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Josh Pederson 831.251.4724

My career objective is to obtain a senior-level position managing development of web-based
applications with an innovative company in the south San Francisco Bay Area.

Work History
Sr. Web Developer, February 2003 to Present
Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation. Monterey, California
Hired to develop and manage a static website detailing central California ocean research
activities, I expanded the project vision by crafting a relational database management system
(RDBMS) coded in object-oriented PHP to serve as an internal reporting tool as well as a content
management system (CMS) for the website ( With the money saved by
using open-source technologies (MySQL and PHP) I was able to bring on a team to assist with
graphics and development during various stages of the project. Through promotion of this RDBMS
to senior management I secured funding to develop two additional systems with Google mapping
capabilities that provide managers in the entire coastal United States with a more efficient means
to learn the location and status of their multi-million dollar resources.
Key accomplishments:
 Authored proposal that was awarded $350k in funding to develop a national map-based
application ( This PHP-based system consists of a standard XML
schema for data transfer, automated data ingest from HTTP servers, MySQL RDBMS for
data management, and a Google maps mash-up for display.
 Reduced the amount of time spent by staff on managing vessel operations by 25% through
development of a PHP-based RDBMS. Worked with stakeholders and users from multiple
institutions to develop project specification, project plan, and use case models. Managed
team of three to develop and deploy the application on time and under budget.
 Developed multi-organizational RDBMS that allows for direct sharing of information
between external partners. Previously a paper-based process, this new system reduced
our staff time spent providing and locating information by 40%.

Web Development Consultant, August 2002 to present

Santa Cruz, California
My goal as a contract web developer is to save companies time and money by 1) automating
offline business processes, and 2) analyzing and improving existing RDBMS systems. By applying
traditional software development lifecycle (SDLC) measures and efficiently managing my team of
contract developers I continue to reach this goal on my projects.
Key accomplishments:
 Increased efficiency of a patient in-take and management system for a substance abuse
clinic by 30% through a new RDBMS system. Built on an OS X server using PHP, MySQL,
and XML, this system replaced a legacy paper and FileMaker Pro system. Managed team
of three to bring project from concept to reality within budget and on schedule.
 Saved small medical office $6,000 per year on software licenses by developing a PHP- and
AJAX-based patient scheduling system. Managed activities of two-person team to deliver
application on time and within budget.
 Delivered various public informational websites on-time and within budget for a variety of
small-businesses including North Coast Orthodontics (,
Brosseau Wines (, and Coastal Homes Magazine
( Managed team of two to three people per project.
User Interface Developer / Sales Technician, October 2000 to February 2003
Instantis Inc. Sunnyvale, California
Originally hired to assist with user interface (UI) design of the SiteWand platform, on my own
initiative I learned how to develop web-based applications using the software product. With this
skill I was able to drastically increase my effectiveness as a designer of the product UI as well as
generate revenue for the company by developing systems for paying clients. Day-to-day
operations included managing client applications, analyzing engineering requirements of new
product features, and designing the respective interfaces using Adobe Photoshop and DHTML. In
addition I worked with Java engineers to develop interface designs into functioning product
screens using HTML code and JSP tags.
Key accomplishments:
 To best contribute to development of the SiteWand product, I learned the use of JSP, XML,
and RDBMS and applied these technologies in day-to-day design efforts.
 Consistently converted technical requirements into functional and intuitive interface designs
that enhanced the SiteWand user experience.
 Responding to customer requests, became an advocate for new product features and
suggested specific improvements with estimated man hours of effort to upper management
using UML diagrams, and static proto-types.
 Developed database applications for various clients including Wharton Business Schools
(event management system), Wells Fargo eStore (sales lead management), and Sperry
Van Ness (commercial real estate marketing management). Strengthened our relationships
with customers by providing in-person application training and support.

B.S. in Biology, June 1998
University of California at Davis. Davis, CA
Note: between June 1998 and October 2000 spent time traveling and learning web design concepts.

M.S. in Information Systems Management, December 2007

Golden Gate University. San Francisco, CA

References are available upon request.

Development and Software Skills

Development Software and OS
 Object-oriented PHP  Adobe Creative Suite 3
 HTML, CSS, DHTML  Microsoft Office
 Javascript  Microsoft Project 2003
 XML  Microsoft Visio
 AJAX  BBEdit
 MySQL  Mac OS X
 UML  Windows XP
 Apache server  Linux