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TN Academic Standards for Visual Art- Kindergarten

Create Present Respond Connect

Foundation Cr1 Generate and Foundation P1 Select, Foundation Cn1

conceptualize artistic ideas analyze, and interpret Foundation R1 Perceive and Synthesize and relate
and work. artistic work for analyze artistic work. knowledge and personal
presentation. experiences to artistic
K.VA.Cr1.A Explore and K.VA.P1.A Select art objects K.VA.R1.A Describe what K.VA.Cn1.A Create art
experiment imaginatively for personal portfolio and an image represents. that tells a story about a
with ideas and materials. display, explaining why they life experience.
were chosen.
Foundation P2
Develop and refine artistic
techniques and work for
K.VA.Cr1.B Collaborate in K.VA.P2.A Explain the K.VA.R1.A Describe what Foundation Cn2 Relate
creative art-making in purpose of a portfolio or an image represents. artistic ideas and works
response to an artistic collection. with societal, cultural,
problem. and historical context.
K.VA.Cn2.A Identify a
purpose of an artwork.
Foundation Cr2 Organize and Foundation P3 Convey and Foundation: R2 Interpret
develop artistic ideas and express meaning through the intent and meaning in
work. presentation of artistic work. artistic work.
K.VA.Cr2.A Through K.VA.P3.A Explain the K.VA.R2.A Interpret art by
experimentation, build skills function of an art museum, identifying subject matter
in various media and and distinguish how an art and describing relevant
artmaking approaches, using museum is different from details while using
developmentally appropriate other buildings and appropriate art
craftsmanship. presentation spaces vocabulary.
K.VA.Cr2.B Use art materials, Foundation R3 Apply
tools, and equipment safely. criteria to evaluate artistic
K.VA.R3.A Explain reasons
for selecting a preferred
K.VA.Cr2.A Through artwork.
experimentation, build skills
in various media and
artmaking approaches, using
developmentally appropriate
Foundation Cr3 Refine and
complete artistic work.

K.VA.Cr3.A Explain the

process of making art while