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1) We enter this world just like pk- naked, without knowledge about what the world

contains or any understanding about right or wrongs.

We are taught everything as we grow up and start believing what people tell us and
what we see.
But what we taught is correct?? How do you know that? And then we start asking
logical questions which some people have problem with.
2) Raise your voice
Many times we see many wrong things happening in front of us. But how many of us
raise our voices against it? We just become a mere spectator to injustice . Do the
right things and promote the right doings in life .
3) Believe in God, not Godmen
Pk movie asks everyone to believe in God and trust God to make things right . God
made us and and he gave each of us the ability to reason and think logically.
4) “Atithi Devo Bhava” – The guest is still as good as God to us.
Manifest in the fact that a Bhairon Singh, who had met PK only for sometime,
decided to come back and help him adjust in a different world. It also subtly
underlines the basic premise that one needs to have faith in humanity.
5) There is one God, Religions are man made
Has anyone seen God? Does God say that he/she is a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian
or a Sikh?
It is only we people that have made different religions . No God will want anything
bad to happen for their children. Humanity is the utmost religion that should be
6) Assume nothing and question everything.
I am a proud Hindu Caucasian of Aryan origin who takes pride in telling everyone
that my ancestors wrote the Vedas. My great grandfather who was a barrister (we
called lawyers by that name in pre-independence era) was my prime source of the
spiritual knowledge I have and yes, he gave me reasons for it too.
Though I have little knowledge of Sanskrit, I have this dedicated habit of googling
what every shlok and mantra means, word-by-word, instead of chanting them blindly.
I also believe and follow Ayurvedic prescriptions.
Yes I am religious, but I follow only those customs rules and traditions which have
an explanation attached to them, like lighting incense sticks, correctly chanting
mantras, not sleeping with feet pointing to south, fasting and a few more.
But when my relatives dictate a custom to me, I ask the reason for it. They can
call me blasphemous, I call this logic. This would be an outright insult, not to
ask questions, when I belong to a race who gave birth to Aryabhatta, Charak and
Shushruta, pioneers in science whose questioning capabilities gave us Zero,
Medicine and Surgery.
7) Don't get judgmental on basis of religion or clothing.
Admit it, religion is only a lifestyle and practice you acquire to acknowledge
My roommate is a Muslim and wears a Hijaab to work everyday. Before getting
judgemental about her upbringing, please note that, she is the eldest of three
daughters in the family (her parents didn't chase/crave for a son). She's an
engineer, the next a lawyer and the youngest doing post-grad in chemistry. Her
parents have active discussions (not debates) with me on religion, giving reason
for every custom the person follows without getting offended by the other.
Now, how more broad-minded can this get!!
No, I am not at all interested in converting to Islam, I am much more comfortable
with being a Hindu, and have adapted myself over years for it. But that doesn't
mean I should have an inherent hatred for it. I don't have a reason to hate Islam,
or Muslims (by that I don't refer to terrorists here)
Remember, Islam is a religion of brotherhood and the ones terrorizing the world in
the name of Islam are also the ones who blindly follow sermons, without taking the
pain to intercept them. Much like.... You know....
8) Not all terrorist attacks are Islamic. Don't allow religious differences to
cloud your views on someone.
9) If you have a problem, try to solve it, instead of asking God to do it for you.
The protectors of Hindusim here, may be familiar to this line,
Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurma Tey
Sangostva Akarmani
But ever tried to find the meaning of it? It just means, DO YOUR WORK!!! If you
expect God to help you crack exams instead of studying and then blindly follow
"prescriptions" of Godmen, do you really expect to pass?
Enough said!!
10) Remember, God made Man, Man made Religion.
Use it only to show love to God, not hatred to his creation!!
11) Not everything we are taught is right: Apply your logic and brains and behave
rationally not just because your religion says so, but because your mind says so.
Listen to yourself before you agree with something you aren’t fully aware about.
Your mind holds the power, so give yourself a chance to be enlightened.
12) Questioning a ritual is not a sin: Rather than blindly following something that
lies behind a fog, it’s better to understand the how’s and the why’s of a thing you
have been doing since your birth. It’s not a sin to have curiosity, so never be
afraid to satisfy your thirst of curiosity.
13) We need not protect any god (if you believe god is there ). All these riots &
terrorism are due to the thinking that we should protect our own Gods. But the real
question is does God need our protection??