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LEBANON: ‘Amal-Hizballah Clash Over Kidnaping Ama''s efforts to focate Lieutenant Colonel Higgins have triggered clashes with Hizballah, which could deeply polarize fugdeedsqese Shia communlty—probably to Hizballah’s beneil ae Amal groups reportedly forced their way into several Hizballah anc he “ ‘West Beirut. ¥ : > re ER = cre ng of Higgins near Tyre—an area ostensibly nirol —ilystrates the decline of the once-dominant organization's politcal Influence, Even though Amal militia chief Nabin Earrl apparently Is pushing hard to find Higgins, his clout In southern Lebanon probably is less than that of popular Tyre Amal militia leader Saud Oaed, who fesuned rom arel Solorerabiagt txtyeseae 4 7p 2 Higgins lg stil being held in southern al (p3 a re cory ein a Hozalo near re Byer ine nrasp of Amal lorces, even those loyal to Daud 3 Continuing clashes between the two Shia groups could well favor Hizballah. It has been providing substantial economic aid and social welfare programs to the southern Shia, effectively giving it-g political