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Characteristics Of Hazards In Milk


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Characteristics Of Hazards In Milk


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Published: Wed, 17 May 2017

It is clear from several food safety studies that there are three main types of hazards in
food microbiological hazards, chemical hazards and physical hazards (De Boer et al. 2005;
McCarthy et al. 2006; Spais and Vasileiou 2011; Yeung and Morris 2001). Milk hazards are
also divided in the same categories and these may remain in milk through various
processes which carried out for milk processing. Sources of initial milk hazards may come
at primary stage of milk secretion/ milking process from milk giving animal, through
interior of udder, udder and teat surfaces. Second source of hazard could be from
process of milking, reception, storage etc., through milking equipment, milk transport
line and storage tank. Other source of hazard could be milking environment, air and CLICK HERE!
water and personal hygiene. In addition to these, chemical hazards might be come
through cleaning and sanitising stages (Braunig and Hall 2005). Presence of any of these
food hazards shows poor results of milk processing and hygienic practices.

Group of pathogenic microorganism might be predominant and responsible for food

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Characteristics Of Hazards In Milk

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Characteristics Of Hazards In Milk

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Characteristics Of Hazards In Milk


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