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The person in question. in this Samvatsara. Who questions.

will have a disturbed mind and for friendship and loyalty is
unguaranteed and undeserving. This persons mind is already
suffering from various kind of desires and is dancing most
jmbalancingly. The next question is pertaining to education and
job/occupation/profession. But in spite of this, this Person
enjoys good educational value by the Darshan of Kartikeya and
enjoys rich benefit and educational qualifications, though there
are ob stales in his trying periods and by the end of this year,
he gets profits in occupation and materialism. Although there is
`Amsa` for an occupation/employment, the person has yoga for
a wider experience and prosperity in his life. This person will
find a way of living who can help many people and also being a
guidance to many people, from his period within two years, the
person suffers from mental worries and also due to "PREETI
From this period after 6 six years the yoga of marriage IS
seen and from there onwards within one years and six months.
there is stable, and good yoga for a
job/occupation/professionand from thereon-wards there is
improvement day-by-day. His permanent place for
improvement/development is from New Year. The parent of
this person is worried in mind dueto`Vrana`. This person wants
to try to some special thing`(Vishesha karya prayathna) and
even In this aspect. it takes another 8 months and
three weeks.
As already stated. after a period of two years, there IS
beginning of a permanent,large establishment for further
prosperity with good income and financial status: and will be
married to a good looking, good family bride and also
enjoys vehicles, benefits. and even relatives gets suprised at

the success of this persons life and good cooperation from the
parental side and also good, auspicious things for brother and
sisters of the Person. Father gets financial benefits and
court speculation will be successful. After passing the
`Panchavimsha` age enjoys various sources and financial gains,
benefits will be excellent. Success. fame, and happiness in
family circles by childrearing all kinds of

happiness will he available to the person.