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ETHIOPIA –KONCHI Helpers of Mary

The old people in Konchi mission supported by OUD IN AFRIKA .This organization support these
people every month. Because of the financial support, people could support themselves for food.
People are very happy to receive every month because majority of them can not work, some of them
are blind, some are chronically ill; some are too old and weak.

Chaltu Badasa

She is 65 years old. She is widow, husband passed away 10yrs ego.
She has four children. (Three boys and one girl) They are married and
separated. She is living alone in her mud house. House is almost
collapsing. Her children are not supporting her. Her daughter is settled far away
so she can not go to her due to old age. One day she
went one of her son’s house he beat her and refuse to support her.
narrating her self, her tears were flowing form her cheek. She lives
by begging house to house .

Daraje Akkuma

He is 52 yrs old. He has wife and 5 children. He also has quarter

hector of land where he cultivate maize. Daraje is suffering from
tumor . He is under medication. He need continually support to
purchase the medicine. Since his abdomen is large, he can not work
and difficult to walk. Children are not reached to earn the bread.

Daggitu Gamta

She is 55 yrs old. She married to a widow who has 5 children. She do
Not have children of her own. Now her husband is 70 yrs old. They
Have straw house; they do not have land except house surrounding
Little place where they put maize, which may not be sufficient for one
month. Children are married and living separate and they do not support
themDaggitu is suffering from elephantiasis and her legs are swollen and
Has an infected wound. She can not work. Life is very hard for them.
She is very grateful for the support of OUD IN AFRIKA .
21.Mitike Ummata
She is 50 yrs old. She is widow. She lost her husband 6yrs ego. He was
Suffering from T.B She has only one daughter of 20yrs old. She is not
married. She goes for daily wages and looking after her mother. Last
month she was suffering from Typhoid where she could not able to
treat her self. So clinic support her for the treatment. She is also
suffering from elephantiasis.

22. Tadesa Banti

He is 50 yrs old. He has wife but uneducated and passive. They are
Not old in age but they look old due to poverty. They are physically
Weak. He can not hear and also his speech is impaired. He goes for
Daily work when there is available. He has four children, due to their
Poverty none of them are schooling. Rather they are placed domestic
Work for the low wages. Theses children became victim of
uneduaction . They get only their food. Tadesa has small house, but
during the rainy season it is leaking.

20. Tune Addama

She is 55 yrs old. She is suffering leprosy. She is cured but has
Has deformities of the feet’s and hands. Her husband is suffering from
mental disturbance., so he left the house and begging and sleeps where
he can lay down .She has 5 children , due to poverty she could not
educate the children. One child is supported by Society of the Helpers
Of Mary. Elder son 15 yrs old working in the field and support the
family. Life is very hard with out the support of the parents. Tune is
Very grateful for the support of OUD IN AFRIKA because she can
Cover some expenses of the house.
Desatu Ummata
She is an orphan. She is 45 yrs old. When she was small child she lost
Her parents and she do not know anything about her parents. Her
Parents died with T.B. She grew up with the neighbors. She do not
Have Siblings too. . Since she do not have anybody of her own she
Became Victim of the domestic work. She is looking after the animals
And house work. At entail stage she was with the bear feet so she
Develop elephantiasis. Thanks to clinic who support for the shoes
She is extremely grateful for the SUPPORT OF oud in afrika
Where she can meet her basic needs.

Sr. Harshini, Sr Grace . SR Suma - October 2010.