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Internet Data <1
2 5 Study on the health care facilities provided for
the below poverty line patients By Tergaonkar, <1
Vila 2010- RGUHS

3 14 BIMS College, Bangalore University By

17QZCMD136 - 2018, MRSA <1
Student Paper

4 3 Aligarh Muslim University Paper - <1
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5 12 Student Thesis Published by Chaudhay

Charansingh University - <1
6 7 Student Report Submitted to Bangalore
University by - 'Sonal Khatri 16YACMD188' <1
Yr - 2018
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8 13 Population epidemiological study on the
prevalence of dizziness in the city of São Paulo <1

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Internet Data <1
10 10 Paper Published in International Journal of
Materials - MDPI 2015 <1
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11 11 Studies on soilborne diseases of stevia and their

management with spe by Sreedevi S. Chav, <1

12 17 Development of the Cancer Therapy

Satisfaction Questionnaire Item Generation and <1
Content Validity Te

13 8 Aligarh Muslim University Paper - <1
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14 4 Prospect for marketig of country liquor with

special reference to bra by Unde, Ravindra D - <1
2004 , krishikosh

15 9
Publication <1
16 16 A Community Based Study On Tobacco Use In
Davangere Taluk, Karnataka By Patil, <1
Basanagou 2009- RGUHS

17 6 Facts and myths affecting software reuse

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Internship Project Report On “Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of Food Panda’s Vendors and Custo
mers in Bangalore”Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Degreeof MASTER OF
MD012)Under the guidance of Dr. C. GANESH KUMAR Assistant Professor INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PLANT
ATON MANAGEMENT 2017-2019 BATCH Abstract Expanded interest of eatery goers created the requirement
for much consideration for the neighborliness business. Giving much alternative simplicity of ordering and con
veying is the need of the hours. Mechanical impedance has turned out to be compulsory to enhance the nature o
f the administration and business in this industry. Confirmations are as of now existed for incomplete mechaniza
tion of food ordering process in the nation; the greater part of these innovations actualized depend on remote ad
vances. This composition reports execution and reconciliation of electronic innovation for eateries. A dynamic d
atabase utility framework was intended to bring all the data from a unified database. Client utility was given sig
nificance amid the advancement of this interface and effectiveness, exactness was the need for better outcomes a
nd administrations and to lessen most of the human mistake. It was seen that this framework was fruitful in con
quering the inadequacies found in the recently created comparable frameworks. Additionally, this framework wa
s extremely financially savvy being developed and also amid use. Our proposed framework is an online food or
dering framework that empowers ease for the clients. It defeats the impediments of the customary queueing fra
mework. Our proposed framework is a medium to arrange online food bother free from eateries and in addition
mess benefit. This framework enhances the technique for taking the request from client. The online food orderin
g framework sets up a food menu on the web and clients can undoubtedly put in the request according to their
desire. Too with a food menu, clients can without much of a stretch track the requests. This framework addition
ally gives an input framework in which client can rate the food things. Additionally, the proposed framework ca
n prescribe inns, food, in view of the appraisals given by the client, the inn staff will be educated for the upgra
des alongside the quality. The installment can be made on the web or pay-on-conveyance framework. For more
anchored ordering separate records are kept up for every client by giving them an ID and a secret word. Our pr
oposed framework is an online food ordering framework that empowers ease for the clients. It defeats the burde
ns of the customary queueing framework. Our proposed framework is a medium to arrange online food bother fr
ee from eateries and also mess benefit. This framework enhances the technique for taking the request from clien
t. The online food ordering framework sets up a food menu on the web and clients can without much of a stretc
h submit the request according to their desire. Moreover with a food menu, 2 | P a g e clients can without muc
h of a stretch track the requests. This framework likewise gives a criticism framework in which client can rate t
he food things. Likewise, the proposed framework can suggest inns, food, in light of the appraisals given by the
client, the lodging staff will be educated for the upgrades alongside the quality. The installment can be made o
n the web or pay-on-conveyance framework. For more anchored ordering separate records are kept up for every
client by giving them an ID and a secret key. 3 | P a g e AKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my s
pecial thanks of gratitude to my lecturer Dr. Ganesh Kumar C, who gave a golden opportunity to do this wonde
rful project of Business Analysis and Development of “Food Panda”, who also helped me in completing my pro
ject. In this process I came to know so many new things I am really thankful to them. Secondly I would also li
ke thank my parents and friends who helped me a lot in finalizing this project within the limited time frame. I
would also like to express my special thanks to all the customer respondents who showed their interest in answeri
ng the survey questionnaires in patience without hesitating to response I would also like to express my special tha
nks to all the vendor respondents who showed their interest in answering the survey questionnaires in patience a
long with their busy schedules and also thanks for sharing your business experience and also for your valuable s
uggestion which is an essential information for a management students Darshan D IIIrd SEM MBA IIPMB 4 |
P a g e Contents SL.NO Particulars 1 (INTRODUCTION) 1.1 Introduction to the project 1.3 Need for th
e study 14 Objectives 1.5 Significance of the Study 1.6 Scope and Limitation of the study 10 13 13 13 14 2 Co
mpany Profile 15 3 Literature Review 3.1 Research Gap 19 26 4 Research Methodology 4.1 Nature and source
of data 4.2 Sample design and techniques 4.3 Sample Size 4.4 Tools for accumulation 4.5 Period of study 4.6 T
- Test for Gender and its recommendations 4.7 T- Test to check the business of vendors before & after tie- up 4
.8 Co-relation between the performance of food panda app and their delivery executives 4.5 Software’s, formula
s & techniques used 27 28 28 29 29 29 30 31 32 33 5 Data Analysis and Interpretation of 5.1 Customers Data
5.2 Vendors Data 33 52 6 Finding Recommendations, 69 70 5 | P a g e Conclusion 71 7 Reference 72 8 Appen
dix Questionnaire 75 List of Graphs (Customers) Particular CG 5.1 Age Group 28 CG 5.2 Usage of
Food Panda App with respect to gender 29 CG 5.3 Discovery of Food Panda App 30 CG 5.4 Number of users
used Food Panda App to order food 31 CG 5.5 Often usage of Food Panda App 32 CG 5.6 Acceptance of wai
ting time 33 CG 5.7 Rating of Food Panda App according to your Need 34 CG 5.8 Service Quality of Food Pa
nda 35 CG 5.9 Performance of Food Panda App 36 CG 5.10 Performance of delivery executives 37 CG 5.11 C
ustomers opinion about pricing 38 6 | P a g e CG 5.12 Does Food Panda delivered you other than the ordered f
ood 39 CG 5.13 Rate of problems faced by users 40 CG 5.14 Recommendation to family and friends 41 CG 5.
15 Service Quality Satisfaction level 42 CG 5.16 Getting problem solved by Customer care 43 CG 5.17 Knowle
dge of Customer Care Executive 44 CG 5.18 Rating based on the response time 45 CG 5.19 Overall Satisfactio
n level 46 List of Graphs (Vendors) VG 5.1 Vendors Opinion about Food Panda 49 VG 5.2 Financial status of
vendors before tie-up with Food Panda 50 VG 5.3 Financial status of vendor after tie-up with Food Panda 51 V
G 5.4 Number of order received from Food Panda per day 52 VG 5.5 Vendors tie-up with various online food
ordering applications 53 VG 5.6 List of Competitors in which vendor has a tie-up 54 VG 5.7 Since how long th
e vendor is associated with Food Panda App 55 VG 5.8 Impact of these online portal on your business 56 VG
5.9 Does vendors have faced any problem after the tie-up with Food 57 7 | P a g e Panda App VG 5.10 Busine
ss relationship status with Food Panda and their riders 58 VG 5.11 Does riders are creating any problems for v
endors 59 VG 5.12 Complaints on taste Difference 60 VG 5.13 Effects of rating and review 61 VG 5.14 Does
offers offered by Food Panda is Affecting vendors business 62 VG 5.15 Tell us your business relationship 63 V
G 5.16 Effects of Refund 64 VG 5.17 Time taken to settle the payments 65 List of Tables (customers) CT 5.1
T- test for gender & its Recommendations 47 CT 5.2 Correlation between the performance of Food Panda App
& its delivery executives 48 List of Table (vendors) VT 5.1 T-Test to check the business of vendors before and
after tie-up with Food Panda 66 8 | P a g e Abbreviations: CG- Customer Graph CT- Customer Graph VG- Ve
ndors Graph VT- Vendors Graph Chapter-1 INTRODUCTION "A movement which is embraced with goal of w
inning benefit is called as business" The action rendered by an individual or individual under lawful casing worl
d to give products and enterprises to all gathering of people for the enthusiasm of getting a charge out of a few
advantages is called business, for example, vendors' merchants, radio merchants, makers, fix focuses, cleaners, s
aving money, transporting organizations' maker of various items and so on. Online business is furthermore allud
ed to as e-business or electronic trade or web business. Which implies the managing of on-line business is direc
ted over the web. Which incorporates trade of information of import inside the kind of item and administrations
yet as installments exploitation online advances. Where exchanges is done in blended mode however requests a
nd installment are finished on the web, while conveyance is done disconnected. Examples: internet shopping ce
nters, for example,, Paytm mall, FlipKart, Myntra, Food panda, Uber eats Swiggy, Zomato, PC stores
, for example, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Acer, eBay, online book shops, for example,, var
ious B2B 9 | P a g e destinations, for example, Alibaba . It is no altered from customary business, barring that i
t is smoothed by online advancements. An on-line managing might be done 100% online for electronic item like
music video cuts, digital books, air tickets, film tickets, inn booking, share exchanging. The World Wide Web
has form electronic or virtual bazaars where exchanging can be coordinated with no physical and time hindrance
s Electronic market have the upsides of more prominent reach and lavishness than the customary markets Enhan
ced conveyance of assets, connections and power of economies further as expanding battle and diminishing cost
s Precedents: Telecommunication costs has incredibly lessened. Online has made the accessibility of items and a
ssets all the more effectively. Online food ordering Online food ordering is the procedure of food conveyance o
r takeout from neighborhood eatery or food helpful through a Web page or application. Much like ordering buye
r products on the web, a considerable lot of these administrations enables clients to keep accounts with them so
as to make visit ordering advantageous. A customer can look for a most loved building, more often than not se
parated by means of kind of food and browse accessible things and pick conveyance or get. Installment might b
e among others either by MasterCard, PayPal or money, with the eatery restoring a rate to the online food orga
nization. Online food ordering administration type 1. Eatery-controlled 2. Free online food ordering organizations
3. Food cooperatives 4. Web applications Eatery controlled: 10 | P a g e The prior conveyance foundation of th
ose establishments was all around coordinated for a web ordering framework, to such an extent that in 2008, Pa
pa John's International declared that its online deals were developing on the normal very fifty p.c consistently.
Nearby organizations have collaborated with internet business organizations to make ordering snappier and exact
Models: Pizza Hut, Domino's, KFC, Empire inns, Nandini lodgings Free online food ordering organizations offe
r three arrangements 1. Software administration whereby eateries buy database and record the executives progra
mming from organizations and deal with the web based ordering themselves. 2. Web-based administration where
by eateries sign contracts with online food ordering site that may deal with requests from numerous eateries in a
provincial or zonal shrewd 3. Where an autonomous make and offer food suppers or packs by means of their s
ites which are then straightforwardly sent to clients Food cooperatives Some food cooperatives like Macomb Co-
operation enable individuals to put requests to privately developed or potentially delivered food on the web and
get a compensation for their requests to focal area Web applications Numerous eateries offer the innovation to s
ubmit a request with a Web application, and many offer a markdown or extra things when the request is put Th
e main online food ordering administration, overall server (now known as was established in 1995.
The site initially overhauled just northern California, later extended to a few extra urban communities in United
States and presently giving the administrations worldwide. Q) How portion online food ordering framework fun
ction? 11 | P a g e Online food ordering is a procedure of ordering the food from a neighborhood eatery or foo
d helpful through a page or application. Much like ordering shopper merchandise on the web, huge numbers of
these enable clients to keep account with them so as to make visit ordering helpful and to get markdown and of
fers. A client will scan for most loved eatery, more often than not sifted by means of sort of food and browse a
ccessible things and, pick conveyance or get. Installment can be among others either with Master card, platinum
card, Paytm, Phone Pe, or money down, with the eatery restoring the rate to the online food organization. Key
takeaways: 1. Technology assumes an excellent job in each industry. The pattern has been chomped the eatery b
usiness too with the food ordering framework. 2. Restaurant proprietors who are always attempting to 'level-up'
their business, uphold the product for ordering and conveyance. 3. There is a great deal of delay among the net
work to execute the framework, imagining that procedure is confused. Need of study The need of study is to br
eak down the present business circumstances, showcase drifts, the sort of innovation embraced to enhance the b
usiness, different interesting techniques for advancing like putting, valuing and offers and so forth. So as to pick
up/support Number One Position among the different competitor's. So it's particularly important to think about i
t, in light of the fact that these thing will helps in better choice, climate to grow or enhance or to close down t
he business and leave it, with the goal that they can spare the cash/Investment. Objectives of the Study: To ana
lyze the current business situation. To study the current challenges facing by food panda. To study the various
strategy adopted by food panda. To understand the various problems faced. o From the vendors perspective. 12
| P a g e o From the customers perspective. . Significance of Food Pandas The point of picked in light of the f
act that how the organization can convey the requests to clients inside 30Mins after getting the Order by the sel
lers, in the middle of these traffic and long one way courses, laid courses by RTO. Extent of Study The extent
of study is to see how the general task capacities/functions effectively with no interference and that is prompting
consumer loyalty, through this examination the recommendations will be given so as to enhance their business.
Scope and limitation of study Scope of study o Is to understand the current business scenarios o Is to analyze t
he available gaps and to overcome the gap by making a change in their business and marketing strategy Limitat
ions of the study o The is research sample may not be applicable for mass population o The data collection and
analysis is made for project purpose where the respondent may have not given the actual information o This da
ta cannot be use for business analysis purpose, since its not actual and accurate data. 13 | P a g e Chapter-2 Ab
out food panda Food Panda is a German portable food conveyance commercial center headquartered in Berlin,
Germany, working in 10 nations and regions. The administration licenses clients to select from local eateries an
d place orders by means of its portable applications yet as its sites. The organization has collaborated with more
than 27095 eateries in 193 urban communities and work with more than 15733 conveyance riders. The firm wa
s no inheritable by Delivery Hero in early Gregorian timetable month 2016. Food panda's business in India was
gained by An Indian Cab-aggregator OLA on 29 December 2017 for an undisclosed sum. We trust food is a jo
y and food ordering ought to be a quick and unquestionably a fun affair. Ordering with food panda is as simple
as a 4-step formula: Search Choose Pay Enjoy 14 | P a g e History The food panda bunch was established in 2
012 by Ralf Wenzel, Rohit Chadda, Benjamin Bauer and Felix Plog in. Food panda's Singapore business was pr
opelled by Lukas Nagel and Rico Wyder. In February 2014, food panda procured its primary opponent in Pakist
an Eat Oye. In November 2016 the organization sold its Delivery Club business in Russia to for $100
million. In December 2016 the food panda gather gained by the German contender Delivery Hero. Food panda's
business in India was obtained by Ola for all offer arrangement on eleventh December 2017. Stages Food Pand
a forms and sends arranges specifically to accomplice eateries, which at that point convey to their clients. The a
dministration is open by the means of its sites and portable applications. Clients arrange food by getting into the
ir postcodes on the area and perusing for food from a posting of eateries. They can deliver suppers by perusing
eating house menus and picking things they require to arrange before getting into a deliver and proceeding to th
e checkout. Eateries get these requests at that point convey to clients. Food Panda conveys A SMS to substantia
te orders and their measurable conveyance time. Web based Ordering Food Panda acknowledges orders through
its sites and Web applications. It associates clients with eateries that give food conveyance in their space and gi
ves them a chance to choose, request and pay on-line. Food panda likewise has a survey area on eatery pages,
where clients can remark on deals process, conveyance, taste and generally speaking impression of eateries. Ven
tures 15 | P a g e The organization raised a sum of $318 million in endeavor capital. Food panda brought $20
million up in beginning subsidizing from Investment AB Kinnevik, Phenomena Ventures and Rocket Internet in
April 2013. In September 2013, iMENA Holdings put $8 Million. In February 2014, there was another financin
g round of $20 million from a gathering of speculators, including Phenomena Ventures. On August 11, the orga
nization declared that it has gathered another $60 million in financing from a gathering of investors. In March 2
015, the organization reported it has raised over $110 million from Rocket Internet, and in addition other investo
rs. Less than two months after the fact, a gathering of financial specialists, including Goldman Sachs, put over $
100 Million in Food panda. Universal brands The Delivery Hero group comprises of various worldwide brands.
Food panda in Asia and jap Europe, Foodora in Europe, Australia and Canada, hellofood in the Middle East, De
livery Club in Russia, 24h in UAE, NetPincer in Hungary, in Serbia, Republic of Bosnia and Herze
govina and Herzegovina and land territory, Pauza in Croatia, and Otlob in Egypt. Tasks Food panda is working
in eleven nations in Asia, Eastern Europe and Middle East, including Bangladesh Bulgaria Egypt (under the na
me "Otlob") Hong Kong India (not under a similar gathering) Malaysia 16 | P a g e Pakistan Philippines Roma
nia Singapore Taiwan Thailand Worldwide Rebranding On November 1, 2017 food panda re-marked from Oran
ge to Pink with refreshed logo over every one of the nations. The rebrand pursues its obtaining by tech monster
Delivery Hero in December 2016, changing its image shading from orange to pink. While the persevering pand
a can at present remain at the front line of its image, it has been changed into a rounder and that's just the begi
nning "current" variant. As indicated by the corporate, the new logo intends to be progressively significant. Add
itionally, food panda's textual style has likewise been refreshed to be increasingly contemporary, which is in acc
ordance with the spic and span's course. Pink is additionally the mark shade of its sister organization foodora. T
he rebranding can take off all-inclusive in one hundred ninety urban communities crosswise over eleven nations
(aside from India wherever the business was sold to composing paper Cabs) together with Singapore, Malaysia,
Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. Other than new entire character the corporate conjointly pro
pelled a supplanting application and front with extra worth for the customers, including an enhanced easy to use
interface or highlights, for example, the live trailing of requests and dynamic conveyance times. As a piece of t
he pattern, the corporate needed to figure on its application, site and option computerized stages, before proceed
ing onward to over one,500 eating house accomplices in Singapore to supplant the majority of its orange eatery
guarantees. 17 | P a g e Chapter-3 Literature Review 1). According to Jeffrey J Cotter, An online food conveyan
ce application has been planned on focal area based application were we can arrange the food from our close-by
eateries, were they can convey the food quicker to in hot condition (from eatery Kitchen to your feasting table/
to your entryway steps. 2). According to Food, the days are being changed to on the web, so as to
hold their market position and a focused edge among the contenders and furthermore to fulfill the clients. To co
mplete a business in online conveyance part is increasingly essential for that online food conveyance accomplic
es assumes a noteworthy job in the business. 3). According to, as of now in the
high aggressive universe of food web based ordering and conveyance organization so as to hold the market pos
ition and upper hand among the different competitor's, as the exercise taken from china the organizations are mo
ving towards cloud kitchen of a blend different brands to serve the shoppers the best. 18 | P a g e 4). Accordin
g to De. Leon there are different perspectives that must be thought about to concoct a decent online food orderi
ng gateway or site. It ought to be simple and basic use bother openly, not grouped and simple to make a reques
t. 5). Based on the article composed by Sainath Reddy K, Chaitanya KGK, Abhinav M and Feiroz Khan TH, tit
led as " An Online Food Court Ordering System " , here the writers are saying all regarding the advancement o
f food ordering framework beginning from Manual food ordering to the present online food ordering framework,
as there was an uncommon change were in early begun with expanded interest of eatery goers to right now inc
rement of ordering the food in online food ordering framework, as a result of the time accommodation factors a
nd different offers and rewards offered by different online food ordering and conveying applications and depend
ent on the accessibility of assortment of food items in different eateries living around client area where they are
giving N number alternative to clients to choose their preferred eateries to get the food arranged and conveyed
by them to clients. 6). According to Sandesh P who had replied and imparted his insight to the inquiry brought
by other client up in Quora, to we are so dependent on electronic contraptions as a component of individual an
d expert life, henceforth we don't have room schedule-wise to plan food after a feverish work of multi day, so t
hese days dominant part of the working family (a couple) like to arrange their food web based by their taste an
d inclinations of them. 7). According to Ritesh Dwivedy, originator of JustEat says that he started in 2006, with
a minor 15 eateries on board, as India's first online food ordering entrance and now he is India's biggest online
food ordering with more than 2500 eateries, 52 foods and 3 lakh dishes to look over. The whole voyage from
being the pioneers to the premiers of the food ordering industry has been a colossal undertaking. The crusade h
as been to a great degree entertaining both from his perspective and of the customers. 8). According to Tharun
Boda who had share his assessment about online food ordering conveyance in the Hindu paper on 08 Dec 2018.
Nowadays nobody has room schedule-wise to go out, in the event that they have time additionally they can't go
as a result of the city traffic which will change your craving to outrage when you achieve the eatery and further
more stopping is one of the real issue, consequently everybody favor online food 19 | P a g e ordering it is like
wise making work chances to numerous youthful alumni specifically and in addition in a roundabout way. 9). A
ccording to the as on 11 Oct 2018 FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued stop-bu
siness take note. Thus they have not enrolled and don't have permit and setting up the food in to a great degree
unhygienic conditions. FDA has likewise issued notice to application based food ordering organizations to delist
the inns which doesn't have permit. 10). According to Rachna Nath, article; Leader Retail and Consumers, PwC
India, said that the up and coming food adventures have an imminent market. QSR resembles Dominos, Pizza
Hut and so forth alone get 50-60% web based business deals, thus the future appears an extreme rivalry betwee
n the chain QSR's and independent eateries. The presence will depend simply on who can deal with their conve
yance framework proficiently. 11). According to "Serhat Murat Alagoz and Haluk Hekimoglu" while web based
business is developing and spreading worldwide quickly, so as to enhance and hold business our business in thi
s focused world. Eateries need to go as indicated by refreshed innovation and develop parallel to have an upper
hand over the contenders. 12). According to the article exhibited in Gadgets360 (a NDTV VENTURE) of Indo-
Asian News benefit, 26 Oct 2018. As we as a whole realize that food panda has been assumed control or procure
d by Ola and they have likewise coordinated food panda application has an extra element of Ola App which wil
l store the client information on Common Cloud Server, so they serve the clients better. Presently they are focus
ing on fortifying their seller board by moving toward the current merchants so as to refresh themselves and furt
hermore moving toward the eateries which are absent in their board list in the new areas where they need to bu
ild up and extend their endeavors geologically. 13). According to the exploration paper composed by Roy Dedd
y Hasiholan Tobing. As per this examination paper" the created food ordering framework that square proportion
of web- essentially based and Android-based application. In Future these applications will be refreshed by the p
resent pattern like following the request, climate the request is acknowledged by the eatery or not and the corre
ct area of a conveyance kid where he is..? With your arranged thing" and furthermore elective decisions for the
method of installment and so on. 20 | P a g e 14). According to the report from RedSeer Consulting "India's on
line food ordering division developing at 15% each quarter "distributed in Business Standard on 29 January 201
8. Agreeing this report, in India the quantity of food requested on online is developing quickly on day by day fr
om quarter to quarter has anticipated that would develop as food tech Players are boosting consumer loyalty an
d have them to arrange more suppers. Also, as of late OLA has gained Food panda, and they have an arrangem
ent to put $200 Million into food panda over next couple of years, so there will a gigantic bleeding edge rivalry
among contenders where they predominantly center around evaluating technique and other esteem chains to hol
d the clients and to make them steadfast towards the Online food ordering organizations. 15). According to the
Journal of Prabandhan: Indian diary of the executives composed by Ramesh Kumar Bagla, Jasmine Khan; title i
s "Clients' Expectations and fulfillment with online food ordering Portals" these days these online food ordering
business are blasting a direct result of absence of accessibility time because of work weight, push and inappropr
iate equalization of Professional and individual life, so as to help the above remarks the organizations are thinki
ng of assortment of remunerations and cashbacks to help the remark and enhance their business by saying it, (in
the event that you transfer on us you can invest a significant energy with your family)in which it will helps in
drawing in the clients. 16). According to the Journal of Prabandhan: Indian diary of the executives composed b
y Karuna Bajaj, Smita Mehendale; titled as Food-Delivery Start-Ups: looking for Core. In this aggressive and in
novation driven world, the new companies are concocting their imaginative business thought and alongside indiv
idual supporting innovation or virtual products so as to enhance their business and furthermore to have an upper
hand among the contenders and furthermore playing on estimating methodology and giving more rewards and o
ffers like altered limits, rewards and so on. 17). According to the Journal BIMS Journal of Management compo
sed by Sukanta Kundu, Saroda Chatterjee; titled as "Job of Digitalization in Hospitality Industry with Special R
eference to online Food Delivery Services". In light of this examination and its Data translation and information
investigation done by analyst says that clients arrange the food based on variables like offers and limits, assort
ment of item accessible, and different components like easy to use User Interface (UI) , free home conveyance
and more choice for the method of installment. 21 | P a g e 18). According to Girish Deore, Pranav Shete's artic
le of "to think about the Inclination of Consumers in flag region in connection to the online food ordering" says
that online food ordering applications helps in portioning the different scope of clients, so they can give the sub
tleties and others offers which will suit their requirements and inside spending plan as needs be. 19). Based on
the article accessible on; titled as Journal of food Engineering. As indicated by the exam
ination the creator says, utilization of RFID savvy tag or Reference track ID has made the discernibility of food
item simpler, so that as needs be the client can design their timings. For instance client can arrange the food be
fore he/she leaves the workplace, when he/she achieves home, their arranged tasty menu from their most loved e
atery will achieve the clients hand and they can make the most of their food with their family or companion wit
hout going for broke by him/her. Which will assist the eatery with conforming that the food have been conveya
nce hot, on the grounds that they are notable that, for to what extent the food will be hot in the event that they
serve in different particular holders which will assist the eateries to serving better. 20). Based on the article acce
ssible on Wiley Online Library and composed by J.G.A.J. van der Vorst, A.J.M/Beulens, Wit, P.van Beek;
titled as "Store network in Food Chain: Improving Performance by Reducing Uncertainty". As indicated by this
article writer says that it's smarter to show inns and eateries which are close-by or inside the 4-5 kms span of
client area with the assistance of GPS tracker, so it lessens the clients holding up time which will satisfies the c
lient and this will impact them to arrange over and over and those clients will suggest their companion and fam
ily which leads in roundabout promoting and free exposure by giving better administration. 21). Based on the art
icle accessible on; composed via Carsten Hirschberg, Alexander Rajko, Thomas Schumac
her, and Martin Wrulich; titled as " the Changing business sector for food conveyance" According to writers onl
ine food conveyance organizations are not serving food to its buyer from just a single eateries, they have left th
at choice to its clients were they can choose their preferred eatery, which quickly changes and help the online fo
od conveyance organization to catch the business sectors offer and market pioneer and furthermore can have an
aggressive edge among the contenders. 22). Based on the article written in by Nibedita Moh
anta in "The Raise of Opportunities in Food-Delivery Companies". Subsequently here a colossal interest for 22 |
P a g e conveyance accomplices for the eateries there are numerous conveyance young men bunches who have
come up their very own organizations giving administration and making benefit, at present they are wanting to
give level with rights to ladies and chose to employ ladies' for the administration job. 23). Based on the referen
ce of an article distributed RH Editors. As per this article at first home conveyance food things implies just the
pizza eateries use to give home conveyance however now nearly every one of the eateries can furnish the free h
ome conveyance with help of outsider conveyance organizations like Just Eat in this article and different like F
ood panda, Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo and so forth the inn/eatery food enterprises are thinking more the esteem fa
sten so as to hold their clients and make them as a faithful client which will pull in a lot more others turn into
a client, in which it prompts free exposure and aberrant showcasing incase if the eatery is another participant to
the division. 24). According to Fransis a lodging proprietor who had a tie-up before with Food panda . There ar
e such a significant number of favorable circumstances which will enhance your business on the off chance that
you have tie-up with these online food ordering organizations which helps in advertising and marking of your i
nn on the web (free Digital Marketing) in view of the survey of your clients made on the web. with regards to
downside same surveys will progress toward becoming wreckage for your business. So the merchant's or lodging
proprietors must be increasingly watchful while managing on the web clients, if serve better you will merit the
best position in the outlook of the clients. 25). Based on the Journal off Internet managing an account and trade
, titled as "Re- appropriating To Online Food Delivery Services: Perspective of F&B Business Owners" , GoH
See-Kwong, NG Soo-Ryue, Wong Shiun-Yi. Due to the persistent and exceptional change in the eatery business,
not every person can put without anyone else conveyance office in their eateries because of the absence of cap
ital, henceforth they are eager to depending on others like outsider conveyance organizations like food panda, co
nveyance saint, Zomato and so forth where the eateries can connect the mass with less venture which in goal he
lping the lodgings to achieve client and clients to perceive the inn/eatery commonly. 26). Based on the article of
"Euromonitor (2016) 100% home conveyance/takeaway Malaysia". The food advertising and conveyance strateg
ies in the eatery business are on a progressing shift from conventional buy strategy to online food conveyance fr
amework where numerous elective frameworks square measure offered by business house proprietors 23 | P a g
e like on-line looking, telephone based ordering, home conveyance, get, and drive-through administrations in th
e food organizations . Human propensities and inclinations have been advancing consistently, as they're vigorous
ly impacted by the advances and learning over the world 27). According to, a report distributed by U
BS distributers titled similar to "the Kitchen Dead", specialists says that, if food conveyance organizations ceasel
ess to give better food with ease with the assistance of good household bolster, sooner the kitchens will bolt or
revamped to storerooms or something unique, since everybody arrange the food internet as indicated by their co
mfort and taste and inclinations. 28). Based on the article of "Zomato utilizing Servqual Applications to Provide
Services to the User to Discover Restaurants", Khanna, Rupali, Sang, Ankita. Here the specialist has completed
a Survey to consider, what are the clients desire should be satisfied by Zomato to a client so as to be faithful
client, which assistant help the organization to discover the different holes should be satisfy by the Zomato Com
pany, with the goal that they can have a cutting aggressive edge among the different Competitors. 29). Based o
n the article composed by Sambit Satpathy and distributed in BGR News, titled a "Food Panda's questionable pr
actices reveals the harsh truth about administrations new businesses in India". As per livemint examination the s
ellers went about as a client from various records to make utilization of different accessible offers to purchase a
food items at lower cost, alongside a cashback offers moreover. With the goal that the seller inspires benefits a
s clients to serve his or her clients for instance in an eatery when a client requested a pizza, the lodging propriet
or arrange a similar sort of pizza in food panda, since it takes same time in serving in outlet and conveying to
entryway step, so the eatery proprietor arrange it from food panda and gets more rewards and offers by food pa
nda and serve the equivalent to its client and their additionally he/she will make benefit out of it. This case indi
cate how the lodgings are using the offers and making twofold benefit by going about as an intermediator. One
increasingly essential issue for this situation is that food panda is as yet holding the lodgings in their rundown
which had withdrew with them, when the client arrange the food from that withdrew eatery they will get a food
as they requested yet from various eatery which is in a roundabout way bamboozling the eatery and its unwave
ring clients. These two 24 | P a g e were one of the integral explanation behind the group food panda to confro
nt a major disappointment in their business. 30). According article of ETRISE News Buzz. Level 2, 3 urban co
mmunities are contributing over 40% to food panda's business in India in light of the fact that these urban areas
began developing now in their populace by moving and upscaling in their land esteem, living expense, in which
leads in progressively online deals where these online business were extended and develops definitely in their
business which leads in expanding their piece of the overall industry and market development. Research Gap: A
ll other researchers have done research and written an articles and journals on online food delivery business fro
m the company’s profit point of view as I have mentioned in the above list of literature review. For example: A
n article of RH Editors. As per this article initially the door delivery services was only provided by luxuries res
taurants and pizza centers where they use to charge more, hence delivery is expected by rich class people. But n
owadays there are 3rd party app who takes care of it and make profit out of it, from the ends, but they are not
taking the vendors problems into concern, but in my project is vendors play the major role because if vendors a
re provided good support and facility they serve the customers in much more better manner or way. 25 | P a g
e Chapter-4 Research Methodology Philosophy is that the orderly, hypothetical investigation of the routes conne
cted to a field of study. It contains the hypothetical investigation of the collection of ways and standards identifi
ed with a part of information. Normally, it envelops thoughts like worldview, hypothetical model, stages and qu
antitative or subjective systems. A system doesn't commenced to create arrangements it is along these lines, not
consistent as a way. Rather, procedure ology |a methodology |a technique} offers the hypothetical supporting for
understanding that strategy, set of ways, or best practices can be connected to an explicit case, for instance, to
figure an explicit outcome. It has been characterized additionally as pursues: 26 | P a g e 1. The examination of
the standards of strategies, guidelines, and proposes utilized by an order 2. The efficient investigation of techni
ques that are, can be, or have been connected inside an order 3. The examination or depiction of techniques Th
e procedure is that the general investigation technique that plots the methodology amid which examination is to
be embraced and, among various things, distinguishes the strategies to be utilized in it. These courses, spoke to
inside the procedure, characterize the methods or methods of information gathering or, some of the time, how a
n explicit outcome is to be determined. Approach doesn't plot explicit ways, notwithstanding assuming a great
deal of consideration is given to the character and sorts of procedures to be followed in an unmistakable strategy
or to accomplish a goal. At the point when right to an investigation of approach, such procedures speak to a u
seful conventional structure, and may in this way be separated into sub-forms, consolidated, or their arrangement
changed. A worldview is comparable to a system in that it's conjointly a valuable structure. In hypothetical wor
k, the advancement of standards fulfills most or the majority of the criteria for system. An algorithmic standard,
similar to a worldview, is additionally a kind of productive system, implying that the development is a consiste
nt, as opposed to a physical, exhibit of associated components. Any portrayal of a method for figuring of a spec
ific outcome's eternity a blueprint of a way and ne'er a framework of a procedure. It is accordingly important to
keep away from abuse technique ology as an identical word for strategy or group of ways. Doing this moveme
nts it a long way from its actual epistemic which implies and decreases it to being simply the methodology, or t
he arrangement of devices, or the instruments that ought to have been its result. A system is the plan procedure
for completing examination or the advancement of a methodology and isn't in itself an instrument, or technique,
or strategy for getting things done. System and strategy are not exchangeable. Lately, be that as it may, there h
as been an inclination to utilize philosophy as a "pompous substitute for the word strategy". Utilizing philosoph
y ology as a proportional word for technique or set of courses winds up in disarray 27 | P a g e and mixing up
and undermines the right investigation that should get into thinking of examination. Nature and Source of Data
Type of Research: Descriptive Research Design. Source of information gathering: a. Primary information: The e
ssential information will be gathered by collaborating with different sellers, clients. b. Secondary Data: It is gath
ered to different sources, for example, organization sites, organization yearly reports, investigate articles and so
on. Sampling techniques utilized: In order to understand the current business situation and challenges faced by f
ood panda. I am using non random sampling techniques and convenience sampling techniques which is very mu
ch helpful in analyzing the easily based on calculated statistical facts and figure which makes more accurate b
ased on the actual data Period of Study: 2 Months Sampling Size: a. 50 Samples of information will be gathered
from the Vendors end. b. 100 Samples of information will be gathered from the Customers end Tools for infor
mation accumulation: 28 | P a g e I have accumulated the information from the respondents through personal int
erview and telephonic interview with the help of questionnaires, prepared based on the current trends, taste and
preferences of the customers. Software package used: Microsoft Office tools like MS Excel (Data Analysis), M
S word Techniques and formula used: Ms Excel Pivot chart and table and add-in tools like data analysis. T- Tes
t for gender and its recommendations: Objective: To find out the significant difference in food panda app recom
mendation with reference to gender category Hypothesis: (assumption) H0- There is no significance in recomme
ndations with respect to Gender category. H1 -There is significance in recommendations with respect to Gender
category. 29 | P a g e 3.Gender Gender and its recommendation for food panda app Mean 1.21 2.01 Variance 0.
167576 1.201919192 Observations 100 100 Pooled Variance 0.684747 Hypothesized Mean Difference 0 df 198 t
Stat -6.836121 P(T<=t) one-tail 4.92E-11 t Critical one-tail 1.652586 P(T<=t) two-tail 0.00 t Critical two-tail 1.
972017 t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Equal Variances Table CT 5.1: T- test gender and its recommendations I
nterpretation: In this case study the P value is 0.00, it is less than 0.01, so we can reject the null hypothesis and
select the alternative hypothesis, and hence there is no significance difference in gender category and their recom
mendations of food panda app to their friends and colleagues. Co-relation between performance rate of food pan
da app & performance of delivery executive. Objective: To find out the Co-relation between performance rate of
food panda app & performance of delivery executive Hypothesis: (assumption) H0- There is no relation betwee
n performance rate of food panda app & performance of delivery executive 30 | P a g e H1 -There is a relation
between performance rate of food panda app & performance of delivery executive Performance of food panda a
pp Performance of food panda delivery executive Performance of food panda app 1 Performance of food pandad
elivery executive 0.611319767 1 Table: CT 5.2: Correlation table performance of food panda app & delivery ex
ecutive Interpretation: In this case study of business analysis and development of Food panda application, the pe
rformance of application and the performance of delivery executive is inter-related, because if the app is functio
ning perfectly means it results in more orders and wise-versa case. Scale ranges from -1 to +1 (-- refers to loss
and + refers to profit), here the result says that the relation and their business status is in moderate level T-Test
for check the business of vendors before and after the tie-up with food Panda Objective: To find out the signifi
cance difference in the business of vendors before and after the tie-up with food panda Hypothesis: (assumption
) H0 – There is a significance difference in business of vendors before and after the tie-up with food panda H1-
There is no significance difference in business of vendors before and after the tie-up with food panda 31 | P a
g e 8) How was your business before a tie-up with food panda 9)How is your business after a tie-up with food
Mean 2.607843137 2.607843137 Variance 0.243137255 0.443137255 Observations 51 51 Pooled Variance 0.343
137255 Hypothesized Mean Difference 0 df 100 t Stat 0 P(T<=t) one-tail 0.5 t Critical one-tail 1.660234326 P(
T<=t) two-tail 1 t Critical two-tail 1.983971519 t-Test: Two-Sample Assuming Equal Variances Table VT 5.1: T
-test to check the business of vendors before and after tie-up with food panda Interpretation: In this case study
analysis the P value is 01, it is more than 0.10, so we are rejecting the alternative hypothesis and selecting the n
ull hypothesis, hence there is no significance difference for vendors after the tie-up with food panda. It’s an add-
on option for the vendors to improve their business and also a quality of services. Chapter-5 Data Analysis and
interpretation On Customer’s primary data collected from survey C5.1) Various age group of respondents 32 | P
a g e Fig: CG 5.1 Age group graph Interpretation: based on the survey, the above graph represents that the foo
d panda app is majorly used by the age group of people under 20-35 year in Bangalore. Because in Bangalore t
he working population is more whereas in family both mother and father are going to work, hence they don’t ha
ve time to prepare food, so they all depend upon food panda and other online food ordering companies which d
elivery their favorite food from their favorite restaurant to their door steps. C5.2).The pie-chart represents the fo
od panda app users, who’s using the food panda app most weather it’s male or female 33 | P a g e Fig CG 5.2:
Usage of app with respect to gender category Interpretation: The above pie chart represents that the percentage
of male and female respondents, number of male customers are more than the female customers based on the su
rvey. But the fact is due to less time constraint, hence both the husband & wife are working, they ask their hus
band to order the food, incase if they have sufficient time they prepare food. C5.3) Respondents discovered foo
d panda with the help of 34 | P a g e Fig CG 5.3 discovery of food panda Interpretation: The above graph repre
sents that social media and friend reference has more impact when compared to other mode of communication f
or marketing. Because nowadays companies are giving more rewards and offers if you refer your friend, if they
install and register (the new registered user and referred user) both will get the gifts, rewards and more discount
s, so that it encourage the user to market the app which is mutually benefitted for both. C5.4. Number of users
ordered food using food panda app out of 100 respondents 35 | P a g e Fig CG 5.4: Number of users used food
panda to order food Interpretation: based on the sample survey, out of 100 respondent 76% of people have use
food panda to order food for them. Because food panda was doing aggressive promotion by providing the food
at comparatively affordable price, and also its was very helpful bachelors and working family which helped is sa
ving their time so that they can spend some more time on their work and family respectively. C5.5. Frequent us
age of food panda app 36 | P a g e Fig CG 5.5: Often usage of food Panda app Interpretation: based on the res
ponse collected through questionnaires, the above graph represents that how often the customers are using food
panda app. few people use rarely due more offer offered by competitors, some uses on regular because of taste
& health reason, hence they are loyal towards that respective hotel. C5.6 Acceptable waiting time by customers
37 | P a g e Fig CG 5.6 acceptance of waiting time Interpretation: the above pie-chart says that customer’s max
imum waiting time is 0-30 minutes. If they have more than 30 minutes time means either prepare food for them
selves or else they go out with a family or friends to relax and enjoy. C5.7 Rate food panda app according to y
our experience 38 | P a g e Fig CG 5.7 Rating food panda app according to your need Interpretation: based on t
he responses collected from respondents through questionnaires. The pie-chart shows that customer’s opinion is
neutral about the helpfulness or need food panda app. Because other companies are providing more offers and d
iscount C5.8 Rate the service quality of food panda based on your experience 39 | P a g e Fig CG 5.8: Service
Quality of food panda Interpretation: the above pie-chart represents that service quality of food panda. Based on
the respondents experience. The overall service is good and in some cases its excellent, but still it has to impro
ve. 40 | P a g e C5.9 Rate the performance of food panda’s mobile or web application Fig CG 5.9: performanc
e of food panda app Interpretation: This pie-chart represents that there is no major issues in the performance of the
app and also there is few minor and negligable issues which is not affecting performance of the app. Where 1-
very high, 2- high, 3- moderate, 4- low, 5- very low. C5.10 Performance of delivery executives 41 | P a g e Fig
CG 5.10: Performance of delivery executive Interpretation: The performance of the delivery executive based on
the experience of respondents is good, because they are trying to do their level best to provide the fast and bett
er delivery service to their customers. Where 1- very high, 2- high, 3-moderate, 4- low, 5- poor. 42 | P a g e C5
.11 Shared opinion about the pricing of various food products available in food panda Fig CG 5.11: Opinion s
hared about pricing Interpretation: Based on the response of the respondents, the pricing of the food products is
fair enaf which is affordable for each & every financial category/ class of people. Which leads more number of
sales 43 | P a g e C5.12 Does Food panda has delivered you other than ordered food Fig CG 5.12: Does Food
Panda delivered you other than ordered food Interpretation: The above graph represents that food panda has deli
vered other than the ordered food, due to mistakes like server problems and network problems in users phone a
nd other techical issue and also due to the seasonal and specialised offers to attract new customers and discount
s for existing customers 44 | P a g e C5.13 Have you faced any problem during using the Food panda applicatio
n Fig CG 5.13: Rate of problems faced by users based on the response Interpretation: The above pie-chart says
customers are not facing any problem from the app-server end, but there are many problems from client server
end like registration problem, network issues etc. 45 | P a g e C5.14 How likely would you recommend food pa
nda app to your Family and friends Fig CG 5.14: recommendation to family and friends Interpretation: The abo
ve graph represents that the number of users who are referring the food panda based on their experience (offers
and discounts), to their family and friends. Scale starts from 1- very high, 2- high, 3- moderate, 4- low, 5- very
low. 46 | P a g e C5.15 Level of satisfaction based on the mentioned parameters Fig CG 5.15: Service quality
Satisfaction level Interpretation: The above graph represents that majority of the users are satisfied and stays ne
utral when it comes to service quality parameters provided by Food panda. 47 | P a g e C5.16. Process of gettin
g problem solved by our customer Care Executive Fig CG 5.16: Getting problem solved Interpretation: The abo
ve graph represents the level of problem getting solved by the customer care executive of food panda were in r
anges between fair and poor, but everything is based on the customer’s experience and perception. 48 | P a g e
C5.17. Knowledge of customer care representative Fig CG 5.17: Knowledge of customer care executives Interpr
etation: The above graph represents that the knowledge customer care executives is fair and good to solve the p
roblems of customers, but in some circumstances it’s totally dependent upon the perception of individual custo
mers. 49 | P a g e C5.18. Rating based on the time taken to response to the customers. Fig CG 5.18: Rating bas
ed on response time Interpretation: The above graph represents the time taken by an executive to resolve all you
r problems, here everything is totally depended and based on the type and complexity of a problems of a custo
mers. 50 | P a g e C5.19 Overall satisfaction of food panda app based on the respondents data Fig CG 5.19: Ov
erall Satisfaction level Interpretation: The above graph represents the overall rate of satisfaction level of the user
s / customers based the respondents experience with respect to the above data and parameters. 51 | P a g e Data
Analysis and interpretation On vendors primary data collected from survey V5.1: Vendors opinion about food p
anda Fig VG 5.1: Vendors opinion about food panda Interpretation: The pie-chart represents that food panda ap
p is helpful for both vendors and users to make their faster and reliable, especially for vendors, it helps in impr
oving sales, online marketing at lower cost, easier way to reach the customers in short time span 52 | P a g e
V5.2: Financial status of vendors before tie-up with food panda Fig VG 5.2: Financial status of vendors before t
ie-up with food panda Interpretation: The above Pie-chart represents that the business of various vendors was 61
% of moderate level and 39% was profitable, since it they were a good history, goodwill and also location and
marketing played a vital role in it, 53 | P a g e V5.3: Financial status of vendors after tie-up with food panda Fi
g VG 5.3: Financial status of vendors after tie-up with food panda Interpretation: The above pie-chart represents
the business status of hotels after the tie-up with food panda. Where the 45% percent of vendors business sho
ws its profitable and 47% percent of vendors business shows that their business was moderate because their busi
ness switched from offline to online because of the time constraints of the customers 54 | P a g e V5.4 Number
of order received from food panda Fig VG 5.4: Number of order received from food panda Interpretation: The
above pie-chart represents that 65% of the restaurant were getting less than 5 orders per day due to offers and
discounts offered by various competitors and other technical issues which had affected the food pandas business.
55 | P a g e V5.5 vendors tie up with various other online food ordering application Fig VG 5.5: vendors tie u
p with various other online food ordering application Interpretation: The above Pie-chart represent the hotels tie-
up with other than the food panda app like Swiggy, Zomato, Just eat etc. indirectly it shows that food panda ha
s huge competition, in order to regain its market position the food panda has to do market survey and restructur
e its strategies according to the current trendy requirement. 56 | P a g e V5.6 List of online food ordering comp
anies in which vendors have a tie up with Fig VG 5.6: List of online food ordering companies in which vendor
s have a tie up with Interpretation: The above graph represents the level of competition for food panda and the
various number of options available for the hotels and restaurants to improve their business 57 | P a g e V5.7 si
nce how long have you been associated with other online food delivery portal Fig VG 5.7: since how long have
you been associated with other online food delivery portal Interpretation: The above graph represents that tie-up
duration of hotels with food panda which helps in collecting the feedback and suggestions that helps in improvi
ng food panda’s business and hotels business which automatically increase the hotel panel list which reflects in
food panda’s and hotels revenue. 58 | P a g e V5.8 Impact of these online portal on your business Fig VG 5.8:
Impact of these online portal on your business Interpretation: The above graph represents that online portal is h
aving a positive impact on their business. Online portal helps in improving business with the help of social med
ia because social media is used not only for connecting people, it helps in building the network which leads in
generating revenue by publishing or posting an advertisement various social media like Facebook, whats app gro
ups, linkedin etc. 59 | P a g e V5.9 Are you facing any financial problem after a tie-up with food panda Fig V
G 5.9: Are you facing any financial problem after a tie-up with food panda Interpretation: The above graph repre
sents that the vendors are not facing any financial or payment related issues with food panda, because food panda
settles the bills on weekly basis so that it will not be burden for vendors and food Panda Company. 60 | P a g
e V5.10 Business relationship status with food panda & their riders Fig: VG 5.10: Business relationship status
with food panda & their riders Interpretation: The above graph represents that relationship between the riders (d
elivery boys) and vendors. Hence there is less pressure the riders can concentrate more on time delivery which
will result in customer satisfaction 61 | P a g e V5.11 Does riders are creating or giving any problems for you
Fig VG 5.11: Does riders are creating or giving any problems for you Interpretation: The above graph represent
s that the riders are not creating any problems for vendors, customers, they are just their duty honestly. The rate
of creating problem is comparatively very less, hence our all our riders are well educated and kind hearted peo
ple. 62 | P a g e V5.12 Vendors experience on the complaint saying that the taste of food differs in outlet and
when it has reached you home through food panda Fig VG 5.12: Complaints on taste diffeerrence Interpretation:
The above graph represents that there is no taste differs in ordered food menu in outlet as well as when it reac
hed your door steps by the riders. 63 | P a g e V5.13 Effects of rating and reviews on the vendors business it c
an either positive or negative Fig VG 5.13: Effects of rating and reviews Interpretation: The above graph repres
ents that the complaints and reviews have helped the vendors to improve their business according to the needs o
f the customers which helps in improving their business. Active vendors update themselves to satisfy the custom
ers which helps in improving the revenue by increasing their sales and also leads to cover the market position a
nd an competitive advantage among the competitors 64 | P a g e V5.14 Offers offered by food panda is affectin
g Vendors business financially Fig VG 5.14: Offers offered by food panda is affecting Vendors business Interpr
etation: The above graph represents that vendors are not facing any problem from the food panda end. But their
offline business being keep on reducing day by day, hence many are diverting towards online ordering due to a
ggressive offers and discounts offered by various competitors. Hence many have tie-up with many other online f
ood ordering portals 65 | P a g e V5.15 Tell us your business relationship type with food panda and vendors Fig
VG 5.15: Tell us your business relationship type with food panda and vendors Interpretation: The above graph
represents that the agreement between the vendor’s and food panda is fixed for certain years of contract. It’s ac
cording to mutual agreement between them but the vendors has to pay an annual fees for utilizing the services
apart from the commission 66 | P a g e V5.16 Nowadays the company is offering 30 mins delivery challenge if
fails to deliver the food, the paid amount will be refunded to consumers? Does it affects your business Fig VG
5.16: affects of refund Interpretation: The graph represents that there is no relation with offers offered by food p
anda to its customers, the payment is made according to the agreed price, but still sometimes they will try nego
tiate the price which results according to the demand and business condition of hotel, and hotel owners decision,
but still it fails because the hotel are not having only tie- up with food panda they have also tie-up with other
online portals 67 | P a g e V5.17 Time taken to settle the payment Fig VG 5.17: Time taken to settle the payme
nt Interpretation: The above graph represents the time taken by food panda to clear the vendors payment, hence
its mutually agreed by both the vendor and the food panda company, here the graph represents that majority of
the vendors prefers to get the payment on weekly basis since is best option for vendor to run their business and
it is an easy mode of payment on weekly basis for food panda to clear its bills which make the operations easi
er for both the food panda company and its vendors. 68 | P a g e Chapter-6 Findings, Recommendations, Sugge
stions and Conclusion Findings: In this particular project based on the study and analysis I have found out that
the food panda company business structure and strategy gap based on comparison with other similar kind of bus
iness organizations like Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber eats, Justeat, Dunzo etc. because the customers’ expectations
are more and accordingly the competition is also on the higher side, to attract more customers by satisfying th
eir needs by providing more offers and discounts as expected by the customers. The main reason for this drawb
ack is that Frequent change in ownership and top management. Lack of management support for the IT Team
and for all others department. Due to change in the structure of organization, it went under organizational restru
cture which affected their business and also reflected in the marketing strategy and their business. Lack of fund,
hence all the fund were utilized for organizational restructuring. Major reason was the technical fault or bugs f
ound in the food panda web application and mobile app which was not allowing the user to order the food. 69 |
P a g e Recommendations Based on the study and analysis of food panda business I would like to recommend
few task which are add-on for their business and few are slightly diversification for their business Panda Wala
Buddy or neighbor panda Home Panda 2. Panda Wala: It’s a concept of dabba Wala of Mumbai with an update
d version where our riders collect the lunch box from home and delivery it to the respective office address men
tioned during the registration, because nowadays everyone are health conscious and preferring homemade food. (
Mom made food) 2. Buddy or neighbor Panda: In this concept the riders can deliver the request items from men
tioned “from Address to the destination Address”, here the concept is very simple that our riders are picking up
the ordering items from the requested users address ( the items can a forgotten important documents and other t
hings, other than valuable items like cash, jewels etc.), here other than riders like students and other can also re
gister themselves which will help them to earn some extra income on the their way to destination with slight di
versification Ex: I am going to my office located in Whitefield and I am an resident of Nagarbhavi ( before lea
ving home I will log in a check whether there is any consignment on my way to office if there is any, I can pi
ck the item and deliver to concern person on my way to office, and the company will charge the concern perso
n for the respective task based the type of task and distance need to be covered by me or riders. The amount w
ill paid to my wallet based on the type of task and distance covered by me in bike. 70 | P a g e 3. Home Pand
a: It’s a concept were the company has to find out the hotels where the food is home made without any artificia
l ingredient used by other restaurants, customized hotels which provide or serve special diet food according to d
iet maintained by their customers to be healthy, fit and fine. And the company can also promote organic and he
althy homemade food products by certifying before selling it, hence nowadays the young generation are more he
alth and quality conscious rather than the price and quantity These three recommendation will not only improve
their business but along with it helps in regaining its market position back. Suggestions Firstly I would like to s
uggest is update your app server because many of the customers and vendors are facing a lot of technical issues
in ordering food from customer end and vendors are not able to accept order, if order is accepted also it will be
cancelled automatically, need to maintain the data of vendors panel list properly, because many of the hotel na
mes are not displayed in the list of their panel list. Conclusion Based on the business analysis of the food panda
company. The company is declining day by day due to the lack in upgrading their business strategy according
to the current trend, the main reason is frequent change in ownership or acquisition of the organization by other
organization, and aggressive promotions done by the competitors is declining the food panda company more. If
they utilize the above recommendations, the company can retain and also can regain its market share and marke
t position to some extent. 71 | P a g e Chapter-7 Reference Books Referred: Ghemawat, Pankaj, et al. Strategy
and the business landscape. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson, 2010. Szymanski, Stefan, and Tim Kuypers. Winn
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trategy and innovation.” Long range planning 43.2-3 (2010):172-194. Baets, Walter, “Aligning information syste
ms with business strategy.” The journal of strategic information Systems 1.4 (1992): 205-213 Internet Pages Ref
erred: > news ht
-small-b http://www.indianjournalofma
7409000661 72 | P a g e https://www. through-business
ws/foodpandas-dubious-practices-uncovers-the-bitter-truth-about- services-startups-in-india/
ny/waiter- https://www.scri ht
d-drink-a https://chopnews.
com/top-10-food-drink-a htt
ent/12257501 73 | P a g e https:// Sources found: https://www.researchgate.
net/profile/Pau 74 | P a g
e Appendix Customers Questions 1. Name of respondent 2. Age of respondent 3. Gender of respondent 4. Qual
ification 5. Phone number 6. How did you discover the Food Panda a. Social Media b. Referred by friends c. O
utdoor & transit d. Direct mail, catalogues e. Newspapers f. Others 7. Have you ever ordered in food panda a.
Yes b. No c. May be 8. How many times do you use food panda a. On regular basis b. Twice a week c. Trice
a week d. Some times rarely e. Not yet used 9. . what is your acceptance delivery time a. 0-30 minutes b. 30-6
0 minutes c. 60-120 minutes 75 | P a g e d. Others 10. how food panda service is helping you a. Very helpful
b. Helpful c. Neutral d. Not useful e. Waste 11. How is the service quality of food panda a. Excellent b. Very
good c. Good d. Fair e. Poor 12. Rate the performance of food panda app a. Excellent b. Very good c. Good d.
Fair poor 13. . Rate the performance of delivery executive a. Very high b. High c. Moderate d. Low e. Very lo
w 14. What is your opinion about the pricing of products available on food panda a. Excellent b. Very good c.
Good d. Fair 76 | P a g e e. Poor 15. Does food panda has delivered you other than ordered food a. Yes b. No
c. Maybe 16. Have you faced any problem in ordering food or other technical problems while using Food panda A
pplication? a. Yes b. No c. Maybe 17. Considering your complete experience with our food panda and the activiti
es conducted, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or college a. Very high b. High c. Modera
te d. Low e. Very low 18. How satisfied were you with the service quality on the basis of below parameters a.
Very satisfied b. Satisfied c. neutral d. dissatisfied e. very dissatisfied 19. Process of getting problem solved by
our customer Care Executive a. excellent b. good c. fair d. poor e. very poor 77 | P a g e 20. Knowledge of cu
stomer care representative a. excellent b. good c. fair d. poor e. very poor 21. Time taken by customer care repr
esentative to solve my issue a. Immediate response b. Response within a minute c. Response within 2 minute d.
Delay in Response e. No Response 22. Overall satisfaction with Food panda a. Very Satisfied b. Satisfied c. N
eutral d. Dissatisfied e. Very Dissatisfied 78 | P a g e Data Analysis and interpretation On vendors primary data
collected from survey 1. Name of the Customers:_____________________________ 2. Age group of customers
:___________________________ 3. Gender:____________________________ 4. Qualification:_______________
__________ 5. Hotel Name:_________________________________________ 6. Mobile Number:_____________
____________________________ 7. What is your opinion about Food panda a. Yes, helpful for everyone. b. N
o, its spoiling our young generation 8. How was your business before a tie-up with food panda a. More profitabl
e b. Profitable c. Moderate d. Loss e. More Loss 9. How is your business after a tie-up with food panda a. Mor
e profitable b. Profitable c. Moderate d. Loss e. More Loss 10. Number of order you receive from food panda p
er day a. Less than 5 b. Less than 10 c. Less than 25 79 | P a g e d. Less than 50 e. Less than 75 11. Do you
have tied up with any other food ordering app a. Yes b. No 12. List of online food ordering companies you hav
e a tie up with a. Zomato b. Swiggy c. Uber eats d. Just eats 13. Since how long have you been associated wit
h other online food delivery portal 14. Impact of these online portal on your business a. Positive b. Negative 15
. Are you facing any financial problem after a tie-up with food panda a. Yes b. No 16. How is your relationshi
p with food panda & their riders a. Excellent b. Good c. Fair d. Poor e. Very poor 17. Does riders are creating
or giving any problems for you a. Yes b. No 18. Have you got any complaint saying that the taste of food diffe
rs in outlet and when it has reached you home through food panda a. Yes b. No 80 | P a g e 19. Does the com
plaints and reviews about food products delivered by you to consumers through food panda is affecting your bu
siness" a. Yes b. No 20. Does the offer offered by food panda is affecting your business financially a. Yes b. no
21. Nowadays the company is offering 30 mins delivery challenge if fails to deliver the food the paid amount
will be refunded to consumers? Does it affects your business a. Yes b. No 22. Time taken to settle the payment
a. Daily b. Weekly c. 15 days d. Monthly 81 | P a g

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