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1. Teacher G does NOT wait for the end of the term6. Which
to findmust
out how
go with
the for
students learn. With which does teacher
it to beG effective?
a. Formative evaluation a. External monitor
b. Authentic evaluation b. Consensus of evaluation results
c. Summative evaluation from teacher and student
d. norm-reference evaluation c. Scoring rubric
d. Public display of result of self-
2. Even in the process of teaching, Teacher evaluation
J finds out if her students understand what
she is teaching. What is teacher J engaged 7. Which must be present for self-
in? evaluation to succeed?
a. Summative evaluation a. Consensus between teacher and
b. Criterion-reference evaluation student regarding evaluation
c. Norm-referenced result
d. Formative b. Teacher’s approval of self-
evaluation result
3. To what extent were the objectives of c. Teacher’s monitoring of self-
the course met? This is the concern evaluation process
Of the process of ________evaluation d. Student’s intrinsic motivation
a. Authentic to learn
b. Criterion-referenced
c. Norm-referenced 8. After a lesson on the atom, the students
d. formative were asked to work on a physical model of
the atom to determine learning. What MI I
4. Other than finding out how well the being enhanced?
course objectives were met, Teacher K also
wants to know his student’s performance a. Linguistic
when compared with other students in the b. Interpersonal
class. What is Teacher K interested to do? c. Mathematical
a. Authentic evaluation d. Kinesthetical
b. Formative evaluation
c. Criterion-referenced evaluation
d. Norm-referenced evaluation 9. Teachers are encouraged to make
use of authentic assessment. Which
5. Which is a valid assessment tool if you goes with authentic assessment?
want to find out how well your student can a. Unrealistic performances
speak extemporaneously. b. De-contextualized drills
a. Performance test in extemporaneous c. Real world application of lesson
speaking learned
b. Written quiz on how to deliver d. Answering high multiple choice
extemporaneous speech test items
c. Display of speeches delivered
d. Writing speeches 10. Which will be the most authentic
assessment tool for an instructional
objectives on working with and relating to d. The blank should be longer to
people? accommodate all possible
a. Conducting mock election answer
b. Home visitation
c. Organizing a community project Study this test and answer question # 15-21
d. Writing articles on working and Teacher Z gave this test to her pupils. Study
relating to people it thoroughly then answer the
Question that follow.
11. Which is the most reliable tool of
seeing the development in your pupil’s ___1. sum a. number to be added
ability to write? ___2. addends b.25
a. Portfolio assessment ___3. the formula for
b. Scoring rubric the area of a rectangle c. the answer in
c. Interview of pupils addition
d. Self-assessment ___4. multiplier d. Alexander Venn
___5. product e. A=1 x w
12. How much of the scientific method has ___6. formula for the
your pupils acquired? This is best measured perimeter of a rectangle f. 3/2
in their skill to_______ ___7. he introduced
I. Generic and test hypotheses the Venn diagram g. P=2(1)+ 2(w)
II. Critic and evaluate ____8. an example of an
III. See connectedness of events improper fraction h. the number
a. II and III by which you multiply
b. I and II ___9. equivalent of ¼
c. I only in decimal i. the answer in
d. I, II and III multiplication
15. Are the items in the correct columns?
13. Here is a test item ____ is an example a. No, because this is a perfect
of a mammal. What is defective with matching type of test
this test item? b. Yes, that is exactly is a perfect
a. beginning of the sentence matching type of test
b. It is a very short question c. Yes and no, that depends on
c. It is an insignificant test item teacher’s lesson objective.
d. It is very elementary d. No, the items on the right
should be on the left, the items
14. Which improvement’s should be done on the left should be on the right
this completion test item. An example of a
mammal is______ 16. One defect of teacher Z’s test is the
a. The question should have only items to match are_____
one acceptable answer a. Very few
b. The blank should be at the b. Homogenous
beginning of the sentence c. Heterogeneous
c. The item should give more cues d. insignificant
17. How can the test be improved? A. If your matching test is of the
a. Ask more significant items imperfect type, caution the
b. Add to the number of foils examinee.
c. Increase the number of items to B. Test items must be
match heterogeneous
d. Increase the difficulty level of C. Test items must be homogenous
the test D. If your matching test is of the
perfect type, inform then examinee.
18. Which can be a basic improvement of
the test Here is a test. Study it thoroughly
a. Increase the facility index of the then answer the question # 22-29
b. Make the items heterogeneous
c. Increase the number of test
d. Make the items homogenous

19. Which does the test lack?

I. Directions
II. Label of the columns 22. What’s faulty with the test?
III. Foil among the options A. The options have no joker.
IV. One correct answer B. The test items are on trivia.
C. Some items are n meant to be
a. I, II, and III asked in a matching type of test.
b. III only D. The test items are limited in
c. I, III, IV number.
d. II and III
23. Which is one way to improve the test?
20. Which statement is true of the test? a. Reduce the difficulty index.
a. It is a reliable test because it b. Increase the options by at least
covers a wide scope of subject two.
matter c. Add to the number of items.
b. It is an ideal perfect matching d. Make it a perfect type of
type of test matching test.
c. It is a good type of an imperfect
matching test 24. What’s wrong with the test items? The
d. The items can be answered by items are_________.
mere process of elimination a. Heterogeneous
b. Homogeneous
21. Which principle in test construction for c. Easy
a matching type of test was not observed? d. Insignificant

25. How can you improve the test?

a. Make the items heterogeneous.
b. Make the items homogeneous I. The stem does not contain
c. Reduce the facility index the question.
d. Widen its scope and coverage. II. The stem is very short.
III. It has several correct
26. What does the test lack? answers.
a. 5 additional test items a. I only
b. More names of persons b. II only
c. Blank before the capital letters c. III
d. Distracters/s d. I and III
31. How can you improve on this multiple
27. Which is TRUE of the test? choice test item?
a. The test items are
b. The test is quite short for a
matching type
c. The right and the left columns
should exchange position
d. There are enough foils in the

a. Construction the options in such

28. Which is TRUE of the test?
a way that the grammar of the
a. Some items can be answered by
sentence remains correct.
mere process of elimination.
b. Make the length of the options
b. It is classified as an imperfect
matching type of test.
c. Make the options parallel.
c. It is reliable because it has a
d. Pack the question in the stem.
wide coverage of subject.
d. We have more than enough foils
in the options
32. Read this True-False test item and
answer the question that follows:
29. Which does the test lack?
I. Additional test items
Andres Bonifacio founded the Katipunan.
II. Colum labels
Which principle in test construction is
III. Directions
a. I and III
a. Test something significant.
b. II and III
b. Make use of simple words
c. I and II
c. There should be sufficient reason to
d. I, II, and III
make the statement false.
d. Avoid qualitative terms
30. What’s defective with this test item?

33. Here is teacher D’s lesson objective:

“To trace the causes of Alzheimer’s
disease”. Which is a valid test for this 35. Are the number of test items per
particular objective? objective proportionate to the number of
hours spent for each objective?
a. Do young people also get attacked a. Yes.
by alzheimer’s disease? Support b. No, but it should be.
your answer. c. No, but it is NOT necessary.
b. What is an alzheimer’s disease ? d. It cannot be determined.
c. Can an alzheimer’s disease be
traced to old age? Explain your 36. Is this test item valid for objective #3 in
answer. the Table of Specifications?
d. To what factors can Alzheimer’s
disease be traced? Explain.

34. Here is Teacher E’s instructional

objective: “To distinguish between proper
and improper fraction. “ Which is a valid
test item for such objective?
a. Yes
a. Define proper and improper fractions and b. No
b. Put a check (/) on the proper fractions c. Yes, but needs to be improved
and an X over the improper :1/2, d. No, because it is insufficient
c. Is an improper fraction really a fraction. 37. Which test item is in accordance with
Explain your answer. objective #3 in the Table of Specifications?
d. Can you add proper and improper a. What is the difference between
fractions together? Explain proper and improper fractions?
b. Give n example of an improper
c. Given an example of a proper
d. Define proper and improper

38. If you should be true to your Table of

Specification, when you make your test, on
which objectives should you have the least
a. Objective #2
b. Objective #1
c. Objective #3
d. Objective #1 and #3
39. If you should be true to your Table of a. Piaget
Specification, when you make your test, on b. Froebel
which objectives should you have the least c. Montessori
d. Kohlberg
a. Objective #5 44. According to Wiggins and McTighe,
b. Objective #1 one facet of understanding, an evidence of
c. Objective #4 learning, is empathy. Which test questions
d. Objective #1 and #6 assesses capacity to emphatize?

40. Which is valid test item for objective a. State the Pythagorean theorem.
b. Test on Romeo and Juliet. Imagine
you are Juliet. Write your thoughts
a. How do you reduce a fraction to and feelings why you have to take
its lowest term? this desperate action?
b. Is 4/6 equal to 1/3? c. Diagnose and fix the broken lamp.
c. What is meant by “lowest d. Translate all the words in Spanish
term”? and give the meaning of the
d. What is 3/6 in its lowest term? sentence.

45. The best way to assess learning is to use

41. Which is restricted essay test? real-life situations, objects and materials
existing in the environment. Hence,
a. What should the Department of teachers are encouraged to use ______.
Education do to solve the perennial
problem of poor quality of basic education? a. Rating scale
Give and justify your proposals. b. Pencil- and-paper test
b. If you were President of the Philippines, c. Observation technique
what would you do to spur the nation’s d. Authentic assessment
economic growth?
c. What conditions must be present for 46. The main purpose in administering
photosynthesis to take place? Explain each a pre-test and a post test to students is
factor in not more than 3 sentences. to ____.
d. Why are more and more people sick of
Alzheimers disease. a. accustom the students in frequent
42. Choose an appropriate curriculum b. keep adequate records
especially that the child’s mind does not c. measure the value of the material
contain any innate ideas was an advice used
from ____. d. measure gains in learning
a. Plato 47. A sentence that comes before is
b. John Locke missing. How is understanding of a concept
c. Rousseau shown by learners?
d. B.F. Skinner
I. By using and adopting it
43. Who claimed that children are natural II. By repeating what has been heard
learners and therefore, must be taught in III. By memorizing what has been read
natural settings? a. II
b. III d. Colored pictures are more effective
c. II and III than printed sentences.
d. I
52. Which of the following statements
48. Understanding of a concept is revealed is/are NOT TRUE about assessment?
as _____, the ability to accomplish tasks
successfully under pressure. I. Feedback is the most important
factor in assessment.
a. Performance in teamwork II. Only those that can be objectively
b. Performance know-how measured should be taught.
c. Performance in arts III. Assessment should follow a
d. Performance at works developmental pattern.
IV. Identifying systematic errors
49. The more information teachers obtain committed by students should be
about how students perform, the more the basis of remedial instruction.
capacity they have to rethink their
pedagogy, and the more opportunities they a. II only
create for students success. Which b. IV only
statement BEST explains the text above. c. III and IV
d. I and II
a. Teachers should keep track of
learning outcomes. 53. Referring to assessment, what are the
b. Teachers should keep records of essential features that should be explained
family background. to the learners?
c. Teachers should file information.
d. Teachers should teach to test. I. Role of learners in the
50. The collegial process of developing and II. Why learners will be assessed
evaluating performance assessments help III. How their performance will be
teachers to understand the ___ needed to measured.
produce high quality performance. IV. How the results will be used.

a. test a. II, III, IV

b. information b. I, II, III
c. materials c. II, III, IV
d. scaffolding d. I, II, III, IV

51. During the sensorimotor period, a child 54. To identify learning needs and respond
does not see things in abstract form. Which to such needs the teacher administers a
of the following should teachers remember ____ test.
in teaching and assessing young children’s
performance? a. Formative
b. Summative
a. Use of pictures may not be c. Periodic
necessary. d. diagnostic
b. Use of concrete objects is not
necessary. 55. In constructing test items the teachers
c. Printed words are easier to considers the alignment of ____ with
understand than pictures. assessment.
a. Content and process Read the rubric for assessing outputs
b. Monitoring and evaluation and answer question #61.
c. Instructional objectives
d. Instructional materials 8-10 pts – Demonstrates imaginative
thinking and unique qualities
56. The principle of learner ____ makes 5-7 pts – Demonstrates moderate
assessment a shared responsibility with the imaginative skills
teacher. 1-4 pts – Lacks imaginative thinking

a. Performance 61. What is being assessed by the above

b. Accountability criteria?
c. Responsibility a. Appeal
d. evaluation b. Creativity
c. Aesthetic
57. The Department of Education directed d. Workmanship
that the lowest passing grade is ____ % and
the lowest failing grade is ___ % in the 62. Which of the following assessment
report card. tools would you recommend if one should
a. 70-60 adhere to constructivist theory of learning?
b. 75-70
c. 75-65 I. Constructed response test
d. 70-50 II. Performance test
58. Among the components of the learner’s III. Checklist of a motor screening test
marks/ratings, Behaviour is reflected in IV. Observation test

a. Values Education (CERC) a. I and II

b. English b. II and III
c. Filipino c. I, II and III
d. Outputs/Projects d. I, II and IV

59. Test scores are totalled at the end of 63. Which of these are non-threatening
each grading period and computed using means of assessing learning outcomes?
the formula:
I. Portfolio
a. [Students score ÷ Highest possible score] II. Self-evaluation
x 100 III. Peer evaluation
b. [Highest score ÷ lowest possible score] x IV. Learning Journals
c. [Test score = transmutation table] x 100 a. I and II
d. [Students’ score x 100 %] b. I and III
c. I, II and IV
60. Scoring guides for rating open-ended d. II and III
questions are called ____.
64. A criterion-referenced test is designed
a. Outputs to determine whether or not a student has
b. Outcomes ___ .
c. Rubrics
d. scales a. Performed well in a wide content
b. Performed higher than the other a. Portfolio, exhibits, journals
members of a group b. Paper and pencil test,
c. Reached a present target demonstration, reports
d. Reached a performance level on a c. Student self-assessment, authentic
specific skill assessment, surveys
d. Multiple choice, structured
65. What is an alternative assessment tool observations, sentence completion
for teaching and learning consisting of a
collection of work/artifacts finished or in- 70. The constructivist theory of learning
progress accomplished by the targeted postulates that children learned by doing.
clientele? Based on the theory, which of these would
you consider in assessing learning?
a. Rubric
b. Achievement test I. Focus is on the product
c. Evaluation instrument II. Rubric criteria should be set
d. Portfolio III. Focus is on process
IV. Multiple observation
66. Which is a scoring guide that lists the
criteria and their levels of quality on which a. I and II
evaluation will be focused? b. II and III
c. III and IV
a. Journal d. I and IV
b. Portfolio
c. Rubric 71. Which among the indicators could be
d. Stem most useful for assessing quality of
67. Which of these approaches would schooling?
reform assessment of learning outcomes?
a. Participation rate
a. Use standards as means of giving b. Cohort survival rate
feedback on student learning. c. Net enrolment rate
b. Compare results of performance of d. Drop-out rate
all schools.
c. Focus on testing without investing a
learner’s special needs. 72. Which are the two (2) most important
d. Apply sanctions on low performing underpinning knowledge and skills for
schools. effective student assessment?

68. Essay questions are used in an I. Alternative assessment systems

achievement test when _______. including formative, summative,
descriptive and negotiated
a. most of the material sampled is approaches
factoral information. II. Assessment principles of reliability,
b. a wide sampling of material is validity, flexibility, authenticity,
desired sufficiency and consistency
c. originality is a factor in the response III. Characteristics of the learner
d. little time is available for IV. Ethical responsibilities including
construction and scoring confidentiality in the conduct and
results of student assessment
69. Which of the following are alternative V. School policies on student
assessments? assessment
a. I and II b. Economy
b. II and III c. Administrability
c. III and IV d. Scorability
d. I and IV
78. An entering student in college would
73. You would like to assess students like to determine which vocation is best
ability to write a portfolio. What type of suited for him. Which of the following tests
test will determine their ability to organize is most appropriate for his purpose?
ideas, and think critically?
a. Intelligence test
a. Long test b. Readiness test
b. Essay test c. Achievement test
c. Formative test d. Aptitude test
d. Summative test
79. Teacher G gave a test in grammar. She
74. When a student clarifies information found out that one half of the class scored
from conclusion, what cognitive domain is very low. She plans to give another test to
involved? the pupils who scored very low to find out
a. Analysis exactly where they are weak. Which type of
b. Evaluation test is this?
c. Application
d. Synthesis a. Placement test
75. In the context of the six facets of b. Diagnostic Test
understanding cited by Wiggins and c. Achievement Test
McTighe, what is a proof of a student’s d. Intelligence Test
understanding a principle?
80. With manner of answering as criterion,
a. Repeating the principle given by the which of the following types of test does
teacher NOT belong to the group?
b. Applying it to solve his/her problem
c. Stating it from memory. a. Multiple choice
d. Memorizing it. b. True-False
c. Matching
76. Which of the following statements d. Completion
concerning test validity and reliability is
most accurate? 81. With the mode of answering as point of
reference, which of the following types of
a. A valid test is a reliable test. test does NOT belong to the group?
b. A reliable test is a valid test. a. Problem –solving
c. A test can not be valid and reliable b. Matching
unless it is objective. c. Completion
d. A test can not be valid and reliable d. Essay
unless it is standardized.
82. Which of the following is precise
77. The instructions for a test are made meaning of evaluation?
simple, clear, and concise. This is part of
which of the following characteristics of a a. Collecting data relevant to personal
good test? characteristics
b. Administrating teacher- made tests
a. Objectivity
c. interpreting and attaching value to data 87. Marking on the normative basis means
collected that____.
d. Scoring accomplished tests
a. The normal curve of distribution
83. Which is NOT a characteristic of should be followed.
authentic assessment? b. Some students must fail.
c. Fewer students must get high
a. Is focused on lifelike, meaningful, marks.
relevant types of student learning d. Grades show how a student
b. Offers opportunities to study problem achieves relative to other students.
c. Easy to complete 88. Teaching by objective logically goes
d. Fruitful in terms of genuine learning hand in hand with which type(s) of
84. Which is the LEAST authentic mode of
assessment? a. Norm-reference
a. Paper-and-pencil test in vocabulary b. Criterion-referenced
b. Oral performance to assess student’s c. Standardized
spoken communication skills. d. Norm-referenced and
c. Artistic production for music or art standardized
d. Experiments in science to assess
science method.
85. Which of the following may NOT be 89. You were tasked to test this hypothesis.
adequately assessed by a paper-and- “ The more a teacher knows about a
pencil test? specific subject matter, the better she
can teach it.” Which variable could be
a. Subject-verb agreement used as the dependent variable?
b. Vocabulary
c. Multiplication skills in Math a. teacher’s yearly performance
d. Sight reading in Music evaluation rating
b. Personality traits of the teacher
86. Teacher B wants to determine student’s c. Incentives offered to teachers
strengths and weaknesses in the use of d. Motivation from the school head
laboratory equipment. Which
assessment procedure will be most 90. The difficulty index of a test item is one
appropriate and authentic? (1). What does this mean?

a. Observation of student’s use of a. The test item is very good, so retain it.
laboratory equipment while they b. The test item is difficult.
conduct experiments. c. The test item is extremely easy.
b. Paper-and-pencil test that requires d. The test item is not valid.
students to enumerate the do’s and
don’ts’s in the use of laboratory 91. The facility index of a test item is .50.
equipment. This means that the test item is_________.
c. Practicum test on the use of
laboratory equipment. a. Valid
d. Requiring students to draw and b. Moderate in difficulty
label the laboratory equipment. c. very easy
d. reliable
92. The discrimination index of a test item d) Attractive option
is -.35. What does this mean?
108. Your percentile rank in class is
a. More from the upper group got the 60%.what does this mean?
item correctly.
b. More from the lower group got the a) You got 40% of the test items
item correctly. wrongly.
c. The test is quite reliable. b) You scored less than 60% of the
d. The test item is valid class.
c) You got 60% of the test items
93. The discrimination index of a test item correctly.
is +48. What does this mean? d) You scored better than 60% of
the class.
a. An equal number from the
lower and upper group got the 109. Here are raw scores in a quiz:
item correctly. 97,95,85,83,77,75,50,10,5,2,1.To get a
b. More from the upper group got picture of the group’s performance, which
the item wrongly. measure of central tendency is most
c. More from the lower group got reliable?
the item correctly.
d. More from the upper group got a) Mode
the item correctly. b) Mean
94. If the difficulty index of your test item c) Median
is .98, what should you do with this item? d) None. It is best to look at the
individual scores.
a. Revise it
b. Reject it 110.Here are raw scores in a quiz:
c. Retain it 97,95,85,83,77,75,50,10,5,2,1.Which is the
d. Reserve it for another group of pupils. median?

95. If the difficulty index of your test item a) 75

is .10, what should you do with this item? b) 52.72
c) 76
a. Retain it. d) 77
b. Revise it.
c. Reject it. 111. Here is a score distribution: 98, 93, 93,
d. Reserve it for another group of pupils. 93, 90, 88, 87, 85, 85, 85, 70, 51, 34, 34,
34, 20, 18, 15, 12, 9, 8, 6, 3, 1. Which is a
106. How do you consider option B? characteristic of the score distribution?

a) Most effective distracter a) No discernable patterb

b) Effective distracter b) Tri-modal
c) Ineffective distracter c) Bi-modal
d) Attractive option d) Skewed to the right.

107. How do you consider option B? 112. HERE IS THE SCORE

a) Most effective distracter 98,93,93,93,90,88,87,85,85,85,70,51,34,34,
b) Effective distracter 34,20,18,15,12,9,8,6,3,1. Which is the
c) Ineffective distracter range?
a) 93 d) range
b) 85
c) 97 118. There is a negative correlation
d) Between 51 and 34 between amount practices and number of
errors in tennis. What does this mean?
113. Which measure of the central tendency
is most reliable when scores are extremely a) The increase in the amount of
high and low? practices does not al all affect
the number errors.
a) Cannot be identified unless b) decrease in the amount of
individual scores are given. practice goes with decrease in
b) Mode the number of errors
c) Mean c) As the amount of practice
d) median increases, the number of errors
114. Which is true when standard deviation d) The decrease in the amount of
is small? practice sometimes affect the
number of errors
a) Scores are tightly bunched
together 119. Which one indicates a strong negative
b) The bell curve is relatively flat. correlation?
c) Scores are spread apart. a) -75
d) Scores are toward both b) -10
extremes. c) -25
115. Which is true when standard deviation d) -15
is big? e)
120. Complete this analogy:
a) The bell curve shape is steep. Positive correlation is to direct
b) Scores are spread apart. relation as Negative correlation is to
c) Scores are concentrated ___________.
d) Scores are not extreme
e) a) Definite relation
116. You have computed the mean and you b) Indefinite relation
want to get more information about the c) Neutral relation
distribution scores. Which measure of d) Inverse relation
variability is most appropriate?
121. Which is a graphic illustration of the
a) Standard deviation relationship between two variables?
b) Mode
c) Semi- interquartile range a. Histogram
d) Range c. frequency polygon
b. Scatter diagram
117. You have computed the mean and you d. normal curve
want to get more information about the
distribution scores. Which measure of
variability is most appropriate?

a) Standard deviation
b) Mode
c) Semi- interquartile range
Situation – refer to the table below to
answer items 123-124. Reading Comprehension Test
Results in MPS
122. Which section should be given Grade III-School A
remedial instruction in English and Grade III English (MPS) Filipino
Filipino. section (MPS)
a. Section B only A 75 87
c. Section B and C B 60 30
b. Section C only C 32 60
d. Section B, C and E D 80 90
E 51 72
123. If the grade III section C teacher I. There is a greater percentage of
targeted a 10 % increase but obtained a literacy among men than women.
MPS of 45, which of these statement are II. The percentage of literacy
NOT TRUE? increases as age increases.
a. I only c. I & II
I. Grade III section C met the target with a
b. II only d. Neither I & II
absolute 13% increase in performance.
II. Grade III section C improved in
Filipino, but not in English. 125. What trend appears as male and
III. Grade III section C surpassed the target females get older?
with a 45% increase.
IV. Grade III section C showed marked a. No apparent trend can be noted.
improvement in English. b. There are more belonging to the 15-24
a. I & III b. I & IV age range than those in 6-14 years.
b. I & III d. II & III c. Males become increasingly dominant in
literacy rate over their female counterparts.
Use the table below to answer items 124 d. The difference in literacy rates between
& 125 males and females trend to disappear as
they grow older.
Percentage of Literacy
2004 2008 126. Any deviation from a standards or
Age Total Male FemaleTotal Male Female desired level of performance is a _______.
rang a. problem
e b. gap
6- 92.72 94.47 91.02 91.50 93.67 89.38 c. devotion
14yr d. decision
15yr 93.19 95.46 91.02 93.28 96.07 90.57 127. How will you interpret a student’s
s. 80% percentile score? The student scored
15- 98.2 98.43 97.81 98.57 98.67 98.47 ________________________.
a. higher than 80% of the members of the
124. What is 0are TRUE of 2004 and 2008
data on literacy?
b. better, relative to the competencies c. Revise the item
targeted d. Reject the item
c. high in all the skills being tested
d. 80% of the specified content 132. The difficulty index of a test item is 1.
This means is ____________.
128. A negative discrimination index means
_______________. a. a quality item
a. more from the lower group answered the b. very difficult
test item correctly c. very easy
b. more from the upper group answered the d. missed by everybody
test correctly
c. the test item could not discriminate 133. If there are three raters of an easy test,
between the upper and the lower group. what correlation is determined?
d. the test item has low reliability
a. Triple rater
129. What can be said of student b. inter rater
performance in a positively skewed score c. External rater
distribution. d. Multiple rater
a. Almost all students had average
performance. 134. Interpreting assessment results
b. A few student performed excellently. considers consistency. Which is described
c. Most students performed poorly when the results are consistent.
d. Most students performed early
a. validity
b. reliability
130. A number of test items in a test are c. subjectivity
said to be nondiscriminating. What d. objectivity
conclusions can be drawn?
135. The common instrument used in
I. Teaching or learning was very good. measuring learning in the affective domain
II. The item is so easy that anyone could is _______.
get it right.
III. The item is so difficult that nobody a. questionnaire
could get it. b. checklist
c. multiple choice
a. II & III c. III only d. scaling
b. I only d. I & II
136. the test in English and Mathematics
131. A test has a difficulty index of .51 and showed poor results in comprehension
a discriminating index of .25. What should and problem-solving questions. How may
the teacher do? the data be used for better learners
a. Make it a bonus item
b. Retain the item a. Use context clues in vocabulary building.
b. give more exercises/situations on 139. In a qualitative social and behavioral
comprehension questions. studies, “the investigator is a part of the
c. determine weakness in grammatical study”. What are implied in this statement?
d. involve parents in guiding learners’ I. The researcher processes and analyzes
developing good study habits. the data himself.
II. Date interpretation depends on the
A parent receives the Report Card of orientation of the researcher
his/her first year son as follows? III. The investigator is the only source of
English - 82 IV. Data gathering may be done by others
Filipino - 82 but the analysis is done by the
Mathematics - 75 researcher.
Science - 74
Araling Pnlipunan - 80 a. I & IV c. I, II, & IV
Values Education - 83 b. II & III d. I, II, III & IV
TLE - 85
MAPEH - 86 140. After scoring, Teacher G got the
difference of the highest & lowest scores in
137. How may a teacher encourage the each class. What did she compute?
learner to improve his performance in a. Standard Deviation
Science? b. Mean
c. Range
a. Ask the learner why Science is difficult d. Median
for him
b. Request the parent to guide the learner in 4.3 Utilized process data and assessment
developing good results in reporting learners’
study habits performance to improve teaching and
c. Make available science reading materials learning.
to the parent and learner
d. Conduct remedial teaching in Science. 141. Keeping track of assessment results
from one periodic rating to the next is
138. The decision to follow a criterion- useful in contributing to the development
referenced orientation in test scores will of a ______.
communicate _____________.
a. Regional Plan
b. Annual Implementation Plan
A. how much of the test content the
c. School improvement plan
children were able to handle
d. Division Plan
b. The spread of scores in the class
c. the ranking of the students in a section
142. Is it wise to orient our students and
d. the over-all performance of a particular
parents on our grading system?
a. Yes, so that from the very start students b. As indicator of learners’ knowledge of
and their parents know how grades are subject matter
derived. c. As a means of assessing students’
performance in subject.
b. Yes, but orientation must be only for our d. As indicator of learner’s performance
immediate costumers, the students with respect to competencies in the subject
c. No, this will court a lot of complaints areas.
d. No, grades and how they are derived are 145. Which characterize the process
highly confidential. approach of assessing student performance?

I. Teacher collects student work

Study the diagram below which shows recorded in a portfolio
the learner and student assessment in the II. Teacher focuses on what students
center of the Foundations for do while engaged in the learning
Accountability. Based in the diagram
III. Students critically evaluate their
answer questions #143, 144 & 145. own work
IV. Students select samples of what
they think their learning
A. I and III
D. III and IV

146. When checking projects made by your

pupils, what must be done to ensure
objectivity in giving grades?

A. Prepare rubrics in giving grades

B. Request somebody to grade the projects
of your classes
C. Rate the projects by batch checking
D. Rate the projects in descriptive and not
143. What standards impinge directly on
in a quantitative manner
student assessment?

I. Practice
II. Student Learning
III Delivery
IV Family & Community

a. III & IV c. II & III

b. I & II d. I, II, III

144. How should the test results be used to Based on the diagram’ answer questions
advantage? #147 - #149

A. As index of comparing achievement

147. The assessment methods are 151. Which is one measure of attitude that
considered to collect ________ of consists of a value statement where you are
understanding overtime. asked to express your degree of agreement
or disagreement of a statement?
A. information A. Liked scale
B. evidence B. Interview schedule
C. tasks C. Semantic differential
D. facts D. Checklist

SITUATION – Here is one measure of

148. When assessment is anchored on attitude where a subject is asked to check
academic prompts the ongoing inquiry is the blank that corresponds to her answer.
_________ and ranges from simple to
complex. Being Liked by Other Students
A. specific Important ____ ____ ____ Unimportant
B. generic Pleasant ____ _____ ____ Unpleasant
C. informal
D. open-ended 152. Question: How is it called?

149. Assessment anchored on performance A. Questionnaire checklist

tasks on projects enables the students to use B. Checklist
their knowledge in _______. C. Likert scale
A. relationship D. Semantic differential
B. context
C. essentials 153. Teacher F narrates: “I went through a
D. prioritization test where I was asked how the ink blots
appeared to me.” What test did Teacher F
150. Key question are considered in probably undergo?
instruction planning and in identifying
desired results and assessment. Which two A. IQ test
questions are relevant? B. Rorschach test
C. Aptitude test
I. What activities will equip students with D. EQ test
the needed knowledge and skills?
II. What method of assessment should be 154. Teacher U asked her pupils to create a
used? story out of the given pictures. Which
III. What materials and resources are best projective technique did Teacher U use?
suited to accomplish the learning objective?
IV. Why type of tests should be given? A. Rorschach Test
A. I and III B. Narrative
B. II and IV C. Thematic Apperception Test
C. II and III D. Reflective
D. IV only
155. Which test will the Guidance Office of
4.4 Demonstrate skills in the use of School give if it wants to help students in
techniques and tools in assessing predicting their probable success in specific
affective learning educational and vocational fields?

A. Diagnostic test
B. Achievement test
C. IQ test D. Guidance is assisting students to become
D. Aptitude test self-directed individuals.

156. Which should you use to obtain 160. With projective personality tests in
information concerning a particular mind, which does NOT belong?
student’s interest?
A. Interview
I. Case study B. Sentence completion task
II. Interview techniques C. Word Association test
III. Cumulative record of student D. Thematic Apperception Test

A. III only 161. You intend to assess affective

B. II and III attributes such as capacity to feel, attitudes
C. I and II and behavior. Which of the following
D. I, II, and III should you establish to certain the
instrument’s validity?
157. Which tool should a teacher use if she
wants to locate areas which are adversely A. Construct
affecting the performance of a significant B. Content
number of students? C. Criterion-related
D. Face
A. Problem checklist
B. Self- report technique 162. An appropriate assessment tool for
C. Autobiography assessing the development of learning in
D. Cumulative Record the affective domain is through
158. Student B was asked to report to the
Guidance Office. Student B and his A. reading of journal entries
classmates at once remarked: “What’s B. performance assessment
wrong?”. What does this imply? C. product assessment
D. self-assessment
A. Reporting to a Guidance Office is often
associated with misbehavior.
B. Student B is a “problem” student. 163. Analytic scoring uses the _________
C. Guidance counselors are perceived to be judgment of the student’s work.
“almighty and omniscient.”
D. The parents of Student B must be of the A. evaluation
delinquent type. B. performance
C. standard
159. Which is NOT true of the guidance D. criterion
164. Knowledge of procedure in writing a
A. The guidance process means the report is an example of a _______ rubric.
guidance counselor decides what is best for
the student who is in the dark. A. specific
B. The guidance process is a continuous B. generic
process. C. standard
C. Guidance is meant for every student D. performance
including the performing students.
165. Rubric are used for rating performance
and scoring guides to describe the
________ qualities of student outcomes.

A. tested
B. accomplished
C. distinguished
D. desired

166. The Report Card is given every

grading period to the pupil/student and the
parents are informed of the learner’s
performance. This is a/an _____ of the
teacher stipulated in the Education Act. Of

A. role
B. obligation
C. accountability
D. desired

167. Teachers should avoid _______ in

assigning student performance-based

A. arbitrariness and bias

B. unnecessary deductions
C. partially and calculation
D. unnecessary evaluation

168. Which is the basic principle

underpinning the performance-based
grading system?

A. It is tool for improving teaching and

B. It is a tool to determine prerequisite
C. It is diagnostic, formative and
D. It is evaluative and judgmental.