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Crissman 1

Shea Crissman

Mrs. Cramer

Comp. 1 PD 4

October 26, 2018

I chose to present the word “allusion” (an expression designed to call something to mind

without mentioning it explicitly; an indirect or passing reference) through a power point. I

believe this is the most effective way to present because it allows the audience to understand the

word in different, simple parts. Because I am presenting to a group of students, I believe that this

method of presentation works the best to get the understanding of “allusion” in a short and sweet


I prepared for this presentation by getting the best understanding for the word I am

presenting. By this, I mean that I have gained enough knowledge to answer anyone's questions

about this word and its meaning (including examples). Because I am pretty good at speaking in

front of a crowd, I have a lot of confidence in myself to not stutter or freak out in front of everyone.

I am not nervous to speak in front of people at all.

For the handout, I chose to do a fill in the blank. I have always done better on assignments

when I have been given guided notes. I believe this will be effective because it will be easier for

the students to remember the definitions, examples, etc. if they are to write it down. I believe it is

easiest to remember something if you write it down yourself.

I honestly did not mind this assignment. I thought it was cool that I was able to teach my

word to my peers through my own style.

Crissman 2