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Peyton Steele LA-8

There Should Be Less Homework

Homework is something that no student likes. They are also given way too much of it which

makes it even worse. Studies have shown that homework has not only many downfalls but also

negatively impacts students education. Having excessive amounts of homework causes stress,

impacts free time and is proven that there is no academic benefit toward it.

According to the following article “Homework Is Stress” by Emily Cordoz, One reason why

students should have less homework is that it causes them loads of stress. This is because

students are required to learn a lot more information in a shorter period of time. Schools are even

shortening student’s “stress relieving” time, such as recess. Also, with class sizes getting bigger,

students get less individual attention that increases the pressure to learn on their own and doing

work at home. As you can see, there many strong reasons that homework directly causes stress.

Secondly, no study has ever found an academic benefit to assigning homework. I believe

homework is assigned because “it has always been that way”. Although many people also think

that homework reinforces what was done that day and that it helps build character. Neither of

these have any correlation with homework. “There is no consistent linear relation between

homework and children’s level of academic achievement” said Alfie Kohn in his recently

published book (The Homework Myth). Having homework was thought to improve children’s

academic levels. But in many ways, it does the opposite.

Peyton Steele LA-8

Many kids see homework as a punishment because it is taking away from their free time. A

time that they could be hanging out with their friends or playing video games they are stuck

doing homework. I think it is important to have a balanced life. There are many positive things

students need to incorporate into their life such as sports, social time, chores, and sometimes

even jobs. Another thing that homework impacts is sleep. Many times students will stay up late

working on homework, because they wanted to have their free time when they get home from

their seven hour education; which can lead to not getting enough sleep, and them being tired or

not fully engaged in school work. Overall, having free time is very valuable and students should

not be spending those hours on homework.

Even when it has been proven that homework has many negative impacts, teachers still

decide to assign it. Many may argue that homework is practice for classroom work, and when

you practice more it leads you to be better at it. This is incorrect, for example if homework is

taking up their free time, they look at it in a negative perspective. Which then leads to them

seeing school negatively and affecting the way they learn and interact with their school work. In

addition, homework is causing students stress which can be very bad for their mental health.

Although it may be true that homework can help students work independently. During this it

causes tons of stress, takes away from students free time, and is argued that it has no educational

Peyton Steele LA-8

In conclusion, students should have less homework because it leads to stress, takes time away

from free time and is even proven that it has no academic benefit. As a student, i feel that this is

true. Having too much homework definitely affects many of the same points for me. An example

is, if you don't understand something in class, you won’t learn it by doing homework.Some

people could argue that good benefits can come out of homework. Such as time management and

organization. But these benefits only occur when students are engaged and ready to learn. But

the more homework that students get, the less they want to engage in school work. It can affect

students health, social life, and even grades. All things considered, students should have less

homework because of all it’s negative aspects.