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Game-changing tech from the world of Apple and beyond

The SonarPen
connects to your
iPad’s headphone
jack, so you don’t have
to worry about the Despite it’s low price,
pen’s battery life. the stylus supports
both palm rejection and
pressure sensitivity.

Unlike Apple Pencil, SonarPen’s

pressure sensitivity works with
all iPads, not just Pro models.

Drawing inspiration from this affordable stylus
While Apple Pencil is undoubtedly a brilliant stylus, at £99 it’s also undoubtedly expensive.
If that price tag puts you off buying one, take a look at the SonarPen. At $29.95 (about £21),
it’s a fraction of Pencil’s cost. It supports palm rejection to prevent accidental input, is pressure
sensitive, has a shortcut button, and comes with a magnetic holder. It’s not wireless, instead
relying on a colourful cord connected to your iPad’s 3.5mm headphone jack, so there’s no need
to worry about a battery running out while you work. It’s compatible with non-Pro iPads, too!
From $29.95 (about £21) INCLUDES SonarPen, magnetic pen holder
WEBSITE WORKS WITH All iPads except first-generation model, iPhone 4s or later @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 3


Available at WHSmith,

or simply search for ‘T3’ in your device’s App Store


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More than six months have already

passed since Apple released macOS Meet the team
High Sierra and iOS 11 into the wild.
The former, in particular, has had a
rough start in life, and perhaps you Jo Membery
haven’t upgraded. But Apple has Operations Editor
fixed serious problems that raised Having recently acquired
eyebrows early on, and this issue’s a second-hand 15-inch
cover feature will help you through MacBook Pro, Jo’s now
any lingering problems with installing working her way through
the upgrade, how to go about it in a our Genius Guide to fixing
sensible way, and how to fix post-install problems with your High Sierra issues!
apps – including a way to keep incompatible apps running.
The feature also covers Apple’s mobile operating system, Alex Blake
with a guide to changes along with a general troubleshooting Commissioning Editor
process that’ll help you pinpoint problems on iOS devices. Alex recently inherited
Some readers have expressed that we don’t pay enough an Apple Watch, and has
attention to older kit (see Letters, page 19). We’ll be looking at a newfound appreciation
how we might address that need. However, sometimes your for Apple’s wearable.
hand will be forced into upgrading, often when repairs become (Just don’t show him
uneconomical, so this issue’s second feature is full of tips to Apple’s new straps!)
help you save money when you replace your current Mac.
We were also asked when we might review the iMac Pro. Paul Blachford
Apple loaned us a souped-up, 10-core setup – check it out on Art Editor
page 82. Few might even entertain the idea of buying one, but Paul has spent this issue
it’s worth reading the benchmarks and our pro video editor’s lusting after the iMac Pro,
thoughts on whether it’s good value. its stunning and colour-
accurate display, and
ALAN STONEBRIDGE the amount of time the
EDITOR space grey beauty could save on 3D rendering work.

MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 5

Issue 325
April 2018

The latest updates from Cupertino and beyond


Our top picks of the month for Mac and iOS

Amazing stats from the world of Apple

Can HomeKit make a comeback?

Have your say on all things Apple related

Matt Bolton comments on a contrite Apple

The team’s views on the latest Apple tech

The new generation of toys from the Toy Fair


Leisure time can now be educational time, too Save money
The best coding apps and robots for kids on your next Mac
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free 62

APPLE CHOICE Howard Oakley solves Mac and iOS issues

79 APPLE CHOICE SAVE UP TO Making good on your mobile gear
The new iMac Pro – plus, all the latest
hardware and software reviews

Get help with picking your next piece of
Apple kit and the best add-ons to go with it


We help to solve your hardware hassles

Our spotlight on solutions to Mac maladies



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Combine different types of footage in iMovie


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Send us your Apple-related shots MAC 56 DISCOVER ALCHEMY SYNTH
Create a bassline in GarageBand
Luis tries to print using
105 NEXT MONTH classic hardware 58 APPLE WATCH: STAY SAFE
What’s coming in MF326 on 8 May Set up health and safety features @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 7

What’s inside

Word on the grapevine
about future Apple kit


Our top picks of the
month for Mac and iOS

Portable Macs
in numbers

Can HomeKit
make a comeback?
Could this be the
18 ultimate portable
powerhouse? A dual-
LETTERS display could be a
Have your say winning combination.

Matt Bolton on
being careful what
you wish for

Is Apple right to focus
on fixes, not features?
Dual-screen MacBook plans
Lower screen would operate as a virtual keyboard
hile its rivals have forged ahead US Patent and Trademark Office) was filed
Contact us W with 2-in-1 laptop/tablet devices,
Apple has stayed well clear. The
in September 2015, but was only granted
in February 2018. It details a product that
company has never shown willingness to contains two separate displays that are
Email your queries to merge the MacBook and iPad lines, always connected via a hinge axis. The displays keeping them firmly separated. could be rotated along this hinge, allowing
However, that might soon change, as Apple it to be used in different orientations.
Join the conversation at has been granted a patent for a device that Alternatively, Apple also notes that the could become a dual-display MacBook. two screens could be connected magnetically,
or on Twitter @macformat The patent (number 9,904,502 with the potentially allowing the concept to be applied

8 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Apple is always working on
the next big thing, and the
next big thing after that, too…

WE ASKED… How much
have you spent on hardware
add-ons for your Mac?

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Apple is working on product ideas going into the 2020s issue’s big question!
hat interesting products has competitors, but sometimes takes longer
W Apple got up its sleeve for the
coming years? That’s a closely-
to release them in order to get them right.
The company has been working on a

guarded secret, but in a recent interview

with Fast Company, CEO Tim Cook said
number of major projects recently, from
the recently released iPhone X, iMac Pro No iTunes
Apple is working on ideas that will not
see the light of day until the 2020s.
and HomePod to the Mac Pro, which
doesn’t yet have a firm release date. Store for first-
Cook explained that Apple probably
starts a lot of its projects well before its
It’s certainly keen to build hype, however
mysterious, for what lies beyond that.
gen Apple TV
If you’re still using a first-
generation Apple TV, from
to the iPad Pro in the form of a detachable Haptic feedback 25 May you’ll no longer
second screen, like the Smart Keyboard. Of course, you may not like the idea of be able to access the iTunes
These options allow for a number of using an on-screen keyboard as opposed Store on that device. Apple
different possibilities. For example, one to a regular physical one. However, Apple has classed the first-gen
of the displays could be used as a virtual appears to be addressing those concerns model as ‘obsolete’, meaning
keyboard and trackpad, replacing the with another patent that outlines how Apple will no longer service it.
physical keyboard used in current portable the device could use haptic technology Although Apple explains
Macs. This could then change its function to give feedback on the virtual keyboard. that this access restriction is
depending on the situation, much like the This would not only give feedback when due to ‘security changes’, it
Touch Bar on the current MacBook Pro you press a virtual key, but could use an has not explained what those
design. The patent explains that the electrostatic charge to simulate the edge changes are. However, it does
primary display would be an LCD screen, of a key – useful for touch-typists. say that the first-generation
while the secondary display (used in place In the patent, Apple insists that Apple TV will not be updated
of the keyboard) would be use OLED, also traditional keyboards lack the flexibility to address them.
like the Touch Bar. of a virtual equivalent, which can change If this will affect you,
The patent also explains that the its functions depending on the app you you’ll need to consider
displays would be polarised, so that you are using (interestingly, this closely upgrading to a newer model,
could use them with sunglasses on. This mirrors Steve Jobs’s introduction of seeing as Apple will no
polarising feature would help to suppress the original iPhone). longer offer to support it.
glare and reflections if you use the device By integrating haptic feedback, Apple has also ended
in bright conditions, too. Apple can build an adaptable keyboard iTunes Store
while retaining sensations support for Windows
The device could use haptic that are useful for accurate
and comfortable use.
XP and Vista PCs.

technology to give feedback Other keyboard patents in

recent years suggest this is an
Apple has classed the
first-gen Apple TV, from
from the virtual keyboard area of deep interest for Apple. 2007, as obsolete. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 9

Apple TV’s trademark
iPhone X Plus expectations
filing has been updated
Apple said to be expanding the iPhone X range to widen its appeal
to now fall under a class fter lower-than-expected sales phone a dual-SIM model, allowing you to
that covers ‘video game
consoles; controllers for
A of iPhone X, Apple is reportedly
going to bring out an ‘iPhone X
easily switch mobile providers while you’re
on holiday, for example.
game consoles; video Plus’ this year. According to a Bloomberg Aside from the 6.5-inch phone, both the
output games, namely, report (which builds on work by analyst report and Ming Chi-Kuo claim that Apple
video output game Ming Chi-Kuo, who has a good track record will release a second-generation 5.8-inch
machines for use with when it comes to Apple rumours), Apple will iPhone X, alongside a 6.1-inch model with a
televisions; apparatus release a 6.5-inch version of iPhone X. lower price tag. All three models will include
for electronic games That will make it the largest-ever iPhone, Face ID, but the 6.1-inch phone’s display tech
adapted for use with an dwarfing iPhone 8 Plus (with a screen size of will be LCD rather than OLED to save costs.
external display screen 5.5 inches). And with a more spacious screen As with the original iPhone X, all three
or monitor’, suggesting comes a larger resolution, claimed to be devices will feature edge-to-edge displays.
this area might get 1242x2688 pixels on an OLED display. The lower-cost model will supposedly be
some attention soon. Interestingly, the report claims that Apple made from aluminium, with the other two
is considering whether to make the 6.5-inch devices being made from stainless steel.

LATE 2018
Despite owning Beats,
Apple is reportedly
working on a set of high-
end, Apple-branded
Google hosts iCloud data
headphones. According
to Bloomberg, the cans
iCloud hosting switch sees Microsoft Azure lose out
will be wireless and pple has long used iOS Security guide, iCloud end up on Google’s or
feature active noise-
cancellation (ANC) tech,
A cloud storage
from Amazon
hosts data using Amazon S3
and Google Cloud Platform;
Amazon’s servers.
Apple stresses in its
possibly using the same and Microsoft to host the guide no longer makes guide that your data is divided
Pure ANC as Beats’ iCloud data, and now reference to the Azure cloud into chunks and securely
Studio3 headphones. Google has been added hosting platform run by encrypted “using AES-128
According to reports, into the mix. Microsoft, which iCloud and a key derived from
the Apple headphones In 2016, Apple agreed has used in the past. each chunk’s contents that
could come out in late a multi-million dollar deal Since iCloud stores your utilizes SHA-256”. So,
2018, although they with Google to use its Cloud contacts, calendars, photos, although Google and Amazon
may end up pushed Platform, according to reports documents and a lot of other host the data, the companies
into next year. published in early 2016. personal information, all of can’t read it. There’s also no
Now, according to Apple’s these things could, in theory, user-identifying information.

10 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Apps & games APPLE CORE


Our top picks
of what’s worth
watching and
playing this month


The Secret History of Mac Gaming [ MOV I E]

Film Stars Don’t
£14.99 Take a look at entertainment in the pre-OS X era Die in Liverpool
The Mac went through some This iBook will bring back a flood of A drama based on the
rough years in the 2000s memories. Its game profiles conclude with book by the Liverpudlian
where entertainment software catch-ups on what developers went on to do. lad who dated Hollywood
was concerned. Even after the We’d have liked more screenshots of actress Gloria Grahame
switch to using Intel processors, the Mac still these classics, simply because we no longer in her twilight years.
misses out on a lot of titles. But back in the have the hardware to run them. The Secret
Macintosh Classic era through to the start of History is nonetheless packed with info,
the 21st century, Apple’s platform was host to amounting to more than 400 pages’ worth
a whole bunch of quirky and innovative titles of insights into an easily overlooked yet
that are all but lost in the mists of time. intriguing aspect of the Mac’s past.

Peel back the skin of
the rock music industry
and discover its seedy
underbelly in tales of
murder, mayhem and
[iO S A PP] [iOS GAME] [iTUNES STORE] extramarital infidelity.
Noted Part Time UFO The Lookout
FREE £3.99 Laura Veirs £8.99
If you attend lots Created by the Veir’s collaboration
of meetings or same developer as with Neko Case and
lectures, this app Nintendo’s Kirby k.d. lang in 2016 is
helps you focus on listening, series, Part Time UFO puts one of our favourite albums
which research suggests you in the role of a helpful of the decade, and this, her
helps with retention. The free little UFO visiting Earth. Use first solo work in five years, [T V SHOW ]
version is good for meetings, its crane arm to load cows is also a delight. Described Lost in Space
but large settings might be onto trucks, lift cheerleaders as a concept album, its theme NETFLIX
worth you subscribing to use into formation, reconstruct is the fragility of the things The Irwin Allen classic
the noise reduction feature. toppled sculptures, and more. we value most in life. gets resurrected again,
Why you need it: To help you Why you need it: Short, but Why you need it: Thoughtful and we’re delighted that
focus on what’s being said. surprisingly satisfying fun. and exquisite folk-pop songs. Doctor Smith is played
What’s it best for: The ability What’s it best for: 27 levels What’s it best for: Watch Fire, by the outstanding
to bookmark timecodes. with 81 bonus objectives. with guest Sufjan Stevens. Parkey Posey. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 11

APPLE CORE Facts & figures

IN NUMBERS > There were

Untethering the Mac from its wall-

mounted lockdown gave us a far more
16 256,000 pixels
in the Macintosh
Portable’s 640x400
display. It could fit
inside the popular 13-inch Retina
MacBook Pro’s display 16 times.
portable way of working and playing

3 330%
> Apple’s laptops have shed weight
> The ironically-named
Macintosh Portable
was not exactly a
in recent years. Sitting at 3.04kg, lightweight device.
2000’s iBook G3 was 330% heavier than At 7.2kg, it weighs
the 0.92kg MacBook released in 2015. more than the
Mid-2017 iMac,
iBook G3: 3.04kg which is 5.66kg.

PowerBook G4: 2.4kg

MacBook Air: 1.35kg

12-inch MacBook: 0.92kg > The first Wi-Fi-

5 enabled Mac was

1999’s iBook G3.
It also had a 56k
modem, which

£2 490 would take more

than 204 hours
to download the
4.8GB installer
for High Sierra.

£ £

> While MacBook Pro

6 base storage has shrunk
with the move to SSDs,
you can upgrade to a
2TB SSD – more than
> Today’s 15-inch MacBook Pro might look expensive with double the maximum
its £2,349 starting price, but Apple has been consistent hard drive size in 2011
with its pricing. May 1998’s PowerBook G3 started at of 750GB. It’ll cost you
$2,299 – the equivalent of about £2,490 today. at least £1,080, though!

12 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat


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APPLE CORE News feature
For our latest
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see page 40!


Can HomeKit
make a comeback?
Once exciting and futuristic, HomeKit has been
overtaken by its rivals. Does it stand a chance?
he annual Consumer Electronics totally absent from CES, even if the company itself
T Show (CES) in Las Vegas may be stays away. In the past, the show would be full of
a promised land of all things tech, companies desperate to get in on Apple’s lauded
but Apple is always conspicuous ecosystem, with all manner of speakers, cases,
by its absence. Apple usually skips CES in favour clocks and more built for iPhones and Macs. This
of its own events, where it has more control, so its year, that felt like a distant memory, with Alexa
absence at CES 2018 was not surprising.But has and Home being the platforms du jour.
that CES shyness led to HomeKit, Apple’s home While Amazon and Google may advertise their
automation platform, failing to capture attention? presence, third-party manufacturers also jump on
CES is, after all, a propaganda stage of epic board and promote these platforms through their
proportions. Apple’s somewhat bashful approach own products. Yet HomeKit-compatible devices,
stands in stark contrast to that of two of its main though present, were in short supply this year,
rivals, Amazon and Google, who have been keen to drowned out by a flood of competing alternatives.
take advantage of the free press the show affords.
During the last two years, first Amazon and then Putting your home in order
Google have made concerted efforts to make people Despite being backed by the world’s biggest
aware of their smart home platforms. At CES 2018, company, HomeKit has struggled against its
for example, Google plastered Las Vegas with rivals, and that has been due in large part to the
billboards and even wrapped the city’s monorail restrictions Apple put on HomeKit developers
trains in giant adverts. All of that contributed in the past. In particular, devices were previously
to heightened awareness of the platform among required to use a hardware-based authentication
show-goers. Not only that, but the show stalls system. This meant manufacturers had to include
and booths were packed with gadgets and gizmos an Apple-approved authentication chip in their
all designed to work seamlessly with Amazon products. If customers already had a non-HomeKit
Alexa and Google Home. device from the manufacturer, they’d have to buy
Still, that doesn’t mean that Apple is always a replacement to work with HomeKit, or a bridge,

14 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

HomeKit versus rivals APPLE CORE

a new
unveiled ra
Nanoleaf mote for its Auro
12-sided nels at CES, but es
a ic
lighting p eKit-enabled dev
other Ho and far between.
were few @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 15

APPLE CORE News feature

if the manufacturer made one. New, software-based

According to a Reuters report published authentication for
HomeKit accessories
in January 2017, Apple charged between 50 means more companies
cents and $2 for each of these compatible are finally supporting
chips in small orders, with prices dropping the HomeKit platform.
for larger quantities. That was a significant
financial obstacle to any company that
wanted to get its devices into as many homes
as possible. Reuters also asserted that Apple
required developers to buy specific Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth chips that cost more than rival
options, further adding to the cost.
There were other onerous restrictions that
Apple placed upon would-be HomeKit device
manufacturers. According to the Reuters
report, HomeKit devices had to be made in
specific factories certified by Apple. Reuters
has claimed to have seen a confidential
document listing these factories, numbering
more than 800, yet supposedly only a few of system, it also represented a significant
them specialise in home automation products. hurdle and time delay to any company that
Due to this limited list of fabrication plants, wanted to get a product to market quickly.
manufacturers couldn’t always get the best Simply put, that all meant it was far easier
prices or work with their preferred partners
(although they could ask Apple to certify an
Evidently, and cheaper for manufacturers to make smart
home devices that worked with Alexa and
unlisted factory).
Furthermore, manufacturers had to send
Apple has since Home, and skip HomeKit support altogether.
Evidently, Apple has since realised the
product samples to Apple’s headquarters in realised the disadvantaged position its own policies put
Cupertino, where Apple would extensively it in, and has changed its course. In June 2017,
test them for compatibility; this process could disadvantaged the company announced that it would be
take three to five months, during which time switching to a software-based authentication
the manufacturers were prohibited from position its own system. Once iOS 11 came out, that meant any
announcing that they were seeking HomeKit developer could issue a firmware update to
certification. While this process could find
policies put it in make a device compatible with HomeKit.
previously unknown defects or issues in Consequently, consumers no longer need to
products thought to be ready for sale, as was buy a new device to ensure they can use
the case with Nanoleaf, a smart lighting Apple’s system. Still, it makes one wonder:
if the new software authentication system
can do everything that the previous hardware
Best of the rest > system did, why then did Apple not use a
software system in the first place?
Aside from Apple, Amazon and platform works with products from Regardless, the new setup means anyone
Google, there are a few other 37 different brands, but currently with an Apple developer account can build
notable smart home platform is not compatible with HomeKit. a HomeKit device. Although they must still
providers. Samsung has made Another, smaller company is sign up for Apple’s MFi (Made For iPhone/
considerable efforts in this area, Loxone. Centred on a miniserver iPod/iPad) licensing programme if they want
and has recently merged its 40+ that acts as your home’s hub, the to sell the devices to the public, they can
smart home apps into the new Loxone system contains over 150 create a HomeKit device for their own use
SmartThings system. With the products that can control anything without needing to gain MFi approval.
company’s financial clout, it could from heating and lighting to blinds This change is showing some signs of
become a notable rival. and windows to locks and doors. bearing fruit. In September 2017, The Verge
Another important firm is And of course there’s Cortana reported that “Apple HomeKit devices are
Wink, currently owned by, from Microsoft, which currently suddenly booming”. The outlet said that the
a company formed by musician- works with Wink, SmartThings rise in HomeKit-compatible devices was a
turned-tech-mogul Its and other smart home systems. direct result of Apple loosening the reins on
smart home developers who want to make

16 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

HomeKit versus rivals APPLE CORE

HomeKit privacy and security >

Apple says that it has your iPad acting as your home hub to
privacy and security in mind in allow remote access. HomeKit also
relation to controlling accessories acts as a go-between for apps you
using HomeKit. It says it doesn’t use to configure automations, and
harvest data about which of them prevents third-parties being able to
you control, or how you use them – access your location.
such as usage patterns. Commands But, like any software, HomeKit
are encrypted in transit, including isn’t infallible. At the end of 2017,
when sent from a remote location Apple had to quickly plug a security
via your Apple TV, HomePod, or a hole in iOS 11.2 that could allow an
persistently powered and online attacker to control accessories.

which is possible with Alexa. Third-party

apps and services on Apple’s platforms
don’t integrate with HomeKit to extend its
Companies such as Nanoleaf
their gadgets work with HomeKit. Among used to have to put their kit capabilities at present (unlike Alexa Skills),
the products being updated to work with through Apple’s time- putting HomeKit at a clear disadvantage –
HomeKit were Netatmo security cameras, consuming testing regime. at least for now.
Ikea smart lights, sensors and switches, plus In an ideal world, Apple would open up
Logitech security cameras. As well as those access to Siri to any third-party developer
updates, several companies such as Philips, that wants to use it, obviously with some
August, Elgato and Latch have announced conditions and restrictions on usage. That
or launched brand-new HomeKit devices. hasn’t happened yet, given the overarching
That’s all well and good, but the time control Apple wields over its systems,
Apple spent correcting its earlier mistakes pitched as being in the interests of people’s
has seen Amazon and Google surge ahead privacy. However, that may change at June’s
in the smart home market. Apple has a lot Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC)
of catching up to do. when it announces the next evolution of
its various platforms.
What can Apple do? As we argued last issue (#324), Apple
Removing the hardware authentication needs a more affordable and versatile smart
requirement from HomeKit devices was home platform for app developers to work
the right move, but was it too late? with. Neither HomePod nor Apple TV allow
The problem is that HomeKit is partly that, at least not yet; beyond HomeKit’s
held back by Apple’s own philosophy. The limitations, they cost a lot more than rivals.
tight control Apple has always had over its Furthermore, Apple needs to encourage
products and ecosystems held back HomeKit people to make use of HomeKit by better
in the past (with the hardware authentication explaining its benefits to consumers,
requirement), and it threatens to limit its developers and accessory manufacturers.
potential for expansion in the future. It has long prided itself on the security and
That’s because Apple has not opened up ease of use of its products. That’s the message
access to Siri across its various devices that Apple needs to it needs to push with HomeKit, and it already
can act as a home hub (HomePod, Apple TV has a number of useful security features in
and iPad) to third-party app developers. better explain place to bolster it. For example, HomeKit is
(HomeKit accessories, though, can provide reliant on security provided by your Apple
limited voice control, such as turning lights
HomeKit’s ID, such as the encrypted iCloud Keychain.
on or off, or querying the temperature or
whether a door is locked.) So while Amazon
benefits to It’s not too late for HomeKit, and Apple is
taking steps in the right direction. But it must
Alexa and Google Assistant have spread far
and wide in smart homes, Siri is a seriously
consumers and make a huge effort at WWDC and beyond if
it’s to catch up with its rivals, put right the
constrained assistant. For example, it offers manufacturers mistakes of the past and truly establish
no integration with ride-booking services, HomeKit as a worthy smart home platform. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 17

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What’s up with Apple?

Thank you for a great magazine. A very
informative and interesting read. One of
the informative and interesting articles
I read was ‘top-notch innovation’ for the
iPhone (in your Apple Core section, in
MacFormat’s March issue, #323).
The notorious notch is something we’ve quickly got
I have invested heavily in Apple used to – in most circumstances; it stands out a mile
products the last couple of years, having in full-screen games that play in landscape though.
switched from Microsoft systems, because I was impressed with the design
and quality of Apple’s products and that they just work. Until now. That’s the case with iPhone X. In fact, I’ve
Recently, I’ve become disillusioned. Having bought the highest spec quickly grown used to the notch in most
iMac at the time of purchase, with a 3TB drive and maxed-out memory, circumstances, except for games played in
processor and graphics card, after two years of use the drive has failed. landscape orientation, where its diabolical
Not what I expected after splashing out over £3,000 for a desktop. intrusiveness puts a large dent in my sense
I am also disillusioned and disappointed with the iPhone X offering. of immersion. Let’s hope the reduced notch
Yes, it is a high-performing phone, but that notch, that ugly notch. It just size happens – and looks much better.
spoils the design. Then there’s the all-glass construction, and the huge We also took a look at the battery/
cost of repair if either the front or the back of the phone gets damaged. processor speed issue in MacFormat #323,
So I read with interest the possible launch in 2019 of the reduced notch and there was consensus among the team
in the next iPhone. Will it be aesthetically acceptable for me to upgrade, that Apple could have handled it better – at
I wonder? The notch is the primary reason I haven’t upgraded to iPhone X. least by disclosing it in explicit terms in iOS
This, together with the other issues (battery software slowdown, and 10.2.1’s release notes. The fallout from that
the susceptibility of the chips to Meltdown is on Apple, but it’s likely to be a while before
and Spectre bugs), have dented my we can tell if there’s a measurable migration
confidence in Apple and its products. of customers away from the iPhone due to it.
THE MONTH Has Apple lost its way? Is greed for On the subject of the Meltdown and
profit and growth affecting quality? Is it Spectre bugs, though, they originated with
Win a Night worth spending three times as much for processor designers rather than Apple.
Cable… an Apple product anymore? I am beginning The bugs affect more than one hardware
The author of our Letter to think it is not. manufacturer, an unintended consequence
of the Month receives a
BY CHRISTOPHER HOUGHTON of a processing optimisation technique that
prize! Email us to be in
has been widely used in designs across the
with a chance of winning
a Night Cable from Native ALAN SAYS… I had a similar experience industry for many years. Not all processors
Union. This ultra-strong with a failed hard drive in a PowerBook G4, are impacted by them, but given that Intel
three-metre cable has a just over a year after purchase. That just processors are so widely used in Windows
weighted ball to help keep happens with some drives; statistically, it’s and Linux PCs, it‘s not like switching
it in place. Find out more all but inevitable, though that doesn’t make operating systems offers a ‘simple’ fix.
at it any more palatable when it happens. I was rather impressed that Apple began
I ended up running that Mac off a FireWire rolling out partial fixes for those issues weeks
drive for a year before I could afford to get before they were publicly disclosed at the
the internal one fixed. start of the year. I’m a lot more concerned
The notch on iPhone X is an acquired about the serious lapses that were seen in
taste; I tend to have strong gut reactions High Sierra’s early versions, which really
to visual changes, but quickly settle down. dented Apple’s reputation for me. @macformat
Get in touch CONTACTS

Fear of being left behind

In last month’s Letter of the Month, Dave Phelan expressed
my exact feelings with his accusation that MacFormat now
concentrates on rich pro users, to the exclusion of the rest of
us. I also have older kit; after all, Apple gear is well built and
lasts a long time, so why exclude kit that is not exactly hot off
the assembly line? OK, Luis does his thing with older kit and
I enjoy reading that, but so much of the mag now is something
that I leaf through rather than settle down to read. You may
have to change your title to MacForPros!
Having said all that, it’s a nicely produced publication and
you have, at last, stopped flirting with extremely lightweight High Sierra runs on some Macs that are nine years old, though hardware
fonts on strange-coloured backgrounds! performance plus app and peripheral compatibility might hold you back.
BY SUSA N PL AT TER really old hat in 2018 – above the £999 mark, and that kind
of figure is a price barrier for many people.
ALEX SAYS… Thanks for following up on David’s concerns, However, I expect that it’s other content in the magazine
Susan. We’re aware that many of our readers don’t spend that’s aggravating to yourself and Dave, so we’ll be in touch
a huge amount of money on new Apple hardware. We cover with you directly to discuss this further and learn where you
new Macs in the reviews section because a lot of readers think we can make tweaks to address the needs of people
want buying advice on those models, especially after like yourself who are running older Apple hardware.
Apple’s most recent price adjustments based on currency Meanwhile, we’ve extended the closing date for our
fluctuations and other factors, which took the entry level survey to give all our readers, including irregulars, plenty
price of an iMac – equipped with a plain hard drive that’s of opportunity to have their say – see below.

Digital issue archives

I have been a subscriber to MacFormat for

Have Your Say

many years and I’m wondering if I can get
the digital versions. There are certain ‘how
to’ pages I want to keep on file.
I have tried scanning pages using the
Scanner Pro app, but they don’t scan clearly.
BY IAN BARNES We want to hear your opinion on what we’re
covering in MacFormat and how well we’re
JO SAYS… Up until a few years ago, we used
to offer subscribers access to a PDF archive. addressing your needs as an Apple fan.
At some point before my time, that ended,
likely due to resourcing constraints. Take part in our reader survey at
You can subscribe to our print and digital
bundle (see page 40) to get both formats for
nominally more than a print subscription on
its own. The bundle gives you access to the The closing date of this survey is Friday 15 June, 2018
digital edition through our official app. This
works well if you want to read the magazine
on a 9.7-inch or larger iPad, but sadly our
app is not available for reading on a Mac.
If you want to read MacFormat on your
Mac, see our partner, Zinio (, which
offers Mac, iPhone and iPad apps. It’s the
most flexible option for reading us digitally.
Sadly, though, if you also want the print
edition, we’re unable to offer Zinio as part of
our print and digital bundle. Our subscriptions
aren’t set up to allow for this eventuality.
We’ll feed back this gap in our offering to
our subscriptions team, though. @macformat

Last April, when Apple opened up about the state of the Mac
Pro, I was delighted. Senior executives invited journalists
for a round-table discussion about why the 2013 model hadn’t
worked out. The phrasing came with a lot of Apple positivity,
but it was a big mea culpa, admitting that it had gambled on
workloads that benefit from multiple GPUs, but pro software
wanted a big, single GPU, and the system just couldn’t handle
the heat needs of that kind of setup. “We designed ourselves
into a bit of a thermal corner,”
Apple laid its said Craig Federighi.
Apple laid its mistakes bare in
mistakes bare… front of a fuming professional
market, and in doing so took a lot
Its employees are of the sting out of the fury.
Personally, I went from angry and
human, after all! frustrated over the lack of updates
to the Mac Pro, to patiently
waiting and frustrated. I now knew what to expect (a new
modular Mac Pro, though not for a couple of years), and I know The Mac Pro was an amazing bit of kit, but its one-size
why things had been quiet. Mostly, it made me think: why approach definitely did not fit all.
doesn’t Apple do this more often? How much ill will could of leadership. Though I now understood the
be negated if we understood the actual challenges involved? technical constraints, the social ones started
Fast-forward to March 2018 and we get an exposé in to eat at me. Is this important feature really
The Information that digs into the history of Siri at Apple. This being squandered by egos clashing? I wonder
isn’t Apple airing its own dirty laundry, as in the Mac Pro what else is being held back that way.
event, but it had the same effect on me. The report says that Siri And now I look at the Mac Pro discussion
was actually cobbled together inefficiently for its again, and I see whatever the opposite of
launch, and that the years since then have been a silver lining is there, too. How did Apple
spent modernising its core – in one case, a feature wind up with a design that wouldn’t suit the
that used to require 500 servers to power was pro software is was aiming to run? Was it not
reduced to needing five, purely from a code rewrite speaking to the likes of Adobe? Did it ignore
to make it more efficient. them? Did they tell Apple what it wanted to
Like the Mac Pro discussion, it changed my hear for extra support?
view on Siri a lot. I went from ‘Why the hell has it I wanted to know what was in Apple’s
barely progressed in over six years?’ to ‘Oh, that’s forbidden closet of mystery – I still do! – and
a shame but makes sense. I’m excited for what got my wish. I don’t know why I was surprised
Apple can do now, though!’ Knowing the details to find it was skeletons.
behind screw-ups really does soften me up – the
company’s employees are human after all! But it ABOUT MATT BOLTON
wasn’t just my view on Siri that changed from that Matt is the editor of Future’s flagship
story. The reason Siri technology magazine T3 and has been
We know internal struggles is struggling is reported charting changes at Apple since his
happen at Apple, including to be the result of petty student days. He’s sceptical of tech
over the iPhone – but those
battles elevated that device. management infighting, industry hyperbole, but still gets warm
They’ve held Siri back. and a pretty severe lack and fuzzy on hearing “one more thing”.

20 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

APPLE CORE Split view



The MacFormat team debates the hot Apple
issues of the day, using their iPhones of course! 57% Turn to page 40

“I designed a
computer but
Jo says… REALLY ARE ADDICTIVE?” who made it
into a product.”
Yes and no. As handheld computers, the Wozniak explains the
smartphone has revolutionised how we go key difference between
about things. For the better, for the most part. Alex says… himself and Steve Jobs

Agreed. I commute on the train and read the

news on my phone, but I also read books or a TIM COOK
newspaper – if I have smartphone addiction,
I’ve also got a paperback addiction.
“[A lot of people
I know what you mean. I organise my life with
said] it could
notifications and reminders. I still use paper,
never work
but I just need a nudge to check my diary!
because it didn’t
have a physical
I think my iPhone use is productive; I don’t The first iPhone was slated
spend all day on Instagram or Snapchat. by some, but still became
If I’m getting stuff done, I’m happy with that. a “category definer”

I use WhatsApp a fair bit, but it’s for family

and social admin. Stuff like that, with a NORMAN WINARSKY
number of people trying to communicate,
takes a gazillion landline calls or emails.
“Surprise and
delight is kind
My concern is more with social media. It’s the of missing [from
endless wasted hours checking the status of Siri] right now.”
friends, worrying if someone’s liked a post…
One of the creators of Siri
says it needs to work hard
Yes, and I think in this ‘smart age’, that kind of
to catch up to its rivals
addiction is a serious concern. My son spends
too much time watching YouTube videos of
video games after spending too much time
gaming. I need a good Wi-Fi control app.

The parental controls in macOS are great “You do know

(covered in our August 2017 issue) – I think at some point
we’ll see more like them in iOS pretty soon. this is going to
have a camera
and a phone
Siri...ously? Siri, read me a haiku…
tap to edit
attached to it?”
Musician claims he inspired
I’ll give it a try,
Apple to move from iPod
although I’d rather tell you
to iPhone with these words
if it’s raining out. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 21

Start a 30-day
digital trial
and get an issue for free*

In iOS 11, point the Camera

app’s photo mode at this QR
code to download our app.
*First-time digital subscribers only.
What’s inside

Thanks to coding,
playtime is now a lot
more interactive
PI, STEM The smart home is
& STEAM here – live the Apple
dream today!
We look at the
apps and bots that
offer educational
Apple Home isn’t just about light
bulbs and security cameras – there
TOP TECH TOYS are some great tech toys that can
The toys on our
birthday wish lists help children develop their skills
and education at home
pple has always been
A involved in education.
Right from its earliest days
back in the 80s, the graphical
interface of the Mac proved popular in US
schools and colleges, and got many young
kids started with programming in the same
way as the ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro
did here in the UK. These days, of course,
young children seem to be born with an
Contact us iPad in their hands, and there’s a huge
number of educational apps available
that can help with the three ‘Rs’ –
Email your queries reading, (w)riting and ’rithmetic.
and your questions to The modern world needs a variety of skills, though, and there are plenty of
other high-tech toys that can help kids
Keep up to date by to develop a wide range of scientific and
following us on Twitter creative skills, and after last month’s
@macformat smart home show report from CES,
we came back home to check out
Join the conversation the latest high-tech developments
at from the Toy Fair in London.

Get the latest

The LEGO Gripp3r robot features
subscription offers at powerful grasping ‘fingers’ so you can get it to grab things for you.

MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 23

APPLE HOME Tech toys

The latest high-tech toys can be great

fun – but can also help your children to
develop important skills for the future
What is Swift he CES show that
Swift is a programming
T takes place in
Las Vegas every
language released by January always
Apple in 2014. It was makes headlines, even if it’s
designed to be simpler sometimes dismissed as just
than the Objective-C ‘toys for boys’. But there’s
language Apple another show that happens every
developers were using January that is meant to be all about
until that point, and toys. Admittedly, London’s Olympia
easier to get into conference centre isn’t as glamorous or glitzy
for people without as Vegas, but this year’s Toy Fair had more than
prior programming its fair share of high-tech highlights.
experience. In 2016, In amongst all the classic board games that
Apple introduced Swift seem to be making a comeback, and the recent
Playgrounds, an iPad barrage of ‘poop’ toys (apparently inspired by
app that introduces Apple’s latest collection of emojis), there was a
Swift to children aged really strong showing from STEM toys – ‘science,
8-12 years old – but is technology, engineering and maths’ – that allow
popular with adults, too. young children to have fun whilst also learning
skills that will be important for their future
What about AR? education and career.
Apple has big plans for
augmented reality (AR), Early learning
and the tech is starting There have always been toys that use
to find its way into technology to teach children new skills, with
educational toys. Even many generations of kids causing mayhem at
toddlers can get started, home with chemistry sets and engineering kits,
with toys such as Parker, or perhaps leaning towards more artistic tools
Your AR Bear (£60, for like Etch A Sketch and Spirograph. But modern
ages 3+), which uses an tech toys probably started with good old LEGO
iOS app to allow children back in 1986, when it first introduced LEGO kits
to interact with Parker that included a motor that could be controlled
while solving puzzles by a computer. Then, in 1998, LEGO released the
and playing games. hugely popular Mindstorms kits, which included

24 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Tech toys APPLE HOME

Parker, Your AR Bear

by Seedling uses
augmented reality
technology to interact
with your child.

There are lots of
programming languages
in use these days. Apple’s
Swift is ideal for coding
on Macs and iOS devices,
but other languages that
are simple for children to
learn include Google’s
Blockly, and the graphics-
oriented Alice for slightly
older students. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 25

APPLE HOME Tech toys

Raspberry Pi
The low-cost, high-performance
flexible little computer

With prices starting at less than £10, extend Pi’s HomeBridge, to enable
the compact and affordable Raspberry capabilities with add-ons you to control a variety
Pi computer has really helped to make such as a mouse and keyboard, of smart home accessories
programming popular in recent years. camera, and even a touchscreen display. through a Pi.
There are several models of Pi available. There are several ways of using an Read more at and, if
All consist of a simple circuit board that iPhone or iPad with a Pi – in fact, an iPad you’re good at tinkering, our sister mag
holds the main computer processor, can act as a screen for the tiny device, Linux Format ( contains
memory and a few USB ports. You can and there are projects online, such as a section all about Pi every issue.

What is STEM? a programmable ‘intelligent brick’ that enabled

The latest buzzword in children to build proper little robots that could
educational jargon is STEM perform a variety of tasks all by themselves.
– science, technology, Twenty years later, programming and coding
engineering and maths – are seen as vital skills for the future, and
with many government there’s now a whole new generation of robot
plans now focusing on toys available for kids of all ages.
STEM in schools to prepare One of the ‘Hero’ awards at this year’s
pupils for the workplace Toy Fair went to Botley, The Coding Robot
of the future. Many online (from £59), a cute little two-wheeled robot
stores also have special designed for children as young as five years
The Play-Doh Touch app helps
STEM sections for parents old. Botley keeps things simple for young to combine actual tactile fun
who want to check children, using ‘coding cards’ to introduce with virtual creativity.
out some of the latest simple programming concepts, with no need
tech-equipped toys. for a smartphone or tablet. then scan them into an iPad to create your
If your youngsters are confident enough own on-screen games and adventures.
What Is STEAM? to handle an iPhone or iPad, they could try
Not all tech toys focus the Osmo Coding Game Kit (£70, for ages 6+). Rise of the robots
exclusively on science and The Osmo kit includes a number of LEGO-like Step up a couple of school years, and there’s
technology. There’s a blocks that represent simple programming some really serious robot action going on.
variation on STEM called commands, along with a special docking stand LEGO is still going strong, of course, and
STEAM that covers a wider that transfers those commands to your iPad the latest Mindstorms EV3 enables you to
curriculum – science, so that your child can animate and control a create a variety of different robots from a
technology, education, art little computer-graphics pet on the screen. single kit. The EV3 is a little pricey – at £300,
and maths. The Osmo iPad There are other Osmo games that can help for ages 10+ – but it’s very sophisticated, and
game kits include an art with different skills too, such as the Pizza includes components such as touch and light
game called Masterpiece Company game that focuses on running a sensors that allow your robots to navigate
that helps children to small business and handling money. their way around obstacles all by themselves.
create artwork by copying As old Play-Doh fans, we’re also pleased to And, as well as offering iOS and Android apps
photos that they can take see the new Play-Doh Touch (£40, for ages 4+), for programming your robots, LEGO is one of
with an iPad’s camera. which lets you mould little animal shapes and the few companies that also has Mac and PC
There’s also an add-on versions of its app as well, along with
pack for the Osmo kit, a good selection of tutorial videos on
called Coding Jam
(£60), that focuses
There’s now a whole new its website to help you get started.
LEGO’s arch-rival, the UK-based
on using coding
blocks to
generation of robot toys Meccano, has its own range of
robo-toys, which are a little less
make music. for kids of all ages expensive – typically £100-£200

26 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Tech toys APPLE HOME


Kids just don’t know how lucky they are these days!

Botley, LEGO Meccano Osmo Coding Swift Playgrounds

The Coding Robot Mindstorms EV3 MeccaSpider Game Kit Free
From £60 £299 £100 £70 The Swift Playgrounds
The award-winning Shop around, as prices There’s a wide range The Osmo Gaming Kit app (iPad only, but also
Botley is a simple robot, for the EV3 vary (£200- of Meccano robot kits, is a great learning toy completely free) was
designed for children 5-9 £300). It’s a great kit, mostly £100-£200, but that includes a special introduced by Apple
years old. You don’t even capable of building the MeccaSpider is our iPad docking station, in order to help young
need an iPhone or iPad, several different types favourite. At 19cm high, along with three games children – typically ages
as you can use coding of robot, and includes 41cm wide and 46cm that focus on coding, 8-12 – to get started with
cards to control it. It can smart sensors that you long, it’s enough to give drawing and physics. programming. You can
follow lines you draw on can program and control you nightmares, and the You can expand it with also use Swift to program
paper, and use sensors using the EV3 app for Meccano app includes other games, including some of the robots Apple
to avoid obstacles. Mac and iOS devices. some built-in games, too. Coding Jam for music. sells online and at retail.

per kit – although the Meccano kits aren’t quite Wonder Workshop, which starts at £80 for the
so versatile, and tend to focus on creating just little Dot robot for ages 6+, going up to £170 for
one specific robot, such as the super-creepy, the more complex Cue, which is aimed at older
multi-legged MeccaSpider. children from 11 years upwards.
Apple even has a section devoted to robots All of these robots can help with general
and other educational toys in its online store, programming and coding skills,
although it’s important to realise that many although some are also designed
‘app-enabled’ drones and robots that are to work with Swift, the latest
marketed as ‘educational’ are more about coding language developed
play – like the Star Wars BB-8 droid by by Apple. The Swift-compatible
Sphero, whose movements can be robots are labelled with a UBTECH’s Jimu Robot AstroBot
controlled by an app on iOS devices, special ‘Code With Swift’ logo kit comprises three different
robots – the AstroBot, Rover
but which teaches coding in a more at Apple’s online store, so if and Astron – or you can design
limited fashion through Apple’s you want your kids to get rich your own using its iOS app.
Swift Playgrounds app for iPad. and support you in your old
Some of the best programming age by designing the next
and coding robots come from more Instagram or WhatsApp, then
specialised companies such as that’s a good place to
UBTECH, with its Jimu range of get started.
robots (from £110, for ages 8+),
or the CleverBot family from

Beware the LEGO Spik3r! This

scorpion-like bot is equipped
with a crushing claw. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 27

Downloading High Sierra adds an installer app
to the Applications folder, from which you can
make an install disk to use on multiple Macs.

in the Mac App Store, click the Updates

Before you upgrade tab and you should see High Sierra in the
list. If not, look in the Featured tab, or use
the Search field at the top right to find it.
If you’re updating several Macs and

efore you begin to troubleshoot automatically save a Local Snapshot don’t want to have to download the
your existing High Sierra setup of your system before installing any installer each time, it’s possible to create
or install the system afresh, macOS update.) Even if High Sierra a bootable macOS installer on a USB
take time to spring clean your Mac. installs smoothly, people have reported flash drive or an external hard drive with
Get everything in order, then make a various problems occurring afterwards, at least 12GB of space. Any data already
backup of your entire system using Time so you’ll be glad to have a backup from on this will be erased. You’ll need to use
Machine or, better, a cloning app such as which to restore such vital data. a Mac with High Sierra, Sierra 10.12.5,
Carbon Copy Cloner (£35.88, bombich. Verify your Mac can run High Sierra or El Capitan 10.11.6 or newer, with an
com). As shown in last issue’s Detox and at Beyond the internet connection to download the
Back Up special, this means you’ll have hardware needs, it must be running installer. Once downloaded, the installer
a complete backup you can revert to if OS X 10.8 or newer. If it’s not, install will open automatically; press ç+q
need be. (After you’ve installed High El Capitan first (, and to quit it, then locate the Installer in the
Sierra, ironically, Time Machine will then upgrade directly to High Sierra: Applications folder. If you’re comfortable
using Terminal, follow the steps Apple
gives at
Alternatively, try Install Disk Creator
(free,; in it, select the target
USB drive, then the macOS installer, and
click Create Installer. Eject the drive when
it’s ready. To use it, connect it to the Mac
you want to upgrade, restart the Mac and
When you click the Mac App Store’s Updates tab, it can take a while for available updates to appear. hold å, choose the install disk as the one
If you have multiple Macs on which to install a macOS update, download from instead. to start up from, and the installer will run. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 29

FEATURE Fix High Sierra & iOS 11

Trouble getting started

Having trouble getting High Sierra to install?
Here are some solutions to try out

ost times, High Sierra and double-click it to run
installs without problems, it again. If you get an
but there are a few common error message again or
hiccups. If your hardware and system it won’t run, trash the
are compatible but you get an error installer app, then try
message along the lines of ‘macOS downloading a fresh
High Sierra download has failed’ or copy and opening it.
‘installation could not continue’, then
it could be that your internet connection Make room
or Apple’s server is too busy. Try again Verify there’s enough free
later, ideally at a quieter time of day. space. To install High
It might also be worth switching Sierra, the target drive
from Wi-Fi to an Ethernet cable, so your needs at least 14.3GB of
connection is as reliable as possible. space available. Check how much you
In the Mac App Store, choose Store > have by choosing Go > Computer and
Check for Unfinished Downloads, and use Get Info (ç+I) or turn on Finder’s
you should be able to resume any stalled status bar (View > Show Status Bar), The oldest Macs that run High Sierra came with
Snow Leopard, but you need at least Mountain Lion
downloads. If not, choose Store > Sign which appears across the bottom of the to upgrade; if needed, go via Sierra:
Out, then sign in again. app’s windows – if you have more than
If you get an error message saying one drive or partition, make sure you’ve using this feature, and general advice on
installation has failed, something is selected your Mac’s startup disk. freeing up space, at
missing or damaged, or just ‘an error If you’re using Sierra, the operating Bear in mind that even if you can
occurred’ while verifying or installing, system offers some useful advice on how install High Sierra, your Mac might not
restart your Mac, then open your to make space available. Choose Ò > support all its features – if one isn’t
Applications folder, locate the installer About This Mac, click the Storage tab, available to you, check its requirements
app (named ‘Install macOS High Sierra’), then Manage. Apple provides advice on at

HOW TO Roll back to a known stable version

1 macOS Recovery
If macOS won’t load, restart holding
C+R after powering on and your Mac
2 Recovery options
Release the keys when one of those
appears. When the macOS Utilities menu
3 Revert to start
Holding å+ç+r at startup will
upgrade to the latest compatible macOS.
will start from its built-in Recovery loads, you can opt to reinstall the latest If you have Sierra 10.12.4 or later, press
partition. Many Macs since 2010 can fall macOS that was on your Mac, check ß+å+ç+r to reinstall your original
back on Internet Recovery, indicated by and repair the disk using Disk Utility, macOS, or the closest available – great
a globe instead of the Apple logo. or restore from a Time Machine backup. for rolling back to one you know works.

30 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Fix High Sierra & iOS 11 FEATURE

What Apple has fixed

High Sierra got off to a shaky start with some serious bugs,
but the good news is that Apple has been on the case…

ou’ve probably read all about
the flaws in the earliest
versions of High Sierra.
Some were a good deal more serious
than the usual minor bugs that crop up
in any operating system release, but
Apple has worked to address them in
successive updates. This applies even
to issues that weren’t its fault, such as
the so-called Spectre and Meltdown chip
vulnerabilities – fundamental design
flaws in processors, including (but not
limited to) the Intel processors used in
Macs. Apple included ‘mitigations’ for
these in 10.13.2 and newer.
The earliest reported problem was
a flaw in keychain services, which meant
that malicious code could steal the
contents of your keychain, including
critical passwords. The second was
a bug that affected encrypted APFS
volumes, APFS being the Apple File Even some of our writers held off installing High Sierra on their main computer, sometimes due to
software compatibility issues, but also because of the disclosure of serious mistakes on Apple’s part.
System, introduced in High Sierra and
applied automatically to your startup installing the first release of this update discovered in High Sierra already,
disk if it’s an SSD (though that specific could itself disable macOS’s File Sharing we recommend keeping it up to date.
volume is only optionally encrypted). feature. Apple issued a separate support Make frequent backups and you’ll have
When such a volume was mounted and note with instructions on how to get it the option of stepping back if an update
causes you problems – remember that
Time Machine paired with macOS
We’d normally suggest holding back to find out Recovery provides the option of rolling
what issues early adopters find, but based on past back your system to an earlier version.
To check for updates, Go to the Mac
issues, we suggest updating High Sierra quickly App Store’s Updates tab. Note, however,
that some critical security fixes are
you were prompted for its password, working again: released as automatic updates.
the password itself was displayed, in A revised update is now available, but By default, your Mac checks for these
plain text, instead of your password hint. you won’t need it if you’ve updated fixes daily, and when an automatic
Both of these (and other bugs) were to 10.13.3 (or later), as this version security update is available, it installs
fixed in updates – see includes both fixes. automatically and displays a notification
update and Our best advice is to keep up with to tell you so. You therefore won’t see
the latest macOS updates and install those updates in this tab.
A grass-roots issue them at once. It’s true that updates often To ensure you get these fixes, open
The ‘root user’ vulnerability enabled break something else, and we’d normally System Preferences’ App Store pane
anyone to gain administrative access suggest holding back a week or so, and and make sure these three options are
to your Mac simply by logging in with checking online forums to find out what enabled: ‘Automatically check for
the username ‘root’ and leaving the issues – and what fixes – early adopters updates’, ‘Download newly available
password blank. Apple fixed this in have found. It’s your choice, but with updates in the background’, and ‘Install
Security Update 2017-001. Ironically, such serious vulnerabilities having been system data files and security updates’. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 31

FEATURE Fix High Sierra & iOS 11

App troubles
Many apps don’t play well with High Sierra, and
you may have to upgrade them alongside macOS

ny software update can result FileMaker Pro 15 and 16 are
in glitches and problems. the only versions certified to
High Sierra is a major macOS work on High Sierra, though
revision with far-reaching changes under the publisher acknowledges
the hood, and inevitably this has meant a small number of issues – see
problems with some apps.; it says that older
The solution is almost always to versions haven’t been tested.
upgrade to the newest version of the app AutoCAD 2015 and earlier
in question; in the vast majority of cases, are not compatible; versions
you can do so free of charge. Some older 2016 and newer are, with the
apps, however, aren’t being updated, latest updates applied.
which means you might need to find a Microsoft Office 2011
replacement, but before you invest time isn’t supported,
in that, see page 36 for another option, but 2016 and
but bear in mind that to implement it Office 365 are,
you need the installer for a previous though some have reported problems. When a new macOS becomes available, check the
operating system version. Microsoft says to update Office 2016 websites of your essential apps; macOS upgrades
are free, but hidden costs could catch you out.
Older versions of Apple’s own to version 15.38 or newer.
professional apps are not compatible working on updates. With all Adobe apps,
with High Sierra. This includes Final Cut Creativity and games you might need to install the legacy
Pro X (10.3.4 and earlier), Logic Pro X Adobe Acrobat 2017 and Acrobat DC are version of Java 6 from
(10.3.1 and earlier), and associated compatible but there are some issues, There are issues with numerous
tools such as Motion, Compressor and which Adobe promises to fix in a future games, including Civilization V, Call of
MainStage. You’ll need to upgrade to release. Earlier versions, such as Acrobat Duty 2, Myst III Exile and Riven X. Check
the latest versions. You should also X, aren’t compatible. Adobe Bridge CS5 the publisher’s website to see if it has
update to GarageBand’s latest version. and earlier will not work; you’ll need to released an update, or possibly stick
Although Final Cut Studio and Logic upgrade to CS6. Photoshop Elements 10 with Sierra until you’ve finished them.
Studio were superseded some time ago, and earlier won’t work. Photoshop CS4 If an app is vital to you and there’s
many people have continued to use apps is incompatible; CS5 and 5.1 have some no High Sierra-compatible upgrade
that were bundled with them, such as problems, but Photoshop CS6 and CC available, it might be possible to run it
Soundtrack Pro, Cinema Tools and seem to work fine. Adobe warns however using an older version of macOS within
DVD Studio Pro, but none of these that even 2017 versions of Illustrator a virtual machine. We’ll explain this
will work in High Sierra. and InDesign might have problems; it is technique later.

Disk and system maintenance tools

Disk utilities, and other apps Copy Cloner, SuperDuper and applies even if your Mac has
including some anti-malware the like without first checking a hard drive rather than an
checkers and cleaning apps, the website of the publisher SSD that’s been converted
are designed to manage data for a version that’s explicitly to the new file system, APFS.
at a low level and are a designed to work with your Trying to use older versions
potential minefield. version of macOS. of maintenance utilities such
After you upgrade to High This applies to any macOS as TechTool Pro, Drive Genius
Sierra, don’t even try to use update, but particularly to and App Cleaner will not only
Technical changes that are normally
invisible may cause a lot of stress if your older version of tools High Sierra due to extensive be unreliable but could end
you use outdated maintenance tools. such as DiskWarrior, Carbon underlying changes. It also up corrupting your data.

32 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Fix High Sierra & iOS 11 FEATURE

Common issues
Having trouble after installing High Sierra? Here’s how
to tackle some of the issues that have been reported

kim some online discussion has still to fix. Certain fonts – even key
forums and you’d be forgiven ones such as Times – might stop showing Q If your Mac won’t start
for thinking High Sierra breaks up in Apple apps. Apps might not play > Start up in safe mode (see
pretty much everything. Some people videos that are over 1GB in size from an macsafemd), which performs some
report that their Mail, Contacts or external drive without a tedious process basic housekeeping, cleans out some
Messages are lost or not synced. Apps of ‘verifying’, which can take several caches, and disables unnecessary
stop working. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth fall over. minutes. But most glitches, it seems, extensions, fonts and startup items,
There do seem to be bugs that Apple can be cured with a little tweaking… all of which could be the cause of the
issue. If your Mac works in this mode,
restart in its normal mode to see if
Mac won’t wake from sleep the problem is gone there, too.

If your screen keeps going black and ‘Put hard disks to sleep when possible’. Q Other sleep or power issues
your Mac won’t wake again, it takes As a temporary workaround, in the > If your MacBook won’t wake or
several minutes after a key press hope that Apple fixes the cause of the sleep, the fan is racing when there’s
for the computer to wake up, or sleep issues, also set the Computer no intensive activity underway, its
you’re being unexpectedly logged Sleep slider to Never. Then, go to the battery isn’t charging, or USB devices
out of your user account, first go Security & Privacy pane, click the aren’t being recognised, resetting the
to Ò > System Preferences > Energy padlock and enter an admin account’s SMC (System Management Controller)
Saver pane. If your Mac’s startup credentials. Click Advanced, then might help. But, Apple provides a list
disk is a plain hard drive (not a uncheck ‘Log out after [number] of scenarios in which this may be
Fusion Drive or an SSD), disable minutes of inactivity’. necessary – see

Q Settings won’t stick

Video streaming > If system settings such as sound
volume, display resolution and time

ideos not playing, or glitchy, if it won’t install. zone won’t stay the way you set them,
or sometimes saying ‘Video As of High Sierra, Silverlight can’t reset the NVRAM (non-volatile
cannot be played’? Some access local files by default, which may random access memory) – hold down
subscription-based streaming services include downloaded/buffered videos. å+ç+p+r at startup and release
use Microsoft Silverlight, which hasn’t In Safari > Preferences > Websites, when you hear the startup sound a
been updated for High Sierra; it’s only select Silverlight on the left, then second time, or see the Apple logo.
certified for 10.6 through to 10.11. For a å-click the pop-up menu next to the Further details about NVRAM are
start, install the latest version and see problematic website and disable ‘Run at
in Safe Mode’. Confirm when asked.
Increased browser security in Safari means that
older plug-ins such as Silverlight may run into This may do the trick, but note that Q Roll back to Sierra
trouble – there is a workaround, though. doing this presents a security risk. > Apple recommends High Sierra to
ensure you get the latest security
and compatibility enhancements.
But if you really can’t get on with it
and need the previous version, it is
still possible to download and install
Sierra (on Macs released prior to
High Sierra); use this option if you
don’t already have a complete Time
Machine backup from when you ran
Sierra that you can roll back to. You’ll
find a link to access Sierra’s Mac App
Store page at

MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 33

Q Mail notifications
> Stopped seeing notification
banners when you receive new
emails? In System Preferences’
Notifications pane, select Mail on
the left and change the alert style
(to None, say), then back to Banners.
If that doesn’t help, restart in safe
mode (as described earlier), open
Mail there and try sending a test
email to yourself. If notifications
now work, restart in normal mode
and try sending another test email.
Wi-Fi connection issues
re you finding Wi-Fi flakey? your router and your Mac.
First, check you’ve installed Check whether Wi-Fi is working on
the latest macOS updates. other devices. If so, click the Wi-Fi icon
Next, click the Wi-Fi menu bar icon and in the menu bar, turn off Wi-Fi, open
turn off Wi-Fi, wait a few seconds, then network preferences, click Advanced,
turn it on again. Do this for Bluetooth, then select the network you’re having
too, as AirPlay and Continuity features trouble with. Click the minus button to
such as Handoff use it to discover delete it. Turn Wi-Fi on, then reconnect
nearby devices. Also try restarting to network and enter its password.

The act of changing notification preferences

sometimes kicks the system into action.
New kernel extensions
fter upgrading to High Go there immediately; a note will
Sierra, you’ll need to grant say ‘System software from developer
Q Boot Camp specific approval for new [Name] was blocked from loading’.
> Boot Camp works with High third-party extensions you install. Click Allow only when you know that
Sierra; even if your macOS volume Examples are Logitech Options and an action on your part has caused
has been converted to APFS. But, Intego VirusBarrier. You’ll see an alert this to be listed. All that developer’s
some people have reported trouble saying ‘System Extension Blocked’ extensions within the same app can
setting up Boot Camp from High that prompts you to go to System then run. Extensions installed before
Sierra. If you haven’t upgraded to Preferences > Security & Privacy. you upgraded don’t require reapproval.
High Sierra yet, set up Boot Camp
from your older system, as this may
save you a lot of time. Otherwise,
if setting up from High Sierra fails,
make a full backup of the macOS
APFS and disk changes
volume, perform a clean install he developer of Carbon Copy
of Sierra, set up Boot Camp from Cloner (CCC) found a serious
there, upgrade to High Sierra, and problem with APFS-formatted
then restore your backup over it. sparse disk images. This kind of image
If your macOS volume is now is designed to expand as data is added,
APFS-formatted, Windows can’t up to the limit of the volume on which
see it, so the option to restart in it’s stored. However, APFS-formatted
macOS fails. Hold å at startup sparse disk images fail to track free
to enter Windows, and only set it space accurately, and so allow storage
as your default system (in macOS’s operations to continue even if there
Startup Disk pane) during tasks isn’t room on the underlying volume. A specific kind of disk image, when formatted as
involving multiple restarts (such as A file might seem to copy to an APFS and getting full, runs the risk of losing data.
installing updates) to avoid having image, but remounting the image will images using Disk Utility – say, to keep
to hold å each time. When done, reveal the file is corrupted or missing. an encrypted and password-protected
hold å at startup to enter macOS, CCC has removed support for this type copy of your tax return in the cloud –
then set that as your default again. of image. But, if you create sparse disk stick with the Mac OS Extended format.

34 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Fix High Sierra & iOS 11 FEATURE

Missing free space Q Peripherals

> Driver software for a wide

here may be discrepancies Machine’s menu bar icon and choosing range of printers and scanners
between what free space is Back Up Now ought to nudge macOS to is installed automatically on
shown in Finder, in About This jettison the local snapshots and flag demand– see
Mac’s Storage tab, and in Terminal. the space as truly free. Check the hardware manufacturer’s
The culprit is usually Time Machine’s Other space may be taken up by the website for new updates. Printers
local snapshots, which can fill as much Home folders of other users on your that support AirPrint might not need
as 80 per cent of your disk space; Mac, if there are any. Those may be additional software. Accessories
they also include files you’ve deleted, invisible to you. Spotlight’s index files that require custom software
so it can seem like this space hasn’t and other system items take up some extensions to be installed, such as
been reclaimed. space. Finally, in APFS, any other Wacom tablets, Logitech mice, and
About This Mac counts all this as volumes (which may be created by some others, may have problems in
used space in the System category, macOS itself) share free space within High Sierra until these are updated.
while Finder counts it as ‘purgeable’ the low-level APFS ‘container’, but this If a Bluetooth device won’t work,
and therefore available. It should be is hidden; About This Mac and Disk go to System Preferences’ Bluetooth
freed up as needed. Clicking Time Utility show it as ‘other volumes’. pane, put the pointer over its name,
and click the X revealed to the right
to disconnect the device. Now set
the device to pairing mode (check
its manual for how to do this); when
it appears in the Bluetooth devices
list on your Mac, click Pair next to it.

Printer/scanner drivers installed by macOS

are updated for you, but you’ll need to check
About This Mac’s storage charts aren’t so easy to interpret in High Sierra without some technical knowledge. manufacturers’ sites for other types of kit.

Steam and free space

Although macOS is meant to free up all-flash storage device connected to mkfile 30g testfile.dat will create a
‘purgeable’ space when it’s needed, your Mac, even if it’s a desktop model. 30GB file. Once done, trash the file and
installers such as Steam’s don’t Space still not freed up? If you’re then empty the Trash; you can use this
always work properly with this and comfortable in Terminal, use the mkfile to free up space used by local copies
may fail. Even if ‘Optimise Mac Storage’ command to create a file at least as big of iCloud Drive files, forcibly making it
is enabled, some installers nonetheless as the space you need. For example, available to problematic installers, which
fail to get macOS to delete local copies Simple workarounds can help when an installer then correctly see it as available, and
of files you’ve stored in iCloud Drive. doesn’t work well with purgeable space. keeping your cloud-based copies of files.
From Time Machine’s menu bar, Steam puts game files in its Library
choose Back Up Now. Next, go to Ò > folder rather than Applications, and you
About This Mac > Storage to check free can make room by culling old ones. In its
space; backing up should have purged Library tab, white items are currently
local snapshots – which, in High Sierra, installed. ≈-click any you no longer
are created on every APFS-formatted, need; choose Uninstall to regain space. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 35

FEATURE Fix High Sierra & iOS 11

Keep old apps running

Some older products won’t work, so here are two ways to keep them around

ome hardware and
software doesn’t
work in High Sierra.
One solution is to keep Sierra
or earlier running in a virtual
machine (VM). You can install
it in VirtualBox 5 or Parallels
Desktop 13, but we’ll show the
process in VMware Fusion 10.
You’ll need a copy of the
installer for your older version
of macOS or OS X (Lion or
later). An obstacle here is
1 Add the installer
If this is your first virtual machine, starting
VMware Fusion displays this window, into which
2 Continue installing
Once the virtual machine has been set up,
Fusion will proceed with the lengthy macOS
if your current Mac shipped you drop your copy of the Install macOS Sierra installation process. At times it may appear to
with a newer version; the app. If you already have a virtual machine, restart the machine in Recovery mode. When
Mac App Store will refuse to choose File > New to display this window. it does, select Install macOS and click Continue.
download the older installer;
there’s no override for this.
Search your Time Machine
backups, or redownload on
an older Mac, if available.

Q Don’t have a VM?

> Use Carbon Copy Cloner
to make a bootable copy
of your Sierra installation
on an external drive, then
upgrade your internal drive
to High Sierra. This gives
3 Set the destination
macOS is installed into the Macintosh HD
virtual drive within the machine. Provide your
4 Install VMware Tools
To install VMware Tools so you can move
files between Sierra and High Sierra, choose
you the ability to start up Apple ID if you want to connect to the Mac App Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools. A disk
in either system. Store for updates and apps. That’ll require the image will mount; run the installer that’s in it.
Start up your Mac using usual authentication, as if this were a new Mac. Sierra will restart with the tools running.
the external drive when you
need to use Sierra. Note
that this doesn’t work well
with Time Machine, though,
and Sierra throws up errors
with APFS disks. Paragon’s
APFS Retrofit Kit (free, should help.

5 Add a shared folder

Click on the spanner in the toolbar, select
Sharing, turn on this feature and then click the
6 Update and install apps
Download Sierra’s 10.12.6 Combo Update
( in the VM if it’s using High Sierra’s
+ button to add a shared folder. This provides internet access, or in High Sierra and transfer
Disable Time Machine in Sierra and the best way to share and transfer files via the shared folder. Install it, then your apps.
disconnect other external drives. between the two versions of macOS. You can run Sierra in a window or full screen.

36 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Fix High Sierra & iOS 11 FEATURE

iOS troubleshooting guide

Learn about iOS 11 changes and how to pinpoint problems on iPhone and iPad

any bugs that existed in early
versions of iOS 11 have now
been fixed, and upgrading
should be fairly painless. If you’re
curious about what has been resolved,
Apple maintains a detailed list at
ios11notes. Note that this isn’t exhaustive,
though – from its contents, you wouldn’t
have a clue as to why an app might no
longer show up in Spotlight’s search
results, for example. (We’ll talk about
that specific issue in a moment.)
Many changes in iOS 11 are beneficial,
and if your device can take the upgrade
but you haven’t installed it, read our past
coverage in MF #318 and #320. As with
High Sierra, there are some stumbling
blocks, but over the next few pages we’ll
help you overcome them, and show how
to track down persistent issues whether iOS 11 has matured into a generally reliable release, with plenty of good
you’re using iOS 11 or another version. new features, but there are behavioural changes you need to know about.

Important iOS changes to know about

If you valued the extended keyboard in list In Settings > Siri & Search. Tap its The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons in
landscape mode, note that it is absent name there and turn on the Show App Control Centre no longer work as you
in iOS 11. Key order in the bottom row switch; this isn’t available for every app, might expect; turning them off in iOS 11,
also changes when rotating an iPhone but where it is shown, it initially matches merely disconnects from networks and
(but not an iPad), swapping the Emoji the Search & Siri Suggestions item’s devices until 5am. This is to ensure
and 123 keys, and moving the mic key state, hiding the app in results as well AirDrop, AirPlay, Continuity, and Watch
even further. Google’s Gboard lets you as its contents. connections are unaffected. This means
make your own custom keyboard. that power is still supplied to the radio
If an app no longer appears in search Connectivity clashes hardware. If saving power is your aim,
results after upgrading, locate it in the As is common with updates, iOS 11 can you’ll need to turn them off in Settings.
result in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi oddities,
and these can affect pairing with a
Watch. After upgrading to iOS 11 and
watchOS 4, your Watch may lose its
connection with your iPhone.
Try shutting down both devices and
then powering them on again. If that
doesn’t help, you’ll need to unpair them,
which is best started on your Watch.
Once they’re unpaired, turn your Watch
off and then on again, before pairing it
with your iPhone in the normal fashion.
Apps may not be listed in search results until Similarly, unpairing and then pairing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons in Control Centre
you turn on their Show App switch in Settings. can fix other Bluetooth issues. no longer turn those systems off completely. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 37

FEATURE Fix High Sierra & iOS 11

Q The 32-bit issue

> Ideally before you move to iOS 11
Trouble installing Failed upgrade or update
> Sometimes updates get stuck, or fail

(and while running at least iOS 10.3), hort of storage? An over-the- part way. This can leave the update file
go to Settings > General > About > air update may fail because the taking up storage, which then prevents
Applications. You’ll see a list of any process needs more space to you from having another go. In Settings
32-bit apps on your device, which store the update. One solution is to use > General > Storage & iCloud Usage >
will stop working if you upgrade. the latest version of iTunes on your Mac: Manage Storage, look for the software
If there’s no update available for open it, connect your device using its update. If you see it, delete it and then
the versions of those apps you already cable, click the device icon near the top try again. If your device is very short
own, go to the App Store and search left of iTunes and click Check for Update. of storage, you may find it better to
for each app’s developer name. They Once you’re on iOS 11, you can avoid perform the update through iTunes.
might offer an upgrade as an entirely this situation in future. Go to Settings >
new app, but that usually requires you General > [Device] Storage. Accept the
to purchase from scratch. recommendation to offload apps if you
Failing that, visit the developer’s are okay with iOS deleting apps on your
What if my device
website to check if it states the app behalf when it needs space – it’ll retain freezes during startup?
is discontinued or has been taken on their data. To get one back, tap its Home > Apple and service providers can help,
by another company. Some, such as screen icon. Or, you can manually offload or try the following advice from Apple
The Omni Group, offer upgrade pricing an app of your choosing: tap its name to enter recovery mode (if you have an
if their new app detects an older below, followed by Offload App. up-to-date backup). Connect the device
version is installed. So, don’t delete the to iTunes on your Mac, then force it to
old one till you’ve checked for this, as restart: On an iPhone 6S or earlier or
iOS 11 refuses to download 32-bit apps. an iPad, press Home and Sleep/Wake;
If there’s no obvious upgrade path, on a 7 or 7 Plus, press Volume Down and
you’ll need to seek out a replacement Sleep/Wake; or on 8, 8 Plus or X, press
on the App Store. and release Volume Up, then press and
release Volume Down, and then hold the
Side button. Hold the buttons till you see
the recovery mode screen; when iTunes
prompts you, choose Update. When
The ability to offload apps (but retain their data)
is new in iOS 11. It can be automatic or manual. that’s done, try restoring your backup.

Photo & video compatibility

ew HEIF and HEVC still image autoconvert it to a more compatible
and video formats in iOS 11 format, which imposes a slight delay –
take up less storage space on a progress indicator is shown.
your device. They roughly double the Older iOS devices can view, edit
amount you’re able to store. Capturing and duplicate HEIF and HEVC files, but
media using them requires an iPhone 7 their hardware limits the resolution and
or 7 Plus or later, a 10.5-inch iPad Pro, frame rate of video they can work with.
or a second-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro,
which have A10/M10 or A11 Fusion/M11
chips that enable hardware encoding.
Choose the format that’s used in
Settings > Camera > Formats. Pick High
Efficiency for the new formats; Most
Compatible is good to ensure files work
with other apps and workflows relying
on older formats – particularly useful if
you use a Mac app that doesn’t work
with HEIF/HEVC. When you share HEIF/
If the hardware in your device supports HEIF/HEVC
Apps that are incompatible with iOS 11, HEVC content to a destination whose encoding, set them as the default to save space,
because they’re 32-bit, are listed in Settings. support for it is unclear, iOS 11 will or opt for older formats for broader compatibility.

38 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Fix High Sierra & iOS 11 FEATURE

HOW TO Troubleshoot your iOS issues

1 Find the app

If an app causes problems and is still
open, close it and try opening it again.
2 Force the app to quit
Swipe horizontally to find the app,
then swipe upwards on its preview to
3 Shut down
If restarting the app doesn’t fix
the problem, shut down your device by
If it’s unresponsive, force it to quit. force the app to quit. On iPhone X, hold holding the Sleep/Wake button and using
Double-click the Home button (or swipe your finger on an app’s thumbnail until the slider to turn it off. Once it has fully
up from the bottom and hold a second red minus buttons appear, then swipe shut down, start it up as normal and then
on iPhone X) to open the app switcher. upwards on the one you want to quit. check for updates in the App Store.

4 Back up to iCloud
Before trying anything more
involved, make a backup of your device.
5 Back up to iTunes
To back up using iTunes instead,
open iTunes on your Mac, connect your
6 Remove the app
First, try iOS 11’s ability to manually
offload apps, which only deletes the app
To do so using iCloud, connect to Wi-Fi, device, click its icon at the top left, then from your device, not its data. If that
then go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud click Back Up Now. Once the backup is doesn’t work, hold a finger on the app’s
> iCloud Backup and enable this feature. complete, eject the device and then Home screen icon till it jiggles, tap the X
Start a manual backup and let it finish. disconnect it from your Mac. that appears on it, then tap Delete.

7 Reinstall the app

In the App Store, tap Today in the
bottom bar, then your profile image at
8 Reset settings
Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad in
Settings > [your name] > iCloud. If you
9 A full erase and restore
Next, reset your device in Settings >
General > Reset > Erase All Content and
the top of the page, and then Purchased. have a Watch, it’s wise to unpair it now. Settings. Reinstall the app and see if it
Tap Not on this iPhone/iPad, locate the Before trying a full factory reset, works. If it does, reset again, restore from
app in the list of past purchases, and tap consider using Settings > General > Reset your last backup and try again. If the
the download icon to reinstall the app. > Reset All Settings as your next step. issue returns, seek the developer’s help. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 39

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What’s inside

Use BetterTouchTool
to make the most NEW
46-47 Your in-depth guide to
BOOST SECURITY getting more from
ON YOUR APPLE ID your Apple kit
Protect your data with
two-factor authentication

Activate features just APPLE ID
by moving the pointer
Combine different types
of footage in iMovie

TYPING FEATURES Understand iOS gestures
Get clever with iOS’s
on-screen keyboard A tap is a brief contact of Swipe means move one or Pinch means move two
(usually) one finger on your more fingers across an item fingers together or apart,
56-57 device’s screen. or the screen, then let go. usually to zoom in or out.
ALCHEMY SYNTH To drag is to move a finger A flick is like swiping, but it’s Touch and hold means lightly
Create an electronic across the screen to scroll quicker, and is often used to rest your finger on an item
bassline in GarageBand or pan around content. scroll content more quickly. and wait for a reaction.

STAY SAFE WITH Master Mac keyboard shortcuts
Set up health and safety When you see a shortcut like ≈ means the Control key, insertion point. Press ƒ+∫
features on your Watch ç+å+C, hold all but the labelled ctrl, and shown as ^ to delete to the right.
last key, then press that one. in shortcuts in the menu bar.
† is the Tab key, which shifts
ç is the Command key, ß is the Shift key, which is the focus between some
which is also labelled cmd. typically just labelled shift. controls in windows and web
forms. Turn on Full Keyboard
å means the Option key, ∫ means the Delete key, Access in System Preferences
labelled alt or opt. which deletes to the left of the to jump between all controls.

MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 43

APPLE SKILLS Mac software

Power up
your Mac’s
Enhance your trackpad
with BetterTouchTool

IT WILL TAKE Your trackpad recognises far Mac, such as an iMac with a Magic Trackpad.)
30 minutes more gestures than Apple BetterTouchTool also offers more nuanced
provides access to in System general trackpad controls. In the app’s toolbar,
YOU WILL LEARN Preferences’ Trackpad pane. click the Advanced button and then Trackpad.
How to use But BetterTouchTool can unleash the full You’ll see a range of options for fine-tuning
a third-party tool to power of the Multi-Touch surface. how your trackpad works. If things go a bit
add new capabilities The app lets you choose from additional weird, you can click Reset All Settings.
to your Mac’s trackpad gestures and assign actions to them. Treat You can install a free 45-day trial from
the examples we give here as a starting point (a two-year licence costs £5.30;
YOU’LL NEED and then experiment with ideas of your own. a lifetime one is £17). Open the app, click
OS X 10.10 or later, (In Manage Presets, export a backup of your the icon it adds to the menu bar, choose
BetterTouchTool BetterTouchTool settings, then reimport them Preferences, then click the Trackpads tab
later – a great way to reuse them on a second below the toolbar. Let’s begin! Craig Grannell

EXPLAINED… Find your way around BetterTouchTool

1 3
Rule targeting Gestures
Our tutorial menu
uses global The Touchpad
rules, but you Gesture menu
can specify an 1 is where you
app and define choose the
gestures and gesture you
actions to work want to trigger
in it alone. your action.

2 Actions menu
Gesture help Use the
If you need a 2 Predefined
reminder of how Action menu
a gesture works, to choose the
3 4
click it in the list action you want
and watch this your gesture
animated guide. to invoke.

44 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Trackpad boost APPLE SKILLS

HOW TO Enhance your trackpad’s behaviours

1 Pick a trackpad gesture 2 Choose an action

We’ll first define a gesture to take
a screenshot – which you can’t do in
From the Predefined Action pop-up,
pick Capture Screenshot (Configurable)
3 TipTap screenshots
Click Save to confirm. Now you can
try out your gesture. Rest two fingers on
System Preferences’ Trackpad pane. under Screenshots. Click Capture Whole the trackpad and then tap with a third to
Click Add New Gesture. In the Touchpad Screen(s) and, if you wish, remove the their right. If all was set correctly (see
Gesture pop-up, pick TipTap Right from underscores and {random} from the above), a screenshot will be saved to the
the Three Finger Gestures category. name and adjust the save destination. location you specified during step 2.

4 Move a window
We’ll now create a gesture to snap
a window to half of the screen. For the
5 Duplicate a rule
Select step 4’s gesture. Copy it with
ç+C and paste it with ç+V. You can
6 Test your gestures
Open a Finder window. Perform
a five-finger rightwards swipe and the
gesture, use 5 Finger Swipe Right (you’ll now select and edit the duplicate. Below window will resize to fill the right half
find it in Five And More Finger Gestures); the Touchpad Gesture pop-up, tick ç. of the screen – but only the right third if
set the action to Maximise Window Right From the Predefined Action pop-up, pick ç is held. Think about ways to expand
from the Windows Resize & Move group. ‘Resize window to Right Third’. on these shortcuts to suit how you work.

7 Trigger the app switcher 8 Replace Hot Corners

Use a gesture to bring up macOS’s
app switcher, without your fingers having
You can use macOS’s Hot Corners
feature to activate the screensaver, but
9 Stop accidental usage
In the OS X Functionality group, pick
Start Screen Saver (or Lock Screen from
to leave your trackpad. Set up a gesture it’s quicker to click your trackpad than System Actions). To avoid triggering in
that uses ‘3 Finger Double Tap’ to invoke move the pointer to a corner. In a new error, tick one of the modifier key boxes,
the Application Switcher action (from the gesture, select Corner Click Bottom Left such as ç. If your Mac has a Force Touch
OS X Functionality category). from the Single Finger Gestures category. trackpad, consider a Force Click gesture. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 45

APPLE SKILLS Mac/iOS software

Boost your Apple ID’s security

Learn how to set up and use two-factor authentication
IT WILL TAKE Two-factor authentication You can then reject the attempt to access
30 minutes (2FA) is a security feature your account, or allow it and have the code
in iCloud, introduced with sent to the trusted device you’re using.
YOU WILL LEARN iOS 9 and El Capitan. It’s an In addition to at least one trusted device,
How to set up and evolution of two-step verification (2SV). you’ll also have to register at least one trusted
use two-factor The latter pushes a security code to a phone number. Apple encourages you to
authentication device using either SMS or Apple’s Find My register more than one, such as your home
iPhone system; 2FA pushes a notification phone – rather than the iPhone that you’ve
YOU’LL NEED to ‘trusted devices’ linked to your account. connected to your iCloud account.
A Mac running This tells you that someone has requested As well as having Apple send you a code,
OS X 10.11 or later a verification code and shows you a map of you can manually generate one yourself from
and/or an iOS device the location where the request was made. one of your trusted devices. Kenny Hemphill
running iOS 9 or later

HOW TO Use two-factor authentication

Genius tip!
What about
older systems?
On systems that don’t
support entering a 2FA
code, sign in as normal
and the code will be
sent to your trusted
devices. Append the
1 On a Mac (2SV not in use)
Choose  > System Preferences and go to
the iCloud pane. Click Account Details, then
2 On a Mac (2SV is in use)
In Safari, go to and
sign in. Click Edit in the Security section and
code to the end of your click Turn on Two-Factor Authentication. If you click Turn off Two-Step verification. Create
Apple ID’s password created your Apple ID in iOS 10.3 or macOS new security questions and type in your date
in the password box. 10.12.4 or later, this feature will already be on. of birth. Now follow step 1 to turn on 2FA.

46 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Two-factor authentication APPLE SKILLS

CONTINUED… Two-factor authentication

3 On iOS 10.3 or later

In Settings, tap your name at the top
of the first page, then Password & Security.
Genius tip!
approval
Tap Turn on Two-Factor Authentication and With 2FA, you receive
then Continue. Two-factor authentication will an alert showing the
now be turned on for your iCloud account location of a device that
and supported devices. tries to sign in to your
iCloud account. The
location may not be

4 On iOS 10.2 or earlier

In Settings > iCloud, tap your Apple ID
followed by Password & Security. Tap turn
accurate, but use good
sense; if it appears
when you haven’t tried
on Two-Factor Authentication followed by signing in somewhere,
Continue. You may be asked to answer your click/tap Don’t Allow.
Apple ID security questions to proceed
further with this.

5 Add your phone number

On the next page, choose your country
then type in the number of the phone you want
6 Update your phone number
In Password & Security settings, tap Edit.
Tap the minus to remove a number, or Add a
to use. Choose either text message or phone Trusted Phone Number to add one. Choose to
call to receive the verification code. When you verify using text message or an automated
get the code, type it into the boxes on screen. phone call, then enter the code you receive.

Genius tip!
How do I turn off 2FA?
If someone gains
access to your account/
device and turns on 2FA
without permission,
click Turn Off Two-

7 Manage trusted devices

Sign in to; enter the
verification code when you receive it. Scroll to
8 App-specific passwords
App-specific passwords allow third-party
apps to access your iCloud data. Next to
Factor Authentication
at the bottom of the
confirmation email
your devices. To remove one, click on it, then Security at, click Generate you receive from
Remove, then Confirm. New devices are added Password. Follow the steps and type the result Apple. The link is
here when you sign in to iCloud on them. in place of your usual password in the app. valid for two weeks. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 47

APPLE SKILLS macOS High Sierra

Use Hot Corners

Activate features by moving the pointer to corners of the screen
IT WILL TAKE You might have heard of
5 minutes the Hot Corners feature in
macOS, but are you actually
YOU WILL LEARN using it? Hot Corners enables
How to activate you to perform a multitude of functions simply
functions simply by by moving your pointer to one of the corners
moving the pointer of the desktop.
The Hot Corners feature is rather well
YOU’LL NEED hidden in System Preferences, but once you
macOS know where to look, you’ll find out just how Hot Corners can save you time in activating features
easy it is to activate. Jo Membery such as the screen saver, Launchpad and Mission Control.

EXPLAINED… Key features 2

Application Windows
The Application Windows action
shows you a Mission Control-like
view of all open windows from just
the app you’re currently using.
Great if you’re working on multiple
Numbers spreadsheets, say!
If you’re someone who keeps
files on the desktop, the ability 3
to move windows out of the way
to reach them in an instant will
save you laboriously closing or
moving things around.

1 Disable Screen Saver

Doing a presentation that
focuses on one slide for a long
time, or watching a video?
Use the Disable Screen Saver
action to ensure your screen
doesn’t go to sleep.

Add instant security Preferences’ Security & Privacy pane. Notification Centre
If you’re worried about prying eyes Put a tick next to ‘Require password’ This feature contains a plethora of
glancing at your Mac’s screen, even and then choose Immediately from the information about what needs your
when you’ve used a Hot Corner to put it adjacent pop-up menu. This ensures attention and what you’ve got coming up.
to sleep without clicking anything, make nobody can access your account after Set up a Hot Corner to get at that info
sure you make this change in System you move away from your desk. without having to click its menu bar icon.

48 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat


HOW TO Activate and use Hot Corners

1 System Preferences
As with most system tweaks in macOS,
this one requires you to make a visit to
2 Hot Corners
Click that button. In the panel that
opens, the four corners of the desktop
3 Your options
There are handy system shortcuts
available, such as showing Mission Control,
System Preferences. Open that app, click are represented as pop-up menus. Click Launchpad, or the current app’s windows.
Mission Control in the top row and you’ll one to see all the actions you can assign You can also start the screen saver, or put
see a button for Hot Corners. to that corner. the display to sleep.

4 Activate actions
You only have four corners to play
with, of course, so experiment with the
5 Test them out
Any action you’ve assigned is
activated automatically when the pointer
6 Disable a corner
Hot Corners are very useful if you
need to use a non-Apple keyboard or
line-up of actions to see what serves you reaches the corresponding corner, saving mouse. If you want to remove one’s
best. Pick actions from as many of the you remembering menu item locations or action, though, set its corresponding
menus as you want. Click OK when done. keyboard shortcuts. Test all of them. pop-up menu back to the — (dash) item.

While using your Mac, you might find
yourself accidentally triggering the
Hot Corner actions you’ve assigned.
This is frustrating. Thankfully, there is
a workaround that uses one or more
modifier keys. This means you have
to hold down one or more of several
1 A secret option
Adding a modifier key to a shortcut
is an easily overlooked feature in macOS.
2 Add a modifier
The symbols for the keys you’re
holding will be prefixed on the actions.
special keys before you’re able to In the Hot Corners panel, hold down one Keep them held and choose an action.
trigger a Hot Corner’s assigned or more modifier keys – (ç, å, ß and If you held only ç, say, when you move
action. Without those keys held ≈) when choosing an action from one the pointer to the corner now, you’ll need
down, nothing will be triggered. of the pop-up menus. to hold that key to trigger the action. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 49

APPLE SKILLS Mac software

Mix different video resolutions

Shoot and combine HD and 4K footage in the same iMovie project
IT WILL TAKE Your iPhone, and gadgets
15 minutes such as the GoPro Hero 6 Black
camera, can record video
YOU WILL LEARN footage at different resolutions
How to shoot and frame rates. The iPhone’s default video
multiple resolutions recording resolution is 1080p HD at 30 frames
and combine them in per second (fps). This high-definition footage
the same timeline looks great on TV and YouTube.
However, there are situations where you
YOU’LL NEED might want to change your iPhone’s default
iMovie 10.1 or later video recording resolution. To save storage Different resolutions can be combined in iMovie. Make
sure you set the final resolution when editing’s complete.
space on your phone (and capture more clips),
you can drop the resolution to 720p HD. This Shooting 4K gives you footage with a very
smaller high-definition resolution will still look high resolution. When you use a 4K clip in a
okay when viewed on social media sites, but it 1080p HD iMovie project, you can crop it to
may look a little fuzzy when combined with zoom in without creating fuzzy-looking pixels.
higher resolution files in an iMovie project. You can also add Ken Burns zoom and pan
You can also record slow-motion (slo-mo) effects without a drop in image quality. The
clips on your iPhone using the 720p HD downside of shooting at 4K is that you’ll soon
resolution. This is worth doing to benefit from fill your iPhone’s storage. A one-minute-long
a higher frame rate of 240fps, which ensures 4K clip takes up nearly six times more storage
smoother motion in a slo-mo sequence than space than a minute of 720p HD footage.
you’d get by simply slowing down a standard In this walkthrough, we’ll talk you through
30fps clip, or even the highest quality 1080p how to shoot a range of differently sized clips
option of 120fps. Slo-mo clips enable you to and then combine the different resolutions
portray an event or action in a visually poetic into a consistent 1080p HD project.
way, without jarring jumps between frames. George Cairns

Genius tip!
HOW TO Combine different resolutions
To check the resolution
of your imported clips,
≈-click on the iMovie
Library file (in your
Movies folder) and
choose Show Package
Contents. In the folder
named after your event,
open the Original Media
folder, select a file, then
press ç+I for info.

1 Choose a resolution
On your iOS device, go to Settings > Camera
> Record Video. The 1080p HD at 30fps default
2 Compose your clip
Use a tripod, such as the Manfrotto Pixi
mini with a phone clamp (pictured). As well as
balances high-quality footage without filling producing stable footage, a tripod will help
up your phone. 1080p HD at 60fps creates you check how the image is composed. This
larger files, but their motion looks smoother. can lead to more professional-looking clips.

50 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Mixed-resolution projects APPLE SKILLS

CONTINUED… Combine resolutions

Genius tip!
Note that the first clip
you add to a timeline
sets the resolution of
the entire project. So, if
you want to work in 4K,
make sure you add a 4K
clip to the timeline first.

3 Capture some clips

Feel free to change the resolution when
capturing different subjects. A 4K size will
4 Slow motion settings
To capture moving subjects – for example,
an engine’s billowing steam – in a creative way,
suit wide shots, as you can zoom into specific go to Settings > Camera > Record Slo-mo. 720p
subjects while preserving quality. Drop to HD at 240fps will capture a very smooth and
720p HD if you run short of storage space. slow version of any fast-moving subject.

5 Import clips
In iMovie on your Mac, click iMovie Library
(left pane); choose File > New Event and name
6 Create a new movie
The clips will be imported from the iPhone.
Slo-mo clips are indicated by a circular icon (at
the event. Connect your iPhone to your Mac the top left of their thumbnails). Click Projects
using its USB cable. Go to File > Import Media, (top left of the window), then Create New and
browse to your iPhone, then choose Import All. choose Movie. A new timeline will appear.
Genius tip!
To make imported
slo-mo clips
automatically play
back in slow motion
once you add them
to the timeline, go to
iMovie > Preferences
and tick the box by
the Slo-Mo clips label.

7 Set project size

The clips in your event will be of various
resolutions. Drag a 1080p HD video from the
8 Add clips
Clips you add to the timeline will be scaled
to 1080p. 720p slo-mo clips might look a little
Media Browser into the timeline. Afterwards, soft due to them being upscaled to 1080p.
click Settings (under the Viewer) to confirm the 4K clips will look sharp, even if you zoom into
project is 1080p – see Genius Tip, top right. them manually or apply the Ken Burns effect. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 51

Uncover iOS’s hidden
speed-typing features
The productivity-boosting tricks concealed under your keyboard
IT WILL TAKE You might think that to get autocorrect change without the confusion of
25 minutes any serious typing done on an letters moving around – by tapping the name
iPhone or iPad you need to use of the keyboard you’ve added in this list.)
YOU WILL LEARN an external keyboard. While it’s If you do type in more than one language,
How to type faster true that you can do that – over Bluetooth, therefore, and have been cursing autocorrect
with iOS’s built-in using a Smart Keyboard, or using Apple’s for mangling your words, here’s the solution,
keyboard shortcuts Lightning to USB adapter – if you learn the and it even works for different versions of
little tips and tricks Apple has baked into the English; handy if you sometimes need to
YOU’LL NEED on-screen keyboard, everything from a tweet ‘humor’ our ‘neighbors’ in America without
An iOS 11 device to the next great novel is well within the reach causing ‘offense’.
(some features work of your fingertips. Let’s get typing! 1 To switch between the keyboards
on older versions) We’ll start with something fundamental. you add (in the order you set them in Settings
Most people will only really use one keyboard > General > Keyboard > Keyboards), tap the
for typing, but you can set up several. One globe icon at the bottom left of the keyboard.
main use for this is for typing in different If you only have one main keyboard installed,
languages; adding other keyboards in Settings this will instead be a smiley face, as it toggles
> General > Keyboard > Keyboards doesn’t to the emoji keyboard.
To switch just change the layout of the keys to match

to another conventions in that country (AZERTY rather Emoji and special characters
than QWERTY in France, for example), or even So long as you have the Predictive bar turned
keyboard, the input method entirely, but it changes the on, though, it can act like emoji search, and

tap the globe autocorrect dictionary, too. (Here’s a really

hidden feature: you can override the keyboard
you don’t even have to switch to that
keyboard; type ‘chips’, say, and the last option
or emoji key layout change – to retain the benefits of the in the predictive bar is the French fries emoji.

52 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Keyboard tricks APPLE SKILLS

1 2 3

Tap it to replace the word with the emoji. On an iPad, you can just slide two
(Even this is localised, delightfully; this fingers around the keyboard to move the
particular example doesn’t work with caret, and on an iPhone with 3D Touch, just
the US English keyboard, since ‘chips’ press firmly on the keyboard with one finger
are crisps in America!) to switch to this mode, then slide your finger
You might be used to tapping ‘123’ to around. Once you’ve moved the caret to where
switch to the layout with numbers, but if you you want it on iPad, lift your two fingers, set
only need to type a single character from this them down again, wait a beat, then move;
keyboard, it can be more efficient just to drag you’ll then be selecting text.
your finger from the ‘123’ to the desired On iPhones equipped with 3D Touch –
number key – the keyboard will temporarily the pressure-sensitive display technology
switch layout in between – then release to that was introduced on the iPhone 6s – you
get back to the usual keyboard. have extra options for text selection, though
If you’re on any iPad except the 12.9-inch they take some trial and error to learn. Once
(and only then when using optimised apps), you’ve pressed firmly on the screen to move
you also see secondary characters on the the caret, you can reposition the caret over
keys; just flick down on the key to type them. a word and then press even harder to select
2 Hold a finger on a key to see alternate just that word. That bit’s easy enough, but
characters, and voilà – you can type ‘voilà’! with practice you can also double-press to
It works for less well-known things, too; hold select the whole sentence at once, or triple-
on the £ sign, for example, and you get other press to select the whole paragraph.
currency symbols, or on the full stop when 3 You can combine the two-finger and
entering a web address in Safari to see other 3D Touch shortcuts with dragging. Let’s say
domains, such as, .com and more. you have a three-sentence paragraph and
want to copy only the first two sentences;
Move the insertion point press firmly to start moving the caret, Genius tip!
The traditional way to move the insertion position it anywhere over the first sentence, Made a mistake? You
point, or caret, around on iOS is to hold a double-press to select that sentence, then needn’t reach for the
finger on the text you were writing, and drag to the second, which will be selected in Undo button to roll back
then use the magnifying glass pop-up to its entirety – though the paragraph’s final your text; just shake
get it into the right place. That’s a little sentence will be left out. your device, provided
fiddly and prone to error around the edges In either scenario, you can grab the little Settings > General >
of the screen, and there is a better way on handles that appear at each end of your Accessibility > Shake to
iPad, and iPhones with 3D Touch. selected text to fine-tune what you’re picking Undo is switched on. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 53

APPLE SKILLS Keyboard tricks

up, if necessary, and you can also tap either

of these handles to bring up the options bar,
with cut, copy, paste and other options, if they
aren’t already visible.
Genius tip!
If you use multiple Capitals and special characters
email addresses, text Let’s go back to something easier: switching
replacements can work to capital letters. This can be as simple as
out quicker for typing tapping ß to switch only the very next
them than relying character you type to uppercase, or double-
on the keyboard’s tapping it to turn on Caps Lock. Note that
QuickType suggestions you can use the same slide technique we
bar. For example, you mentioned for the ‘123’ keyboard switch;
might use @icl to type slide from the ß key to a letter and it will be
your iCloud address, capitalised without the need to dismiss the
@gma for Gmail, and caps keyboard afterwards. iOS will try to
@lst for an alias you be helpful in capitalising new sentences,
use for newsletters but if you don’t like this, you can turn off
and other mailing lists. Auto-Capitalisation in Settings > General >
In iOS’s Accessibility settings are helpful options to
Keyboard. Here you’ll also see a toggle for alter the sensitivity of the keyboard and 3D Touch.
the full stop shortcut; in case you aren’t
familiar, that enables you to double-tap On some iPads running iOS 11, keys may
the space bar to get a full stop, a space, display a second character. Rather than using
and the next letter capitalised. ß or holding on the key, flick upwards from
We mentioned holding a finger on some the key to type the second character more
keys to get accented forms and quickly. (Settings > General > Keyboards >
alternative characters. Enable Key Flicks must be switched on.)

Keyboard size and position

4 There are a couple of things you can do to
change the size and position
of the keyboard.

Splitting the keyboard makes

typing easier when holding your
iPad, at least on smaller models.

54 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018

Keyboard tricks APPLE SKILLS

You can make the

keyboard easier to
use one-handed
by shunting it
over to one side 5

4 On an iPad, either drag the left and right

of the keyboard apart with your fingers, or
hold a finger on the keyboard icon (bottom
right) and tap Split in the menu that appears;
this separates the keyboard at the sides of
the screen so it’s easier to type with your
thumbs when holding your iPad. Adjust their
vertical position by dragging the icon at its
bottom right. Drag all the way to the bottom
to return to a single, large keyboard.
5 On an iPhone running iOS 11, except
for the 5s and SE, you can make the keyboard
easier to use one-handed by holding on the
emoji/globe icon (bottom left) and choosing
to shunt the keyboard over to the left or
right side of the screen. The keys become
narrower, like on pre-iPhone 6 devices, but
are easier to reach with your thumb.
Don’t feel this has to be a permanent response to a question you’re frequently asked
decision; it makes sense to toggle it when by email. Or, if you often search Apple Support
you’re trying to type while walking, say, even articles in Safari, set up a shortcut to replace
moving from right to left as you swap hands, ‘#spt’ with ‘’ so that you
but then switching back to the full-width only get Google search results from that part
keyboard once you get where you’re going; of Apple’s site. Set up text replacements
tap the large arrow next to the keyboard. in Settings > General > Keyboard > Text
Replacement on iOS, or in  > System Prefs
Speed up your typing Keyboard > Text on a Mac. Whichever device
As well as all this, iOS provides some very you do this on, your text replacements will
helpful ways to speed up what you type. sync to your other Macs and iOS devices
Text replacement is a great one, with three signed in to the same iCloud account.
common applications. First, to replace
clusters of characters with short phrases Say your words
(such as typing ‘omw’ being replaced with 6 Finally, don’t forget about dictation,
‘On my way!’), and even ‘correcting’ weird which you’ll find at the bottom of Settings >
iOS autocorrections. Second, to ‘type’ General > Keyboards. It works for English even
characters that would otherwise require when your device is offline, and though you
laborious searching/copying/pasting – might feel weird doing it in a shared office or Genius tip!
to have ‘cprt’ become ©, say. classroom, these days it’s highly accurate – If you find 3D Touch’s
The third major use is to type phrases or and usually much faster than typing, if you sensitiivity a little ‘off’,
longer passages of text that you write often. can think and talk in complete sentences. adjust it to require a
For example, you might type ‘reply7’ and You can even dictate punctuation and issue lighter or firmer press
have iOS replace that with a couple of ‘commands’, such as ‘full stop’ and ‘new line’. in Settings > General >
paragraphs of text that are your standard Christopher Phin Accessibilty > 3D Touch.

MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 55


Alchemy synth
Create an energetic electronic
bass line using an arpeggiator
IT WILL TAKE GarageBand always had a a ringtone (started in the March issue,
15 minutes wide range of sounds, but the #323). You’ll use Alchemy and GarageBand’s
Alchemy synth’s arrival has arpeggiator to construct a bass line. The
YOU WILL LEARN been transformative for Apple’s arpeggiator keeps things in time, so this
How to use the music-making app. Camel Audio’s Alchemy will help to underpin your work.
Alchemy synth had long been regarded as one of the finest Before we begin, two tips. First, be
and arpeggiator digital synths, and Apple’s acquisition of it mindful of the bass sounds you use – too
in 2015 was a wise move. complex or effects-laden and they’ll muddy
YOU’LL NEED As expected, Apple quickly welded a mix, especially for a ringtone. Secondly, if
An iOS 11 device, Alchemy to Logic Pro. What wasn’t expected: you’ve not read previous instalments of this
GarageBand Apple squeezed its flagship synth into GarageBand series, you might find Alchemy
2.3 or later GarageBand for iOS, too. Sure, it’s cut-down alone is enough for a minimal, old-school
in terms of interface, but you still get plenty ringtone. If not, lay down a Drummer track
of dials and pads to experiment with. before you start the walkthrough.
In this tutorial, we’ll continue making Craig Grannell

EXPLAINED… Sound manipulation with Alchemy

1 3
Transform Pad Framing box
This touch surface The framing
enables you to box is like a mixer.
manipulate the 1 Drag it between
currently selected snapshots and it
sound – even when combines them into
playing live. something new.

4 4
Snapshots Gyro control
The pad is Use the gyro
divided into eight control to move
snapshots, each of the framing box
which is effectively by tilting your
a distinct and iOS device. You
unique preset. wouldn’t do that
with your Mac!

56 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Alchemy synth APPLE SKILLS

HOW TO Use Alchemy to record some bass

1 Choose an instrument
Add a track to a song; tap Alchemy
Synth in the Keyboard panel. Tap the
2 Set up the keyboard
Tap the Keyboard button (above the
keys, third from the right); select a size
3 Play some notes
Tap/hold some notes to get a
feel for the keyboard controls and the
default instrument (above the touch you’re comfortable playing. Turn off instrument. Experiment with dragging
surface), pick Plucky Synth Bass, then Velocity. Ensure you can see keys A2 the framing box as you play to hear how
tap Done. Set the keyboard behaviour to G3. If not, set the keyboard behaviour it can dramatically change the feel and
to Glissando and the octave to 0. to Scroll, drag, then change it back. tone of the selected instrument.

4 Turn on the arpeggiator 5 Set your octave range 6 Record your bass
Tap Arpeggiator (second from the
right) and turn on Run. You can adjust
With the key still held down, tap
the up arrow next to Octave Range, so
If you’ve followed earlier parts of
this series, we’ll use a progression that
the arpeggiator’s note order, range and it’s set to 3. Immediately, the arpeggiator works with the world instruments used
octave range. Hold down a key. Notice will play across three octaves, which last issue. Tap the red record button and
the sound alternate between the note sounds a bit more interesting. Now it’s then hold notes as follows: E3 (beat 1); C3
you’re holding and one an octave higher. time to get recording… (3); A2 (4); G3 (5); F3 (7); D3 (8); A2 (8.5).

7 Make adjustments
If you find it tricky to get the timing
of the changes right, tap the Settings
8 Experiment further
As Alchemy is a MIDI instrument, it
records note data rather than rendered
9 Transpose your notes
Tap the Track Settings button (three
slider icon, top left). In Track Settings >
menu (the spanner, top right) and adjust audio. This means you can play your Transposition, adjust the octave to make
the tempo. Remember you can re-record recording and retrospectively change your bass higher or lower. Go up a level.
your bass line as many times as you like, how it sounds by adjusting dials and Under Output, tap solo (headphones) to
until you’re happy with the result. pads, or even selecting a new instrument. listen back to your bass track alone. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 57


Stay safe with Apple Watch

Keep watchful eye on your health and safety with Apple’s wearable
IT WILL TAKE Having a computer strapped to from your Watch, which could be vital if you’re
5 minutes your body at all times isn’t just unconscious. You can enter your allergies,
useful for making sure you don’t blood type, medications and more. We’ll also
YOU WILL LEARN miss alerts and easily setting show you how to set those details.
How to use and timers when you’re cooking. The Watch is a
set up the emergency communications device that’s always to hand, Heart-healthy technology
and heart-rate features once you put it on – which means it can really Of course, apart from being a communication
on your Apple Watch come through for you if there’s an emergency. device, the Watch is also a health monitor, so it
Earlier this year, a woman’s life was saved may be able to help keep you healthy in more
YOU’LL NEED after a severe car crash because she was able direct ways. Its heart rate monitor can keep
An Apple Watch, to call for help through her Watch, without a constant eye on the old ticker (if you have
an iPhone needing to know where her phone was. a Watch Series 1 or later, it can keep track
The Emergency SOS feature is built in to of your heart rate during rest or walking
watchOS, and we’ll show you how easy it is to passively; on the first-generation Watch, it
trigger a call to the emergency services when only tracks your heart rate during a Workout,
you need them. For most Watch models, your or when you open the Heart Rate app).
phone will need to be within range of your The heart rate monitor is accurate
Watch, because your phone is what actually enough to potentially detect heart conditions,
A woman’s makes the call – however, you don’t need to though it won’t do that on its own – it’s a tricky

life was saved actually touch your phone. If you have a

Watch Series 3 with 4G built in, you don’t
business! What it will do is warn you if things
look iffy. You can set Watch to warn you if
because she need your phone nearby, because the Watch your heart rate is creeping worryingly high

was able to can make the emergency call directly, even

if you don’t actually have a call plan for it.
even though you’re not exerting yourself.
There are cases where people have used
call for help That’s not the only way the Watch could these warnings as a prompt to see their

through help you in an emergency, though. If you set

up some essential medical information in the
doctors, and been diagnosed with heart
conditions as a result. Your Apple Watch
her Watch Health app, emergency workers can access it really could save your life! Matt Bolton

HOW TO Keep an eye on your heart

1 Easy measurements
You can get a heart rate reading by
opening the Heart Rate app on your
2 Heart rate warnings
On Watch Series 1 or later, go to the
Watch app on your iPhone and tap Heart
3 Try Cardiogram
The free Cardiogram app from the
App Store can use your Watch’s heart
Watch, and letting it do its thing! Or, you Rate. Here, you can tell your Watch to rate data to give you useful information.
can add a complication that includes the notify you if your heart rate goes above a Open the app on iPhone to see graphs
latest reading to some watch faces. certain level during a period of inactivity, of your activity, and see how things like
(You’ll need Watch Series 1 or later.) which can be a sign of health issues. your resting rate compare to the average.

58 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Protect your well-being APPLE SKILLS

HOW TO Use the Medical ID feature

1 Enter details on iPhone 2 Access when locked

On your iPhone, open the Health app.
Tap Medical ID in the bottom bar, then
At the top of the Medical ID editing
screen, make sure ‘Show when locked’
3 Medical ID on Watch
Press and hold the side button on
your Watch (the long one, not the Digital
Edit at the top right. You can now enter is turned on. This means someone who Crown). If you have set up your Medical
useful information such as your age, finds your phone can tap Emergency to ID, a slider labelled as such will be shown.
blood type, weight and organ donor see your details. This capability is also Someone can slide it to access the same
choice, and select emergency contacts. available on Watch, of course. medical info on your Watch’s screen.

HOW TO Use Emergency SOS

1 How to use it
Press and hold the side button on your
Watch. A screen with an Emergency SOS
2 Hold to Auto Call
In the Watch app, go to General >
Emergency SOS. Make sure Hold to
3 Emergency contacts
Remember setting your emergency
contacts earlier? When using Emergency
slider will appear – slide it to immediately Auto Call is turned on; this means if you SOS, once the call to the emergency
call local emergency services. Or, on your hold the side button on your Watch and services is done, your Watch will send all
iPhone, press the Sleep/Wake button five don’t let go, it will automatically start the of them a text message saying you’re in
times to use Emergency SOS. emergency call – no fiddly sliding needed. trouble, with your location attached.

Sharing your location

Let people keep track of you when you’re at risk
Emergency SOS shares your location, but that’s only after the authorities have
been called. What if you’re walking home late, or are worried a situation is going
sideways, and want to make sure people know where you are? You can share
your location in Messages on your Watch – in a conversation, press firmly on the
screen, then tap Share Location. A more serious option is Wearsafe (requires
in-app purchases, – you can press a button to instantly share
your location and audio of what’s going on with a network of trusted contacts. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 59

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What’s inside

How to resolve an
invalid checksum EXPERT
iOS SOFTWARE Our resident genius
Swipe away your solves your Mac and

Issues with an old disk image

touchscreen troubles iOS problems

PERIPHERALS How can I mount an important non-essential apps. You need to be confident
Thinking inside the
box to refresh the parts
Q old disk image that’s reported
as having an invalid checksum?
that the disk image isn’t malicious in any way.
Open Terminal, type a command of the
other tips can’t reach by A D E S T U A R T following form and then press ®:
hdiutil attach filename.dmg -noverify
66-67 Read-only or compressed disk images where filename.dmg is the name of the
Sage advice to help
A are checked by macOS when you try
to mount them. When they’re created,
disk image file – you can simply drag it from
Finder onto Terminal’s window at that point in
overcome Mac maladies a checksum of their entire contents is saved in the command to substitute the complete path
the file, and that’s compared against their and filename. If successful, you’ll see a list of
current checksum. If those differ, macOS the partitions that have been mounted.
reports this error and refuses to mount them. When macOS discovers a checksum issue,
If you can’t get another undamaged copy it writes an extended attribute of a type whose
of the disk image, the only way around this is name starts with
using the command line in Terminal. As the kMDLabel_. Sometimes, you might need to
image is likely to be damaged, this can cause delete that using the command tool xattr, or
problems, and in the worst case could cause a the free utility xattred. However, removing
kernel panic. So save all open work and close that won’t enable you to mount the disk image.

Contact us Once you’ve mounted a

damaged disk image using
the hdiutil command, it may
look fine, but it’s still faulty.
Email your queries
and your questions to

Keep up to date by
following us on Twitter

Join the conversation


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subscription offers at

iOS software GENIUS TIPS

iOS software
Swipe away your touchscreen troubles and
rekindle your love of Apple’s mobile devices

iOS software Not available for offline reading

questions In spite of setting the option to

How do I connect
Q save web pages in Safari for offline
reading, when my iPad has no Wi-Fi
Watch and iPhone connection, Reading List articles are almost
after updating always ‘Not available for offline reading’.
to iOS 11.2.5? Is this a bug in Safari?
> Try shutting down by R U S S E L L C A P L A N
both devices and then
turning both on again. Yes, and it is alleviated – though
If that doesn’t work,
unpair them following
A not entirely fixed – since iOS 11.2.5.
You can help Safari cope better
Apple’s instructions by manually saving pages to its Reading
at List, rather than relying on it doing so
For best results, start automatically. In Settings > Safari, turn
the pairing process on off Automatically Save Offline. After doing
your Watch. When the that, when you want to make sure a page
devices are once again is available for offline viewing, first save it
paired, restore the to Reading List, then open the list, swipe
Watch‘s contents from left on that item and tap Save Offline.
its most recent backup. When Safari makes a page available
Note that the process for offline reading, it saves the page and
can take a while. linked content to a cache. The tricky decision

Why don’t iPhone When Safari makes a

appear when the page available for offline
iPhone is locked?
> This can get changed reading, it saves linked
during an update,
or simply by mistake. content to a cache
To restore them, go to
Settings > Notifications. for any service of this nature is how deep
At the top of the page, to follow those links. Currently, browsers
Although Offline Pages caches content linked directly to
tap Show Previews for iOS go shallow, and at best will only a page, it doesn’t go any deeper, and can still fail to load.
and choose Always. save that page and its linked content,
You can also control such as its style sheet and images. better than Safari, but they still don’t go any
separately whether Firefox’s similar feature doesn’t appear further than one link deep.
notifications are to cache any content at present, and so fails If you want more reliable offline reading,
silenced when your to load pages from its reading list when the you’d be better off using Offline Pages, or
iPhone is locked – iOS device is in Airplane mode. updating iOS and adding important pages
go to Settings > Some of the more specialist apps like manually to Safari’s Reading List. Even then,
Do Not Disturb. Offline Pages (and its pro version) do rather you’ll trip over its limitations at times. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 63

GENIUS TIPS Peripherals

Thinking inside the box to refresh
the parts other tips can’t reach
Should I access
my network drive
using SMB or CIFS?
> CIFS is an open-source
implementation of the
SMB1 protocol. Opting
to use CIFS will deliver
the slowest but likely
most compatible
implementation of SMB.
That can be useful if
faster versions of SMB,
such as SMB2 or SMB3,
are causing problems,
but it shouldn’t be
your first choice.
To get the best out of high-quality
How do I check the print modes, set up scaling and other
options, then save them as a preset.
SMART status of
my external SSD?
> macOS still doesn’t
support monitoring
SMART status for USB
Photo prints are wrongly scaled
drives, although it does My iMac is running macOS 10.13.3 choose Preview to reveal the app’s controls
for most connected
using Thunderbolt.
Q and the latest printer software,
but Preview and Photos only print
for scaling its output to the page.
You should be able to leave Scale to Fit
Try installing the SAT a third of each image to 6x4in photo paper selected, but might need to switch from Print
SMART Driver from on my HP Deskjet 3520. All other printing is Entire Image to Fill Entire Paper. If those don’t; as fine. How can I print these photos properly? do the trick, switch to using the Scale option
it’s a kernel extension, by P A U L R O P E R and, because the image is being printed too
in High Sierra you’ll large, try reducing the adjacent percentage.
need to approve it in the High Sierra’s drivers might need a To save these settings, choose ‘Save
Security & Privacy pane
after installation.
A little assistance in setting them up for
high-quality print modes. It’s best to
Current Settings as Preset’ from the Presets
pop-up menu at the top of the sheet. Then
do this using a custom print setting. you can easily use them the next time you
Open an example image in Preview, and want to print 6x4in photos.
then choose File > Print. If you only see a Specialist photo and image apps like
simple dialog, click on the Show Details button Affinity Photo provide more extensive and
to expand it fully. Ensure you have the correct reliable printing options, which you should
paper size and orientation set at the top and find more suitable if you print many of your
then, in the pop-up menu halfway down, photos in this way.

64 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Peripherals GENIUS TIPS

Can I use HomePod
to play audio from
my Mac?
> If they’re on the same
Wi-Fi network, you can
do this with AirPlay.
Open the Sound pane
in System Preferences;
select HomePod to
Generally, you are better off using printer drivers use in the Output tab’s
supplied with macOS, but they may lack features list of AirPlay devices.
Updated driver from the hardware manufacturer’s version.

because the update didn’t install properly,

iTunes offers its own
AirPlay controls.
causes crashes or there’s a bug in the new version.
Check your printer’s firmware is v2.000 Which format
I recently updated support for or later; if not, update it using Canon’s Printer should I use for a
Q my Canon Pixma PRO-1 printer.
Following that, when printing a
Update Utility. Then uninstall it from the
Printers & Scanners pane.
USB memory stick?
> USB flash storage is
photo at high quality, the printer software Choose between installing version usually formatted as
crashed and the printer was unresponsive. of the printer driver from Canon, ExFAT, making it usable
I can’t understand much of the crash report’s or leaving macOS to install its latest release. on most computers.
contents, but it refers to EXC_BAD_ACCESS Normally you’re better off relying on macOS, There is no reason you
(SIGSEGV). How can I fix it? but for this model you may find the Canon- shouldn’t reformat as
by S I M O N S I M P S O N supplied driver supports higher quality output. Mac OS Extended if
If that still doesn’t work properly, install you’re only going to
That generic error usually indicates the previous driver if you happen to have a use it with Macs; High
A that the software is broken. After an
update, it shows that failed, either
copy to hand. If you don’t, check with Canon,
which should still be able to supply it.
Sierra can format some
drives as APFS instead.

Thunderbolt drive and High Sierra

If I upgrade to High Sierra, will is a kernel extension, before upgrading should be safe to leave Time Machine
Q my iMac still be compatible
with my Promise Pegasus
to High Sierra, as that version of the
system handles third-party extensions
backups turned on, as is the default,
provided that you don’t restart your
R4 RAID, which contains my backups? differently, requiring an additional iMac in Sierra. That often wipes out the
by I A N W I N K W O R T H authorisation step in order to use them. database which Time Machine uses to
With that new version of the determine what to back up, and may well
Yes, provided that you’re Pegasus Utility installed, you should force a complete backup of your iMac’s
A running current versions of the
drive’s software, and that you
be able to upgrade its firmware directly
from within the app, although older
drive, as if performing an initial backup.
If you have a Thunderbolt RAID array and you’re
update the drive’s firmware. versions sometimes caused problems. thinking of upgrading your operating system,
Before upgrading to High Sierra, visit If you do have issues, download the visit the manufacturer’s website and download
the latest support software for your drive.
the Promise support page at promise. firmware from the support page and
com/Support/downloadcenter. Select install it using the Firmware Update
Legacy products, then model details. command from the utility’s Admin menu,
Download the Pegasus Series Utility as detailed at
for Mac and the Pegasus Series Driver Once your RAID drive is fully up
for Mac, and install them. to date, proceed with the High Sierra
It’s worth installing the driver, which upgrade. When that’s complete, it @macformat
GENIUS TIPS Mac software

Mac software
Shine a spotlight on sagacious solutions
to your most maddening Mac maladies

Mac software I can’t read Apple’s free iBooks

questions I recently added Apple’s free iOS If that looks fine, shut down your Mac,

How can I check

Q user guides for iPhone and iPad to
the iBooks collection on my Mac.
wait 20 seconds, and start it up in safe
mode (see That clears
that an app is When I try to open either, I’m told that a a lot of caches and could help eliminate any
properly signed? different Apple ID was used to buy them, misunderstandings over your account and
> Download and install which isn’t the case, and they work fine on the Mac’s authorisations. Then restart your
What’s Your Sign? (free, my iPhone. How can I read them on my Mac? Mac normally and try again. by M A D D I E P L E A S A N T S If this problem only occurred after a
This utility adds a macOS system update was installed, that
‘Signing Info’ command Restart your Mac, and open the could be the cause. In this case, you need to
to Finder’s contextual
menu. ≈-click the app
A iCloud pane. Sign out, wait a few
seconds and then sign in again.
download the latest Combo updater for your
current version of macOS (go to support.
you want to check, Also try removing the books from your and search for ‘combo update’ and
choose that command, Mac and then redownloading them. your installed version number) and install that,
and you’ll see info If those don’t help, open Settings on as it can sometimes fix such strange problems.
about the developer’s your iPhone. At the top of the first page, tap Another trick is to repair your home
signature and its your name. You’ll see all your current Macs folder’s permissions – see
certificate authorities. and iOS devices listed. Tap your Mac there At the end of all that, if you have no joy,
and check its details – in particular that it’s call Apple support, as only it can fix problems
a trusted device. that might lie server-side with the store.

How can I check

I’m running the
latest Java?
> If you’ve got Java 9
installed, which is the
current major version,
there’ll be a Java icon
in System Preferences.
Click it and a separate
window will open. Go to
that window’s Update
tab to see the version
that’s installed and if
updates are available. iBooks should open books
Or, type java --version downloaded by your Apple ID,
if that Mac is signed in to the
in Terminal to see correct account and trusted.
version details there.

66 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Mac software GENIUS TIPS

Treemaps are invaluable for a quick overview of different

types of note; we even use them to manage Genius Tips. Mac software
Is there an easier
way to edit property
list files than Xcode?
> There are several,
including high-end XML
or text editors like BBEdit.
One of the most friendly
lightweight property list
editors is PLIST Editor
(£3.99, Mac App Store).
It’s considerably less
frustrating to use than
Tinderbox lets you structure your notes in hierarchies, and the tool found in Xcode.
using sophisticated links. These notes also form a timeline.

What’s the best

Finding an affordable database app for drawing
complex timelines?
I built databases using FileMaker affordable app, Bento, but unfortunately that > Try Aeon Timeline 2
Q Pro 13, and recently created one
for club quizzes. As that version
was killed off four years ago.
If you really want a database, a close
(£48.99, Mac App Store).
Though not cheap, it
is getting old (and isn’t supported on High alternative is Ninox (£33.99, Mac App Store). incorporates a database
Sierra), is there an affordable replacement? To check it out before buying, download the into which you can put an
by A L E X S A W A R D trial version from almost unlimited number
Consider other tasks you might want to of events. You can then
Upgrade pricing for FileMaker Pro use this for. If they’re based on structured text filter those you want
A starts with version 14, so you’d
have to pay full price to stick with it.
and images, look at a downloadable demo of
Tinderbox from Billed as a tool
to display in the final
timeline, making it ideal
In any case, for this task it would be overkill. for notes, it goes far beyond, and is ideal for for authors, project
FileMaker used to sell a simpler, more storing structured information and ideas. management, and so on.

Syncing folders to a backup

I used to sync key documents menu visible, which is done
Q to a thumb drive, as an off-site
backup. The app I used has
in Script Editor’s General
prefs. (Script Editor is part
now died, and I’m running High Sierra. of macOS, and located in
Is there a better way to do this? /Applications/Utilities.)
by M A R T I N T U C K You’ll need to write your
own script to copy files
Building folder actions in Hazel requires no scripting or programming,
There are no less than three from the watched folder
although it can run scripts you’ve written if you wish.
ways, depending on whether to your thumb drive.
you enjoy writing AppleScript You can do the same in a shell actions which run when conditions are
or shell scripts, or prefer to use a simple script using the fswatch command met – but without the need to write more
pane in System Preferences. ( Although powerful, complex scripts. For example, it would
AppleScript supports Folder Actions, these are not the simplest option. be very simple to copy files added to a
scripts that run whenever something Perhaps best for most of our readers specific folder to your flash drive. Hazel
changes in a folder, such as adding a is Hazel (about £24, does a great deal more beyond this, and
document to it. They’re now more fiddly In its System Preferences pane you can can be used to automate workflows that
to use, as you need to make the Script set folders to be watched, then define are usually manual affairs. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 67

Save money
on your
next Mac
Never pay full price for a Mac again with our
economic yet comprehensive money-saving guide!
Written by Alex Blake
pple’s computers are tricks that can save you a huge

A well known for their

high prices. While you
certainly get a lot for
your money, there’s no
doubting that buying a Mac requires
a big financial investment.
amount of money, so buying the
Mac you always wanted becomes
a much more palatable prospect.
From sales and specs to rights
and resellers, over the next few
pages we’ll take you through all the
But there’s no need to pay full ways you can save a packet when
price if you know where to look. buying a Mac. Read this and you’ll
There are plenty of clever tips and never need to pay full price again.

68 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Buy a bargain Mac FEATURE

Knowing what you need is vital

he tech world has a concept For processor clock speed
called ‘feature creep’, where and cores, if you mostly work
a product gains features until with audio then fewer cores
it becomes bloated and complicated. and a higher clock speed can
The same thing can happen when you be beneficial when it comes
buy a Mac. Better add more memory. to latency. However, video
And a more powerful processor. Oh, export and compiling apps
and don’t forget to get a larger display, benefit from extra cores
because you’ll need the extra screen working in tandem, despite Make sure you know what you intend to do with
your Mac before you buy it. For example, do you
space. Before you know it, you’ve the typically lower clock need more than 8GB of memory?
blown your budget on an absurdly speeds in this scenario.
powerful Mac that’s overkill. Apple offers a variety of storage apps or Safari tabs open at the same
options, from normal hard drives to time, you might need 16GB of memory.
Knowledge is power faster Fusion Drives to super-speedy If you intend to use an external
The key to avoiding this situation is SSDs. Work out how much space (and 4K or 5K display with your Mac, you’ll
ensuring you know exactly what you need to make sure the Mac is powerful
need before you start looking at Macs Don’t blow your budget on enough to run it. The support section
and get carried away. If you know what on Apple’s website has a page outlining
you need – and are strict about sticking
an absurdly powerful Mac the requirements for these displays
to that specification – there’s no need that you don’t need (
to spend more than necessary. Bear in mind that most Macs’
For example, do you really need an speed) you need, but remember that components can’t be changed – or not
Intel Core i7 processor? Many people you can expand it with an external easily – after purchase, so you need to
insist on having one because it has drive down the line. consider future uses for your Mac at
become something of a byword for Similarly, make sure you know that time. Thunderbolt 3 raises the
quality. It’s a powerful processor, but how much memory you really need. possibility of external graphics cards,
unless you regularly engage in heavy- For many ordinary tasks, 8GB is plenty. but Apple hasn’t yet finalised how that
duty video or photo editing work, you If you expect to use your Mac for more will work, and we can’t say for certain
can go without and save some money. intensive tasks, or like having lots of which models it’s relevant to just yet.

What extras will you need? Adaptors are good if you

Docks and adaptors to expand your options need portability, otherwise
consider a hub or dock.
Apple captured headlines when it say what’ll happen with the future Mac
introduced its USB-C MacBook back Pro and Mac mini. The MacBook and
in 2015. With just one port, it meant MacBook Pro have no USB-A ports.
you could use one peripheral at a time, While individual adaptors (such as
or none with the charger plugged in. USB-A to USB-C, allowing you to hook
If you’ve got a single-port MacBook, up your older peripherals) are great
an expansion hub can make a massive for portability, a larger dock is often
difference. Apple sells a Belkin USB-C more practical, especially if you don’t
hub with four USB-A ports for £69.95, move around much.
and there are many similar options. If you’re still running older tech
Apple has already migrated many such as FireWire hard drives, it’s worth
Macs to USB-C. So, if you use USB-A investing in newer kit with modern
accessories, your new Mac might not connections, rather than buying lots
have ports to connect them. The iMac of adaptors for it – especially storage
still has four USB-A ports, but we can’t that might be near the end of its life. @macformat
FEATURE Buy a bargain Mac

Buy from Apple

Getting a Mac from Apple
doesn’t have to be costly

hen it comes to buying a Mac
directly from Apple, there
are several ways to save
some money. Before you hand over
your hard-earned cash, there are a
few places you should check first.
Buying direct from
One is the clearance section on Apple needn’t
Apple’s website, which offers slightly mean breaking
older Macs (such as those from 2015 the bank…
and 2016) for a lower price. If you don’t
mind not having the latest and greatest
Mac available, this is a great place to
snag a bargain (see page 72 for more).
Separately, there’s also a section
offering second-hand Apple products
that have been refurbished by the However, the items in both the can seem daunting, Apple offers
clearance and refurbished sections get
company, also sold at a discount. While a way of making it more affordable.
snapped up quickly. If you’re interested
these are not unused, brand-new Macs Instead of buying the Mac outright,
in buying this type of Mac, it might be
(unlike clearance items), they have still you can spread the cost over six, 12,
an idea to set the appropriate place as
been tested and certified by Apple, so 18 or 24 monthly instalments using
your web browser’s homepage. Then
you know they’re in a good condition. PayPal, or up to 48 monthly instalments
you can quickly check for discounted
Every Mac sold this way comes with with Barclays Finance. There is an
a one-year warranty. Macs every time you go online, reducing interest rate with these two options
the risk that you’ll miss out on (14.9% at the time of writing), but
You can buy direct from Apple and a product you want to buy. do keep your eyes peeled – Apple
While the cost of buying occasionally lets customers pay in
still save money with clearance, a Mac directly from Apple monthly instalments with 0%
refurbished and finance options with one outright payment interest on your purchase.

Education & employee purchase plans

Use your workplace benefits to get money off a Mac
Apple offers a number of ways to can save up to £270 on a new Mac discounts of varying levels on many
save money on its products through through the Apple Store for Education. first- and third-party products. This is
your place of work or study. If you’re You’ll need to provide your UNiDAYS available online and in retail stores.
a student or teacher, for example, you registration info, or alternatively you You can buy a limited number of
can register with Apple using your discounted Macs, iPads, iPhones and
ID or acceptance letter. iPods each calendar year, for yourself
As well as that, Apple runs ‘back or friends and family. Check the terms
to school’ sales every year, usually in and conditions shown when you first
August. They’re a good opportunity sign in to your company’s special EPP
to get your Apple gear at a discount. web address to confirm the limits on
device types. AppleCare can also be
Making work pay purchased at a discount, along with
Many larger workplaces are signed add-ons such as adaptors, cables
If you’re a student or work in academia, you can get up to Apple’s Employee Purchase and displays. Savings vary between
money off in the Apple Store for Education website. Programme (EPP), which offers products, and not all are eligible.

70 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Buy from a reseller
Get extra savings on a Mac
from third-party retailers

hile Apple offers discounts what condition it will be
from time to time, you’ll in. It’s a good idea to test
often get more money off things like battery cycle
from third-party resellers. But before count to make sure no
you get started, it’s a good idea to buy parts are worn out. You
from an authorised reseller or service also need to be fast if you
provider; that way, you’re buying from see any ex-display units
Apple-approved companies. Moreover, on sale – naturally, they’re
any repairs at an Authorised Service usually limited in supply, so
Provider are done using genuine parts if you’ve already decided
by people trained by Apple. what Mac you want and
Many of these resellers offer deep you see it on sale, go for it If you want to buy a new Mac, make
discounts around Black Friday, so if while you can. sure you check third-party retailers
for significant discounts.
you’re not in a huge hurry it’s a good
idea to wait until then. For example, Bargain hunting
last year KRCS offered 10% off all On the other hand, if you want to buy a sure you keep your receipt and
Macs, and in 2015 and 2016 you could brand-new Mac but don’t mind if it isn’t AppleCare Proof of Coverage (if that
get 12% off. That also included build-to- the latest model, the best time to buy is applies), as Apple might ask to see them
order (BTO) models where you specify just after new models come out. At that if you need it to service your Mac. Many
your own specs; not all resellers reduce time, many resellers will reduce their resellers also offer their own support
their prices for BTO Macs, so ensure prices in order to shift old stock and services in addition to those from Apple.
you shop around before you settle on free up space for newer Macs. As a If you aren’t sure where your nearest
a place to order from. result, you can pick up a bargain for authorised reseller is, head over to
If you don’t mind buying kit that isn’t yourself. Check out page 72 for more, select a service and
brand-new, some shops sell ex-display information on this. enter your details. You can look up
units. Make sure you read the product If you want to buy from a reseller, numerous resellers, service providers,
description and, if possible, test out the consider how that might affect your training centres and consultants, all
unit before buying so you know exactly support and AppleCare options. Make approved and authorised by Apple.

Protect your purchase Team talk >

Your consumer rights and insurance options Alan says...
My parents saved
Apple provides its own insurance which AppleCare does not (annoyingly, more than £100 by
policy in the form of AppleCare. It it is covered in the US, but not the UK). waiting until Black
covers your Mac for up to three years In England, Wales and Northern Friday to upgrade their seven-
of hardware servicing from Apple or Ireland you have up to six years to year-old Mac mini. Unless you
from an authorised technician, plus return a product that was faulty when urgently need to replace your
software support and technical you bought it (five years in Scotland). Mac, I recommend doing that.
assistance by phone or a web chat. If you do so within the first 30 days, They were able to put the
Still, you should shop around before you are entitled to a full refund. If it’s difference towards upgrading
you decide to plump for AppleCare. For within the first six months, you have to another component. They
example, while AppleCare for Mac will give Apple a chance to repair the faulty stretched their budget a little
cost between £79 and £329 (based on Mac. Still, this all covers damage that further to upgrade the 2.5-inch
which Mac you buy), John Lewis offers was already present when you bought hard drive – old and slow tech –
a two-year warranty for free with every the Mac, so it’s best to have some form to a 256GB SSD, making their
Mac it sells. And unlike AppleCare, that of insurance (AppleCare or otherwise) new computer more responsive
warranty covers accidental damage, to give you extra protection. at a more palatable cost. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 71

FEATURE Buy a bargain Mac

Do you need the latest and greatest?

Save a bunch of money by purchasing an older Mac

pple is the master of bringing no need to go for a more expensive the first 30 days after purchasing it,
out new products, with each model just because it’s newer. CEX will try to repair it; if that’s not
launch hotly anticipated. But Auction websites such as eBay are possible, it will give you a full refund.
if you can resist the urge to buy the a particularly good place to look for If you need to return the Mac in the
latest shiny computer, you can save deals. Lots of people sell their old Macs first six months and require a refund,
yourself a load of money. when newer models get released, and CEX will offer you the current or
A lot of resellers will drop the price you can take advantage of that and original value (whichever is lower).
of previous-generation Macs when new snag a bargain. If you’re lucky, you may Smaller second-hand stores might
ones go on sale. If you don’t mind a less even find someone selling a Mac for far have older Macs in stock, but check
up-to-date model, this is an option to below its value to get any money they if they offer a warranty.
consider. As we mentioned on page 69, can to put towards their own upgrade.
it’s important to make sure you know There may be another way to save
what you want in a Mac. If a previous- money on a slightly older Mac a little Team talk >
generation Mac does exactly what
you need it to, there’s
closer to home: check to see if your
work intranet has a page where your
Jo says...
colleagues can list items for sale. You I recently bought
never know, someone might be selling a second-hand
a Mac for a good price. MacBook. My spec
requirements were low-level, but
Second-hand steals I was reluctant to buy from online
You might also be able to find a good second-hand sites – Macs aren’t
deal on a second-hand Mac in shops cheap even when second-hand,
like CEX. As well as that, some of and there’s an element of risk.
these shops offer warranties on Luckily, my friend frequently
Macs. CEX, for example, has a upgrades, so I got a deal from
two-year warranty with Macs, someone I trust. It also meant
although this only covers software the computer had already been
faults and does not include maxed out. There’s no warranty,
physical damage. If you need but I was lucky enough to know
to return a Mac to CEX within that the MacBook had been
well looked after.
If you’re thinking of buying a second-hand Mac,
some reputable retailers offer a warranty.

Raise money from your old Mac

Sell your unneeded tech to raise some cash
If you want to raise some extra cash might be able to sell your model for.
to put towards the purchase of a new Perhaps the best way to get an
Mac, consider selling your old computer. accurate sense of how much you might
Apple offers a trade-in scheme and will raise is by checking other listings on
give you cash to recycle your old Mac, eBay. Watch auctions of the same
but the prices it offers are not always model as the one you want to sell,
the best available. as that shows what people are willing
If you want to get an idea of how to pay (rather than Buy it Now items,
much your Mac is worth, use a website which often don’t sell at all).
called It’s prices are often However you sell your old Mac,
a little on the generous side admittedly, it’s an excellent way to reduce the
but it can be useful to see how much you amount you need to save up.

72 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Four ways to get a better deal Checklist
Know what you need
What’s the best way to avoid
spending more than you should?
Knowing what you’ll use the Mac
for. Do you need powerful parts,
or will a simpler Mac do the job?
Do your research, read reviews and
make sure you make an informed
decision before you overspend.

Shop around Newsletters Be active but patient

You should never just buy your Mac There’s nothing worse than finding out If you’re not in a hurry, wait
from the first shop you find. Shop about a fantastic deal after it’s ended. until the big sales, like Black Friday,
around, use price comparison websites Make sure you don’t miss out: sign up for the best deals. At the same time,
and browse sites like Money Saving to retailers’ newsletters. They’ll email if you see a top deal or a clearance
Expert to pick up some useful tips on you when they launch a sale or cut Mac Mac that you want, make a move
getting the best deal. prices, enabling you to take advantage. before it’s gone!

Shop around
Whatever you do, don’t just
buy a Mac from the first shop you
find – see what other sellers charge.
If you find a seller that has a great
warranty but high prices, see if they
will price match. TechRadar has a
good price-checking tool; use it to
explore your options. Only buy once
you’re happy you have a great deal.
Loyalty card points TechRadar deals
Signing up for loyalty cards is pretty Our sister website TechRadar features Check before you buy
much a no-brainer – they’re free, and if a price comparison tool (see the bottom If you’re buying a second-
you shop regularly enough you rack up of any of its Mac reviews), and regularly hand Mac, view it in person if
points quickly. With a John Lewis card, features round-ups of the best Mac possible. It is a good idea to check
you can put points towards a new Mac deals. It also occasionally gets exclusive its battery cycle count and other
and get the company’s longer warranty. money-off deals, so keep checking back. indications of overall health. You
don’t want to negate your savings
by having to spend on repairs.
Buying a second-hand Mac Protect your purchase
If you spend a lot of money
You have some rights, but exercise caution on a Mac, protect it with a warranty
The rights you get when you buy be of ‘satisfactory quality’. Superficial or insurance policy. If prices are
second-hand goods really depend on scratches probably won’t entitle you similar, consider buying it from the
whether you bought from a store or to a refund, but major damage should. retailer with the best warranty.
an individual. Buying from a retailer If you buy from a private individual,
guarantees you the right to cancel your rights are more limited. The Mac Know your rights
your purchase within 14 days. You are must still be as described. So, if it’s The rights you get when you
protected by the Consumer Rights Act, described as new, it can’t be second- buy a Mac depend on a lot of things,
which lets you get a refund if the item hand; if it was described as an ‘Apple such as whether it’s second-hand
is faulty or not as described, and the laptop’, it can’t be another brand. and whether you bought it from a
retailer must let you know about any The seller isn’t obligated to disclose retailer or an individual. Read up
defects before you buy. faults, though they can’t misrepresent on what you’re entitled to in order
Any Mac sold by a retailer must what they’re selling. to avoid any nasty surprises. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 73

What’s inside REUSE
74-77 Inspiring ideas for
NEW LIFE FOR revamping old
Apple kit
Luis tries to churn out
introspective essays on
retrospective printers EDITED BY LUIS VILLAZON
Can an old Mac and
Print from a classic Mac
a printer communicate his month, I am delving back
after all this time apart?
T into the collection of vintage
Macs and Apple hardware,
kindly donated by MacFormat reader
Tim Haq. There are two printers in this
collection; if I could get one to work,
I could print directly from a classic Mac.
Strangely, I do still use my Macintosh
SE, as I find the scatter-clack sound of
the classic Mac keyboard soothing.
Back in the March 2017 issue (#310),
I converted one of these keyboards to
work with modern USB machines, but
I also enjoy Microsoft Word running on
System 6.07, with the fan whining as I
squint at the tiny monochrome screen.
I write pointless introspective essays
and first chapters of books that I’ll
never finish. Given the hassle of copying
files onto a floppy disk, the best way to
Contact us back up these jottings would be to print
them out. Then they could be locked in
a safe and marked ‘to be destroyed in
Email your queries the event of my death’. As a sort of The Macintosh SE is a pleasure to use if you like the sound
and your questions to posthumous, hard-copy clickbait. of whirring fans while squinting at a small mono screen.

Keep up to date by CLASSIC APPLE KIT: POWERBOOK 5300CE

following us on Twitter
@macformat The PowerBook 5300ce was introduced in 1995 for a price that
would make us wince today: $6,500. But it was the first PowerBook
Join the conversation to use the new PowerPC processor and the first to use an 800x600
at SVGA display. It was also very compact for its time, and smaller even
macformat than the ‘WallStreet’ PowerBook G3 that was released three years
later. The 5300ce didn’t sell well though. As well as the high price,
Get the latest the plastic case was notorious for cracking and the Lithium battery
subscription offers at had to be recalled due to the fire risk.

74 | MACFORMAT | @macformat

Resurrecting old printers LOVE YOUR MAC

Vintage print
Can a printer still work after 25 years of neglect?


1 2 3
StyleWriter Paper feed Ink cartridge
Apple’s first inkjet printer can print The sheet feeder can be detached The StyleWriter’s print engine is made
one black-and-white page per minute from the StyleWriter to allow single by Canon, so Canon BC-10 bubblejet
at a resolution of 360dpi. sheets to be fed in manually. cartridges are compatible with it.

4 5 6
Cables LaserWriter Select 360 Toner cartridge
The StyleWriter only supports a serial The LaserWriter is capable of Refurbished Apple toner cartridges
connection. The LaserWriter can 600dpi resolution with an output of (part number M1960GA) are still
handle serial, parallel or (very slow) 10 pages per minute. This printer has available for the LaserWriter and
networking over AppleTalk. a minimum lifespan of 300,000 pages. should last for 4,000 pages. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 75

LOVE YOUR MAC Power to the printer

Old Age Printers

There may be ink issues, and worse, but Luis wants his printing fix
he smaller of the two printers is
Quick-fire T the Apple StyleWriter. This was
questions introduced in 1991, back when I was
still printing on dot matrix printers with an
Which of Apple’s ink ribbon. The ink cartridge will definitely
vintage laser have dried out to worthlessness by now, but
printers have compatible Canon cartridges are still quite
LocalTalk support? easy to get hold of. Less easy to replace is
Nearly all LaserWriters the AC adaptor. I looked through all the boxes
do. Exceptions are the of cables and oddments that came with the
Personal LaserWriter Haq Hoard, but there was no power brick
320, LS and SC, and with a barrel jack that fitted the printer. The The StyleWriter is in excellent mechanical condition,
the LaserWriter Select boilerplate markings on the underside of the but it suffers from a strange electrical fault.
300 and 310 models. printer state that it requires 9.5V DC. Although
I have a ridiculously large collection of ‘wall
Does toner go off? wart’ AC adaptors, none of them output
Laser printer toner precisely 9.5V. However I did find a 12V
is made up of plastic adaptor with the correct size of barrel jack.
mixed with carbon or Provided you have a power source that is
other pigments ground at least 2V higher than the voltage you need,
into fine particles you can always convert it to a lower voltage
(roughly the same using a ‘buck converter’. This is a solid-state
particle size as soot device that essentially switches the power
from a diesel engine). on and off extremely quickly to reduce the
Although the plastic is effective output voltage. I use these all the
stable, it will eventually time for Arduino projects, and I have a bunch The LaserWriter, however, is electrically sound, but delve
a little deeper and it’s rustier than a sunken U-boat.
settle and clump if left. of them that are tunable. You turn a little
Most cartridges are adjuster screw on the top to dial the voltage blue LED that normally shines annoyingly
still usable after three down to whatever you need. bright when it is powered up, but as soon
years, if stored in sealed as I plugged in the printer, the LED went out.
packing. But once Barrel of fun Unplugging it lit the LED again, so at least
opened, moisture and I cut the barrel jack connector off to splice I hadn’t blown the converter, but why was it
temperature variations in the buck converter, but stupidly, I forgot losing power? The StyleWriter uses 23W of
can give uneven prints to check the polarity of the connector first. power. At 9.5V, this means it draws 2.4 amps.
after a year or so. In most devices the sleeve of the connector The converter is rated for 3A and the power
is ‘ground’ and the inner tip is the positive brick for 2A. Technically, I was overloading the
connection, so I soldered in the buck converter adaptor by 20%, but there ought to be enough
with that assumption. The converter has a headroom for this to have worked, at least for
a short while. I tried swapping the polarity on
the barrel jack connector, just to make sure
but still, no dice. Conclusion: the StyleWriter
has an internal short circuit somewhere.
What about the LaserWriter, then?
Its condition is much worse, with very nasty
corrosion on the internal rollers. But when
If your printer has I plugged it in, it made some very promising
been sitting idle for a
few years, its toner cartridge The flashing yellow light of doom is not what you want whirring and humming noises, so I was
probably needs replacing. to see. This translates to ‘call a service engineer’. encouraged to press on. The paper tray

76 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Paper jam writer LOVE YOUR MAC

HOW TO Connect an old printer to a classic Mac

1 Cable
Classic Macs have two serial ports that
use the 8-pin, mini-DIN connector. The
2 AppleTalk
With the printer connected and on,
in System 6 or 7, click and hold the Apple
3 Settings
Chooser will automatically query the
printer to find out the print settings and
one with a printer icon doubles as the icon on the system menu and select paper sizes it supports. This will be saved
LocalTalk port (Apple’s network tech Chooser. Select the printer from the to a preferences file that is used for all
before widespread Ethernet). Macs from left-hand pane and click the radio button future print jobs. Should one Mac try to
the 80s and early 90s are able to use a that’s labelled AppleTalk (bottom right). print while another one is in the middle
LocalTalk connection box to share access LocalTalk is the cable spec, the actual of a print job, LocalTalk simply stalls the
to a printer that supports this protocol. network protocol is called AppleTalk. second Mac until the first one is finished.

printer to be networked
over AppleTalk. I have an old
AppleTalk cable, but it has
evidently been mistaken for
an ADB (Apple Desktop Bus)
cable at some point in its life.
Although both cables have the
same mini-DIN plug, they use
different numbers of pins.
Forcing the 8-pin AppleTalk
Squashed pins: unfortunately, the AppleTalk cable appears cable into a 4-pin ADB socket
to have been mistaken for an Apple Desktop Bus cable.
had squashed the extra pins
was jammed shut so tightly that I was flat. I tried straightening them
convinced I’d missed some hidden catch to out with a pair of needle-nose
unlock it. It was only when I became so pliers but, to nobody’s
desperate that I didn’t care about breaking it surprise, the bent pins
that I pulled hard enough for it to finally pop promptly snapped off. Luckily,
out. Along with my shoulder. There seemed an eBay search and £8.99 will
If your AC adaptor doesn’t
to be plenty of toner left in the cartridge, still get you a new AppleTalk cable today. supply the right voltage,
given the way it leaked out onto the floor. My Mac SE recognised the LaserWriter you can splice in an
immediately, and I watched excitedly as the adjustable buck converter.
Crushed pins green LED on the printer front panel flashed
The LaserWriter has connectors on the back to show it was receiving my document. For
for a Centronics parallel cable, and 25-pin 15 seconds I actually dared hope. Then the Next issue
serial, but my Mac/SE seems to expect the flashing green was replaced with flashing Luis cleans up some of
yellow, which means ‘call a service the old Macs and lists
When I plug it in, it makes engineer’. It turns out that it isn’t
just the tray that is jammed. The
them on eBay. Will he
make enough money
some very promising whirring entire paper feed mechanism is to cover the cost of
rusted solid. Back to saving my the bubble wrap and
and humming noises… jottings on floppy disks, I guess. packing tape? @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 77

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What’s inside

The iMac Pro,
bone conduction
headphones, a posture
aid, and much more… EDITED BY ALEX BLAKE BUYING
GROUP TEST Our authoritative reviews
Which fitness help you make more
smartwatch is king informed choices
of the workout
92 PRO
Two water-resistant
portable speakers try
to make a splash

Logic Pro X, a menu
bar enhancer, network
security and more

iOS SOFTWARE Manifesto – our ratings explained
A focal length photo
editor, a top-notch racer, Our reviews are totally the best we can find from +++++
and a sleep-tracking app independent; we’re not a reputable online dealer, Worth considering, though
affiliated with Apple or excluding delivery. there may be better options
anyone else, nor are we
influenced by advertisers. +++++ +++++
You can trust us to give A brilliant thing in all regards, Fundamentally flawed; look
an honest assessment and worth every penny at alternatives as a priority
of a product’s worth.
The prices quoted for +++++ +++++
products are correct at Strongly recommended; any A waste of your money and
the time of writing and are flaws are only minor concerns everyone’s time; do not buy!


Awarded to a Given to a Our group test
five-star product hardware or winner gets this
we believe is truly software product award for being
exceptional in its that might not be the best of its
category. Given solely at the the very best in its category, kind when pitted against
discretion of the Editor. but is noted for affordability. other comparable products.

MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 79

APPLE CHOICE Mac hardware

Colour-accurate display
with great connectivity
£439 FROM Philips,
FEATURES USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA,
10-bit colour panel, 99% Adobe RGB gamut

If your Mac hilips is well known for

has USB-C, P monitors, among many other

things. It has a reputation to
The resolution could be higher,
but this is a great option if you
want a large display.
you can treat uphold, and it clearly knows it. The
32-inch ‘328P6AUBREB’ (fortunately, also
this display as referred to as the ‘Brilliance QHD LCD and our tests bore this out. (To put this into
a complete monitor with HDR’) is aimed squarely at the
colour-critical design and production market.
context, the best of our 4K monitors group test
in 2017 achieved 92% of Adobe RGB.) The
data hub The product design is Philips’ tried-and- display’s internal processing is done in 12 bits
tested format: a swivel base with a spring- per colour and displayed at 10 bits, and the
loaded arm that provides fingertip-height LCD panel itself has an extremely wide
adjustment – assuming you have strong viewing angle typical of this IPS display tech.
fingers. This is a swivel display, too; it can Like other monitors in the Philips range,
rotate 90° if you prefer a portrait orientation this includes a Philips LowBlue Mode. This
display, although you’ll need to set the display reduces shortwave blue light wavelengths
rotation in System Preferences yourself. in a bid to improve ‘well-being’ and safeguard
The display’s bezel is slim and therefore vision, although if colour is important to you,
unobtrusive. The sleep and on-screen display you may notice the slight effect this has on
controls on the bezel are the touch-sensitive what’s displayed. It’s your call about using it,
variety, but there are clear labels over the but it’s there as an option.
sensors that make them fairly easy to use.
In case you missed it above , this is a Pro, not party
USB-C display, though it also has video inputs The display includes built-in speakers,
for HDMI, DisplayPort, and the ancient but positioned low in the back. These aren’t
unkillable D-SUB (VGA). Even the humble going to rock a party, but they are far from
MacBook can drive this display at its full the awful tinny excuses we’ve found in some
resolution at 60Hz as a second screen, while displays. Adjusting the volume requires a
drawing 60W for charging. In addition, trip to the on-screen displays and the bezel-
there’s an Ethernet port and two USB-A (3.0) based controls. This is a somewhat slow
ports, so if your Mac has USB-C, you can treat process, but to be fair it’s an issue that’s
VERDICT this as a complete data hub. standard across most displays.
Delivers impressive In use, this is an impressive, colour-
colour reproduction Quality, not quantity accurate display that provides rich support
and works very well The display resolution is Quad HD, that’s for Macs with USB-C ports, without
with USB-C Macs. 2560x1440 to pixel counters. Spread over compromising other connection options.
this 32-inch screen, it’s not Retina-class – The screen can justify its place in a serious
++++ at 93 pixels per inch – but what’s actually professional workspace, yet it’s actually
USB-C support more important than pixel count is the relatively affordable. It’s not a 4K display,
Colour reproduction quality of the image. Philips bills this as a so if pixel count is critical, keep shopping.
Good ergonomics ‘High Dynamic Range’ display, achieving But for colour accuracy and USB-C support,
Moderate resolution 99% of the Adobe RGB colour gamut – this is a great choice. KEITH MARTIN

80 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Mac/iOS hardware APPLE CHOICE

Bone conduction
technology means that
you can hear music
without the need for
intrusive earbuds.

AfterShokz Trekz Air

Immersive sound without intrusive earbuds
£149.99 FROM AfterShokz,
FEATURES Bluetooth 4.2, IP55 water resistance, sound leak reduction technology

The open-ear locking out ambient noise is fine On each side of the device there’s a small

headphones B in the gym, but can be dangerous

elsewhere. If you’re out on a run in
fingertip-sized housing that contains batteries
and controls. The controls are simple: on the
work by bone an urban environment or commuting through
busy streets and stations, you need to hear
right-hand side are volume buttons, which
send a tone to the speakers with every press
conduction, so what’s going on around you. Cue open-ear (and a higher-pitched tone when the maximum
you still hear sport headphones like the Trekz Air.
These wireless open-ear headphones work
volume is reached). That’s important because,
as open-ear headphones, there is always a risk
external noise by bone conduction, AfterShokz calls this of sound leakage.
‘OpenFit’, and it allows you to hear external We didn’t actually think sound leakage
noises. One of the bone conduction transducers was a major problem; people close to you can
is equipped with a mute button; located on the definitely hear what you’re listening to if your
left-hand side, it’s easy to find when, say, you’re music is at full volume, but only if you’re in
crossing a busy road. a very quiet environment. In that respect, the
With a titanium wrap-around band covered headphones work well in office environments,
in soft silicone, Trekz Air is light (a mere 30g), where you can listen to music without worrying
strong and flexible, and stayed in place whatever that you’ll miss a barked order from the boss.
we did. It sits comfortably within a small dimple
area at the top of the jawbone. So-so sound
It’s a really subtle, careful and clever design. Although intended for use during sports, we
Trekz Air can also be worn around your neck, found Trekz Air fine for general use, and the
shoved into a pocket or balanced on a hook, noise-canceling microphones enable clear
which is all useful stuff for a pair of headphones voice calls. Bluetooth pairing with our phone
designed to be used when exercising. The same was easy and the signal reliable.
goes for the IP55-rated waterproof build. The sound is good enough for the gym or
office (and much fuller than cheaper open-ear
headphones), but not as good as a pair of regular
VERDICT earphones. In a busy city centre or in blustery
Clever, and so comfy wind, we found that volume and bass levels
you forget they’re on, weren’t high enough – and at full volume you
but battery life and start to feel the vibrations in your jawbone, with
audio quality suffer. the odd sensation of a slight tickle in your ears.
More of an issue is the short battery life,
+++++ which lasts just six hours. However, a quick-
Fits securely on head charge mode gives you enough juice in 15
Flexible, lightweight minutes for an hour in the gym. That middling
Sound quality Trekz Air lets you immerse yourself in music but retain battery life really is the trade-off for the clever
Short battery life the ability to hear what’s going on around you. lightweight design. JAMIE CARTER @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 81

APPLE CHOICE Mac hardware

iMac Pro
Extreme price, extreme power
From £4,899 (£9,039 configurattion tested) FROM Apple,
DISPLAY 5120x2880-pixel Retina display PROCESSOR 3GHz, 10-core Intel
AMD Vega 64 16GB CONNECTIVITY 4x Thunderbolt 3, 4x USB 3 (Type-A),
10Gb Ethernet, SDXC card slot, 3.5mm jack, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2

The only thing he iMac Pro is a wolf in sheep’s

more amazing T clothing – somehow, Apple has

packed a workstation with up to
than the feat an 18-core Xeon processor in a frame the
exact size of the regular 5K iMac. The only
of producing thing more amazing than the engineering feat
the iMac Pro is of producing it is the price you might pay for
one. But this is a truly pro machine, and that
the price you kind of power comes at a cost.
pay for one Apple provided us with a very high-end
unit for our review (see the specs above), but
the ‘basic’ £4,899 model offers an eight-core,
3.2GHz Intel Xeon processor, a less-potent
8GB AMD Vega 56 graphics card, 32GB of
memory, and a 1TB SSD. It’s all hugely
configurable – even beyond our beefy unit,
you are able to choose a 14-core processor You get a Space Grey mouse,
(a £1,440 upgrade from the entry-level keyboard and trackpad
exclusively with iMac Pro.
specification) or an 18-core option (£2,160).
Going from 32GB of memory to 128GB alone
costs £2,160. Customisations add up quickly.
If you’re wondering what the benefits are
of spending that kind of money on a hulking
supercomputer that fits behind a monitor,
you can probably already rule out the iMac irresistible) Space Grey finish for their
Pro as being for you, even if you can afford it. powerful desktop computer.
If you’re a video editor, you will see big But the gist is this: the reason this costs
The Space Grey rear side is
especially dramatic. Not that benefits from having multiple cores to render so much is that it’s using workstation parts
you’ll really get to enjoy it. high-res footage and play it back in real time. like ECC (error-correcting code) memory,
Programmers compiling which means your huge, vitally important
code will benefit from big work is less likely to become corrupted and
parallel computing output. crash apps out, losing you time and money.
Extreme Photoshop users If you need it, you need it. If not, go cheaper.
will find the giant memory
option useful. To make it Power play
worthwhile, you probably Okay, enough sensible money and specs talk.
have to be someone who You want to know how fast it actually is to
looks at the price of the use, right? Obviously, it’s fast. Really fast.
iMac Pro, calculates how Everything you do is effectively instant,
much time it could save, though that’s partly down to the storage,
and then works out whether which is comically speedy, just like all Macs
the two balance. Either that with flash storage these days. This is part of
or a millionaire who just what makes it so good for video work (see
really wants the (admittedly page 85 for our video pro’s opinion of what

82 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat



iMac 27-inch 5K
3.8GHz £2,249

5120x2880-pixel MacBook Pro 15-inch
Retina display 2.9GHz, £2,699
3.8GHz quad-core
Intel Core i5 processor SPECIFICATIONS
8GB memory (up to 32GB) 2880x1800-pixel
2TB Fusion Drive Retina display
8GB AMD Radeon Pro 580 2.9GHz quad-core
Intel Core i7 processor
16GB memory
512GB PCIe-based SSD
4GB AMD Radeon Pro 560,
Intel HD Graphics 630

5K, you can. Not always

super-smoothly, but games
a few years old, like the
Tomb Raider reboot, can
hit 30fps in 5K and 60fps in
4K at higher quality settings.
This Mac is also powerful
it’s like to actually use for 4K video editing). enough for VR content creation, which
Since this performance isn’t unique to the Apple’s keen to push, though it’s still only
iMac Pro, its speed only really stands out just getting started on Macs, really.
from other Macs once you start processor- One thing that softens the price of the
or graphics-intensive tasks. iMac Pro is that it’s basically a workstation
So, the next thing we tried was our video with a free 5K screen included. A standalone Alan says…
export test in HandBrake. In the benchmarks 5120x2880-pixel, 27-inch display that works I can’t deny that I’d
on page 84, you’ll see a huge boost over the love to own an iMac
regular 5K iMac: this Pro model is three times Pro, but the regular
faster! That’s what we mean about the price 27-inch iMac has an
being worthwhile if it saves you a lot of time. amazing screen in its
It’s a similar story when it comes to the own right; the extra
computer’s graphics. The Vega 64 chip in our processing power of
review unit is AMD’s big powerhouse, meant the iMac Pro would be
to battle the top-end cards from rival Nvidia, wasted on me in most
and there’s big performance here. In Unigine tasks anyway. But if
Heaven benchmarks, it doubles the score of I were doing video
the 5K iMac, which is a good start. But that’s editing and graphics
not real-world usage. The more important fact Apple has accommodated the iMac Pro’s more powerful work, I couldn’t ignore
is that, if you want to play games in 4K or even components thanks to a redesigned cooling system. the Pro so easily. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 83

APPLE CHOICE Mac hardware

BENCHMARKS Our analysis explained

iMac Pro 10-core 3GHz Late 2017 iMac Pro 8-core 3GHz Late 2017 iMac Pro 8-core 3GHz Late 2017 iMac Pro 8-core 3GHz Late 2017
4914 9mins 40 secs 35.7 2485.5MB/s
iMac 27-inch Retina 5K 3.4GHz Mid 2017 iMac 27-inch Retina 5K 3.4GHz Mid 2017 iMac 27-inch Retina 5K 3.4GHz Mid 2017 iMac 27-inch Retina 5K 3.4GHz Mid 2017
3856 27mins 35secs 19.2 708MB/s

MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.9GHz Mid 2017 MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.9GHz Mid 2017 Test not possible on other available models MacBook Pro 15-inch 2.9GHz Mid 2017
4144 22mins 32secs 2578.0MB/s

0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 0 15 30 45 60 75 90 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Index score (higher is better) Duration (lower is better) Frames per second (higher is better) Transfer speed (higher is better)
This tests the capability of a single We transcode a Blu-ray–quality For a real-world gaming test, we Using BlackMagic’s Disk Speed Test
processor core. Many more common video file into H.264 format using use the benchmarking tool in the app, we get a reading for the fastest
tasks on a Mac will only use a single Handbrake to test the multi-core game Tomb Raider, with the graphics speed the machine can read files
core at a time. Intel’s Turbo Boost processor performance, which settings set to High and the display from its built-in storage, measured
technology comes into play here. pushes all cores to maximum output. resolution set to 5120x2880 pixels. in megabytes per second.

over one Thunderbolt 3 cable will set you for true HDR LCD TVs. It’s also not a native
back £1,400, so getting it as part of the 10-bit display, which is what HDR requires,
package here definitely adds to the appeal. instead using spatial and temporal dithering
That said, it’s the same panel you get in techniques to mimic 10-bit colour on an 8-bit
the regular 27-inch, non-Pro iMac, so if that’s display. The difference is small and the
the bit that interests you, you don’t need to complaint niche, but ‘small’ and ‘niche’ are
stump up five grand or more to get it. the main words we’d use to describe this
Still, the important thing is that the screen Mac’s intended audience, so it’s worth noting.
is totally gorgeous. It’s bright, the colours are
fantastically vibrant, and everything looks Ports mean peripherals
super-sharp, of course. For photography and At the rear, it’s nice to see Apple has avoided
4K video playback, it’s pretty much best in cutting back on connections, as it did on the
class, although we know some people don’t MacBook Pro – you get four USB-A ports,
like the glossy, glass-coated finish. an SDXC card reader, a 3.5mm jack, the
It does have one downside, though, which humble Ethernet port (but with support for
is that it’s not rated for HDR at all – having a not-so-humble 10Gbps connection) and four
a built-in way to check your HDR grading Thunderbolt 3 ports (which double as USB 3.1
would’ve been a boon for pro video editing. because that uses the same USB-C connector).
The 500-nit brightness (comparable to some Again, the need for Thunderbolt 3 is niche,
monitors that say they are HDR-capable) is a but it’s heaven if you have 4K videos to import
start, but is way below the 1,000 nits expected or need up to two more 5K displays.
The ports have the same problem regular
iMacs have, though, which is that they’re a
pain to reach. It’s hard enough to get a USB-A
VERDICT plug the right way up first time anyway, but
An amazing iMac, especially while fumbling around the back of
but for a specific kind this beast. Think about adding a USB hub or
of person (or one a Thunderbolt 3 dock to help with this.
with expensive taste). Would we recommend the iMac Pro, then?
Absolutely, but only if it really works out as
+++++ being worth it for you – and only if you have
Massively powerful the business accounts to calculate that. If you
Lovely 5K display only want to know whether the iMac Pro is
It costs so much! a stunningly powerful miracle of design,
Lacking in internal The Thunderbolt 3 ports look identical to plain USB-C, but though, the answer is a firm yes.
upgrade possibilities they support super-fast 40Gbps transfers and 5K displays. MATT BOLTON

84 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat


A pro video editor’s opinion

What the new iMac’s target market really thinks
ver the years, I’ve used a lot of motion in videos – took moments and not
O different computers from various
brands to do high-end video editing.
the usual minutes to prepare.
The iMac did start to struggle with 8K
And I ask a lot from them. Now that 4K video RED footage, and when effects were added
is the norm in my sector of the industry, this a preview render was needed – but this was
has really put the cat among the pigeons to be expected. 8K is really hardcore.
when it comes to performance – doing Exporting was also really impressive.
anything in real time with a timeline full of I queued up a web-friendly, one-minute
4K clips tends to bring a lot of computers to About our pro video made up of random 4K clips to
their knees. I was thrilled to get the chance export in H.264 format, using a resolution
to see how the iMac Pro copes with this. Alun Pughe of 4096x2160 pixels, two passes, and a
For my work during the time I had the Alun is Commercial target bitrate of 25Mbps. This rendered
iMac Pro, I was using Adobe Premiere Pro Film & Video Director within three minutes. That’s as much as
CC with RED raw footage, Canon C200 for MacFormat’s parent five times faster than my usual (pretty
company, Future. He has
CinemaRawLite and some lower tier Sony worked with big-name
beastly) PC. The process was surprisingly
FS7 XAVC clips to see how it performed. clients including Canon, quiet and, though cooling fans weren’t
Watching 4K footage on the iMac Ducati, Sony, EE, Tesco, heard, the iMac Pro didn’t become
Pro’s screen was a joy. The colour space Intel and Yamaha. noticeably warmer. Absolutely amazing.
and contrast showcases your footage
beautifully, but I soon found myself wishing
I had more than 27 inches of screen to
monitor the clips and still have space for
scrubbing through the timeline or utilising
other windows. The computer does have
multiple Thunderbolt 3 ports for adding
extra displays, though.

With various 4K clips in a

timeline, I was immediately
impressed that no frames
were dropped in playback
Ingesting footage was instantaneous,
and after I added the various 4K clips to a
timeline, I was immediately impressed that
there were no dropped frames whatsoever
in playback. Adding multiple live colour
grading adjustments during playback and
making amends to their settings didn’t
affect the experience either – even when
playing them full screen. At one point,
I had more than four layers of effects on
a clip before playback started missing
frames, and even warp stabilisation –
a resource-intensive tool for reducing @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 85


Just Mobile ShutterGrip

Remote iPhone shooting on a budget
£39.95 FROM Just Mobile,
FEATURES Non-slip ergonomic grip, autoconnects at power on, tripod screw, CR2032 battery

hile the cameras the shutter section of a small

W on iPhones have
improved rapidly,
DSLR. The phone is clamped
securely into the housing, so
a phone’s body is a pretty it’s easier to hold steady.
imperfect shape for taking The second method lets
pictures. Fingers can get in you press the shutter button
front of lenses, and you can wirelessly, which triggers The unit is small and discreet, but
forget about snapping at the camera in the mode set provides greater stability when
holding your phone as a camera.
tricky angles. ShutterGrip is on the phone, and in bursts
a combined grip and mount if you hold down the button. or for placing the phone in
VERDICT for smartphones to fix that. The main housing has a remote or tricky position
A flexible add-on You pop the battery into a universal tripod screw and triggering from nearby.
that makes stable the trigger section, then turn available to mount on tripods, Black, blue or gold options
and creative phone on the device and pair easily as well as a lanyard hole, and are available to buy. For more
photography easy. over Bluetooth with your a wrist strap is included. As creative control of shooting
phone. The system works in mentioned, the trigger can be on a phone, this is a great
++++ two ways. When slotted separated and used remotely, solution and a worthwhile
Makes shooting easier together, the two parts form a which is great for selfies – if buy, especially if you take a
Inevitably adds bulk grip that simulates the feel of that’s your thing, of course – lot of photos. HOLLIN JONES

Upright Go
Improve your posture Feedback is very
responsive, but the
cost of the sticky
£69.95 FROM Upright, mounts for the
FEATURES Posture sensor, adhesive strips, companion iOS app device will add up.

pright Go is the annoying when,

U tech equivalent
of a bad-tempered
for example, you
are attempting to
schoolteacher yelling at remove a toddler’s
you to sit up straight. coat and it keeps
The hardware resembles a going BUZZ BUZZ
tiny computer mouse, which BUZZ. Thanks, tiny We have some
you wear on your back, and white tech limpet! reservations about the
there’s an app too, of course. You can adjust sensitivity adhesive strips used to stick
VERDICT The app and wearable and volume levels, but for Upright Go to your person.
A sleek, elegant quickly connect, and the extended general use, you’re You only get five in the box
posture trainer, calibration happens by better off with the recording- (which last a week or two
with just enough you sitting up straight and only tracking mode, which each), and must then buy
customisation options. pressing a button on your guilts you at the end of the packs of 10 for £9.99. All in
iPhone’s screen. day with graphs showing all, though, Upright Go is
++++ Upright Go defaults to when you’ve failed to sit up unobtrusive, very smartly
Unobtrusive and training mode. This buzzes straight. (The battery lasts designed, and could help if
adjustable sensor when you heavily slouch – about 10 hours. A recharge you want to improve your
Fussy training mode great when desk-bound, but takes an hour.) posture. CRAIG GRANNELL

86 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

APPLE CHOICE Mac hardware

Adonit Pro 3
Write on your touchscreen
£23.99 FROM
FEATURES Disc tip, textured grip, magnetic cap
The Adonit Pro 3
may lack pressure
donit makes the few moments you forget the senstivity, but the disc
A Pixel stylus, an
alternative to
disc and use the Pro 3 like a
ballpoint. It’s small (maybe
and fine tip help with
writing accuracy.
Apple Pencil for non-Pro too small for big hands), but
iPads. But the Pro 3 is a beautifully made; the lid
passive version, requiring no snaps on over the tip with
Bluetooth and no batteries. a satisfying magnetic clunk,
Unlike cheap rubber-tipped and to the other end (which
styluses, it has a fine point. has an integral pocket clip)
To persuade your iPad to to keep it safe while you’re
VERDICT recognise this, it’s attached using the stylus.
It works with iPhone, by a ball joint to a fingertip- The Pro 3 lacks Apple
there’s no battery to sized transparent plastic Pencil’s precision, and you
charge, and the closest disc, which skates across the also can’t lean on the screen could with a rubber tip.
you’ll get to a Pencil. glass as you write or draw. with impunity while using it, If you don’t want to stretch to
We first saw this system which reduced the neatness a Bluetooth device, starting
++++ years ago in Adonit’s Jot pen, of our writing and drawing. at around three times the
Very fine point and it still looks weird – but But it did enable us to work price, the Pro 3 is pretty
Limited palm rejection it works brilliantly. After a much more finely than we effective. ADAM BANKS

Elgato Eve Button

Control the mood at home with just a press
£44.95 FROM Elgato,
FEATURES Bluetooth LE, CR2032 battery

ithout Hey Siri, a single press, double-press

W you have to tap
your iPhone or
and long press. Each can
activate one or more scenes, Eve Button comes only in this
iPad to control HomeKit set the state of one or more metal and black design, which
scenes and accessories. accessories, or a combo of may not be to your tastes.
That, or buy a programmable those. We noticed a pause There’s just one design,
remote that can invoke a between pressing the button which may not complement
limited number of actions. and getting results. It wasn’t your decor. Button itself is
Eve Button isn’t the first terribly long, just noticeably competitively priced, though
of its type; second-generation not ‘instant’. not what we’d call a bargain.
VERDICT Logitech Pop buttons work We set the button to light Still, we quickly grew to
A practical HomeKit with HomeKit, too. Elgato’s up our living room when appreciate it as a fixture near
add-on, but like many 5cm-square and 1.3cm deep clicked, a double-press to do our home’s entrance (though
rivals it’s a bit costly. gadget has an advantage:, the same in our hallway, and it’s designed to be portable).
though: it doesn’t require a long press to turn off all Just bear in mind you need
++++ a bridge (and a plug socket) lights and our HomeKit- an Apple TV with tvOS 11 or
Nothing to plug in to talk with Apple’s tech. connected power switches – an iPad set as your home hub
A bit pricey, and needs In the Eve or Home app, handy when heading to to pass on your commands.
a HomeKit hub on top you can set what happens for work for the day, or to bed. ALAN STONEBRIDGE @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 87


Reviewed by TIM HARDWICK

Five wearable devices that promise to How we

help you lead a healthier, fitter lifestyle Each smartwatch
was tested in various
earables made something of a promise valuable insights into your overall scenarios calling for
W comeback last year following
a turbulent 2016, in which the
health. They provide a wealth of biometric
measures and workout functions to improve
sustained anaerobic
and/or aerobic activity.
smartwatch market saw sharp declines your well-being. But with so many competing This included running,
across the board. While Apple maintained devices, how do you choose between them? cycling and high-
its position as market leader with Apple Here, we compare the health and fitness intensity training in
Watch Series 2, it still had to go back to basics capabilities of five of the latest smartwatches: a variety of weather
for its next smartwatch, avoiding replicating the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, Fitbit Ionic, conditions, and also
iPhone functions on the wrist and instead Garmin Forerunner 735XT, Casio Pro Trek tested for everyday
renewing its focus on fitness. Its rivals did WSD-F20, and Apple Watch Series 3 wear. We used a Moov
the same, and global smartwatch shipments (with GPS). We reviewed each in terms of Burn HR chest strap
have since rebounded. design, comfort, tracking features, display, and a Yamax SW-200
The most popular devices on the market battery life, and app-based analytics. Note: our DigiWalk pedometer
main focus is on the specific activity and fitness to compare the metrics
The most popular devices tracking smarts of these devices, but if any of that were recorded by
their additional features help achieve that end, each watch.
promise valuable insights we’ve mentioned those too. Let’s see which
into your overall health brand came out on top.

88 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Fitness smartwatches APPLE CHOICE

Garmin fenix 5
£499 .99
This steel smartwatch
with GPS packs in-depth
training and analysis
features, and up to two
weeks of battery.

Apple Watch Series 3
(GPS) From £329
Samsung Gear
Fit2 Pro £209
Garmin Forerunner
735XT £299.99
Fitbit Ionic £299.99
Casio Pro Trek Smart
WSD-F20 £450

Things to consider…
A few advanced features to look out for
Workout tracking Fashion style
1 A good workout mix is vital for fitness. 4 Will you be wearing your tracker all …or lower?
Good wearables let you track a variety of the time, or only during training sessions? How Misfit Vapor
workouts, adjusting for irregular movements agreeable a device looks is an important factor £185
which in turn affect calorie burn and heart rate. to consider if it’s all-day tracking you’re after.
Misfit’s GPS-enabled
Heart rate monitor Display performance touchscreen watch
2 Look out for wearables that measure 5 If you read data mid-activity, it helps if features standalone
not only your heart rate during exercise, but your wearable has a good screen. If it lights up music playback
also your average resting heart rate, which is in the dark, great; if it adapts to ambient light and storage.
considered a better indicator of overall health. levels to boost legibility, all the better.

Battery life Third-party support

3 How long does the device run on one 6 Most wearables come with an iOS app
charge? If you’re looking to monitor your sleep for pairing, but some also let you link up other
as well as your activity, a device that can’t see third-party apps (like Runtastic) to your device
out the day won’t be much good to you. so you can do more with your biometric data. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 89


Test 1 Design Test 2 Metrics

Form as well as function? What can each device measure?
Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) comes All of the watches record elevation,
in 38mm and 42mm sizes and has an steps taken and (estimated) calorie
aluminium case in a silver, gold, or consumption by default. GPS is also
space grey finish. It looks cool and sits offered across the board for timed
comfortably thanks to the Sport Band workouts, but Garmin is ahead of the
(available in three matching colours). pack in this area with up to 14 hours
Casio’s ‘track-and-field’ style easily of continuous location tracking.
makes it the chunkiest watch on test. Apart from Casio, all the watches
It’s conspicuous on even large wrists and certainly doesn’t here feature heart rate (HR) tracking. Apple Watch takes
look casual or fashionable against a shirt sleeve. Fitbit Ionic’s a high-resolution recording of your heart rate during
angular face can’t match Apple’s aesthetic and doesn’t feel as workouts, otherwise it turns the heart rate sensor on only
comfy, but several bands are available that offer better comfort every five minutes, rather than offering a continuous readout
and style for all-day wear. like Fitbit, Samsung and Garmin do. As an outdoor watch,
The round Garmin can also be accessorised with bands, the Casio knows nothing of sleep, while Fitbit tracks it closest.
but its HR sensor doesn’t sit flush on the back and leaves an Every other device on test offers decent native sleep tracking
unsightly imprint. The Samsung feels a lot more forgiving on with the exception of Apple Watch, although Series 3’s
the wrist, but the wraparound style divides opinion. improved battery life means third-party apps fill this gap.


Apple Watch Series 3 +++++ Garmin Forerunner 735XT +++++ Apple Watch Series 3 +++++ Garmin Forerunner 735XT +++++
Casio Pro Trek Smart +++++ Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro +++++ Casio Pro Trek Smart +++++ Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro +++++
Fitbit Ionic +++++ Fitbit Ionic +++++

Usability Data analysis

Testing everyday performance How is activity recorded?
Though Apple Watch Series 3’s battery Apple Watch Series 3 records a lot
life is improved over the last model (up to more workout types than previous
2.5 days in our tests), it still lags behind models, and its Activity app has plenty
rivals in this area. Touchscreen-wise, of motivating achievements. Third-party
Fitbit and Samsung are tied for second integration has also stepped up a notch,
place behind Apple Watch; both have with improved HealthKit support and
excellent responsive displays and, like the all-new GymKit, which lets you
Apple Watch, offer a variety of appealing connect to compatible gym equipment.
yet functional watch faces – but they were able to last four days Casio’s outdoor emphasis is clear in its comprehensive
in tests. All of those devices adapt to ambient light for optimal trekking, cycling, fishing, paddling and snow sports modes,
brightness and energy-saving, which makes the two-day life of but everyday workout options are limited. By contrast, Fitbit
Casio’s unremarkable touchscreen seem relatively tame. That’s features modes for most exercises like cycling and swimming,
also true of Garmin’s tired-looking display, but at least there’s as well as gym machines such as treadmills. Samsung also has
a trade-off here: the Forerunner 735XT can go up to 11 days a good selection of workout modes, although its app analytics
on a single charge, without foregoing basic features like smart aren’t as well presented. But Garmin is still miles ahead here
notifications and HR/activity tracking. The Apple, Samsung, thanks to its incredible array of sports-tracking options and
and Fitbit devices also include neat music storage features. heaps of customisation tools in its accomplished iOS app.


Apple Watch Series 3 +++++ Garmin Forerunner 735XT +++++ Apple Watch Series 3 +++++ Garmin Forerunner 735XT +++++
Casio Pro Trek Smart +++++ Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro +++++ Casio Pro Trek Smart +++++ Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro +++++
Fitbit Ionic +++++ Fitbit Ionic +++++

90 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Apple Watch Series 3
ticks a lot of fitness
tracking boxes.

THE WINNER Alex says…

I love using my Apple

Apple Watch Series 3 Watch Series 1, but the

latest model has me
Super-powerful wireless performance seriously tempted to
upgrade. It’s Apple’s
ith its limited everyday fitness The Fitbit and Samsung devices are great approach to fitness that
W smarts and lack of HR tracking,
the Casio WSD-F20 comes last in
for tracking all-day activity and workouts,
but syncing on the former is buggy, and
I like – encouraging you
to improve every day in
our test; that’s not to write it off, it’s just that the latter is marred by a lacklustre app achieveable ways rather
it’s better suited to off-roaders and explorers experience. Neither criticism can be aimed than setting you absurd
looking to map hiking routes than fitness fans at Garmin, with its exhaustive analytics and targets. Mixing that
and workout warriors. impressive multiple training modes. But philosophy in with the
it’s the superior screen, app improved hardware in
The superior screen and all-round integrations and all-round Series 3 makes it ideal
tracking performance of if you’re a fitness fan –
performance of Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 3 that or if you just want to
Series 3 ultimately won us over ultimately won us over. get a little healthier.

do they
Apple Watch Casio Pro Trek Smart Fitbit Garmin Forerunner Samsung Gear
> THE SPECS Series 3 (GPS) WSD-F20 Ionic 735XT Fit2 Pro
PRICE From £329 £450 £299.99 £299.99 £209

TRACKING METRICS Elevation, steps, calories, Elevation, steps, Elevation, steps, calories, Elevation, steps, calories, Elevation, steps, calories,
heart rate, pace, distance speed, distance heart rate, pace, distance heart rate, pace, distance heart rate, pace, distance
GPS BATTERY LIFE Up to 5 hours Up to 8 hours Up to 10 hours Up to 14 hours Up to 9 hours
BATTERY LIFE Up to 2.5 days Up to 2 days Up to 5 days Up to 11 days Up to 5 days
TOUCHSCREEN OLED Dual colour/mono LCD Colour LCD Memory-in-pixel (MIP) Curved super AMOLED
WATER RESISTANCE Up to 50m Up to 50m Up to 50m Up to 5m Up to 50m
DESIGN +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++
METRICS +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++
USABILITY +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++
DATA ANALYSIS +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++
OVERALL +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++

Note: The final verdict scores reflect the overall opinion of a product and are not necessarily an average of the criteria listed in the table. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 91


Reviewed by TIM HARDWICK

Ultimate Ears Tangent
Wonderboom Pebble Splash
£89.99 FROM £49.99 FROM

Design +++++ Design +++++

UE’s rugged speaker features a wraparound grille for 360° Thanks to its slim rectangular design and singular row
audio and volume controls emblazoned across the front. of top-mounted controls, the Pebble Splash feels sleek
A soft rubber top and bottom protects it from drops up to and looks stylish. But despite the rounded corners and
five feet, and keeps it buoyant when submerged in water, rubber handle, the shape of this unit lacks grip and
while a rubber cap safely conceals the mini-USB port. makes the plastic rim vulnerable to drops.

Features +++++ Features +++++

Wonderboom’s 10-hour battery capacity doesn’t weigh it Concealed beneath the Pebble Splash’s water-resistant
down, and the pebble-shaped speaker can be submerged side cover is an auxiliary line-out connection and
in up to one metre of water for 30 minutes. You can pair a mini-USB power port, the latter providing up to
it with up to eight Bluetooth devices and connect up 10 hours of audio on a single charge. The Pebble Splash
to two of them at the same time. You can then even also features a built-in microphone for making hands-free
pair a second Wonderboom for a bigger sound. calls or joining conference calls.

Audio performance +++++ Audio performance +++++

Whether you’re in the shower or by the pool, this speaker The Pebble Splash speaker claims to deliver its audio
hits all the right notes. It offers clarity in the midrange from ‘multiple’ speaker drivers, but most of the music
and just the right amount of treble to avoid sounding we played only appeared to come from one side of the
harsh in close quarters. Wonderboom has big bass device. It also sounded a little tinny in a shower when
output, but manages to disperse and manage it so well compared to the Wonderboom, and lacked the latter’s
that it doesn’t come across as boomy. punchy 360° delivery in outside environments.

Controls +++++ Controls +++++

The Wonderboom’s controls are as big as its sound – its The strip of buttons along the top of the speaker’s rim offer
one-touch pairing button never failed us, and the large rubberised controls for power, playing and pausing audio,
tactile volume controls on the front of its grille are nice and skipping tracks forwards and backwards. They feel
and responsive. Multiple presses of the UE button on the responsive to the touch, but we experienced some niggly
top also play, pause, and skip songs right from the speaker. dropouts when manually pairing Bluetooth devices.

Whether you use the UE Wonderboom in the shower The Pebble Splash is good looking and offers decent
or take it to the pool, it’s hard to fault the speaker’s long-lasting sound, but the bass tends to lack depth
powerful all-day sound and rugged versatility. at higher volumes, and we wouldn’t want to drop it.

+++++ VERDICT +++++

92 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

ChromaVerb is the new
PlatinumVerb, with excellent
effects and cute eye candy.

Logic Pro X 10.4

Real improvements for Apple’s pro music software
£199.99 (free to existing Logic Pro X users) FROM Apple,
NEEDS macOS 10.12 or later

Space oint releases usually mean minor EQ is modelled on the Neve preamps of classic

Designer has P changes, but Logic Pro X 10.4

delivers big improvements. The
rock, and delivers a warm, crunchy tone.
Apple previously acquired and integrated
gone Retina, first new feature is tempo detection, which
listens to you play and adjusts the tempo
Camel Audio’s Alchemy plugin with Logic, and
now it has done the same with Camel’s Space
and it’s joined accordingly. You can fine-tune its analysis, and Phat, aka Step FX and Phat FX. These are
by some great and it copes admirably with subtle or dramatic
changes. It also works with imported audio,
multi-FX plugins that let you chain effects
together. In the latter that means bandpass
new plugins making it easy to add extra instruments or filtering (filtering of frequencies outside a
automation to existing recordings, and you can given range), distortion, compression, low-
even create djay Pro-style seamless mixes by frequency oscillation and limiting; in Step FX
daisy-chaining audio files together and having you can filter, delay, modulate and edit steps.
Logic adjust their tempos accordingly. Both plugins have X/Y controllers. Phat is good
You can record performances before adding on bass drums, guitars and bass guitars, where
instruments and Drummer tracks. Talking of it adds subtle warmth and extra kick, while
Drummer, there are two new styles – roots and Step offers fun with filters.
brushy jazz – alongside two new brush kits.
You also get two new virtual instruments – Check your compatibility
VERDICT Studio Strings and Studio Horns – which offer If you’re using High Sierra or plan to upgrade
A major upgrade realistic performance and lots of customisation. to it, check with your hardware and/or plugin
with superb tempo The Space Designer reverb plugin’s makers about compatibility: since upgrading
detection and great interface is now designed for Retina displays. our MacBook Pro we’ve experienced large,
new plugins. It‘s joined by great new plugins: ChromaVerb, apparently unsolvable issues in Logic with our
Vintage EQ, Step FX and Phat FX. ChromaVerb processor overloading, even on simple projects.
++++ is a rebooted PlatinumVerb with a very flexible Still, we’re impressed that Apple decided
Great vintage EQs algorithm that can create interesting effects. to make this a free update if you own Logic:
New multi-FX Vintage EQ is fun. There are three modes other firms may well have held back until
Tempo detection to choose from: console, graphic and tube, Logic Pro X 11. It makes an already superb
Check hardware and each of which delivers the warm output of music production studio even more compelling.
plugin compatibility classic hardware – for example, the console CARRIE MARSHALL @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 93

APPLE CHOICE Mac software

Little Snitch 4
Find out who your Mac is talking to
€45 (about £40) FROM Objective Development,
NEEDS OS X 10.11 or later

his app monitors

T outgoing network
connections and
alerts you whenever
something on your Mac The Network Monitor shows you the location of the
servers to which your Mac has made connections.
attempts to ‘phone home’.
That connection could be as
innocent as Mail connecting one that addresses the app’s allows you to discover more
to a mail server or as sinister Achilles’ heel – persistent about a connection Little
VERDICT as a piece of malware nagging. The redesigned Snitch has alerted you to,
If you’re concerned attempting to send personal Silent Mode allows you to subject to information
about your Mac’s data to would-be hackers. silence alerts and deal with provided by the app that’s
security, Little Snitch When Little Snitch alerts them in bulk. You’ll still get making the connection.
is an excellent tool. you, it asks whether or not notifications at the top right We also like the map view
to allow the connection – of the desktop for each in Network Monitor that
++++ subject to a set of rules you attempt, but you can turns displays where in the world
Silent Mode improved enable or create. those off in System Prefs. the servers to which your
Requires a little Version 4 has a number Also beefed up is the Mac is connecting are
technical knowledge of improvements, including Research Assistant that located. KENNY HEMPHILL

Bartender 3
Take back control of your menu bar
£13.35 FROM Surtees Studios,
NEEDS macOS 10.12 or later

artender enables
B you to control
what appears
in the menu bar and
when. You can hide icons The Bartender Bar now sits on top
of the main menu bar when invoked.
permanently, relegate them
to the secondary Bartender
menu, or let them rewritten from the ground menu bar when invoke.
temporarily appear when up to play nicely in Sierra There are also two major
they update. You can also and High Sierra. It enables new keyboard shortcuts for
VERDICT drag and drop menu items you to once again control searching and navigating
A great addition to within the menu bar system items on the menu without moving the pointer.
your Mac, Bartender 3 to rearrange them. bar without attracting the Bartender 3 is a must-have
remains the go-to app Configuration is handled unwanted attention of app, not just for existing
to tame your menu bar. in Bartender’s System System Integrity Protection. users (it’s a free update from
Preferences pane, which is There are handy new version 2), but for anyone
+++++ both comprehensive and features, too. The interface who needs to declutter or
Integrates beautifully clear. Version 3 is largely a has been updated so the exert full control over the
Easy to set up and use major compatibility update, Bartender Bar overlays the menu bar. NICK PEERS

94 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Mac software APPLE CHOICE

Capture One Pro 11

Unimpressed by Lightroom?
Capture One is out to grab you

€279+VAT (about £295), or €20+VAT monthly (about £21)

FROM PhaseOne, NEEDS OS X 10.11.6 or later

If you’re a hile it’s unlikely that

professional, W Photoshop will ever

stop being top of the
there has photo-editing heap, things
are a little less clear-cut for
never been Lightroom. The recent change
Adjustment layers and
a better time to Lightroom Classic was widely panned, and
updates to the software were of the ‘less is
layer masks provide
editing flexibility.
to check out more’ variety.
Capture One Such is the window of opportunity that
Capture One 11 finds itself in, with this latest
Further collaborative tools include the
ability to use an overlay to aid composition,
version incorporating various improvements and to export a crop as a path in a PSD file,
in the hope of luring Lightroom fans. The list rather than simply chopping off bits of the
of things that it does that Lightroom can’t is image. The same goes for watermarks, which
compelling. You can add up to 16 layer masks, can also be exported as layers in a PSD file.
with variable opacity to allow an incredible
amount of flexibility. Masks can be feathered The showstopper
and refined once they’ve been added, giving The learning curve is steep, although if you’re
you the kind of per-pixel adjustments that migrating from Lightroom then looking up a
Lightroom users can only dream of. few online tutorials can be helpful. In our tests,
Annotations, which allow you to draw importing in Lightroom was faster, although
reminders or instructions on an image so the the amount of time between clicking Import
next person in the workflow can see what’s and starting work was about the same; it was
wanted, can be added and then exported as just the background import that dragged.
a layer on a PSD file. It’s a lovely addition, if a Other benefits continue to be appealing:
limited one – you can only draw in freehand the tethering mode is great, its ability to create
in six colours. For people without a graphics a local server for wireless tethering to an iOS
tablet, a text tool would be handy. device being a client-wowing showstopper.
Performance, import aside, is also impressive.
If you’re a professional with doubts about
Lightroom’s future direction, there has never
VERDICT been a better time to check out Capture One –
A fabulous app well a raft of new features make it more powerful
worth investigating, than ever. The sticking point, though, is the
albeit with a rather price: Adobe’s Photography Plan, including
daunting price. Lightroom and Photoshop CC, costs £9.98
per month; on the other hand, subscribing to
++++ Capture One will set you back more than twice
Compelling, high-end that, while the standalone app costs about
alternative to Lightroom £295. For everyday pro users, Capture One’s
Great set of updates advantages may be worth the extra outlay –
Pro-level features Annotations enable you to communicate easily with clients for everyone else, it’s certainly worth a 30-day
Not exactly cheap or retouchers — no more long emails explaining yourself. trial before taking the plunge. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 95


Take control of depth-of-field effects
Free FROM Xiaodong Wang,
NEEDS iOS 11 or later

ocos lets you alter

F focus in photos
from dual-lens
iPhones after you’ve taken
them. Take a photo with it Use Depth Filters to apply effects The virtual aperture control gives
or Camera’s Portrait mode to the background or foreground. impressive, realistic results.
and tap the background or
foreground to refocus on that tool lets you choose custom affects either the background
area. Basic features such as shapes for the bokeh effect. or foreground brightness,
VERDICT refocus and aperture work The Highlights and Vivid contrast, exposure, hue,
The best tool for in free mode, but you need sections provide sliders to sharpness, HDR and other
depth-mapped images to unlock the advanced ones alter lighting and colour, and parameters. You can also
on dual-lens iPhones. (from 99p/month). the Lens presets simulate the add motion blur, tilt shift
Editing tools start with apertures of real-life lenses. and other creative effects.
++++ simple crop and rotate. Next In the Effects section, you There’s not much in the
Great depth-of-field is an Aperture slider that can drag a slider to spin the way of shooting control, but
editing tools enables you to change the image in 3D to see how the this app is the best way to
Initial learning curve virtual aperture size from depth map breaks down. unlock the power of depth
f/1.4 to f/20. The bokeh shape Each of the Depth Filter tools maps. HOLLIN JONES

GRID Autosport
A vrooming great game
£9.99 FROM Feral Interactive,
NEEDS iOS 11 or later

fter years of iOS

A gaming being
dismissed, here
we have a genuine AAA
console racer squeezed Touring Cars are good to start off with. Regardless of
what car you use, though, try not to fall down that ravine.
into your device. You get
access to 100 cars and 100
circuits, a slew of challenges even at its most helpful, racing and less like simply
and tournaments, and great GRID Autosport can be barrelling along.
VERDICT configuration options. demanding. You can’t get There is the odd niggle –
An achievement If you’re new to simulation away with always pelting a lack of mirrors, longish
that shows the racing you can make use of along at full speed. You must loading times, and the game
potential of console- driving assists. Confident instead learn how your car not saving progress when
style games on iOS. console racing aficionados handles and discern the best you’re part-way through an
can disable these, delve into places to overtake. But this event can be a little irritating.
++++ a racing season, and abruptly makes the game all the more But you won’t find a better
Great looks, controls find themselves backwards rewarding, and as you delve premium console-style
May overwhelm in a gravel trap, having first into complex car and race racing experience on iOS.
racing newcomers driven into a wall. You see, setups, it feels more like CRAIG GRANNELL

96 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat


AutoSleep 5
Wrist-based sleep tracking
Reviewed by TIM HARDWICK

£2.99 FROM Tantsissa,

NEEDS iOS 10, watchOS 3.2 or later

The core set pple’s watchOS doesn’t

of metrics is A offer a built-in sleep

tracking feature. At first,
also broken there was a logical reason for this:
battery life on the first Apple
down more Watch rarely lasted beyond the
granularly advertised 18 hours, meaning
the device had to be perched on
a charging dock as you slept.
Fast forward to the Apple
Watch Series 2 and 3 models,
however, and many owners find
their smartwatches can last two
days or more on a single charge.
Third-party developers have since
stepped in to fill the Apple Watch’s
nocturnal feature gap, with AutoSleep For health reasons, it’s a good idea to monitor to your sleep patterns.
generally being the popular choice for If you want comprehensive feedback, AutoSleep 5 has it all.
several reasons.
Now in its fifth version, the app’s two shades of purple on a 12 or 24-hour clock,
biggest draws are its automatic tracking (unlike with brighter purple indicating deeper sleep.
other sleep tracker apps that depend on you Within the clock are four separate rings
telling them when you’re going to bed), and its displaying resting heart rate, sleep time,
strong Apple Watch integration. For instance, sleep quality and deep sleep in hours.
AutoSleep’s automatic tracking is bolstered by The core set of metrics, which we found
a feature called Lights Off. When a button on its to be generally accurate, is also broken down
Watch app is tapped, this feature tracks how more granularly as you scroll through several
long it takes you to actually fall asleep. screens. For example, the Recharge screen
shows how close you are to your ideal sleep
Deep sleep metrics goal, while the Quality screen offers sleep rings
Another example: in previous versions you had that compare against your seven-day averages.
to sync the app to your iPhone to review your Tapping the rings also switches you to historical
VERDICT sleep metrics. With AutoSleep 5, the Watch timelines, which break down into even more
AutoSleep is now app calculates the data, so you can check if insightful graphs.
even better: efficient, you’ve had a good night’s sleep right on your It’s a lot to take in, and while we were very
smartly designed wrist, where it’s displayed as Activity-style grateful for the opportunity to study the extra
and fun to use. rings. And if you wake up in the middle of the data, it’s not something that you’re likely to
night, you can check additional rings (in muted be interested in on a daily basis. Happily, the
++++ colours for viewing in the dark) that show how Today widget and Watch app offer a simpler
Sleep stats are long you’ve been in bed and how much of that summary of your sleep patterns.
accurate and editable time has been actual sleep. With the inclusion of sleep-record editing
Watch integration That’s not to say the iOS side of AutoSleep at 15-minute increments and a helpful setup
Charging during isn’t just as impressive. The interface is packed wizard, all neatly presented in a dark-themed
the day is necessary with information, so much so that you may find interface, AutoSleep 5 ticks all the boxes needed
iOS app can confuse it overwhelming at times. Sleep is shown as for a good night’s kip. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 97


JUNE 2017


Ever since the famous Bondi Blue iMac
Your complete guide to the best Apple debuted in August 1998, Apple’s all-in-one
desktop computer has been setting standards
hardware and third-party accessories in gorgeous design and powerful performance.
Apple’s innovation was as clear back then as it
elcome to MacFormat’s So be sure to check our handy tables is today – the iMac was the first Macintosh to
W Store Guide, the place
to go to find out about all
to see which Mac, iPad or iPhone is
best for you.
drop the floppy disk in favour of USB, and its
colourful aesthetic set it apart as a playful
the Apple kit that matters, whether We’ve also handpicked the gold pretender in a world of staid beige boxes.
you’re looking for your next iPhone standard in audio, storage, cameras, Today, Apple is again pushing boundaries
or a powerful new desktop Mac. and many other categories, helping with the iMac, blessing all of its 27-inch models
We’ve highlighted the model of you complement your Mac or iOS
with a massive 5K (5120x2880) resolution and
each product that’s ideally suited to device with the best accessories.
a wide P3 colour gamut. Add in Intel Core i5
your needs, whether you’re a recent All of these third-party devices have
convert or a seasoned Apple user. been reviewed in the magazine. and i7 CPUs (configurable from 3.4GHz up to
4.2GHz), a fast and capacious Fusion Drive, and
powerful AMD Radeon RX graphics processors,
and the 27-inch iMac is the desktop system to
UPDATED own. At WWDC in June 2017, Apple refreshed
OCT 2014
EXPECTED the entire range of iMacs, with discrete GPUs
2018 coming to all but the entry-level model, newer
Intel CPUs, brighter Retina displays and more
Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Choose an iMac

Mac mini 21.5-inch MEMORY 8GB of 2400MHz DDR4 £1,249


3.0GHz GRAPHICS AMD Radeon Pro 555
quad-core STORAGE 1TB (5,400rpm) hard drive
Intel Core i5 DISPLAY Retina 4K (IPS, P3 gamut)
An update in 2014 brought a £100 Higher-end models come with 1TB of ALSO Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard
price drop to the most affordable storage included (Fusion Drive and

27-inch MEMORY 16GB of 2400MHz DDR4 £1,929

Mac, but rises in late 2016 added SSD options are available), 8GB of 3.4GHz GRAPHICS AMD Radeon Pro 570
£80 back on. The mini comes with memory, a better graphics processor quad-core STORAGE 1TB Fusion Drive
Intel Core i5 DISPLAY Retina 5K (IPS, P3 gamut)
some interesting talking points: the and either a 2.6GHz or 2.8GHz Intel ALSO Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard
entry-level model has a 1.4GHz dual- Core i5 for £679 and £949. Those
27-inch MEMORY 16GB of 2400MHz DDR4 £2,609

core Intel Core i5 CPU and 4GB of models can be upgraded to a Core 4.2GHz GRAPHICS AMD Radeon Pro 580
memory, making it one of the lowest- i7, but there aren’t any quad-core quad-core STORAGE 2TB Fusion Drive
spec Macs around, with a 500GB options available at the moment. Intel Core i7 DISPLAY Retina 5K (IPS, P3 gamut)
ALSO Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard
hard drive and no display. Expect updates in 2018.

98 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

JUNE 2017
JUNE 2018

Apple tips
From Stormfront, your
MacBook MacBook Pro local Apple experts
The baby of Apple’s laptop family, Apple debuted the new MacBook Pro
the MacBook was updated at WWDC in October 2016 with an OLED strip of HomeKitt tips
2017 to get Intel Kaby Lake processors app-specific controls called the Touch Using your new HomePod to control
and faster SSDs. Weighing in at just Bar. The Force Touch trackpad was made HomeKit-compatible accessories is
0.92kg, it’s Apple’s most lightweight larger to give more room for gestures, both novel and practical.
laptop but still packs in a 226ppi pixel and the keyboard was also updated to HomePod can control HomeKit
density in its 12-inch Retina display. have a second-generation version of the accessories with a single command.
The MacBook is powered by an Intel butterfly keys from the 12-inch MacBook. For example, you might have a lamp
Core M processor (configurable to Core The MacBook Pro range then got a and main light in your bedroom,
i5 or i7), which doesn’t require a fan to further boost at WWDC 2017, when both as well as your HomePod. You can
keep cool, so the MacBook runs silently. the 13-inch and 15-inch models had their control each light individually –
It also features a Force Touch trackpad, processors updated to Intel’s Kaby Lake “Hey Siri, set lamp to 20%” or
which can trigger different responses models. The larger of the two also had “Hey Siri, set main light to 60%” –
as you apply more pressure. All models its graphics card upgraded to give more or you can control all of them at
of the MacBook come loaded with 8GB powerful Radeon Pro options. once with “Hey Siri, all lights off”.
of 1866MHz memory, which can be You get two or four Thunderbolt 3 You can create scenes in the
boosted to 16GB, and Intel HD Graphics ports (depending on the model), which Home app to control multiple
615 – an upgrade from the previous HD are also compatible with USB-C devices, accessories simultaneously. Set
Graphics 515 – and there are 256GB or and through which you can charge the your main lights low and turn on
512GB flash storage options. There are MacBook Pro. The 13-inch and 15-inch a reading lamp, then say “Hey Siri,
four colour options: Silver, Space Grey, sizes remain, although the entry-level set my reading scene”.
Gold, and Rose Gold. 13-inch lacks a Touch Bar. If you are yet to purchase a
HomePod, the above functionality
also works with compatible iPhones
Choose a MacBook Choose a MacBook Pro and iPads. Additionally, iPhone 6s
and later, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and
12-inch 1.2GHz MEMORY 8GB of £1,249 13-inch MEMORY 8GB of £1,449

listen for “Hey Siri” even when


dual-core 1866MHz LPDDR3 2.3GHz 2133MHz LPDDR3

running on battery power.
Intel Core m3 GRAPHICS Intel HD dual-core GPU Intel Iris Plus 640
Graphics 615 Intel Core i5 STORAGE 256GB SSD
STORAGE 256GB SSD Touch Bar No

13-inch MEMORY 8GB of £1,749


12-inch 1.3GHz MEMORY 8GB of £1,549


dual-core 1866MHz LPDDR3 3.1GHz 2133MHz LPDDR3

Intel Core i5 GRAPHICS Intel HD dual-core GPU Intel Iris 650
Graphics 615 Intel Core i5 STORAGE 256GB SSD
STORAGE 512GB SSD Touch Bar Yes

12-inch 1.4GHz MEMORY 16GB of £1,864 15-inch MEMORY 16GB of £2,349



dual-core 1866MHz LPDDR3 2.8GHz 2133MHz LPDDR3

Intel Core i7 GRAPHICS Intel HD quad-core GPU Radeon Pro 555
Graphics 615 Intel Core i7 STORAGE 256GB SSD Ellie Otley, Darryl Elkins
STORAGE 512GB SSD Touch Bar Yes @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 99


SEPT 2017
JUNE 2017

JUNE 2017

iPhone iPad iPad Pro From


Apple always had to do something big Apple shifted the iPad range around in The iPad Pro comes in 10.5-inch and
for the iPhone’s tenth birthday, and it’s March 2017, replacing the iPad Air 2 with 12.9-inch sizes, packed with either 64GB,
done that with the iPhone X. Sporting a a 9.7-inch model simply called ‘iPad’. The 256GB or 512GB of storage. All models
glass back to allow wireless charging and entire Air range has been phased out, are available with the option of mobile
a gorgeous edge-to-edge, OLED, Super but the iPad mini 4 is still available. network connectivity. The Pro’s A10X
Retina display measuring 5.8 inches The 9.7-inch iPad features an A9 CPU chip is the most powerful in any iOS
across, it’s big news all over. and M9 motion coprocessor, and comes device, and it has an impressive four-
Its better cameras don’t just mean in 32GB and 128GB storage flavours. The speaker sound system, too. Adding the
great photos – they allow for Face ID, Retina display has been made brighter pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil and
the face-scanning technology that is the compared to the Air 2, but the new iPad 120Hz refresh rate makes it a smooth,
latest, safest way to unlock your phone is slightly thicker and heavier. It’s also accomplished drawing tool.
(goodbye Touch ID and Home button). got an 8MP rear camera and a 1.2MP
But don’t let the new kid on the block front-facing camera.
overshadow the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus – On the software side, the iPad adds
they’re great phones in their own right. multitasking features, which are a boon UPDATED
They get wireless charging too, plus for productivity. You can slide a second SEPT 2017
revamped cameras, a new A11 Bionic app over the right side of the one you’re LATE 2018
chip, and new augmented reality tech. working in, then dismiss it to get back to
All new models come in 64GB and
256GB capacities. The pricing for the
iPhone 8 starts at £699, the 8 Plus at
work. Picture in Picture enables you to
watch video in a corner of the screen.
There’s also Split View, which lets you
£799 and the iPhone X at £999. work on two apps side by side. From £329 (Series 3)
The Watch is Apple’s quiet revolution,
and it’s now the number one watch in
Choose an iPhone Choose an iPad the world. Series 3 is meant to cement
that status quo. To achieve that, Series 3
iPhone SE CAPACITY: 128GB £449 7.9-inch CAPACITY 128GB £419


your wrist without your iPhone around

(4-inch PROCESSOR: A9 iPad mini 4 PROCESSOR A8
for the first time – the sci-fi dream is
CAMERA 12MP photos, CAMERA 8MP now a reality. You can also stream Apple
4K video recording TOUCH ID Yes Music to it – another benefit that means
you can leave your phone at home.


iPhone 8 CAPACITY: 64GB £699 9.7-inch iPad CAPACITY 128GB £429

(4.7-inch PROCESSOR: A11 Bionic PROCESSOR A9 Performance-wise, the processor has
display) FACE ID No CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi seen a 70% speed boost, and the new
4K video TOUCH ID Yes W2 wireless chip is far faster and more
power efficient. All that, yet the case is
iPhone X CAPACITY: 64GB £999 12.9-inch CAPACITY 256GB £919


(5.8-inch PROCESSOR: A11 Bionic iPad Pro PROCESSOR A10X

still the same slimline size.
display) FACE ID Yes CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi Apple also introduced new colours
CAMERA 12MP photos CAMERA 12MP and bands, plus a new dark grey colour
(dual-camera), 4K video TOUCH ID Yes
for the high-end ceramic model.

100 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat

Accessories STORE GUIDE

BEST BUYS… Curated picks of third-party kit

Philips 328P6AUBREB Philips 328P6VJEB Freecom mSSD MAXX 512GB
£396 £551 £247

Getting a colour-accurate display used We love this display. At 32 inches This drive is the fastest portable SSD
to cost a pretty penny, but this monitor diagonally it’s big enough to make its we’ve ever tested. Freecom claims its
is both impressive and affordable. It hits 4K resolution worthwhile, and its colour write speeds can reach 700MB/sec, but
99% of the Adobe RGB gamut – great for rendering is excellent – 100% of sRGB, in our tests it blazed past that to reach
colour-critical work – and supports 10-bit 93% of Adobe RGB and 97% of the P3 713.8MB/sec write speeds and 907.3MB/
colour. Throw in a host of ports (including gamut that Apple’s new MacBook Pro sec read speeds, thanks to its USB 3.1
USB-C), an IPS display and a great price, uses. It’s big, bold, beautiful and superb Gen 2 capability. It’s costly, but worth
and you have a seriously good screen. for productivity and colour work alike. it if you feel the need for speed.


Drobo 5D3 Asus DSL-AC88U AC3100 CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 3
£601 £210 £269

The winner of
MF317’s head-to-head
review introduces a
whole new level of
With two blazing fast Thunderbolt 3 This router has an awful lot going for it. connectivity to your
ports and a 5Gbps USB-C port to boot, The winner of issue 321’s group test, the Mac. Equipped with
the Drobo 5D3 can provide you with rapid Asus scored an impressive five stars in two Thunderbolt 3
file transfers to and from your Mac. You three out of four categories. It performed ports for blazingly
can load it up with up to five HDDs or brilliantly in our tests, has excellent fast file transfers, plus many more ports,
SSDs of differing capacities, giving you connectivity (with both Ethernet and you won’t be lacking options to hook up
plenty of flexibility for storage options. ADSL options), and it looks great too. It your devices. And it can even charge
It’s pricey, but a worthy investment. will keep your network powered for years. the latest 15-inch MacBook Pro.


Epson EcoTank ET-2600 Netatmo Presence STM Kings
£179 £190 £98

The Netatmo Your MacBook

Presence is an needs protection,
impressive outdoor and the STM Kings
security camera. Set backpack is the best
The Eco-Tank ET-2600 has a fairly high in a sturdy housing, way to guarantee
cost, but its innovative cartridge-free it’s built to defy the that. Winner of
design will save you a ton of money elements. It has a MF316’s group test,
in the long run. It’s got a scanner and built-in floodlight to it cleverly suspends
copier, plus Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. deter intruders, and a 100° field of view your MacBook away from the floor to
Replacement inks are cheap, working out recorded in 1080p. There’s also an SD prevent bumps. With loads of storage,
at a mere 0.2p per page for mono text, card included, making it easy to store comfortable straps and a snazzy design,
and just 0.35p per page for colour. and access your footage. it’s a great all-rounder. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 101

STORE GUIDE Accessories

BEST BUYS… Curated picks of third-party kit

Kef Egg Libratone Zipp Pioneer XDP-30R
£350 £224 £348

With rich, warm Want a multiroom Love music as much

sound that works audio system in your as we do? Then you’ll
with pretty much any home? This little speaker want to get your mitts
genre, the KEF Egg is your best option, on one of these. It
speakers are ideal hands down. It cleaned plays high-res audio
partners for your up in MF309’s group files, and absolutely
Mac. They support test, scoring five stars blows MP3 files out of
high-quality aptX in every test category. the water. One listen
Bluetooth too, making them perfect for From top-notch sound to tons of great will change the way you hear your audio
wireless playback. Quirky design, solid features, the Zipp is a superb choice. It tracks and, unlike other high-res audio
build quality and support for external even boasts AirPlay for great integration players, it’s reasonably priced. It really
subwoofers makes them a great choice. with Macs and iOS devices. will rock your world.


Pioneer Rayz Plus Apple iPhone 7 Smart GoPro Hero6 Black
£149 Battery Case £99 £500

If you own an iPhone Despite that silly- GoPro’s latest

7, you’ll know the looking hump on its action cam is a
struggle of trying to back, the official battery stunner, with 4K
listen to music and case for the iPhone 7 is video at 60fps and
charge your phone rather impressive. It’s 1080p video at a
at the same time. easy to fit, the buttons whopping 240fps
These in-ear Lightning feel great, and the soft for fantastic slow-
headphones solve inner lining protects motion footage. It’s
that, thanks to their built-in charging against scratches. It isn’t the largest waterproof to 10 metres, has improved
port. They’ve also got great audio quality, capacity case, yet it has more than image stabilisation, wider dynamic range
excellent noise cancellation and will pause enough juice for busy days, and the and better performance in low light than
your tunes when removed from your ears. bump is surprisingly comfy. its Hero5 Black predecessor, too.


Transcend DrivePro 230 Blue Microphones Raspberry Garmin Vivoactive HR
£150 £164 £240

Dash cams help Don’t be fooled by this Packed full of

record what happens mic’s small form factor; tracking features
when you drive – useful it punches hugely above for a host of sports,
if you’re in an RTC. If its weight. Its close-up and filled with
you’re in the market sound is intimate and genuinely insightful
for one, this cam bassy, and brings out metrics, this is a
is one of the best. the best in any voice. fitness smartwatch
Packed with Wi-Fi, No matter whether for nearly any
GPS logging, Full HD video and a night you’re recording an interview, creating occasion. Its battery will last you days,
view as well, you get an awful lot for your a podcast or just jamming with your perfect for the odd weekend hiking trip.
money. There’s even a free 16GB memory band, its clarity and depth makes it With all this, it’s not hard to see why it
card included in the box. easy to recommend. won MF308’s group test.

102 | MACFORMAT | MAY 2018 @macformat


BEST BUYS… Curated picks of third-party apps

Affinity Photo Final Cut Pro X 10.3 RapidWeaver 7
£48.99 £299.99 £79

It’s hard not to love Apple’s Final Cut Pro Ever since Apple
Affinity Photo. Whether has always been a good stopped updating
you’re fancy yourself option for video editors, iWeb, Mac users have
a seasoned pro or a but the latest version been searching for
photo novice, you will makes it even better. the ideal replacement.
find it powerful and It introduces ‘roles’, Well, look no further –
easy to use. Its interface has the perfect which can be colour-coded to make your it’s RapidWeaver. Don’t know code? No
blend of ease of use and quick access to timeline’s components easier to navigate, worries, RapidWeaver lets you design
powerful features, and its useful batch something that’s further boosted by the visually if you want to. You can build any
processing is a great addition. An app streamlined interface. It supports the type of page and publish to any type of
that packs both power and practicality Touch Bar, too, plus wide colour on the platform, and extend its functions with
for less than £50? We’re in! new MacBook Pro. thousands of add-ons.


Scrivener Carbon Copy Cloner 5 Bartender 3
About £34 £31.10 £11.10

It’s not often that a When disaster strikes Some apps are so
sequel is even better and your hard drive simple and effective
than its predecessor, fails, having a backup that you don’t know
but Scrivener 3 is a can be a lifesaver. This how you lived without
great example. Version app makes creating and them. Bartender is one:
2 was already good, restoring from backups it lets you choose what
winning MF319’s group test, but version an absolute breeze. It comes with a helpful appears in the menu bar, and when things
3 adds so much. Its revamped interface guided restore feature, plus a Cloning appear too. You can set triggers, such as
is hugely customisable, its templates are Coach that monitors what you do and an app only appearing when it’s updating,
fantastic, managing footnotes is a breeze, looks out for potential problems. If you’re and rearrange items. Bartender’s settings
and the whole app is light and speedy. If looking to clone or back up your hard are clear and concise. It sounds simple,
you write, Scrivener is absolutely essential. drive, this is the app you need. but it’ll change the way you use your Mac.


Spotify Fantastical 2 Spark
Free, £9.99 per month (Premium) £38.99 (Mac), £2.99 (iPhone) Free
Despite strong If you find your Feeling inbox anxiety?
competition from the calendar and reminders The solution could be
likes of Tidal, Apple are getting out of Spark, a free email app
Music and Amazon, control, Fantastical for Mac and iOS. It’s
Spotify is our top music- is the app for you. centred on a ‘smart
streaming choice. It It supports natural inbox’, which prioritises
hits all the right notes, from its fair price language entry, so that you can enter your emails based on importance – no
to its curated playlists. Its library is one events and reminders as you would speak more losing that vital work email among
of the largest on the market, and its and Fantastical will get to work. It’s got a sea of spam. You can snooze emails
interface is simple and straightforward a nifty menu bar window, plus a great and be reminded of them later, and
to use. And, unlike Apple Music and interface, clever calendar management search via natural language too. And
Tidal, it has a free tier as well. and a powerful iOS app to boot. to top it all off, it’s free. @macformat MAY 2018 | MACFORMAT | 103

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Light at the end…

…of the leafy tunnel

We’ve come closer to home this

issue, with this study in green
from Stevewsm (now a regular
contributor to this page).
Shot in Clifton, Bristol, we love
the darkness of the shaded
branches, the bright green
of the vibrant new leaves, and
the yellows and browns of
the autumnal leaves still
kicking around on the ground.
The dappled leaf effect is great,
and of course, the leading lines
direct your eye to the bright
light at the end of the path.

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The best Apple adverts
Apple gets creative to promote its products
Written by Alex Blake

ioneering adverts 1983
are part of Apple’s 1991 Arguably Apple’s
lifeblood. Few other
Put it in print
As you speed along most famous advert A number of the best
companies have the ability to a country road with a was its ‘1984’ piece.
consistently inspire awe and Apple ads have been
roaring engine pulsing Inspired by the novel in print, where it honed
conversation by posters and in your ears, a voice by George Orwell,
TV spots alone. This issue its minimalist style to
extols the machine’s it called on computer perfection. Witness the
we’re recapping the best of
Apple’s adverts – those that power and handling. users to fight back 1998 iMac ad with the
inspired us, intrigued us and But the camera zooms against comformity slogan ‘Chic. Not geek.’
influenced us. They live long out to reveal a twist. in the personal Or the iMac G4 Cube
in the memory. This is no car; it’s the computer world. advert with just a single
Macintosh Quadra. sentence: ‘(Hint: it’s
Stylish and clever! a computer.)’ Apple
proved that sometimes,
Friends in 1997 one line is all you need.
high places 1999 One of the most
Apple has never been In 1999, the world famous slogans in
shy to pick up a celebrity was panicking about 1995
advertising history,
endorsement or two for the Y2K bug, but Macs ‘Think different’ first
its products. From huge were immune. Apple made its mark in 1997.
movie stars to handheld highlighted this with It was a play on IBM’s
puppets, Apple’s TV ads an advert featuring ‘Think’ slogan that
are a magnet for mega HAL 9000 from 2001: set Apple apart.
stars, from Samuel L A Space Odyssey,
Jackson and Will Ferrell brilliantly remade
to Jeff Goldblum. and revoiced. 2000
An early example
saw Kevin Costner in 2003 Editor’s
a swanky office using 2006 Apple advertised choice
an Apple Lisa – the first As Mac users, we the iPod with dancing My favourite Apple
Apple computer to use like to tell ourselves silhouettes on bright ads are those for iPods.
a mouse. we’re different from backgrounds – a great If not for them, I might
Then there’s Kermit PC users. Apple used way to highlight its never have discovered
the Frog sadly singing It this to great effect in 2005
fun and lively nature. Chairlift’s Bruises, from
Ain’t Easy Being Green its ‘Get a Mac’ series, the ‘nano-chromatic’
as the camera pans over pitting a trendy Mac ad in which paint ran
a sage-green iMac. fan against a staid PC down from a row of
Apple even shot a user. Debuting in the iPod nanos; or Feist’s
mini-movie starring Siri US in 2006, the ads 2009 1234, from the ad for
and Dwayne Johnson. hit the UK in 2007. A slogan so infectious my favourite iPod, the
A comically campy it became a selling point squat 3rd-gen nano.
affair, it follows him for the iPhone, ‘There’s The ‘Welcome Home’
driving through walls 2015 an app for that’ entered film for HomePod is
and flies through space ‘Shot on iPhone’ common parlance in the closest Apple has
with the help of Siri. had a simple premise: 2009. Simplicity itself, got in years to the
show the power of the it perfectly summed up effective playfulness
iPhone’s camera with the benefits of the iOS of its iPod ads.
customer photos. The ecosystem and Apple’s
results were beautiful nascent App Store.
and surprising in
equal measure.

Tuesday 8 May 2018