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How to Automate the Data Consolidation during BOQ

1. Make a Master Excel Sheet for BOQ. (Sample Attached).
2. Replicate the standard master excel sheet to the no. of
groups/persons from whom input is sought for FSC BOQ
Compilation. Lock all the cells except the columns where each
different group can enter/delete the values (Sample attached).

3. Put these excel sheets in respective folders on a Master

(Custodian's) PC and share each folder with respective person
4. Each person/group can access only the respective excel sheet
inside their gps folder and enter the input BOQ values against
required rows/items/cells.
5. On a given time (as agreed by all involved), Custodian (person
compiling the BOQ), will simply open the MASTER Excel Sheet
(BLANK till now) and use CONSOLIDATE Command under DATA Tab in
MS Excel and all data in different excel sheets will
AUTOMATICALLY be copied in the Master Excel sheet.
(Before using Consolidate Command, Custodian may copy the
respective excel sheets in one common folder and simplify the
names for the ease for Cell Referencing/path under Consolidate
6. Thus no manual intervention would be needed, for copying data
from different sheets and thus data integrity would be
As sample, 5 Gp. wise Excel sheets and One Master BOQ Excel
Sheet is attached with all formulation. You can change any
data in any excel sheet and then finally click on Cell D4 in
"Master Excel sheet followed by a click on "CONSOLIDATE".
Check the Path of File cells and location (Pls see below),
click on "Create Links to source data" followed by OK and its

Path for Consolidate command (May pls change as per File

Folder location on respective PC)
'E:\Central Excel Server\[1.xlsx]Sheet1'!$D$4:$W$380
'E:\Central Excel Server\[2.xlsx]Sheet1'!$D$4:$W$380
'E:\Central Excel Server\[3.xlsx]Sheet1'!$D$4:$W$380
'E:\Central Excel Server\[4.xlsx]Sheet1'!$D$4:$W$380
'E:\Central Excel Server\[5.xlsx]Sheet1'!$D$4:$W$380
Do's and Don'ts:
1. Once the Consolidate command has been set/formulated,
avoid changing the location/name of source files.
2. Always ensure that while performing multiple cycles of
Consolidate command, the "Cell D4" (or the
source/benchmark cell as per final Master BOQ) is
3. Pls look for "PLUS" sign on Left vertical bar in Master
BOQ which might appear if some error in selection of
reference excel files/cells has occurred. Pls delete the
Master BOQ and reset the Consolidate Command in new file
to avoid any error in addition/referencing.