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810 Island Pond Rd. (603) 540-6517
Manchester, New Hampshire 03109

Keene State College- Keene , New Hampshire

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
Adult and Child CPR& AED Certified, Suicide Prevention Training, Teacher Certificate K-12


Physical Education Teacher- Hillsboro-Deering Elementary School Hillsboro, NH 2016-2019

 Stimulate a culture of high expectation in the physical education setting.
 Created engaging lessons that align with SHAPE standards, with modifications to meet all skill levels.
 Promote sportsmanship, kindness, honesty, and respect through implemented character development
program and use of responsive classroom techniques.
 Integrated Math & Physical Education program.
Elementary Student Teaching - Fuller Elementary School Keene, NH Spring 2016
 Generated engaging lessons that align with curriculum objectives appropriate to age and skill level.
 Planned and implemented lessons for adapted physical education class.
 Implented character development program using the “Fuller Four” schoolwide values.
Secondary Student Teaching- South Meadow School Peterborough, NH Spring 2016
 Implemented unit plans that aligned with curriculum objectives.
 Assessed students based on the national standards using formative and summative assessment.
 Implemented character development program using positive character values such as sportsmanship,
honesty, kindness and positive attitude.
Care Counselor, YMCA - Manchester, New Hampshire 2015-2016
 Supervised and cared for school aged children before and afterschool.
 Managed and led group activities and provided healthy snack for children
 Implemented a character development program using the four core values of honesty, respect, caring, and
Assistant Sports Director, YMCA - Manchester, New Hampshire Summer 2015-Present
 Supervised and cared for school aged children while leading and creating group activities, games
and sports
 Implemented a character development program using the four core values described above.
 Created, planned and led an orienteering week at camp.
Camp Supervisor, Keene Parks & Recreation CATCH Program - Keene, NH June 2014-June 2015
 Supervised and cared for school aged children in an outdoor setting.
 Led and created group activities, games, and sports.
Secondary Practicum- Keene, (NH) High School Spring 2015
 Assisted, observed and taught two twelvth grade Physical Education classes.
 Created, planned and taught volleyball and badminton unit.
 Designed take-home work for students who were absent.
Elementary Practicum- Winchester (NH) School Fall 2015
 Assisted, observed and taught four elementary level Physical Education classes.
 Created a plan and kept a journal for a student with special needs.
 Created, planned and taught a basketball unit.
 Created and implemented an assessment tool to assess basketball skills and knowledge.
Adapted Physical Education Fall 2014
 Met with a second grade student at St. Joseph Regional school twice a week to develop an IEP.
 Planned and implemented a program to meet goals and objectives listed in the IEP.


NHSTA Math & Science Conference Presenter 2018
 Presented Math & Physical Education curriculum to members of NHSTA.
Hillsboro-Deering High School Girls Varsity Soccer Assistant Coach 2018
Hillsboro-Deering High School Boys & Girls Varsity Track & Field Assistant Coach 2017-2019
Hillsboro-Deering Middle School Sport a Day Club 2017
Hillsboro-Deering Elementary School Basketball club 2016-2017

Physical Education Club, Keene State College 2015-2016

 Vice President
 Planned meetings to inform members about upcoming events.
 Organized group trips.
NH Association of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Committee 2013-Present
 Member and Attendee
SMS Girls Basketball Assistant Coach- Peterborough, New Hampshire January-March 2016
Trilogy Field Hockey Coach- Keene, New Hampshire Fall 2015
College Athlete- Keene State College Keene, NH 2012-2016
 Varsity Field Hockey (2012-2013)
 Keene State Recreation Basketball
 Keene State Recreation Volleyball
High School Athlete- Manchester Memorial High School Manchester, NH 2008-2012
 Varsity Field Hockey, Track & Field and Basketball