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EZ] — Surprise Discovery Of Celebrity's Tombstone INSIDER! Once Famous Movie | 8,08°,8, How WillBrow’s Actress Buried In azarae tice. Greenwood Cemetery Sifao"Smmas’ State Office Impact On This City Council? ; ._ ‘Rep. Bob There's a gravestone in Greenwood Cemetery that marks the final ‘of one of he most famous movie stare of early a century years ago next month since a private graveside ¥evice was re. Th ot Poplar ars ot te 1 Bette ana he a ‘most notably as Mary Magdalene ‘King of Kings” in 1827. ‘STORY, PHOTOS IN SCRAPBOOK, PAGES 4,5 ton on a INSIDE THIS EDITION CONTACT POINTS OpinionsEditorals Page 2 Church News Page 19 Tribune Website: Page 20 240 Page 21 Email Address: ; 2852 Decatur, I Crossword Puzzle Page 16 Legals Pages 2028 ioane Entertainment Page 17 Good F KE Serapb00K col Cast In DeMille’s ‘King Of Kings’ Once Famous Movie Actress J acqueline Logan Buried In Greenwood Cemetery i reclor Cal B, Delile cast Jacqueline Logan as Mary Magdalene in ScrapoCcen | Jacqueline Logan was selected by Cecil B. DeMille for the role of Mary | Magdalene in the classic The King of | Kings (1927) even jh the part was {much sought atter...| era ES ae by actresses of the ‘Jacquie Logan in 1922 She di pel. 00 Both of er Logan se buried nthe" faniy" iti ‘Rave ‘Kier "who. ved in New sd a son, Chaves Loe feana Te “aeguline Some Further Information ‘About Jacqueline Logan Ther st of config lal tour Jaeoeine Logan, Foristance tee adres soyte yt Se Altoogh, Jaqueline Login was oalng to Santa Brana A Fisorans indicat Lopun made the ‘elem et into ued tas over whet “lke” became pope + Accotng to “Answer, Logan i "atk" age oe oo a =e =a =o . Paes greens ee ee Trews lap semen Soar gee Sygeteege samen Seta ealieg wap et cena Rak fe a oe ae oie sigoatsmcan ies ‘According o Rit Lampan, in, “Whatever Bevan OF pub [Baad 196 afc dng ee ‘nde usb 8h Sequctine rede im Wescheer Geo York i She Tied nnd suas Linke sd Devoty Dalton, bt foe aceses ‘The mainder fhe Je she eed in Bend Hille Ne Yok wat ot pee Great Dage foe ie List ‘Bsqucte Kennel ‘sin, Lopate SOUR hr movie er nl She Sal's’ marber of the Jobe, Bash Soe, Much er ie ws dro Tovtihing ‘One Woda the reson dee’ She tebeved Be fecons were todeminag the US. Thanks 19 Jane, Dower of Pash ie rane abe Sacquetne Logan, Once ad wn Sean ered od eel Uae deeper to nd nave Bormok Sn pes of ber