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13 Midot For The Life

Rabbi Yisrael Salanter, a great wise person of the

previous generation, I teach 13 to us Midot,
Qualities, principles, so that we valorize Our Lives

1. The Truth

To be sincere when speaking. You do not say anything

unless you know fehacientemente that it is truth.

2. Agility

To know how to take advantage of the time, which must

immediately be done hazlo. The time it is very
valuable to be squandered.

3.La Diligence

To make decisions consciously. It decides that it is

what you must do and soon hazlo con.estusiasmo. In
case of doubt, advice requests. You do not remain in
confusion state.

4. The Respect

You must have much taken care of with the feeling of

other people. All human being is precious by to be
created to the image of amiable D"s. with all

5. The Tranquillity

To have serenity. Not to leave small things they

remove our tranquillity to us. It conserves the calm
and serenity. It demonstrates calmness in everything
what you do.
6. Serenity

To remember the advice of king Salomón, "the words of

the wise person are said calladamente". The wise
people slowly. He foments that habit, they will
include/understand to you and you will be
included/understood better.

7. The Hygiene

It is important to maintain the hygiene, clothes,

house and places personal clean public. It respects so
much to your body, as to your clothes.

8. The Patience

It is necessary to cultivate the patience is as it is

the situation. It has a little while for everything in
the life, you do not try to advance it.

9. The Order

It is important to concentrate itself in everything

what it is done, without distracting itself. To keep
each thing in its respective place, will avoid lost of
time and patience. It handles to your time and your
objects with order. It plans and it organizes. Thus it
made specific your projects successfully.

10. Humility

To recognize the own limitations, and ignores the

errors of projimo. To learn of all. Each person has
some knowledge or virtue that we do not have. Nonsos
11. The Rectitud

Remember the advice of Hilel wise person, "which is

disagreeable to vos you do not make to other" That
that justice loves and practices is right and its
conscience is clean. Beam always what is correct,
specially with regard to your obligations.

12. The Moderate Austerity

To remember I teach Horseradish tree to it Zoma that

is rich, that that this satisfied with which it has.
The money is for being used, not loved. It is means
and not an aim in if same. You do not squander the
money unnecessarily. To other people serious him of
vital importance.

13. Silencio

It judges the value of the words before speaking. To

speak is one of the powerful arms but. It is the only
human characteristic. Silence is wisdom expression. It
thinks before speaking and you do not speak unless you
have something important to say.

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