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Test 2 Key Paper 1 Reading (1 hour 15 minut) Pant 10D 20D 3D 4E SA HOWE MBE 12D 134 Parte 17D Panta ae Pana BOA SIE 32A 33D MB SF 36D 37am 38AB OA OD HIE a2 BC Buc MF 4D Paper2 Writing (2 ours) Task specie mark schemes Part 1 Question 1 Content (points covered) For Band 3 or above, the candidat’ eter most « tefer to newspaper article {ve a ef spology to local residents Provide some information about college open day ‘+ Invtefpersuade people to atend. Organisation and cobeson Lette layout with appropriate opening and closing formals. Range Language of apology and persuasion, Register Consistently formal or unmasked, Target eer | | Wold ented abowth col nd conse pining he leer in th neopee 118 Tes? Key Pant2 Question 2 Content (points covered) ForBand’s oc abore, the candidate's proposal most ive a reason for starting the magazine 1 Sagget some conten for first sue {1 SERS whar suppose andor financial help fs nesded ‘Organisation and cobeson Qrscrsatio ood no secionstpaagsaphs. Lte/memo format acceptable Range Vocabulary relating to magaine!writing LSgahage of persuasion, explanation and justification Register Consistently uamarked or formal | Target reader | Taree eae med about the reasons why a magazine was needed and consider supporting | she ide. Question 3 | Content (points covered) Cat ei esd candidate's competion etry must describe benefits of *taveling alone teavelling with fiends {traveling with family Organisation and cobesion (Cealy organised into paragraphs Range aebulary relating to travel. Language of evaluation and assessment. Register ‘Any long a8 consistent. Target reader ‘Would consider the enty Test 2 Key Question 4 CConten (points covered) For Band 3 or above, the candidate's report must rele to * ipesures being taken thei succese 1 Svhat more coud be done wit reference to thee region. ‘Organization and cobesion (Cialyonganised in paragraphs. Use of headings desirable Range ‘Vocebalary relating o energy and natural sources. Language ofealuation and recommendation, ‘Target reader ‘Woald be informed ofthe measures in place and future requirement Question $ Conten pointe covered) For Band’ or above, the candida’s character reference must lads the lenge of time and in what capacity else has worked with apliant {Comment on applicants business kills and experience 1 ention some additonal relevant personal qualities Organisation and cobesion (Car layout and organisation with appropiate pargraphing. Letexmemo format aceptable, Range Tangtage of busines relationships. Marketing tems. Character description. Register (Consistety formal or unmasked Target reader ‘Would be informed about the candidate Paper 3 English in Use (1 tour 30 minutes) Patt 1c 28 3B 4D SA 6B 7D 8B 9D A 1B 2G BC MA 15C