray in tongues often and
everywhere. I’ve never found listening to my own voice disturbing
or distracting since I’ve been hearing my own voice my whole life
and I know I’m allowing God to speak through me and He can say 10/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

whatever He wants to so I never even pay that much attention to

what I’m saying. I have notice at times I seem to be repeating the
same sounds but I always gured it was because God wanted to
emphasize something, so I let Him and I don’t care how many
times He wants to repeat it. I never once thought it was because I
was stuck in my prayer language since I’ve never felt I had
anything to do with my prayer language. All I am doing is allowing
God to use me for His purpose in praying what He deams
necessary at that moment and since I don’t know what I’m saying
in the rst place I haven’t felt a need to over think it. I don’t think
our prayer language is a language like any other language that
exists. In other words, I don’t think that every time I utter a
certain sound it means a certain word because if it did, Satan
would probably be able to gure out what God was having me
pray and the whole point to praying in Tongues is so God can pray
through us His perfect will and since the enemy also has no idea
what I’m praying he can’t stand against it. In war we use spies to
send secret messages back to headquarters and we on purpose
don’t state it in a way that is obvious. We use a secret code that
only we know. However a secret code can eventually be decoded
and God doesn’t deal in secrets, He deals in mysteries, so I’ve
always assumed my prayer language was a mystery to Satan as
much as it is to me and God’s mystery as to what I’m saying can
not be decoded (either by me or Satan) but can only be
understood if God Himself gives the interpretation. So with that
being said, even if it sounds as though I’m repeating the same
thing over and over again, I might not be. For all I know, God
could change the meaning of what I’m saying each and every time,
since it’s His language. I of course have no idea if that is what He’s
doing, or if, like I stated before, He personally wants to emphasize
something and feels the need to speak it forth multiple times. All
I’m doing is letting Him use my mouth to state what He wants and
I never thought it was my job to care what I was saying but to
trust Him to speak through me and to offer Him my mouth as
often as I could think to do it. So I pray in tongues a lot while I’m
at work, at the grocery store, while driving or planting owers, 11/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

etc. Some people might have a harder time letting go of the

control of their tongue, and maybe they over analyze it way more
than do, so I’m not saying that the advice already given is a wrong
approach, all I’m stating is how it worked for me. I just open up
my mouth and let God have His way with what comes out. I hope
what I’ve said helps someone in just letting God use them as He
sees t.

Medra Van Zuyen on April 6, 2016 at 6:05 am

I wanted to also state that some people think we are praying in a

known language that we ourselves don’t know because the crowd
that heard them speaking on the day of Pentecost heard the men
speaking in their own language. Each person heard them in their
native tongue and many people there spoke different languages
from one another. So if each person heard what was being spoken
in their own language it seems obvious to me that they were all
“hearing an interpretation of what was being spoken” and not that
the speaker was speaking their language! Cause I can’t speak
several languages all at the same time. So if I’m speaking and one
person hears me in Spanish, another in German, another in Italian
and another in Greek… am I speaking 4 languages at once or am I
speaking in an unknown tongue and God is allowing each of them
to hear me in their own language so they can know what I’m
praying? It seems real obvious to me that God is allowing them to
receive the interpretation and not that I’m actually praying in
their language.

Teysered Team on September 25, 2016 at 3:21 pm

New Christian here from Singapore. Was saved by Jesus during a

demonic spiritual attack. An evangelist prayed and anoint the
Holy Spirit in me, took me 5 to 10 mins of her praying to open my
mind and heart to speak rst time in tongues. 12/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

The rst experience is whenever the demons attack me, the holy
spirit will intercept and then my lips will tremble a little, teeth
vibrate or shake a little and just pray automatically. Happens each
time the demon tries to attack.

After this demon episode is gone. I tried to pray myself but it

sounds fake and forced. So a pastor prayed for me and I just be
able to donit instantly. For the next 3 days my lips and teeth have
constant spells of wanting to pray in tongues. The natural urge.

Months of this without going to Church, i prayed myself it always

sound made up or fake or like baby blabberings. However in
Church when I felt the Holy spirit presence is high, my tongues
became more vigorous and natural. But the limitations of the
sounds r there. After many months I still unable to receive a break

Maybe i focus too much on the sounds rather than focussing on

the Spirit and my heart.

Leighsa Blake on October 20, 2016 at 1:05 pm

Thanks to all for your comments, it really helped me to not only

understand how to progress in tongues but to also know that I’m
not alone in my experiences! I’ve been told it’s like a muscle that
needs to be exercised so I shall continue to ‘practice’!!

Julius Kamdewuke on December 8, 2016 at 3:34 pm

This is wonderful I totally agree with the writer of this

article. I just experienced it now as I come from that lonely
room. Praise God!!!

mary on December 6, 2016 at 10:15 am

I pray in tongues and I say about 9 syllables over and over again.
Once I prayed about 7 to 9 hours straight with break for eating 13/16
12/30/2018 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues - Praying Medic

and I got an interpretation, I say to God, “I need You. I care for

You. I love You.” I though how sweet is this message! I think that
praying in tongues not only edi es us but also edi es God. We
actually minister to Him!!! So awesome!!!

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