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Advanced Phantasm Adventures, 4th edition, is a Adanced Phantasm Adventures IV, also referred to
culmination of more than twenty-seven years of work. as simply Phantasm or alternatively as APA. There is
The first edition of the game started out as an generally a single person who organizes the rules and
alternative to my Dungeons & Dragons game way back creates the adventure. He is referred to as the
in high school. The game was original, fun, and rich in gamemaster. There can be any number of individuals
new ideas and rules. The last time the game was who takes on the role of a fantastic character in the
published, to a small set of friends, was in 1999. game, and they are referred to collectively as players.
APA is played by two or more people, with one person
In 1987 I had the wonderful opportunity to live and
acting as a GM [gamemaster] and the other player
go to school in Japan. During that year I decided to
taking on the roles of imaginary characters.
rewrite Phantasm Adventures, into Phantasm
Adventures II (2nd Edition). The game also saw print It is the job of the GM to know the rules: how to
in Japan, after meeting up with some gamers who led create characters, run a game, and create an ongoing
me to a Japanese game company. For the next several campaign. The GM should be fair and impartial, never
years I banged out a huge amount of game related taking either side of a given conflict. A GM must have
material. In 1988 I saw the release of Advanced tremendous imagination to create and play out a wide
Phantasm Adventures. number of characters, creatures, and explain special
effects and results.
Also during the year, The Black Keep of Serpent
Lake appeared (with an official GameScreen). In 1989 The player, with his character, has the responsibility
I saw the release of the grandiose Misty Island of playing true to his statistics and imaginary personal-
Adventure and the World Guide of Monokan. With ity. Think of yourself as an actor starring in a film. You
great regrets, I lost contact with the Japanese company, should play your character according to his description
Dai Nippon Kaiga, which I believe was ultimately and not that of your own; the greatest role-player is one
dissolved right after the release of Multiverse in who can take on a genuine different personality and
1991/1992. keep with it through play. Players also have the
responsibility to be supportive of the GM and follow
Advanced Phantasm Adventures didn’t die. For his rule decisions. Don't waste time arguing over a rule.
the next eight years I played and replayed the game,
changing this, modifying that. A few versions CONVENTIONS
independent of the original Advanced Phantasm The use of the male pronoun is used throughout the
Adventures saw some light, but they simply didn’t basic books of Advanced Phantasm Adventures, 4th
work. Finally, in the spring of 2009, more than twenty- Edition; this in no way infers that women are
seven years after the tiny brown book first appeared, disallowed or discouraged from play but is simply used
APA, is finally coming back. Sure, it’s still for grammatical context.
homemade, and yes there are probably dozens of typos
and grammatical mistakes….that’s Phantasm as much USE OF DICE
as the elves and the gzol-uk. The game utilizes all types of polyhedeeral dice
I hope you enjoy this game; and by God, I hope this including four-sided, six-sided, eight-sided, ten-sided,
book will still be drawn off the shelf in twenty years twelve-sided, and twenty-sided dice. With the use of
from now…2030! Yikes! two ten sided dice (or for that matter two twenties),
percentiles can be generated. Always specify the color
or die that is to be the “tens” before rolling percentile
Hope you enjoy it. dice.
Troy Christensen, February 2010
Record all fractions in percentile form onto the
character sheet in parenthesis. Round the fraction to the
nearest whole number (.5 rounds up) and record it next
to the true score.
Some scores allow for Slim Chances: refer to page
43 for more information on this rule.
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

ATTRIBUTES Racial Statistic Racial Description

There are two sets of numbers that outline the 1 Pathetic
character's physical and mental capabilities. The
numbers in general are referred to as attributes, but 2 Weak
individually are called Racial and Personal Statistics. 3 Poor
There are nine attributes as follows:
4 Below Average
Strength [Str]
5 Average
Endurance [End]
6 Above Average
Coordination [Cor]
7 Considerable
Courage [Cur]
8 Excellent
Intelligence [Int]
9 Incredible
Ego [Ego]
10 Extraordinary
Visual [Vis]
Olfactory [Olf]
A 1 represents a considerable deficiency in that
Auditory [Aud] statistic; A 10 represents superior ability. [E.g. a Racial
Intelligence for an elf shows great prowess, while the
eIven character's Racial Strength statistic is ghastly
Racial Statistics puny!)
The first set of attributes is called Racial Statistics. All skills have a basic success chance equal to the
This number correlates directly with Personal appropriate Racial Score. The skill’s success may than
Statistics. That is, Racial Strength is directly connected may be modified if the character spends experience
to Peronsal Strength. Racial Statistics have a range points in learning additional skill levels.
value of 1 through 10 for player races. Racial scores
outline the race's genetic quality in each attribute. For example: A ratman has a Racial Intelligence of 2
Refer to individual player races for values of Racial and therefore will have a basic chance to succeed in
Statitics. any Intelligence categorized skill of 2 or less. The
ratman has a Racial Visual score of 7 and thus has a 7
For example, an orc has a 5 Strength, 7 Endurance, 2 or less on any Visual skill.
Courage, 4 Coordination, 1 Intelligence, 5 Ego, 3
Visual, 3 Auditory, and an 8 Olfactory score. Base Skill Score = Racial Statistic

A character has nine Racial Statistics: Strength,

Endurance, Courage, Coordination, intelligence, Ego, Personal Statistics
Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory
The second set of attributes is called Personal
The following table outlines the basic ranking of Statistics, which are derived from rolling a series three
Racial Statistics. six-sided dice for each statistic. Personal Statistics
have a direct correlation to Racial Statistics. That is, a
Personal Intelligence has a direct connection to a
Racial Intelligence score.
A character is comprised of nine Personal Statistics:
Strength, Endurance, Courage, Coordination,
Intelligence, Ego, Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory.
Notice that a character has both a Racial and Personal
Statistic for each of the nine attributes.
Statistics have a significant role in developing one or
more of the following character aspects: Hit Points
[HP], Shock, Skill Level [SL], Power Points [PP], Spell

Page 2
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Level [SpL], Weapon Damage Bonus [WDB], and Kingdom STR END CUR COR INT EGO
initiative {PSN], to name just a few.
Amagon +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +0
Each time a character trains in a skill, he attains a
Chak Pak +2 +2 +0 +0 -2 +0
skill level and a bonus to success equal to 1/10th the
character’s Personal Statistic associated with the skill to Jeg +1 +1 +1 +0 -2 +0
Maldake -2 +0 -1 +0 +1 +3
For example: the pesky ratman has a Personal
Skull Isles +1 +1 +2 +0 -2 -2
Intelligence of 8 and a Personal Visual score of 12.
Each time he develops an Intelligence skill he adds +.8 Squal +0 +1 +0 +1 +0 -1
to the skill while each level in a Visual skill gains +1.2.
Thaing +2 +2 +0 +0 -2 -2
Skill Bonus = Personal Statistic
Theylar -2 -3 +0 +1 +3 +2
Throom -1 -2 +1 +1 +1 +1
Wild Lands+2 +2 +1 +0 -3 -3

Rolling Personal Statistics

Early Development
To determine a character's starting score for each
The player must choose how his character grew up.
Personal Statistic, a player rolls 3d6 for each statistic
A character that was raised in the backstreets of
using two of the dice for the starting score, and the
Kathoon is going to have different attributes than a boy
third for the total potential of the statistic.
growing up amongst the great swamps of Jaqaala.
For example: Wade rolls 3d6 for Strength, getting a 4, Modify the results of the character’s Personal statistics
3, and a 6. He selects the 4 and 6, for a total of 10 for by the choice below.
the character’s strength, noting that he could later
increase the strength to a total of 13 with the 3 die roll.
A character can never have less than 2 for a starting
City -1 +0 +0 +0 +2 +1
Personal Statistic after all modifications, including
adjustments, background picks, and modifiers. Large Town +0 +0 +0 +0 +1 +1
While in play, a character score can be reduced to no Town +0 +0 +0 +1 +1 +0
less than -10.
Hamlet +1 +1 -1 +1 +0 +0
For each point over the potential of an attribute, the
player gains 1 experience point to spend on talents, Country +2 +2 +0 +0 -2 -2
skills, and specials. Wilderness +2 +2 +2 +1 -3 -3
Continued example: Wade’s character has a
potential of 3 points in his Strength. He selects Chak
Pak as his kingdom of orgin [+2], Country [+2], and
Military faction [+2] for a total of +6, but can only use
+3 because of his potential. The other three points are
converted to Experience Points [EP].
Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory statistics are not
modified via Origin, Early Development, or Faction. Class
The kingdoms of Monokon are ruled through a class
Kingdom of Origin hierarchy of economic power and influence expressed
The player can choose any one of kingdoms below as as class as an Assassin, Elementalist, Paladin, Ranger,
his character's home, with GM approval. This table or one of a total of twenty-five classes. The type a class
assumes that the character was born and spent his entire determines the development of your character and
adolenenses in the kingdom. should be chosen wisely. Unlike other games, selecting
a class does not prohibit the character from any skill,
weapon, armor, or use of magic items or spells.

Page 3
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

For many key actions in the game, the GM will

assign a basic CS score. For each 10 points of CS the
Class Adjustment
character has greater than the score, he gains a +1 to the
skill’s level. For each 10 points less than the indicated
Assassin +0 +0 +1 +2 -1 +0 CS, the character is penalized at –1 to the skills’
success chance.
Barbarian +2 +2 +2 +0 -3 -2
This bonus is inverted for all critical success and
Bard -1 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
fumble rolls (i.e. a –4 to succeed will invert to a +4 on a
Calvary +0 +1 +2 +0 +0 +0 critical fumble)
Druid +0 +0 -1 +0 +2 +1 Example: A pair of adventurers is trapped behind a
locked iron door. The first is a pixie with a Strength CS
Elementalist-2 +0 -1 +0 +2 +2 of 15 while the other is a hyborak human with a 48.
Healer -2 -2 +1 +0 +2 +1 The door requires a 75 Strength CS to break down.
Thus, the Pixies Crash skill is modified to –6 to succeed
Invoker +2 +1 +2 -1 -1 -1 while the human has –2.7 modifiers to Crash.
Mage -3 -2 +2 +1 +2 +2
M. Artist choose 3 at +1 and three at -1
Mentalist -3 -3 +1 +0 +3 +3
Merchant -2 -2 +1 +0 +1 +3 Strength
Mystic -2 -2 +1 +0 +4 +3 Action CS
Necromancer -2 -2 +0 +0 +3 +2 Shatter Glass Pane 20
Paladin +1 +1 +0 -2 +0 +0 Break down standard door 35
Phantasm -2 -2 +1 +0 +2 +1 Break down locked door 40
Philosopher-2 -2 +0 +0 +4 +2 Break down reinforced door 50
SwashBklr +0 -2 +0 +3 +0 +1 Break down iron door 75
Priest* -2 -2 +3 +0 +1 +1 Bend bronze bars 100
Ranger +0 +2 +0 +2 -1 -2 Break down reinforced iron door 125
Robber -2 -2 +3 +3 -2 +1 Bend iron bars 135
Sage -3 -3 +0 +0 +5 +2
Scientist -3 -3 +3 +0 +2 +1
Soldier +3 +2 +2 -1 -1 -1
Spiritualist -2 +0 +0 +0 +2 +1
*Starts at 3rd devotion in chosen religion. Action CS
Comparative Scores Resist fatigue 20
Beyond the Racial and Personal Statistic of each
Resist long march fatigue 35
character, there is also a form of score used to assess a
basic bonuses and penalties. For each of the six stats, a Resist battle fatigue 45
character will have a Comparative Score [CS].
Resist the common cold 50
To determine a CS for a character, multiply the
Resurrection 60
appropriate Racial Stat by its like Personal Stat.
Resist deadly plague/disease 70
Comparative Scores are used to give a basis for
determining bonuses and penalties to skills and 2 Resurrection 100
situations in the game.
Page 4
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Courage Ego
Action CS Action CS
Resist basic fears 20 Ignore personal jibe 15
Stand up to town guards 30 Ignore dirty personal jibe 20
Ignore the fear of Type I undead 40 Resist basic emotional desire 30
Ignore the fear of Type II undead 50 Resist emotional desire 40
Ignore the fear of Type III undead 60 Resist heavy emotional desire 50
Ignore the fear of Type IV undead 70 Resist magical emotional desire 70
Ignore Dragon Fear 80 Resist “godly” desires 100
Ignore the fear of Type V undead 100
Action CS
Action CS Read a book at arm’s length 5
Jump away from a slow trap 20 Notice size 2 figure at 100 feet 10
Jump away from a trap 35 Determine target at close range 15
Jump away from a quick trap 45 Read a book from across the room 35
Jump away from a fast trap 55 Notice size 2 figure at 1000 feet 30
Jump away from a fast strike 65 Reap Lips 25
Catch an arrow in flight 75 See a pressure plate (at normal height) 25
Dodge a bullet 100 Spot a hidden figure within 15 feet 30
Dodge an energy beam 200 Determine target at medium range 35
See a trip-wire 35
Intelligence Spot a hidden figure within 30 feet 40
Action CS
Notice an ambush 40
Solve childish puzzle 20
Spot a trap 30
Solve an adult puzzle 25
Read a book from across the room 40
Solve a good puzzle 40
Determine target at long range 40
Solve a fiendish puzzle 50
Spot a well-hidden trap 45
Translate language 60
Spot a secret door 35
Decipher magical script 80
Determine target at extreme range 50
Solve Dragon puzzle 90
See an invisible object 75
Solve Demon puzzle 100
See a hidden invisible object 100
Each 10’ of extra distance -5
Each 10’ of brightness +5
Each 10’ of semi-darkness -5
Each 10’ of darkness -10
Each 10 of total “magical” darkness -15

Page 5
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Auditory 50 Intelligence. His Puzzle skill is adjusted –4 to

Action CS succeed.
Listen to conversation 5 Definitions of Attributes
Hear footfalls through undergrowth 15 Strength: This statistic measures the physical
make-up of the character's body. This would include
Hear escaping gas (10’) 20 muscle balance, skeletal build, and other properties
Overhear conversation (20’) 15 associated with lifting, pulling, smashing, crashing, or
the use of force.
Listen through wood door 20
Endurance: This statistic controls the physical
Listen through stone door 15 health, stamina, and overall fitness of the body. Endur-
Sound of a blade from scabbard 30 ance defines how many Hits [Hit Points] the character
will have, how well the character can recuperate and
Hear target as he Moves Silently 35 fight off disease, paralysis, fire, frost, or falling
Listen through iron door 10 damage.
Beating wings of size 1 target 35 Courage: This score measures the ability of the
character to fight in melee combat and to stand up
Add for 10’ distance -5 against insurmountable odds, dragons, grisly undead, or
Hear footfalls on ground 25 other horrors that normally turn men's bones to jelly.
Hear padded footfalls 35 Coordination: This statistic measures the overall
quickness, precision, and speed of the character. Good
Moving Silently w/padded shoes 40 coordination gives the character the ability to hit in
Hear the breath of target 50 combat, to dodge or parry, to use a shield, to fire
missile weapons quicker, and to perform acts of precise
Hear leaves in the wind 75 touch.
Intelligence: This score is the ability, which defines
Olfactory the character's overall education level. Racial
Action CS Intelligence defines the character's basic memory
capacity and rational; Personal Intelligence represents
Smell putrid flesh 10 the amount of formal or informal education of the
Smell good cooking 20 character. High Intelligence is a sign of good manners,
a grasp of world knowledge, and the ability to carry on
Smell the scent of a rose 15 interesting conversations.
Smell perspiration 30 Ego: This statistic measures overall personality and
Smell blood in the air 75 will of the being. A high Ego score gives the being the
ability to barter and haggle with proficiency, the gift of
Smell water in the air 100 casting magic faster and with more confidence, and to
Up wind (for each 5 mph) -5 appear more or less attractive.

Wind is against target -15 Vision: This number is the statistic score used
whenever a character is try to see something hidden,
Additional Examples of CS: small, or distant.
A flatfoot halfling is trying to read the lips of a Olfactory: This value is the used by characters to
subject 50’ away, down a semi-dark passage. His smell something. Creatures with high olfactory can
Visual score is a Racial of 8 and a personal of 5 for a smell blood in the air, or even water carried by the
total of 40. To read lips require a base of 25, the extra winds.
distance modifies CS value +25 for a total of 50 for a
-2 to all skill attempts. Auditory: This statistic is the basic ability of a being
trying to hear an approaching enemy, listen beyond a
A gimp stands before a dragon who says he will fry door, or detect some kind of auditory danger.
the poor fellow unless he answers a puzzle. A dragon
puzzle requires a 90 Intelligence CS; the gimp has a CS

Page 6
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Height & Weight Race Height Weight HP Bonus Size

Roll 1d10 to determine variances with the standard
Hfl, Flatfoot 36 75 2 1
height and weight of the character.
Hfl, Hairfoot 38 90 2 1
Harpy 40 65 1 1
Roll Change
Hawkman 67 105 2 2
1 -25%
Hobgoblin 65 170 3 2
2 -15%
H. Keltek 72 185 3 2
3 -10%
H. Hyborak 65 165 3 2
4-7 No change
H. Stygian 78 200 4 2
8 +10%
Imp 6 1 0 0
9 +15%
Jack O’Latern 70 100 2 2
10 +25%
Lizardmen 70 300 6 2
Mouseman 5 * 0 0
Ogre 85 800 16 3
Race Height Weight HP Bonus Size
Orc 61 140 3 2
Anubin 68 160 3 2
Orc-magi 59 135 3 2
Avioux 70 90 2 2
Rabbitman 76 200 4 2
Batmen 35 50 1 1
Rammon 76 210 4 2
Brownie 38 75 1 1
Ratman 20 18 0 1
Bugbears 82 650 13 3
Rock Giant 110 2000 40 3
Centaur 84 700 14 3
Satyr 32 45 1 1
Cyclop 98 1250 25 3
Saurig 96 1400 28 3
Delphians 62 130 3 2
Slidge 36 40 1 1
Dryad 49 85 2 1
Sprite 5 * 0 -1
Dwarf 55 190 4 1
Stone Giant 120 2000 40 3
Eagles, Giant 41 40 1 1
Tafyboce 70 180 3 2
Elf, Black 65 145 3 2
Tharc 77 200 4 2
Elf, Grey 66 140 3 2
Thras 70 150 3 2
Elf, High 72 150 3 2
Treants 132 2500 50 4
Felzinti 68 165 3 2
Trolls 94 700 14 3
Gillmen 70 130 3 2
Troglodyte 59 115 3 2
Gimp 37 45 1 1
Turtlemen 58 140 3 2
Gargoyle 39 45 1 1
Unicorns 96 1500 30 3
Gnoll 79 260 5 2
Ursoid 100 1800 36 3
Gnome 53 75 1 1
*Less than a pound.
Goblin 65 185 4 2
Gzol-Uk 62 150 3 2

Page 7
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

PLAYER RACES VIS: This number is the Racial Visual score of the
There are fifty-five races in APA to select from. To race and is used whenever characters try to see some-
determine your character’s race, scan the creatures thing hidden, small, or distant. Added to the
below and imagine the 'general' type of character you character’s Personal Visual Sense determines the
desire to play. If you are looking to play a creature that Comparative Visual capabilities of the character.
is big and strong, then a giant or a centaur might be OLF: This number is the Racial Olfactory score of
appropriate. If you're looking to play a fast, wily the race and is used by characters to smell something.
character, then a halfling, elf, or brownie may be what Creatures with high OLF can smell blood in the air, or
you want. even water carried by the winds. Added to the
The player should note that since each character is character’s Personal Olfactory Sense determines the
comprised of two attributes, one Racial, and one Comparative Olfactory capabilities of the character.
Personal, that it is quite possible to have an agile Troll AUD: This number is the basic auditory level of the
or a mighty Gimp [at least to those of the relative same race. It is used when characters are trying to hear an
race]. approaching enemy, listen beyond a door, or detect
Each race has its weaknesses and strengths, and no some kind of auditory danger.
one creature is good in all areas. After you have MAGICAL: This indicates that a race is magical in
decided on a race, write all information including nature or not. If a creature is innately magical, he has
Racial Statistics, Sensory Scores, and Movement an easier time becoming an apprentice, wizard, and
Scores to your character sheet. Each race is outlined in arch-wizard. Races that are not inherently magical may
the same format and is broken down into fourteen still practice magic, but the arcane studies come harder
entries and a paragraph of descriptions. These entries to them.
are as follows:
MOVE: This entry lists the number of feet, unmodi-
[Name]: This is the common name of the creature. fied, that the race can run/swim/fly in a combat action.
STR: This entry lists the race's Racial Strength value. BPs: This is the number of basic starting
This number is the basic chance of succeeding in any Background Picks that a character of this race starts
known Strength Skill and plays an important role in with. A player can purchase additional abilities,
determining damage done by melee weapons. money, items, powers, and capabilities with BPs.
END: This lists the creature's Racial Endurance [Description]: Herein will be specific notes on the
value. This number is the basic chance of succeeding in creature; what they look like, how they act, what are
any known Endurance skill and is important in deciding any of their special powers or abilities, and other vital
the number of Hit Points a starting character will have. information needed to play the race as a character.
CUR: This entry lists the creature's Racial Courage Anubins
value. This number is the basic chance of succeeding in
any known Courage skill and is important in deciding STR: 5 END: 5 CUR: 5
the initiative in melee combat. COR: 5 INT: 2 EGO: 3
COR: This entry lists the race’s Racial Coordination VIS: 8 OLF: 14 AUD: 10
value. This number is the basic chance of succeeding in
any known Coordination skill and is important in MAGICAL: N MOVE: 26/12/- BPs: 3
determining success in combat, and how fast the Anubins are a race of upright walking canines with
character can fire missile weapons. their front appendages evolved into hands. Anubins
INT: This entry lists the race's Racial Intelligence have small heads, with large flat ears cupping their
value. This number is the basic chance in succeeding in faces and extending upwards. The race has the typical
any known Intelligence skill and is important in canine teeth, and the Anubins' eyes are slit like that of a
determining the effects of magic on the individual, and cat. The creatures' hind legs are as long as their arms
how fast a character can cast a spell. and thus the creature can revert to a running stance on
all fours if they desire.
EGO: This entry lists the creature's Racial Ego
Anubins have shaggy white to black fur affording 1
Score. The number is the basic chance in succeeding in
point of natural armor in their chests. The Anubins'
any known Ego Skill and is important in spellcasting.
hands have lost most of their claws and attack at 1d6

Page 8
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

This race is not magical. Brownies

Anubins live only in the Chak Pak, Jeg, and STR: 1 END: 2 CUR: 2
Maldake. COR: 8 INT: 10 EGO: 3
VIS: 8 OLF: 3 AUD: 5
Avioux MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 10/10/- BPs: 3
STR: 5 END: 3 CUR: 6 Brownies are small plump humanoids with large
COR: 5 INT: 5 EGO: 4 knotted foreheads, small pointed ears, and short stubby
fingers. Brownies, from a distance, can sometimes be
VIS: 10 OLF: 2 AUD: 5 mistaken for halflings. Brownies have straight brown,
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 10/8/20 BPs: 4 black, or gray hair but hardly any have beards or
The Avioux is a cross between hawkmen and Giant
Eagles. It is unsure if the combination was produced by Brownies have no natural armor, and their hands
accident or by some demented wizard. Avioux stand attack for 1d4 points of damage.
around four feet tall and resemble birds in all ways The race is highly magical and any brownie
except that the creatures' postures are that of becoming a spellcaster attains two circles instead of one
humanoids. The wings of Avioux end in small hands (see Spell Casting).
that they can be used to grasp and work tools and
weapons. Avioux' heads are small with huge yellow- Brownies live in small copses or in out of the way
disk eyes and Large hooked bills. Avioux' legs are thin places only in Throom, Theylar, and Maldake.
and scaly and range in color from bright yellow to
green. The birdmen’s' feathers also range from dark
browns of the female to red and bright blue for the
Avioux have 1 point of natural armor in their head
and can attack with clawed legs and spindly hooked
arms for 1d4 damage.
This bird race is not magical by nature. Bugbears
Avioux live exclusively in Amagon. STR: 7 END: 5 CUR: 8

Batmen COR: 3 INT: 4 EGO: 2

STR: 2 END: 2 CUR: 3 VIS: 6 OLF: 3 AUD: 3
COR: 8 INT: 2 EGO: 6 MAGICAL: N MOVE: 18/23/- BPs: 4
VIS: 1 OLF: 3 AUD: 17 Bugbears resemble gorillas with a large curving horn
sprouting from their foreheads. The creatures' hair is
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 5/6/20 BPs: 4 thick and bristly and varies in color from a sickly
Batmen are a small simian creatures with loose folds of yellow to a dingy gray. Bugbears are quite intelligent,
skin between their arms and legs that when stretched yet the race on the whole seems to prefer a more
taught can be used to glide, and awkwardly fly through barbaric way of life. Bugbears' maws are comprised of
the air. Batmen have small ugly faces, large pointed six rows of serrated teeth and several large gnarled
ears, and bodies covered in course black to brown hair. fangs that can reach up to 12 inches in length.
The gliders' speech is high and piercing and Batmen Bugbears have 3 points of natural armor in their
can speak in tones far above humanoid auditory ranges. heads and 1 point elsewhere. The creatures' hands
Batmen have no natural armor, and their hands attack attack for -1d10 damage in melee combat.
at 1d4 points of damage. The creatures have the Racial Bugbears live in Squal, Jeg, and the Chak Pak.
Background Pick of Sonar.
Batmen can be found in all parts of Monokan, but
tend to live in large valleys, huge caverns, or thick and
dense forests.

Page 9
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Centaurs Delphians
STR: 6 END: 7 CUR: 5 STR: 3 END: 3 CUR: 1
COR: 4 INT: 3 EGO: 5 COR: 4 INT: 10 EGO: 1
VIS: 4 OLF: 6 AUD: 5 VIS: 6 OLF: 9 AUD: 1
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 50/25/- BPs: 3 MAGICAL: N MOVE: 16/22/- BPs: 5
Centaurs are large bimanious quadrupeds; they have Delphians are a race of tall, majestic black serpentine
the heads and arms of humans, but the bodies and legs humanoids.
of large horses. Centaurs on the average have a distaste
They have jet black to purple-black mottled scales,
in letting other creatures ride them or use their strength
offering 1 points of protection to all areas. Their hands
and general dynamics to pull carts or wagons; they feel
are slender, ending in long curving talons inflicting 1d6
that it is demeaning.
damage. The race also has a long, whiplike tail that can
Centaurs have no natural armor, but the creatures are strike at –1d8 damage. Delphians are known to be
used to all climates and rarely need furs to keep warm Telepathic and pay only half the normal BP for such
(All damage accrued through the environment is at half ability.
normal damage). Centaurs attack with their hands or
Delphians come from Throom and Squal.
hoofs for 1d8 damage..
Centaurs live in Jeg, Chak Pak, Theylar and Thaing.
STR: 1 END: 3 CUR: 2
COR: 6 INT: 5 EGO: 4
VIS: 6 OLF: 6 AUD: 6
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 13/8/- BPs: 4
Dryads are magical folk who are part mortal, part
fairy, and part plant. Dryads appear to be lithe
Cyclops humanoids with incredible charm and charisma. All
Dryads start with the BP of Charisma and Heightened
STR: 8 END: 8 CUR: 5
Statistic Ego.
COR: 2 INT: 6 EGO: 4
They have 1d4 damage hand attack and no natural
VIS: 2 OLF: 6 AUD: 6 armor.
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 22/15/- BPs: 3 The Dryads are a magical people, living primarily in
enchanted forests and woods. They live in Theylar,
Cyclops are giant humanoids with a single eye placed
Throom, and mystical parts of Jeg.
squarely in their foreheads. Cyclops stand around 10
feet tall and have a greenish-brown complexions.
The creatures have no natural armor, and their hands Dwarves
attack at 1d10 damage.
STR: 8 END: 8 CUR: 6
The cyclops is a mystical creature.
COR: 4 INT: 3 EGO: 4
The giant humanoids tend to live in small towns or
VIS: 11 OLF: 2 AUD: 5
villages neighboring large lakes or seas. Many Cyclops
take up residences in out of the way islands, training in MAGICAL: N MOVE: 30/5/- BPs: 3
whatever art they have chosen as a profession. The Cy-
Dwarves are one of the oldest races living on
clops will always be deeply devoted towards their goal
Monokan. Dwarves appear to be a squat, sturdy
in life, hardly ever varying from their life's quest.
humans with a tough visage and large muscles that
cover their bodies. Dwarves normally stand about 4 to
5 feet tall, though shorter and taller ones can be found.
Their hair comes in all shades ranging from auburn to

Page 10
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

white; black beards are highly regarded among noble Black Elves are not a magical race, as most of his
warriors. All Dwarves (including women) have beards; other kin are, but many spend the extra time in
they find other human-types repulsive without a shaggy becoming such (those that do gain an additional 10%
beard of some kind. Dwarves are renown for their Manna).
ability to work metal and to excavate mountains into
The secretive black elf has no natural armor and he
giant underground cities.
can strike with his clenched fists for 1d4 points of
Dwarves have no natural armor and the small mens damage.
fists’ attack in HTH combat at 1d6 damage.
Black Elves and Dwarves are mutual enemies, and
Their work is unequaled in the great nation of have warred for thousands of years. This elf can be
Thaing. Dwarves can be found living in Thaing, and found in Thaing, Theylar, and distant outposts that have
other places with large rocky out cropping. subterranean habitats.

STR: 4 END: 4 CUR: 5 COR: 10 INT: 10 EGO: 6
COR: 6 INT: 6 EGO: 6 VIS: 10 OLF: 10 AUD: 10
VIS: 15 OLF: 2 AUD: 2 MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 20/6/- BPs: 3
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 4/2/50 BPs: 5 Grey elves are the most diminutive of the elven
family and hardly ever stand more than three feet tall.
Giant Eagles look exactly like their smaller brethren,
Their name, Grey Elf, is a slight misnomer for the
the eagles and hawks, of our world. The large birds,
race’s complexion is more green than gray. The elves
however, are as intelligent as some humans. Because
have silvery hair that turns to gold as they reach their
of the birds lack of manipulative appendages (hands)
elder years. Grey Elves will never be found to have a
they have never developed a culture consisting of
mustache or beard, unless they are of half-race origin.
material wealth, although they do love shiny objects
The elves are very magic and most of this species tend
such as gems, glittering gold, and rare earth. Giant
to be a magical user of some nature.
Eagles will never use weapons or armor of the general
kind, though pieces of Amagon armor and weapons This elf, as most others, has no natural armor and
will be used. The great birds are magical of nature and their fists hit for a1d4-1damage.
many will work magic like we work a fork and spoon.
The Grey Elf lives exclusively in Theylar and parts
Giant Eagles have 1 point of armor in all areas and of Throom.
their sharp talons can be used in combat as 1d6+1
Giant Eagles can be found living in most nations, ELVES, HIGH
though they favor Amagon and Jeg. STR: 3 END: 2 CUR: 2
COR: 8 INT: 10 EGO: 5


STR: 5 END: 5 CUR: 1 MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 25/10/- BPs: 2
COR: 4 INT: 10 EGO: 5 High Elves are the tallest of all the elves of
Monokan. Their name is not attributed to their size,
VIS: 12 OLF: 3 AUD: 3
although many of the commoners of the world think so;
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 23/10/- BPs: 4 actually High Elf is a derivative term referring to a
class of elves who first arose from the mists of time
Black Elves are the only elven race that lives
from an ancient blood line of noble elves. The High
primarily underground. Black elves dislike sunlight
Elves are stronger and more durable than the Grey
and any environment that is bright (all skills are at –2 in
Elves, but no less magical. The High Elf is far more
such places). Black Elves stand around five to six feet
outgoing and personable than other elves, especially
tall and have grayish skin, violet to crimson red eyes,
compared to the Dark Elf, and can pass, more often
and hair that is as black as the skies of moonless nights!

Page 11
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

than not, as a human, at social gatherings (as long as of armor in all areas; on dry land they have no natural
their ears are hidden from view). armor. They are a magical race and many underwater
realms hire gillmen as magicians.
The High Elf is magical in nature, and attacks with
his hands at 1d4+1. They have no natural armor or Gillman can be found living in huge underwater
special abilities beyond being of magical nature. cities all across the globe or in sheltered smaller
hamlets tucked along the coast line of any major
High Elves must originate from Theylar!

STR: 5 END: 5 CUR: 9
COR: 7 INT: 5 EGO: 6
COR: INT: 3 EGO: 6
VIS: 6 OLF: 9 AUD: 3
VIS: 4 OLF: 6 AUD: 8
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 11/15/- BPs: 5
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 25/10/- BPs: 3
Gimps are close relatives of the gargoyle and share
Felzinti are large, intelligent feline creatures that their looks and misfortunes, except that they cannot fly.
walk on their hind legs and stand upright reaching In some past eon, the race lost their wings in a whisk of
heights of up to ten feet tall! The large cats have strong a wizard’s hand wave.
front paws that have flexible fingers, giving them the
They have gained over a thousand years the ability to
ability to grasp objects such as weapons and field
jump with amazing speed and deftness, always landing
on their feet. Gimps can jump twice as far in both
The large cats can use their sharp talons to inflict a running and standing jumps of any type.
1d6+1 DFM attack in melee. The great felines are
Gimps have 1 point of protection in their heads and
mottled in fur of white, yellow, orange, and stripes of
chests, and fight at a 1d4-1 in combat with their hands.
black, green, and blue. The Felzinti has 1 point of
armor in all areas. Gimps live only in Amagon and Southern Jeg.
They are not a magical race, and few of these mighty
warlike creatures have ever become a wizard of any
great power. GARGOYLES
STR: 3 END: 3 CUR: 2
The Felzinti live only in the Chak Pak!
COR: 5 INT: 8 EGO: 6
VIS: 10 OLF: 6 AUD: 3
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 12/15/35 BPs: 3
Gargoyles are strange looking humanoids that are
GILLMEN naked of all hair and skin pigmentation. Gargoyles are
STR: 4 END: 3 CUR: 2 gray to off-white in appearance, with a flat face and
small-cupped ears. Sprouting from their backs is a set
COR: 5 INT: 4 EGO: 3
of huge leathery wings.
VIS: 3 OLF: 1 AUD: 10
These creatures have 3 points of natural armor in the
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 10/32/- BPs: 4 head and 1 point of armor in the chests, arms, and legs.
The fliers on the whole are thought to be evil, like the
Gillmen are also known by the name of mermen.
sinister Black Elves or the bleak Tafyboce, but many
They appear to be humanoid in appearance out of the
have found service in the lords of good and one must
water, but in the water they transform into half man and
suspect that gargoyles, like humans, come in many
half fish. On dry land they can pass as any normal
varieties. For eons demented wizards and monks who
human. Gillman can breathe air or water, preferring the
have forced them to raid and pillage mercilessly have
enslaved the Gargoyles. It has been only in the last
If a gillman is out of water for more than 48 hours, several hundred years that the cloud of repression have
all Racial Statistics are reduced 1 point. Gillmen hands been lifted from this kind and noble race.
attack at 1d4 in combat. In the water they have 1 point
Page 12
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Gargoyles aren’t magical and their hands attack in passion. More than one war has started from a slur
combat at a meager 1d4 damage. uttered between these two races.
Gargoyles can be found only in Amagon and Thaing. Gnomes are not a magical race. They strike with
puny fists in combat for 1d4 points of damage, and
their flesh offers no natural armor.
GNOLLS Gnomes live in Amagon, Squal, Thaing, and an in
STR: 6 END: 7 CUR: 4 the mountains surrounding the Wild Lands.
COR: 5 INT: 3 EGO: 3
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 30/18/- BPs: 4 STR: 6 END: 5 CUR: 10
Gnolls are tough creatures that resemble something COR: 4 INT: 2 EGO: 2
between lions and bears. This race stands on large
VIS: 1 OLF: 6 AUD: 5
clasped feet. They use two burly arms to wield
weapons of awesome destruction. The Gnolls’ head MAGICAL MOVE: BPs: 5
appears to be that of a bear, with freakish pointed ears
Goblins are a sub-race of the orc, though their
and a pair of dark brooding eyes. Gnolls are warlike in
appearance is little like the pig-faced brutes. The
culture and personality, preferring to fight than talk.
Goblin generally stand 6 feet tall, having a dark
Gnolls live in the Chak, the deep outer regions of the
greenish complexion, flat face with small beady black
Jeg, and the Wild Lands.
eyes, and black tufted head of scraggly hair. From the
Gnolls are not magically inclined, and no great lower jaw two ivory tusks jut yellow and pitted, up at
wizard was ever spawned from a gnoll mother. The freakish angles. Many of these horns are adorned with
gnoll has no natural armor and their hands attack at 1d6 jewelry or honed into head-butting, lethal weapons!
damage. Also Gnolls gain a +1 to hit and damage with
Goblins have 2 points of armor in all areas and their
any polearm or spear used in combat.
short stubby hands attack at a 1d6 in combat.
Gnolls can be found living in Amagaon, Jeg, Chak
Goblins can be found about anywhere.
Pak, Thaing, and the Wild Lands

STR: 5 END: 5 CUR: 3
STR: 6 END: 7 CUR: 6
COR: 5 INT: 5 EGO: 2
COR: 6 INT: 6 EGO: 4
VIS: 3 OLF: 1 AUD: 2
VIS: 4 OLF: 3 AUD: 4
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 18/8/- BPs: 3
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 36/6/- BPs: 3
The Gzol-uk is a distant cousin to the Tafyboce, but
Gnomes are a close relative of the Dwarves. This
tends to be smaller and more agile. They also have the
race is ever so slightly taller than the deep dwelling
capability to work magic. Many believe that the Gzol-
dwarves. They have dark tanned skin, short beards, and
uk is the Monokan species of the alien Tafyboce.
small black eyes. Gnomes have long thin, pointed
noses, large bulbous lips, and seem to care less of their The Gzol-uk has 2 points of armor in all areas, but
looks or hygiene than dwarves do. Gnomes' have hair will never wear fabricated armor. They do like using
ranging from dusty brown to white. The largest small shields or parrying blades. As the Tafyboce, the
difference between the cousins is that the Gnomes fear Gzol-uk is a strange looking beast with three arms and
and loathe caves and underground passages. Gnomes, three legs, a pear-like body, with no visible head, and a
however, like to work with metal, but rather than maw where the groin should be.
crafting it into arms as Dwarves do, they prefer to work
Its hands attack at 1d6+1 in combat.
it into mechanical objects. Many Gnomes work
willingly, and under servitude, in the workshops of The Gzol-uk are very rare and only a few have been
Squal. There is much in common with Gnomes and seen in Squal, the Wild Lands, and the Skull Isles.
Dwarves, but both peoples hate each other with great

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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition


STR: 4 END: 3 CUR: 4 STR: 4 END: 4 CUR: 3
COR: 9 INT: 5 EGO: 2 COR: 3 INT: 5 EGO: 6
VIS: 8 OLF: 6 AUD: 5 VIS: 5 OLF: 5 AUD: 6
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 10/5/- BPs: 4 MAGICAL: N MOVE: 3/3/35 BPs: 5
Flalfoot Halflings are small, thin humanoids with Harpies have bodies of large vultures or condors and
sandy to black colored hair, round faces, small pointed the heads and arms of Humans. Some Harpies tend to
ears, and flat wide feet. Unlike the Hairfoot, the have more hawkish looking faces and have feathers
Flatfoot have absolutely no hair on their legs or feet. rather than hair covering their heads. Typically Harpies
have a mean and short temper and have no recognizable
Flalfoot Halflings have no natural armor and their
hands attack at an 1d4 damage. Flatfoot Halflings aren't
naturally magical, but gain an unusual amount of The race has no natural armor and their claws strike
Background Picks because of the natural luck their race at 1d6-1 in combat. The bird creature can also screech
has. once per day causing all creatures within 50 feet who
fail their Poison Stamina roll to halve their PSN score
Flatfoot Halflings live in all parts of Anis, though
for 1d6 turns. Harpy males are rarely seen and are
they prefer to live in colder climates such as northern
thought to be rather mentally weaker than the females
MaIdake, Jeg, and surprisingly enough the Skull
(treat as a Racial Int of 3 but having an End 6). All
Islands. The major population of Maldake is comprised
harpies are not magical.
of Flatfoots, and their knowledge of the sea and
shipping is incomparable. Harpies live in Amagon, Thaing, Skull Isles, and
some parts of the Wild Lands.

STR: 4 END: 3 CUR: 6
COR: 5 INT: 4 EGO: 6
VIS: 10 OLF: 2 AUD: 4
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 13/8/35 BPs: 3
STR: 2 END: 3 CUR: 3
Hawkmen are normal appearing humanoids with a
COR: 9 INT: 5 EGO: 4
pair of giant-feathered wings sprouting from the
VIS: 7 OLF: 6 AUD: 6 shoulder. Hawkmen have two normal arms to work
tools, weapons, and equipment but also have the
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 10/5/- BPs: 4
capability of full flight. Hawkmen, in general, are half
The Hairfoot Halflings are small chubby looking the weight of other persons of the same build (hollow
humans with rosy colored cheeks and curly brown or bones).
red hair. Hairfoots are always cheery and full of
Hawkmen gain +2 Hit Points above the normal
joy…so much so that many races are reviled by their
endless happiness. The race can be distinguished by
other halflings, by their hairy little feet. Hawkmen have no natural armor, and their hands
attack at 1d4. Hawkmen are also not magically
The hairfoot has no natural armor and their hands
inclined, but there have been some potent hawkmen
attack at 1d4-1 damage. They are naturally magical
wizards, in the past.
and many have become great wizards.
These people live only in Amagon, Thaing, and the
They live in Maldake, along the shores of Jeg and in
high-forested regions of Throom.
the huge palaces of Throom and Theylar.

Page 14
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

HOBGOBLINS regions; the race on the whole prefers a more secluded

STR: 4 END: 3 CUR: 5 tribal existence. Hyboraks seem to have a tradition of
sending both males and females out amongst the world
COR: 5 INT: 6 EGO: 2 as mercenaries, returning only after attaining a degree
of wealth (many, however, never return).
VIS: 6 OLF: 7 AUD: 8
Hyboraks have no natural armor, and attack in HTH
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 8/5/- BPs: 6
at 1d6 DFM.
The race of the Hobgoblin is a cousin of the Goblin.
Hyboraks can be found in any kingdom.
They have the same basic appearance but Hobgoblins
have large fins cresting their heads and running the
length of their spines. The race also has a long
prehensile tail that they can use as a third hand. The tail HUMANS, STYGIAN
is awkward and all coordination skills are at half value. STR: 5 END: 5 CUR: 4
Some Hobgoblins have become wizards, though the COR: 4 INT: 6 EGO: 5
race is not magical in origin. Hobgoblins have 3 points
VIS: 7 OLF: 7 AUD: 4
of armor in the head, 2 points in the chest, and 1 point
in the arms and legs. Hobgoblins can swing their arms MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 10/6/- BPs: 3
in combat for 1d4 damage.
The Stygian race is a tall, ebon-skinned human with
Hobgoblins live within Goblin communities. curly black hair that stands slightly smaller than the
Hyborak people.
Stygians have no natural armor and attack in HTH at
HUMANS, KELTEK -1d6. The Stygian people are the only race of humans
STR: 4 END: 5 CUR: 5 that are inherently magical and many become powerful
COR: 6 INT: 6 EGO: 5 wizards.

VIS: 5 OLF: 3 AUD: 4 Stygians live in the southern latitudes of Monokan

and live in a number of cultural settings. They can be
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 16/12/- BPs: 4 found both in the large city states of Throom and
Theylar but also in the tribal societies of the southern
Keltek humans are fair skinned, with blond to golden
hair. Unlike the other races of man, the Keltek are the
only people to grow large, full beards and mustaches.
By the age of ten, most of the males can braid a full
beard. IMLORS
STR: 1 END: 3 CUR: 3
The Keltek people have no natural armor, nor are
they magical. Their hands attack at 1d4 damage. COR: 7 INT: 4 EGO: 7
The Kelteks can be found in Jeg, the Chak, the Skull VIS: 7 OLF: 7 AUD: 2
Islands, and in a few spotted towns in Squal.
Imlors are a race of teddy bear like creatures. These
HUMANS HYBORAK little furry humanoids have large yellow eyes and a
STR: 6 END: 6 CUR: 7 moppet coat of silky brown to white hair.

COR: 4 INT: 4 EGO: 5 Imlors have 1 point of protection in all areas. Their
hands are softly clawed and do a 1d3 damage. Imlors
VIS: 4 OLF: 4 AUD: 4 are not a magical race. In fact, they are nearly
magically inert. All forms of magic may not affect
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 18/13/- BPs: 4
Imlors. The race automatically starts the game with the
Hyboraks stand much taller than other human strains background pick of Magic Resistance at +4 levels.
and are equally stronger and more endurable. The
Imors live mostly on the Island of Maldake, but can
Hyborak people stand, on the average, six feet tall and
also be living in the Wild Lands and Jeg.
have dark complexions, with straight black hair.
Hyboraks live in large wooded and mountainous

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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

STR: 2 END: 2 CUR: 4 STR: 4 END: 5 CUR: 9
COR: 6 INT: 5 EGO: 8 COR: 6 INT: 1 EGO: 1
VIS: 7 OLF: 7 AUD: 2 VIS: 10 OLF: 10 AUD: 5
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 18/13/- BPs: 6 MAGICAL: N MOVE: 8/12/- BPs: 4
The Kobold race is a small warm-blooded reptile
Imps are devilish little fiends that are distant relatives
with tufts of green and orange hair doffing the body.
to Sprites and Gargoyles. The Imp race doesn't have
wings but does have the capability of jumping three They are covered in light scales giving them 1 point
times their movement rate once every other turn. The of natural armor in the chest and arms and 2 points in
faces of this creature are baggy and rippled with the head. Kobolds aren't very bright and thus tend to
extraneous skin. Their leathery exterior is gray and have wild swinging emotional outbursts. A Kobold in
bland, and no hair can be found anywhere on their tiny general is greedy and selfish. The creatures' clawed
bodies. hands attack at 1d6-1 damage.
Imps have in inborn talent for the thieving arts and This race lives in Squal and the Wild Lands, and in
gain +2 levels in Hide, Climb, Pick Locks, Pick small cavern communities of Thaing.
Pockets, and Black Marketing. The race has 1 point of
armor in the head, and their hands attack at 1d4-1.
These tiny little guys are not part of the mystical LIONMEN
community, but they do gain the Telepathy Background
STR: 5 END: 5 CUR: 6
Pick for free.
COR: 5 INT: 5 EGO: 4
Imps can be found in any large cities or in deserted
ruins scattered through Anis. VIS: 8 OLF: 10 AUD: 4
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 30/15/- BPs: 5

JACK O’LANTERN Lionmen have the same hereditary relationship with

the Feizinti as man has with the lesser apes (or the
STR: 3 END: 3 CUR: 4
reverse depending who you are talking to). Lionmen
COR: 4 INT: 7 EGO: 6 are quadruped (they runs on all fours) and rarely will
stand on their hind legs. The lionman race is much
VIS: 9 OLF: 2 AUD: 2
more feline shaped; it looks Iike that of a big cat. The
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 18/13/- BPs: 4 race has flexible claws but no true hands. The large
feline can grasp items with difficulty (appropriate skills
Jack O’Laterns are devilish spirits that have taken
are at -4 to succeed), but would prefer to use their own
possession of a carved pumpkin or qourd, turning an
natural weapons to crafted ones. Lionmen have 2 points
ordinary squash into a possessed, glowing entity. Often
of natural armor in all areas, and the creatures' hands
the jack o’lanterns takes their carved squash heads and
can attack for 1d6. If the lionmen can grapple with their
places them on a scarecrow, dummy, or other such
opponents they can bite and gouge for a total attack
mannequin contrivance.
1d8. Lionmen can be found on any open grass plain or
They are definitely magical creatures, using their savanna.
natural ability to take control of inanimate objects in
mockery of humans or other beings. They have no LIZARDMEN
natural armor, feeling the pain within their artificial STR: 6 END: 6 CUR: 6
bodies as any other being. They attack with their hands COR: 4 INT: 2 EGO: 6
at 1d6 damage.
VIS: 2 OLF: 5 AUD: 2
The Jack O’lanterns can originate from any kingdom
and any form of settlement. MAGICAL: N MOVE: 9/14/- BPs: 3
Lizardmen are large sentient reptiles that resemble
upright walking alligators. The creatures' two front legs
have developed into three-fingered manipulative
appendages, though they still sport large claws;

Page 16
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Lizardmen can attack in HTH combat 1d8. Their skin is MOUSEMEN

mottled in dark black and bright red splotches and has a STR: 1 END: 1 CUR: 3
natural armor value of 5 points in all areas. Lizardmen
will never wear armor, preferring to show off their own COR: 7 INT: 6 EGO: 6
scale as a badge of honor. Lizardmen will also shy
VIS: 6 OLF: 8 AUD: 11
away from crafted weapons, but will use them if they
are magical. Lizardmen are cold blooded and will take MAGICAL: ? MOVE: 5/3/- BPs: 4
double damage from fire or cold spells. The creatures
Mousemen are slightly larger than normal mice and
live in Squal and Throom.
walk on their hind legs, with the race's two front paws
used as hands. Mousemen are furred in various colors
but their coat of fine hair doesn't afford them any
MANTICORAS natural armor. The Mousemens’ hands attack at -14
STR: 7 END: 8 CUR: 4 DFM in combat. Mousemen are either magically
attuned (as other mystical races) or gains the Improved
COR: 5 INT: 5 EGO: 5
Sense Background Pick for all three senses. Mousemen
VIS: 5 OLF: 5 AUD: 3 can be found anywhere in Monokan but tend to favor
large habitations (cities, castles, etc.) rather than the
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 35/15/30 BPs: 3
Manticora are large lion-like beasts with a pair of
black bat wings, enabling the large creatures to fly at
respectable speeds. Manticoras have no flexible hands OGRES
and they are unable to craft or use any tool or object.
STR: 10 END: 9 CUR: 6
Thus, the Manticora sees no need for materialism and
lives in nests or caves. Their art and culture are COR: 2 INT: 1 EGO: 4
comprised of songs, ballads, and esoteric paintings that
VIS: 4 OLF: 2 AUD: 2
only the Manticora can reason. Manticoras never use
weapons or armor, and rely on their large claws that MAGICAL: N MOVE: 40/25/- BPs: 4
attack at 1d8+1. The race also has a poison breath that
Ogres are huge loathsome beasts that stand more than
it can use three times a day and inflict 2d6 damage
10 feet tall and can weigh several thousand pounds.
(halve damage if Poison Stamina roll is made) which
The race has a face of a grisly bear with several
infects all who stand anywhere within a cone shaped
twisting horns growing from their foreheads. The
pattern out to 8 hexes in front of the creature. The
creatures' mouth is larger than normal with row upon
Manticora have three points of natural armor in all
row of deadly teeth. Ogres' bodies are covered in thick
locations. The fliers live in all lands that sport large
fur and leather-like skin that affords it 3 points of
open cliff faces.
protection in all areas. Ogres can attack with their
hands at +2 DFM and have been known to topple city
walls. Ogres, however, are probably the stupidest
sentient creature known to live on Anis. Because of the
MINOTAURS stupidity, the race must pay double costs for all
Intelligent and Ego skills purchased. Ogres are rare and
STR: 6 END: 6 CUR: 4
can only be found in the Wild Lands and in secluded
COR: 6 INT: 4 EGO: 4 parts of Thaing.
VIS: 3 OLF: 3 AUD: 4
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 40/12/- BPs: 3 ORCS
Minotaurs are large humanoid shaped creatures
STR: 5 END: 7 CUR: 2
with bulls' heads and rear hooves. The race has flexible
hands like humans, but have thick hides like bovines. COR: 4 INT: 1 EGO: 5
The creature has 3 points of armor in the head and 1
VIS: 3 OLF: 3 AUD: 8
point in the chest. They can kick, gouge, or strike in
combat for a -4 DFM in combat and gain a +1 Level in MAGICAL: N MOVE: 22/14/- BPs: 5
HTH combat skill. Minotaurs can be found living in
Orcs are a primitive humanoid creature that was
most areas of Anis.
created several thousand years ago by warring wizards

Page 17
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

in the Chak Pak. They were originally created to be mystical race for purposes of becoming a wizard. Pixies
quick breeding war-machines that could be rapidly live in all parts of Anis, but favor warm climates.
trained and used in combat. A few survived the final
war between the wizards and started their own RABBITMEN
civilization (if you dare call it that). Orcs care nothing STR: 3 END: 2 CUR: 1
of culture or intellectual pursuits; they only desire war
COR: 7 INT: 5 EGO: 3
and conquest. Orc settlements are simple structures
holding hordes of Orcs and their slaves. The Orc race VIS: 6 OLF: 8 AUD: 12
has 2 points of natural armor in the head and 1 in the
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 35/10/- BPs: 4
chest. Their hands attack at –5 DFM in combat. Orcs
live in almost every part of Anis, though they favor Rabbitmen look very much like common hares. The
Squal and the Chak Pak. biggest difference between wild rabbit and the sentient
race is the size (and the intelligence, of course), the
latter can measure more than seven feet tall. Rabbitmen
ORC-MAGI normally moves on all fours, but can jump for short
periods of time on their hind legs. The Rabbitmen have
STR: 3 END: 5 CUR: 2
a warm coat of white, brown, or black fur which
COR: 4 INT: 8 EGO: 5 affords it 1 point of natural armor in all areas.
Rabbitmen automatically start with Running at +6
VIS: 1 OLF: 3 AUD: 8
levels and Acrobatics at +2 levels. The creatures' hands
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 20/13/- BPs: 4 attack at 1d4 points of damage.
In the last years of the great Wizard Wars, Keylor the Rabbitmen live in all areas of Monokan.
Great forged a new creature with his ungodly powers.
He joined, in body and spirit, a savage Orc and a Grey
Elf, creating the Orc-Magi. These creatures have the RAMMONS
outward appearance of typical Orcs, but the fiery
STR: 5 END: 7 CUR: 4
mystical blood of the eIves surges within their veins;
the Orc-Magi are a mystical race for the purpose of COR: 5 INT: 4 EGO: 4
becoming a magic caster. Orc-Magi live amongst the
VIS: 5 OLF: 5 AUD: 4
Orcs and are usually chosen as shamans, medicine men,
or even leaders. The Orc-Magi has no natural armor, MAGICAL: N MOVE: 30/10- BPs: 3
and their hands attack at -6 DFM in combat. The
Rammons are a close relative to the Minotaur except
Orc-Magi lives in all parts of Anis, but they favor Squal
that Rammons have a head of a goat rather than that of
and the Chak Pak.
a bull.
PIXIES Rammons have 2 points of natural armor in the head
STR: 1 END: 1 CUR: 4 and 1 point everywhere else. The race can attack in
close combat with their horns for a 1d6 but doesn't gain
COR: 9 INT: 6 EGO: 4
the +1 to hit like the Minotaur.
VIS: 7 OLF: 3 AUD: 4
Rammons aren't a magical race and only a few of
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 5/3/28 BPs: 3 these creatures have ever become a wizard.
Pixies are small creatures that appear to be half- Rammons live only in the Chak Pak and the skull
human and half-insect. The race stands hardly more Isles.
than a foot tall. Their body and head are that of a small
green skinned men, but the creatures also sport small
antenna, two large dragonfly wings, and insect multi-
faceted eyes. Pixies are the only intelligent creatures
that can speak both normal speech and Thras. Many
pixies make their living as translators between Thras
and other creatures. The race has no natural armor, and
their hands attack at -12 DFM in combat. Pixies are
endowed with magic and should be considered to be a

Page 18
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

RATMEN foreheads, while others seem to have goat-like ears.

STR: 3 END: 3 CUR: 3 The race is noted for its ability to play music and
compose ballads of great emotion
COR: 4 INT: 2 EGO: 4
All Satyrs start with +3 levels in Play Instrument and
VIS: 7 OLF: 3 AUD: 4 in Write Poetry. Satyrs can also talk to woodland
animals (those normal animals found in woods and
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 25/18/- BPs: 3
forests). Satyrs have no natural armor protection, and
Ratmen are small furry humanoids with the body and their hands attack at -1d3.
tail of a mean, nasty rat. They stand are four to five
Satyrs can be found living in Maldake, Throom,
feet tall, with huge whiskers and a naked tail as third as
Theylar, and ever so rarely in secluded copses in the
long as their height.
Wild Lands.
Ratmen excel in the arts of thievery, gaining +3 to
succeed in all Criminal Skills. They also gain a +2 on SAURIGS
all Critical Success rolls on such skills. STR: 5 END: 8 CUR: 4
Ratmen have 1 point of natural armor in all areas. COR: 5 INT: 3 EGO: 4
The races taloned hands attack at 1d4-1 in combat.
VIS: 5 OLF: 3 AUD: 3
The Ratman can be found in all regions of Monokan.
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 36/22/- BPs: 4
Saurigs are cold-blooded reptiles that resemble the
ROCK GIANTS Centaur or Ursoid, except that its body is that of a gilla
monster and upper half of a scaled human. Like the
STR: 9 END: 10 CUR: 7
Centaur, the Saurig is a huge creature with the entire
COR: 2 INT: 2 EGO: 4 torso of a gilla monster; with all of its clawed four legs
and long swishing tail. The Saurig then has the upper
VIS: 4 OLF: 5 AUD: 3
torso of a man, including his chest, arms, and head.
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 30/20/- BPs: 3 This part of the Saurig is manlike in appearance except
that its skin is snakelike.
Rock Giants are massive humanoids standing
anywhere from 9 to 12 feet tall. They resemble humans It has 2 points of armor in all locations, with hands
in all appearances except that their skin is thick as, attacking at 1d6. Its tail attacks at 1d4+1 DFM, but
some believe, rock. may attack only once per combat turn.
Rock Giants have 2 points of natural armor in all The Saurig is not magical in nature, and few become
areas, and can smash and punch with its fists for 1d8 in wizards.
They live only in the deserts of Squal and the hot
The race lives only in secluded rocky terrain; they wetlands of Throom.
favor rather remote areas and only congregate during
mating seasons and festivals. Rock Giants will on SLIDGES
occasion live or travel in inter-racial groups, but on the STR: 1 END: 4 CUR: 3
whole the race feels inferior to the rest of the world and
COR: 5 INT: 6 EGO: 4
tends to Jive secluded lifestyles.
VIS: 0 OLF: 12 AUD: 17
Rock Giants live in Thaing and the Wild Lands
MAGICAL: ? MOVE: 4/6/- BPs: 6
Slidges are large boneless amorphous blobs that
STR: 2 END: 2 CUR: 3
resemble giant amoebas. The race is tinted red, black,
COR: 7 INT: 7 EGO: 3 or blue and is sometimes covered in long snakelike
feelers. The creatures have several olfactory and
VIS: 6 OLF: 4 AUD: 4
auditory antennas poking from their constantly rippling
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 20/8/- BPs: 4 bodies.
Satyrs are a mystical (magical) race that has the hind The creatures have no natural armor and no hands. It
legs of a goat and the chest, arms, and head of a child. can spit stomach acids from one of its many mouths. It
Some Satyrs have small goat horns sprouting from their has a range equal to that of a sling and a 1d12.
Page 19
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Slidges also can fit through the smallest of spaces, Stone Giants live in Thaing, the Wild Lands, and Jeg.
cracks, or holes since they have no skeletal structure
and can change their bodies to any shape at will. The
race can speak by burping gases through their many TAFYBOCE
orifices, but it is hard to understand and any language is
STR: 5 END: 5 CUR: 3
at -4 to succeed. It can speak its own special language
flawlessly. Slidges never need to roll for Shock since COR: 4 INT: 5 EGO: 2
they have no central nervous system. A Slidge also
VIS: 4 OLF: 1 AUD: 2
gains either the ability of magic or double the basic Hit
Points. MAGICAL: N MOVE: 13/10/- BPs: 6
The Tafyboce are aliens to Monokan. The
SPRITES creatures are a trimanius triped (three arms and three
STR: 1 END: 1 CUR: 4 legged creature) with an inverted body, with their heads
at the bottom and its stomach and groin topping their
COR: 6 INT: 9 EGO: 4
egg-shaped frame. Three long tentacles dangle from the
VIS: 6 OLF: 4 AUD: 4 creatures' bodies ending in three-pronged fingers. The
races' feet are large mangled lumps that can propel the
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 6/4/30 BPs: 3
creature, surprisingly, quickly across the ground. The
Sprites are a close relative of the Pixie but is not Tafyboce came to Monokan more than 9,000 years ago
endowed with the speech of the Thras and the race is bent on total domination and conquest. As their
not so much like an insect rather more like small birds. starships blasted through the atmosphere, unknown
Sprites have a slight yellow complexion and small energy beams that totally crippled their fleet hit them.
feathered wings. The race can chirp and whistle as well Their initial probes hadn't taken serious the populations
as any bird and can be found in any large wooded area. believe in a force called 'magic'. Today, the creature has
The race are usually a lover of nature and will build lost all of its former memory of a star-faring culture and
their cities around towering trees or natural lives a life of barbarism and cruelty on Monokan.
Tafyboce have 2 points of natural armor in all areas
Sprites have no natural armor, and their hands attack and can attack with their hands for a 1d6.
at 1d3.
The creature, of course, isn't a magical-race and none
Sprites are a mystical race for the purpose of have ever become a wizard. Although barbaric,
becoming a wizard. technology comes easier to them than any other race on
the planet, and they will always gain the upper hand
Sprites can be found in Throom, Theylar, and the
when dealing with such devices. Tafyboce need to
Wild Lands.
spend only half as much to raise technological skills.
Tafyboce live only in Squal.
STR: 10 END: 9 CUR: 4
COR: 2 INT: 4 EGO: 5
STR: 5 END: 6 CUR: 4
VIS: 6 OLF: 2 AUD: 5
COR: 8 INT: 4 EGO: 5
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 25/15/- BPs: 4
VIS: 4 OLF: 5 AUD: 4
Stone Giants are quite similar to Rock Giants but
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 36/-/- BPs: 4
tend to be somewhat smaller. The races' complexion
ranges from a dusty gray to muddy brown. Tharcs are a race of tall intelligent insectoid creatures
with two arms and legs, and a tiny head with long
They have a natural armor of 1 point in all areas
antenna. Its body, segmented like that of any bug, has
except the head which they have 2 points. They attack
a crystalline carapace ranging from red to blue offering
in HTH combat at 1d8.
1 point of protection in all areas. All Tharcs are
A few breeds of stone giants can be found having a independent thinkers, unlike the Thras. They can exist
single curving horn growing from their forehead. Stone in the harshest conditions and have been seen in the
Giants gather in small towns made of huge slabs of arctic waste and in the great endless desert. The tharc
stone and breathtakingly huge timber. starts with the BPs Fast Draw and Jack of All Trades,
Page 20
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

freely. Tharcs are not magical in nature, but some have Treants are intelligent plants that resemble any
become wizards. They attack at –3 DFM in combat number of coniferous trees. Treants can easily blend
with their pincher like hands. into any forest on Monokan and in these situations the
creature's Hide skill increases +5 levels. Treants stand
anywhere from 10 to 20 feet tall. The race has 3 points
THRAS of natural armor, and they are to be considered a
magical race. Treants can attack with their huge
STR: 1/7 END: 6 CUR: 4
flexible branches inflicting a 1d10.
COR: 6 INT: 7/1 EGO: 5
The race has no use of weapons, armors, or other
VIS: 6 OLF: 8 AUD: 4 materialistic objects. Three times a day, for up to an
hour each time, the Treant can transform into a lithe,
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 22/5/- BPs: 4
young humanoid (use Keltek statistics). This ability can
Thras are tall, intelligent insects that walk on two be increased by 1 hour per 2 EXP spent in the ability.
grasshopper legs. The race has four arms that end in
Treants can be found in all areas of Monokan.
eight stubby fingers, which can grab and manipulate
objects. Thras heads are like that of praying' mantises
with large sparkling insect eyes and vertical jaws.
Topping the races' heads is three tiny antennas that are TROLLS
constantly twitching and sensing the surrounding area. STR: 7 END: 10 CUR: 7
Thras live in a strict caste system with Master-Thras
COR: 2 INT: 3 EGO: 4
and Warrior-Thras (sometimes referred to as drones or
workers) composing the two elements of society. Mas- VIS: 5 OLF: 5 AUD: 5
ter-Thras perform only administrative duties, never
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 25/17/- BPs: 3
venturing far out of the hive or city complexes (except
for a few misfit 'rogues'). The Master-Thras have a Trolls are large cumbersome creatures with mottled
Racial Strength of 1 but a Racial Intelligence of 7. The green and black complexion, dark black or brown hair,
Warrior-Thras serve the hive only as a protector and and a maw filled with row after row of serrated teeth
guard; it is not permitted, no matter how intelligent, to and fangs. TrolIs have an intellect that falI between the
perform clerical or administrative duties Rock and the Stone Giant, but tends never to reveal that
intelligence. It said that more Troll children die from
Warrior-Thras have never become a sage or wizard.
abusive parents than all the TrolIs that have died in all
Neither of the Thras is magical in origin. The
the wars ever waged. Trolls are taught at an early age to
Master-Thras are immune to psionic or telepathic
protect their own interest and to kill anyone getting in
attacks or probes. They have 3 points of armor in the
their way. Trolls have no natural armor, and their hands
head, and they attack in HTH combat at 1d4.
attack at -5 DFM. Trolls have the Background Pick of
The Warrior-Thras have a Racial Strength of 7 and a Regeneration whereby it can heal in an hour what
Racial Intelligence of 1. They can be harmed by normally requires a day. Trolls live in all nations on
psionic/telepathic attacks or probes as normal, but they Monokan, though they tend to live in Thaing, Amagon,
have 3 points of armor in the head, 2 points in the and the wild Lands.
chest, and 1 point in the arms and legs. They attack in
HTH combat at 1d6 DFM. Both kinds of Thras can
jump twice the basic jumping distances every third
turn, and both are fragile to cold base attacks (double
all damage).

STR: 9 END: 8 CUR: 1
COR: 1 INT: 8 EGO: 1
VIS: 6 OLF: 6 AUD: 6
MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 25/25/- BPs: 2

Page 21
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

STR: 8 END: 6 CUR: 4 STR: 10 END: 3 CUR: 4
COR: 4 INT: 1 EGO: 4 COR: 4 INT: 10 EGO: 4
VIS: 6 OLF: 1 AUD: 3 VIS: 5 OLF: 10 AUD: 5
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 10/5/- BPs: 5 MAGICAL: Y MOVE: 60/30/- BPs: 3
Troglodytes are smaller cousins to lizardmen, and Unicorns are proud equine creatures that resemble a
live almost totally underground. horse in all manners except for a shinning straight
silver horn that rests majestically on their foreheads.
Troglodytes have 3 points of natural armor, and their
Unicorns are either colored white, if they follow the
clawed hands attack at -8 DFM in combat. Troglodytes
path of good, or black, if they follow the road of evil.
in general prefer to use weapons and bits of armor and
in this way differ from their larger counterparts. With The race lives only in quite restful areas, always far
their massive strength, a Troglodyte is a gruesome foe from large cities and population centers. Unicorns will
to be reckoned with. Whenever exposed to strong light, only enter a city if they must, and finds the stench of
like that of the noonday sun, all skills are reduced 3 city life sickening; a Unicorn caged or trapped in a city
Levels. will take 1 point of damage every third day and it will
not be able to heal this type of damage (as the skill
Troglodytes live exclusively in Thaing; living in the
Recuperation). Unicorns are one with nature and her
hundreds of thousands of miles of caves, caverns, and
animals and should be able to talk to normal woodland
unknown subterranean grottos.
creatures (those found in typical earth-like forests).
The race has no natural armor except that its horn is
magical giving the head a natural armor protection of
15. The creature can use its horn to attack in combat at
TURTLEMEN a 1d12, or Parry for 5 points. Unicorns will rarely wear
STR: 4 END: 5 CUR: 4 any armor, and when they do will be only chain or
COR: 5 INT: 6 EGO: 7
Unicorns are mystical creatures for the purpose of
VIS: 3 OLF: 2 AUD: 4
becoming wizards.
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 6/25/- BPs: 4
The race lives only in Theylar.
Turtlemen resemble large tortoises that walk upright.
The race has a large shell that acts as 10 points of
natural armor in the chest only. Turtlemen will wear no Ursoids
other armor in the chest. Turtlemen rarely wear any STR: 8 END: 7 CUR: 5
clothing, but tend to paint their bodies in various
COR: 3 INT: 3 EGO: 3
colored pigments to accentuate their feelings and
personalities. Turtlemen have small claws and medium VIS: 4 OLF: 6 AUD: 5
sized beaks that they can attack for 1d4.
MAGICAL: N MOVE: 50/23/- BPs: 3
Turtlemen live in all warm climates, but tend to favor
Ursoids resemble Centaurs in all ways except that its
the coasts of Throom and Squal. Turtlemen are not a
body frame is that of bears rather than horses. The
magical race, but many become scholars, sages, and
Ursoids' upper half is covered in light brown to black
fur and the head of the creature is more dog-like than
human is. For countless generations Ursoids have been
friends and mounts to elves in Theylar and elsewhere.
The Ursoids have 2 points of natural armor in all
areas except the legs that have 3 points. Ursoids will
rarely wear fabricated armor. The large creatures can
attack HTH with a 1d8.

Page 22
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Ursoids aren't a magical race for becoming wizards Bleeding

and with its generally low intelligence, only a few A character will bleed 1 Hit Point every 5 combat
Ursoids take up the practice of spellcasting. turns until the wound is stopped through the use of First
Ursoids live in all areas Aid, Healing, a hot firebrand (cauterization), or any
magical healing spell. Bleeding to death is a distinct
LIFE AND DEATH If bleeding is staunched through conventional means,
the character must rest at least 3 hours or the wound
will start bleeding again. Magical healing instantly
Hit Points mends such gaping wounds.
A character has a number of Hit Points equal to his
Racial Endurance Statistic + Personal Endurance
statistic. Add 1 HP for each 50 pounds of natural Recuperation
weight. Additional Background Picks or magical A character heals 1 Hit Point a day with modest rest.
devices may also adjust this score. A character can gain another Hit Point if they stay in a
quiet and ample Inn, hostel, or villa. If the character can
make a Recuperation roll, he gains another Hit Point.
Hit Point Buffer
A character may also receive help from either a First
A character has a score called the Hit Point Buffer Aid or a Healing skill, but these skills can be performed
that determines his ability to heal. This score is equal according to their skill’s description.
to the character’s Personal Endurance statistic.
Magical spells, potions, and devices may be used to
The Hit Point Buffer (HPB) is the maximum amount heal a character, but no more than the HPB may be
of damage a character can take into the negatives, given in such a manner, in any given day.
before he dies. That is, if a character has a HPB of 8,
he will die if reduced to -9 or less Hit Points. Critical injuries may be healed at a rate of 1 day of
mending equal to 1 hit point recovered. Thus, if a
HPB is also the limit in magical healing that a critical injury resulted in a hand being broken for 22
character can receive in any single day. Magical days, a character could use 22 points of healing to
healing includes all spells, kantrips, potions, and mend his hand. Critical healing is inclusive to normal
mystical devices. It doesn’t include Accupuncture, healing. That is, a character still gains only his HPB a
First Aid, Healing, herbs, or the use of mundane day to either heal hits or to mend critical injuries; or
medicines. Healing can be used to recover hit points or to cure
A character requires at least 8 hours of sleep or critical but not both.
meditative concentration, before he may gain additional
magical healing – resetting his HPB.
A character is considered dead when he receives
Shock damage that reduces his Hit Points to a negative value
A character will fall unconscious anytime he takes a equal to his HPB.
number of points of damage, from a single or multiple Subtract 1 from the chance of resurrection for each
hits, equal to his Racial Endurance Stat, unless he can year the corpse has been dead. A typical resurrection
make a Shock skill. costs 10 - 15 gold pennies (far beyond any commoners’
A character needs to make only one Shock Skill dreams)!
check per combat. If the character fails his roll, he may
check again at the beginning of each round of combat
at his basic PSN score. After falling unconscious, the Food
character gains a bonus of +1 to succeed on each A character is required to eat an amount of food
successive round. equal to his Size Code + a third of his Racial Endurance
A character will automatically fall unconscious upon a day. If this amount cannot be met, he has a number
being reduced to 0 or less Hit Points. of days equal to his Personal Endurance Statistic,
before he takes an accumulative –2 penalty to all skill
Page 23
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Thus, a dwarf who is size 2 and 8 Racial Endurance Race Young Adult Old Venerable Wizened
must consume (2 + 2.6) 4.6 Size Points of food.
Gnomes 20 50 70 100 130
Goblins 5 13 25 40 50
Water Gzol-Uk 6 12 18 40 50
A character is required to drink an amount of water
Flafoot 25 35 60 80 120
equal to his Size Code a day. If this amount cannot be
met, he automatically starts accumulating a –2 penalty Hairfoot 30 60 80 100 180
to all skill rolls. One day’s worth of water subtracts 5
days of penalty. Harpies 10 20 40 60 70
Hawkmen 12 20 40 50 65
Hobgoblin 6 12 20 45 70
Unlike in previous versions of Advanced Phantasm Humans 12 18 40 60 100
Adventures, the 4th edition does away with age rolls Imlors 8 16 25 40 60
and determining starting age. A character may still be
young, adult, old, venerable, or wizened but that is Imps 2 12 30 60 120
determined by his choice of Background Picks. Kobolds 3 6 9 12 25
Liomen 5 10 20 40 60
Age Table Minotaurs 6 15 30 50 70
Mousemen 1 6 12 25 40
Race Young Adult Old Venerable Wizened
Ogres 3 5 8 15 25
Anubins 8 15 30 45 60
Orcs 1 6 8 15 30
Avioux 4 12 25 30 50
Pixies 20 50 100 200 300
Batmen 3 6 10 15 30
Rabbitman 3 5 8 25 50
Brownies 30 100 200 400 800
Rammons 5 10 20 40 60
Bugbears 10 20 30 40 50
Ratmen 1 5 10 20 30
Centaurs 20 30 50 70 100
Rock Giants 10 20 35 60 80
Cyclops 30 45 70 90 140
Satyrs 30 70 100 200 350
Delphians 5 15 30 50 70
Saurigs 15 30 40 45 50
Dryads 100 300 500 700 1000
Slidges 3 6 9 12 20
Dwarves 20 60 80 100 150
Sprites 20 50 70 100 130
Eagles, Gt. 3 15 60 80 100
St. Giants 12 22 30 50 80
Elves, Black 30 50 100 200 300
Tafyboce 10 30 60 90 100
Elves, Grey 100 300 500 700 1000
Tharcs 4 8 12 30 50
Elves, High 75 125 200 300 500
Thras Drone 1 3 5 8 10
Felzinti 3 8 15 25 40
Thras Master 6 12 30 50 80
Gilmen 12 20 40 60 90
Treants 200 500 700 900 1500
Gimps 10 20 30 50 70
Trolls 3 6 12 30 50
Gargoyles 8 16 35 50 70
Troglodytes 3 12 20 25 40
Gnolls 4 9 15 25 35
Turtlemen 12 25 45 75 150

Page 24
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Race Young Adult Old Venerable Wizened Height & Weight Table
Mousemen: base
Unicorns 20 50 70 90 100
Pixies (+2 to height roll but half weight)
Ursoids 12 30 40 60 65
Sprites (+1 to height roll but half weight)
Imps (+1 height)
Height & Weight
Roll Height Weight Size
Roll 2d10 once on one of the appropriate tables
below. After rolling the dice, the player can adjust the >1 3” 4 oz. -1
character’s Height and Weight roll by 1 point (up or 1-3 4” 8 oz. -1
4-8 5” 10 oz. -1
Cross-reference the total die roll to determine the
character’s height. If the player desires, he can modify 9-12 6” 12 oz. 0
the weight of the character by 3d6+10% of body
13-15 8” 1 lb 0
16-17 1’ 6 lbs 1
The player should also note the Size Code of the
character. Size Code (SC) is a measuring tool to define 18 1’2” 8 lbs 1
how big a character, creature, or item is in the game.
19 1’4” 12 lbs 1
For example: A Rock Giant will swing a much
20 1’6” 15 lbs 1
larger sword than a Pixie would.
21+ 1’ 8” 18 lbs. 1
When purchasing equipment, armor, or weapons it is
essential to know what SC the characters falls within.
And in combat, there are many bonuses and penalties
Height & Weight Table
associated with the SC of the character and the target of
Batmen (-1 to roll)
the attack.
Dryads (+3 to height roll)
Size Code
Height Size Code Dwarves (+5 to roll and+50% weight)
1” to 5” -1 Giant Eagles (-30% weight)
6” to 1’ 0 Grey Elves (-2 to roll)
1’1” to 3’8” 1 Gimps (+1 height roll)
3’9” to 6’8” 2 Gargoyles (+2 height roll)
6’9” to 10’ 3 Gnomes (+6 to roll and –20% weight)
10’1” to 13’ 4 Halfling Flatfoot (-1 to roll)
13’1” to 17’ 5 Halfling Hairfoot (+2 weight roll)
17’1” to 21’ 6 Harpies
21’1” to 25’ 7 Imlors
26’1” to 30’ 8 Kobolds (+3 height roll)
30’1” to 50 9 Satyrs (-3 weight roll)
50’1”+ 10 Slidges
Roll Height Weight Size
Less than 1 2’ 30 lbs 1

Page 25
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Roll Height Weight Size Roll Height Weight Size

1-3 2’4” 40 lbs 1 >1 4’ 80 lbs 2
4-8 2’8” 50 lbs 1 1-3 4’4” 90 lbs 2
9-12 3’ 55 lbs 1 4-8 5’ 120 lbs 2
13-15 3’4” 60 lbs 1 9-12 5’4” 135 lbs 2
16-17 3’8” 70 lbs 1 13-15 5’8” 160 lbs 2
18 4’3” 80 lbs 2 16-17 6’ 180 lbs 2
19 4’8” 90 lbs 2 18 6’2” 200lbs 2
20 5’2” 120 lbs 2 19 6’4” 220 lbs 2
21+ 5’ 6” 150 lbs. 2 20 6’8” 240 lbs 2
21+ 7’ 2 70 lbs. 3
Height & Weight Table
Anubins (+1 to roll)
Height & Weight Table
Avioux (+3 to roll, but half weight) Bugbears
Delphians Centaurs (+2)
Black Elves (+1 to roll) Cyclops (+4)
High Elves (+4 to roll) Manticora (-2; -40% weight)
Gillmen Ogre (+1; +25% weight)
Goblin (+2 to weight roll) Rock Giants (+3)
Gzol-uk Stone Giants (+2; +30% weight)
Hawkmen (2/3rds weight) Thras (-3)
Hobgoblin Trolls
Keltek humans (+2 to roll) Treants (+5)
Hyborak humans (+4 to roll) Unicorns (+3)
Stygian human (+1 to roll) Ursoid (+5
Kobolds (-5 to roll)
Lizardmen (+2 to roll and +30% weight) Roll Height Weight Size
Minotaurs (+5 to roll) >1 6’ 300 lbs 2
Orcs (-1 to roll but +30% weight) 1-3 6’3” 400 lbs 2
Rabbitmen (+6 to roll) 4-8 6’6” 500 lbs 2
Rammons (+4 to roll) 9-12 6’9” 600 lbs 3
Ratmen 13-15 7’ 700 lbs 3
Tafyboce 16-17 8’ 1200 lbs 3
Tharcs (+4 to roll) 18 9’ 1500 lbs 3
Troglodytes (-4 to roll) 19 10’ 2000 lbs 3
Turtlemen (-2 to roll) 20 11’ 2400 lbs 4
21+ 12’ 2800 lbs. 4
Page 26
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

MOVEMENT The following Background Picks are divided into

Adjust racial movement scores by adding in the Wealth & Possessions, Skills & Careers, and Specials.
average of the character’s Personal Strength and
Personal Coordination statistic.
For example: A Troglodytes base racial move is
10/5/-. The individual has a 4 Personal Strength and
an 8 Personal Coordination, resulting in an adjusted Starting Money
move of 16 ground and 11 swimming. A character has saved money up from past
employment, or has been given the money by parents,
Divide all movement scores by 5 to determine hex
friends, or obligating clansmembers. Use the following
table to determine additional wealth.
That is, a ground movement of 16 would become 3.1
(the .1 can be used as a slim chance to move an
additional hex). BP Cost Wealth
1 10 Silver Coins
Jumping 2 20 Silver Coins
A character can jump a number of feet equal his hex 3 40 Silver Coins
movment expressed in feet.
4 80 Silver Coins

Standing Jump: Hex Movement +1 = x Feet

The character has been awarded a writ to use a
Running Jump: (Hex Movement +1) x2 = x Feet particular item outside his normal faction level
capabilities. This writ is usually good in all kingdoms
of the land, but if the writ is lost or destroyed the
Continued example: the troglodyte would be able to forfeiture of its use is gone as well. Many classes allow
perform a standing jump of 4.1 feet and a running jump a “copy” of the writ to be made at a cost of 1/3rd the
8.2 feet. value of the item being used. Use the following table
to determine the BP cost for such items. The writ is
good for one item only, specifically indicated in the
writ by precise descriptions.
The writ in itself does not reward the character with
BACKGROUND PICKS the item, just the ability to carry and use it. The player
In the 4th edition of Advanced Phantasm must specify the weapon, armor, or item upon obtaining
Adventures, every effort has been made to ensure that the writ and it cannot be changed or altered after its
all races are generally equal, in that each has its own creation.
special abilities and capabilities, but that not one race is
overly superior to another. In the hopes of balancing For example: Triffod the Trafyboc starts the game with
some races which cannot measure up to others, the use 22 Military Faction, and spends 2 BP to gain a writ
of Background Picks (or BPs) are used. that increases a weapon he can use to 52 Faction. The
player selects a silver broad sword. As Triffod gains
Each character starts with a number of BPs equal to additional military faction, the writ is locked at 52 –
his race’s BP value. Taking BP penalties can augment eventually making it void.
the BP score. A character cannot have more than
double his racial BP value (i.e. the player cannot riddle
his character with many flaws to pick up a few superior BP Cost Writ
Background Picks).
.5 Weapon: +10 Military Faction
Each of the following abilities and specials are rated
with a Cost of BP. Each time the ability or special is 1 Armor: +10 Political Faction
picked, subtract that from the character’s BP score. A 1 Weapon: +20 Military Faction
character should never start with any BP left.
2 Armor: +10 Faction higher than starting
Page 27
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

2 Weapon: +30 MilitaryFaction 2 Business makes 3 ss profit per month

2 Magic: +10 Magic Faction 3 Business makes 5 ss profit per month
3 Armor: +30 Political faction 4 Business makes 8 ss profit per month
3 Magic: +20 Magic faction 5 Business makes 10 ss profit per month
4 Weapon: +50 Military faction
4 Magic 3 levels higher than starting Land
The character has gained access to an amount of
5 Unlimited armor use
land, depending on its location, to call his own. On his
6 Unlimited magic use land, under the jurisdiction of the local lord, he may
perform any duties, tasks, or behave in any such
manner as desired.
Special Item
The size of the land is depending on where it’s
This background option allows a character to start the
located as follows:
game with a special item, weapon, or piece of armor.
This BP only grants the item to the starting character,
but does not necessarily gives him the right to use it. Location Size of plot Revenue Multiplier
City Acre x1
BP Cost Item Countryside 500 acres x.5
.5 Any basic mount, item, or potion Wilderness sq. miles x.1
Any basic weapon
Any basic armor
Any item or weapon of rare metal
3 Any magic item of +2 or less
Any armor of rare metal BP Cost Size Revenue/Month
4 Any magic item of +4 or less 1 x1 10 silvers
Any item or weapon of unique metal 2 x3 30 silvers
5 Any magic item of +5 or less 3 x5 90 silvers
Any armor of unique metal 4 x8 125 silvers
5 x10 150 silvers
This background option allows a character to start
with a small shop, inn, or business that makes a number
of silver coins profit each month. Such a business must Skills & Careers & Friends
be located in a town or area where the character was
brought up and the business must be in a fixed location.
All “profits” are held in safety, each month, until the Job & Career
character returns (or 5 years pass). This background pick is very similar to the careers of
2nd edition Phantasm, but are organized in more general
A character with Trader faction earns a percent bonus
terms. Pay the cost of BP and choose 1 skill to start at
equal to his rank.
level 3, 2 skills at +2 levels, and 3 skills at +1 levels.
No skill can be raised to more than level 5, using Jobs
& Careers.
BP Cost Profit from the Business
A character cannot choose the same Job/Career more
1 Business makes 1 ss profit per month
than one time.
Page 28
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Skills that are in bold must be picked, and a skill that Assassin BP Cost: 1
is underlined may have only 1 of its subskills chosen.
Skills: Acrobatics, Poison Alchemy, Chemistry,
Combination of the two types may exist.
Bravery, Imitate, Mental Task Do, Move Silently,
Parry, Spy, Tracking, or Daggers.
Acolyte BP Cost: 1
Skills: Write Poetry, Cooking, Skinning, Literacy, Astrologer BP Cost: 1
Language, Cleaning, Washing, and Feeding. Or give
Skills: Astrology, Astronomy, Drawing,
up level 3 skill for free visit to a specific Library.
CommonLore, Literacy, Language, Philosophy ,
CreatureLore, and Religious Dogma.
Actor BP Cost: 1
Skills: Acrobatics, Dance, Pantomime, Play Bard BP Cost: 1
Instrument, Sing, Write Poetry, Write Music, Imitate,
Skills: Ambidextrous, Barter, Dance, Play
and Social Graces. Forego Level 3 skill for a +10%
Instrument, Sing, Write Music, Write Poetry, and
bonus to Prestige.
Food Skills. Forego Level 3 skill and gain +1 Morale
to all allies while playing an instrument.
Adventurer BP Cost: 3
Skills: Pick any skills in the game! Black Marketer BP Cost: 1
Skills: Acrobatics, Estimate Value, Black Market,
Bravery, Imitate, Business Administration, Move
Alchemist BP Cost: 1
Silently, Spy, Tracking, or Daggers. Forego Level 3
Skills: Alchemy, Cooking, First Aid, PlantLore, skill and be able to find a Black Market in any city of a
CreatureLore, Making, or Daggers. Forego Level 2 specified region or kingdom.
skills for any common potion.

Blacksmith BP Cost: 1
Apocerather BP Cost: 1
Skills: Armorer, Carry/Lift, Craft Metal, Estimate
Skills: Alchemy, Cooking, First Aid, Healing, Value, and Haggle. Forego Level 3 skill to add +2 to
PlantLore, CreatureLore, Making, or Daggers. Forego Personal Strength Attribute. Forego all Level 2 and 1
Level 1 skills and start with a Medic Bag. skills to add +2 to Personal Endurance Attribute.

Apprentice BP Cost: 1 Bowman BP Cost: 1

Skills: Alchemy, Business Administration, Skills: Action, Bravery, Crash, Shock, Dodge,
PlantLore, CreatureLore, Write Poetry, Cooking, Recuperation, Shield, Polearms, Daggers, Sling, or
Skinning, Literacy, Language, Cleaning, Meditation, Bow. Forego Level 3 skill to gain +1 damage on all
Religious Dogma, or Washing. Missile damage.

Apprentice BP Cost: 1 Burglar BP Cost: 1

Skills: Alchemy, Cooking, First Aid, Healing, Skills: Acrobatics, Pick Pockets, Hide, Bravery,
PlantLore, CreatureLore, or Daggers. Move Silently, Estimate Value, Black Market, Parry,
Dodge, Spy, Pick Locks, or Daggers. Add +2 to
Personal Coordination Attribute, but if character enters
Artilleryman BP Cost: 1 into any clan outside of Crime or Specialized Crime
they attain a –15% Prestige penalty.
Skills: Action, Bravery, Crash, Exertion, Shield,
Shock, Siege Engineer, Polearms, Determine Range,
and Ballista.

Page 29
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Calvary BP Cost: 1 Farmer BP Cost: 1

Skills: Action, Riding, Charge, Bravery, Dodge, Skills: Agriculture, Carpentry, Climb, Determine
Exertion, Parry, Recuperation, Shield, Shock, Weather, Cooking, Drinking, Haggle, PlantLore,
Polearms, Daggers, or Thrown Weapon. Recuperation, or Survival.

Carpenter BP Cost: 1 Fisherman BP Cost: 1

Skills: Carpentry, First Aid, CommonLore, Menial Skills: Fishing, Craft Net, Carpentry, Climb,
Tasks, Pain Resistance, WP: Blunt. Gain +1 to hit with Determine Weather, Cooking, Drinking, Haggle,
hammers. PlantLore, Recuperation, and Survival.

Clerk BP Cost: 1 Fletcher BP Cost: 1

Skills: Business Administration, Drinking, Skills: Action, Bow, Fletching, Business
Connoisseur, CommonLore, Laws, Literacy, Language, Administration, Craft Rope, Estimate Value Weapons
and Social Graces. & Armor, Exertion, Parry, or Thrown Weapon.

Demonologist BP Cost: 1 Foot Soldier BP Cost: 1

Skills: Elemental Alchemy, CreatureLore, Skills: Action, Berserk, Bravery, Crash, Dodge,
LegendLore, MagicLore, Religious Dogma, and Exertion, Parry, Recuperation, Shield, Shock,
Willpower. Forego Level 2 skills to gain a bonus of +2 Maneuver in Armor, Blunted Weapons, Polearms,
against all demons and summoned creatures. Daggers, Sling, or Thrown Weapon.

Diplomat BP Cost: 2 Gambler BP Cost: 2

Skills: Business Administration, Drinking, Skills: Gambling, Estimate Value, Haggle, Exertion,
Connoisseur, CommonLore, LegendLore, Laws, Riding, Ship Procedure, Drinking, Laws, and Lie. Roll
Literacy, Language, and Social Graces. The 1d6: (1) lose 10% starting wealth, (2-4) no effect, (5)
Diplomat does not lose any Prestige by entering other gain 10% bonus to starting wealth, (6) gain 30% to
lands or kingdoms. starting wealth.

Doctor BP Cost: 2 Gem Cutter BP Cost: 1

Skills: Anatomy, Alchemy, Diagnosis, Cooking, Skills: Craft Jewelry, Craft Metal, Estimate Value
First Aid, Healing, PlantLore, Making Drugs, and Gems & Jewels, Goldsmith, Silversmith. Forego Level
Daggers. Forego Level 3 skill to double any non- 2 skills to start with d6 gems, each with a K of .1 to 1K
magical healing effects. (roll d10).

Engineer BP Cost: 1 Healer BP Cost: 1

Skills: Engineer, Carpentry, Carry/Lift, Alchemy, Skills: Anatomy, Alchemy, Exertion, Cooking,
~Lore, Mathematics, Cooking, Literacy, Language, First Aid, Healing, PlantLore, Making Drugs, and
and Religious Dogma. Daggers. Forego all 1st level skills and start with
Healer’s Kit.

Explorer BP Cost: 3
Heavy Foot Soldier BP Cost: 2
Skills: Choose any skills in the game. Forego Level
3 skill for a +20% bonus to Prestige. Skills: Action, Berserk, Bravery, Crash, Dodge,
Exertion, Parry, Recuperation, Shield, Shock, Blunted

Page 30
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Weapons, Maneuver in Armor, Polearms, Daggers, Merchant BP Cost: 1

Sling, or Thrown Weapon. Gain +1 damage on one
Skills: Barter, Business Administration, Cheat,
specific weapon type.
Driving Wagon, Driving Boat, Estimate Value, Haggle,
Food Skills, Languages, Social Graces, CommonLore,
Riding, and Navigation.
Herbalist (Craftsman) BP Cost: 1
Skills: Alchemy, Exertion, Cooking, First Aid,
Healing, PlantLore, Making Drugs, and Daggers. Mortician BP Cost: 2
Forego all 1st level skills and start with Herbalist Kit.
Skills: Embalming, Alchemy, PlantLore, Making
Drugs, and Daggers. Forego Level 2 skills and gain
+25% to starting wealth (skimming from the dead?!?).
Inspector (Bureaucrat) BP Cost: 2
Skills: Business Administration, Drinking,
Connoisseur, CommonLore, Laws, Literacy, Mounted Archer BP Cost: 1
Language, and Social Graces. Pay only 60% normal
Skills: Action, Riding, Charge, Bow, Bravery,
Dodge, Exertion, Parry, Recuperation, Shield, Shock,
Polearms, Daggers, or Thrown Weapon.
Legenadarist BP Cost: 2
Skills: Astrology, Astronomy, Alchemy, ~Lore, Naval Warrior BP Cost: 1
Mathematics, Literacy, Language, Social Graces, and
Skills: Action, Swimming, Ship Procedures,
Religious Dogma. Forego Level 3 skill to gain +2 to
Bravery, Dodge, Exertion, Parry, Recuperation, Shield,
Personal Intelligence Attribute.
Shock, Polearms, Daggers, or Thrown Weapon.

Librarian BP Cost: 1
Noble Escort BP Cost: 1
Skills: Anatomy, Astrology, Astronomy, Alchemy,
Skills: Action, Riding, Social Graces, Literacy,
~Lore, Mathematics, Literacy, Language, Social
Dodge, Language, Parry, Shield, Shock, Swords,
Graces, and Religious Dogma.
Daggers, CommonLore, or LegendLore.

Linguist BP Cost: 1
Nurse BP Cost: 1
Skills: ~Lore, Literacy, Language, Social Graces,
Skills: Appearance, Action, Diagnosis, First Aid,
and Religious Dogma. Forego level 3 skill for 5
Healing, Cooking, or Anatomy. Start with a Medicine
Literacy’s at Level 1.

Martial Artist BP Cost: 1

Oracle BP Cost: 2
Skills: Action, Berserk, Bravery, Crash, Dodge,
Skills: Anatomy, Astrology, Astronomy, Alchemy,
Exertion, Martial Arts Defense, Recuperation, Shock,
~Lore, Mathematics, Literacy, Language, Social
Strength Attack: Wrestling, WP: HTH, Polearms,
Graces, and Religious Dogma. Start with 10, 3 karat
and Daggers.
Flame Jewels.

Mason BP Cost: 1
Pick Pocket BP Cost: 1
Skill: Masonry, Carry/Lift, Exertion, Physics, Tie
Skills: Acrobatics, Pick Pockets, Hide, Bravery,
Knots, and Blunted Weapons. Add +1 to Personal
Move Silently, Estimate Value, Black Market, Parry,
Strength Attribute.
Dodge, Spy, Pick Locks, or Daggers. Add +2 to
Personal Ego Attribute, but if character enters into any

Page 31
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

clan outside of Crime or Specialized Crime they attain a Rune Weaver BP Cost: 1
–10% Prestige penalty.
Skills: MagicLore, Astrology, Astronomy, Alchemy,
~Lore, Mathematics, Literacy, Runic Literacy,
Language, Social Graces, and Religious Dogma. Start
Pimp BP Cost: 1
with 2 scrolls with any combination of spells up to 25
Skills: Acrobatics, Pick Pockets, Bravery, Estimate Mystical Power Points of value.
Value Drugs, Business Administration, Black Market,
Parry, Dodge, Spy, or Strength Attack Subdual
Blows. Add +3 to Personal Courage Attribute, but if Sage BP Cost: 2
character enters into any clan outside of Crime or
Skills: Anatomy, Astrology, Astronomy, Alchemy,
Specialized Crime they attain a –20% Prestige penalty.
~Lore, Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Literacy,
Language, Science, Social Graces, and Religious
Dogma. Character starts with 10 Idea Points; each
Pirate BP Cost: 1
point can be traded in for an answer relevant to the
Skills: Ship Procedures, Swimming, Acrobatics, character, at any point in the campaign.
Pick Pockets, Hide, Bravery, Estimate Value, Black
Market, Parry, Dodge, Spy, and Swords. Add +1 to
Personal Courage, Ego, and Coordination Attribute, but Scientist BP Cost: 2
if character enters into any clan outside of Crime or
Skills: Anatomy, Astrology, Astronomy, Alchemy,
Specialized Crime they attain a –25% Prestige penalty.
~Lore, Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Literacy,
Language, Science, Social Graces, and Religious
Dogma. Forego Level 3 and Level 2 skills for one
Planes Traveler BP Cost: 1
Ancient Device of player’s choice.
Skills: Astrology, Astronomy, ~Lore, Mathematics,
Literacy, Language, Social Graces, and Religious
Dogma. Start with a book detailing the locations of all Scribe BP Cost: 1
known Nexus Points on Anis.
Skills: Alchemy, ~Lore, History, Literacy,
Language, Science, Social Graces, and Religious
Porter BP Cost: 1
Skills: Action, Crash, Dodge, Exertion,
Recuperation, Shield, Shock, Blunted Weapons, Shopkeeper BP Cost: 1
Polearms, Daggers, Sling, or Thrown Weapon. Add +2
Skills: Barter, Business Administration, Cheat,
to either Personal Strength or Endurance Attribute.
Estimate Value, Haggle, Food Skills, Languages, Social
Graces, CommonLore, Laws. Start with 10 silver coins
worth of basic goods (bolts of cloth, rope, casks of
Priest BP Cost: 1
mead, bags of flour, barrels of pickles)…
Skills: Religious Dogma, Astrology, Astronomy,
Alchemy, ~Lore, Mathematics, Literacy, Language,
Social Graces, Menial Tasks, and Mental Tasks. Start Tailor BP Cost: 1
with a fine wooden holy symbol and prayer beads.
Skills: Barter, Skinning, Craft Rope, Sewing,
Business Administration, Cheat, Estimate Value
Luxury Items, Haggle, Menial Tasks, Languages,
Professor BP Cost: 1
Social Graces, and CommonLore.
Skills: Anatomy, Astrology, Astronomy, Alchemy,
~Lore, Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Literacy,
Language, Science, Social Graces, and Religious

Page 32
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Technologist BP Cost: 1 Prestige Level

This background pick allows a character to start the
Skills: Barter, Business Administration, Cheat,
game a bonus of Prestige points, allowing him to divide
Driving, Estimate Value Ancient Technology,
the points over the six divisions of factions.
Haggle, Food Skills, Languages, Social Graces,
CommonLore, and Riding. Forego Level 2 skills and
start with a minor Ancient Technology (flashlight,
Prestige Bonus BP Cost
lighter, radio, etc…).
-10 +3
5 1
Thief BP Cost: 1
10 2
Skills: Acrobatics, Pick Pockets, Bravery,
Estimate Value, Hide, Black Market, Parry, Dodge, 15 3
Spy, or Move Silently.
20 4
25 5
Tracker BP Cost: 1
30 6
Skills: Climb, Food Skills, CreatureLore, PlantLore,
35 7
Naturalist, Stamina, Survival, Tracking, Swimming,
and Riding. 40 8
50 9
Trapper BP Cost: 1 70 10
Skills: Climb, Food Skills, Skinning, CreatureLore,
PlantLore, Naturalist, Stamina, Survival, Tracking,
Swimming, and Riding. Start with 1d10 pelts.
There are many Special Background Picks available.
Many of these special abilities are given naturally to the
races of Advanced Phantasm Adventures, but this
Traveler BP Cost: 1
doesn’t mean that an individual cannot access them.
Skills: Pick any skills in the game. Do not gain
It is impractical for a character to select a Special that
Level 3 skill.
his race already possesses (a Troll character gains
nothing by selecting Regeneration again).
Veterinarian BP Cost: 1 There are a few penalty picks, where a player can gain
additional BP rather than spending them (in those cases
Skills: Appearance, Action, Diagnosis, First Aid, the BP Cost is listed as a +X).
Veterinarian, Cooking, or Anatomy. Start with a
Medicine Kit.

Page 33
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Age BP Cost: +1/+2 character in numerous ways. The friend will give
+20% Prestige when possible.
A character starts the game as an adult (refer to
Racial Ages). A character can be young, old, very old,
or wizened for a gain of 2 BP. Refer to the modifiers
Find Weakness BP Cost: 3
By spending 1 full turn next to an opponent the
character gains a distinct understanding of the
BP Age Restriction weaknesses of the creature. With this knowledge a
character gains +1 to hit and +2 damage in combat, and
+1 Young All Jobs & Career picks cost triple
+3 in interrogating skills.
+1 Old -3 to Recuperation Skill
+2 Very Old -3 to STR & END attributes
Fine Measures BP Cost: 2
+15 starting Experience Points
The character has the ability to precisely measure and
+2 Wizened -6 to STR & END attributes determine exact measures in all facets of life. All
components to spells, potions, or creation of items
+3 levels to all Academic skills
(even in the form of cooking supper) grants them a
A player cannot use “any” starting experience points 20% bonus. Add +5 to all Determine skill levels.
to offset attribute modification from the Age BP.

Healthy BP Cost: 3
Charismatic BP Cost: 2
The character is unusually healthy for his personal
The character is strangely beautiful or has a way with and racial endurance. He gains +2 Hit Points, +1 Hit
words that cannot be expressed normally. All reactions Point of Recuperation per day, and all Critical injuries
are at +5 in his favor and he will always be given take only half the amount of time to heal.

Heightened Attribute BP Cost: 3

Death Trance BP Cost: .5
The character picks one personal stat and rolls an
The character can fall into a practiced catatonic extra 1d6 attribute dice. Add this to the basic value. If
trance, making him appear to be dead. Upon entering this pick is chosen, the maximum starting value for the
the trance the player specifies how long the character specific stat is 18.
will be in such state.

Heightened Sense BP Cost: 2

Direction Sense BP Cost: 1
The character picks one sense and rolls an additional
The character cannot get lost in the deepest forest, 1d6 personal sensory dice. Add this to the personal
the most puzzling of mines, or in the most treacherous sense and recalculate for a total sense score.
of gnarled city blocks.

Heightened Stamina BP Cost: 2

Fast Draw BP Cost: 2
The character has more stamina and energy than a
The character never needs to spend an action normal person does for his personal and racial
readying a weapon or bow. This pick negates the use Endurance and Strength. Normal travel does not tire
of the Quick Draw skill. the character, he gains +2 to all Stamina skill rolls, and
does not have to concern himself with Battle Fatigue.

Friend BP Cost: 1
The character has a friend in a high position within a
specific clan or noble house. This friend will help the

Page 34
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Heightened Training BP Cost: 3 Mystical BP Cost: 5

Pick one Specialized Skill Class and learn all skills in The character is considered to be as magical as any
that group at half the normal Experience cost (anything magical race. That is a Tafyboce with this ability is as
less than .5 rounds up to .5). Critical Success for those magical as a Grey Elf.
skills are at +1 and –1 for Critical Fumble rolls.

Regeneration BP Cost: 4
Jack of All Trades BP Cost: 2
The character heals 1 point an hour rather than per
The character has a basic chance to succeed in any day. Critical Injuries heal twice as fast, but
skill at a success on a 1 or 2. If the skill has no earned Regeneration cannot be used to relieve critical injuries.
level, it cannot Critically Succeed, and all Fumbles are If a character is reduced to below his Buffer he will die,
increased to a 19 or 20. but can be resurrected as normal.

Kreskian Fervor BP Cost: 3 Screeching BP Cost: 4

Add 1 Action Point to each initiative phase the The character can scream at such a high frequency as
character acts. This additional AP may be used for any to stun any target within 50’ if a Poison Stamina roll is
kind of action. failed. Those stunned by the screech, use only their
basic initiative (do not roll the d10) for 1d6 rounds of
Leaping BP Cost: 2
The character can jump three times as far as normal
Sensitive Presence BP Cost: 2
(refer to Movement Rules on page 21). A character
with Leaping will always land on his feet from such The character is so sensitive that he can detect even
jumps or any fall, as long as he is conscious, taking no the great thief trying to pick his pocket or snatch an
damage. Falls greater than the character’s greatest item from his person. Also, characters with this pick
possible jump, are reduced by his maximum jumping can sense into other planes of existence up to 20 feet
distance. (thus detecting ghosts, demonic presence, or plane

Light Touch BP Cost: 1

Sickly BP Cost: +3
The character cannot be detected performing a pick
pocket, detection of trap, picking of lock, or stealing The character is of relative poor health. He does not
unless a Critical Fumble result of 16 or greater is rolled. automatically gain 1 Hit Point a day upon resting. All
non-magical healing is at a –1 to their effect.

Magic-Resistant BP Cost: 4
Sylvan Ways BP Cost: 3
The character starts with a 5 in 20 chance of negating
the effects of any targeted magical spell against him. The character can speak with any normal woodland
He can increase this score by +1 for each 4 experience animal in a language that conveys complicated meaning
points spent. Magic that is of area of effect or non- and desires. Also, while resting in any undisturbed
targeting cannot be resisted. For example, a magic dart woodland, the character heals twice as fast. The
can be resisted, but not a fireball. character gains an extra 10 points of mystical power for
casting spells.
Sonar BP Cost: 4
Moneywise BP Cost:
2 This ability allows a charater the ability to detect
objects out to a maximum of 100’ + (Racial
The character gains a +20% bonus on all monetary or
Intelligence x (Racial Auditory)’. All Missile defenses
bartering deals. Also all taxes levied on the character
are decreased 1 AP.
are only half as much.

Page 35
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Speed Reading BP Cost: 1 FACTION

The character can read four times as fast as the A faction is a social-economic grouping of people,
normal reader, gaining knowledge from books and sharing the same general disposition and working
tomes at a surprising rate. All training from a book or towards the same relative goal. People of Monokon
tome is at half the normal time. Library visits lasts only strive to improve their standings within six factions. To
1/3rd the normal time. some extent a faction is similar to a combination of a
legal system, a government body, and a religious
organization. Basically the foundation of each faction
Telepathy BP Cost: 5 is also like a club, where each member contributes to
the whole and finds solace and protection as part of the
The character has the ability to communicate without body.
speaking, and to probe the minds of those creatures
around him. Target creature gains a save vs. Magic Faction is the lifeblood to all people of Anis, and is
Stamina to resist, otherwise his thoughts, feelings, and the only place where they can find safety and genuine
memories become known. Range of this ability is concern among fellow creatures. All player characters
Racial Ego times Personal Intelligence in feet. It have the option to immediately start in all factions at 1
requires expending 1 Mystical Power Point to create but will attain Prestige throughout their life, improving
the link, but nothing to severe it. A Telepathic being their standings in each.
cannot have more active links than his Racial A member of a faction can expect safety and lodging
Intelligence score. member housing and castles, and respect among fellow
citizens of his general nature (i.e. different military
organization respect each other more than they would
Teacher BP Cost: 2 respect a Crime Syndicate or Wizard's Tower).
The character is an expert teacher and can teach any A character that doesn't have any faction will be
skill at 1 less EP, of his or the student’s cost) (minimum treated as a serf, and will not be permitted to carry a
of .5) up to half his skill’s rank to another PC. He may weapon larger than a dagger or dirk (aside from farm
teach a number of skills/pupils equal to half his Racial implements), use armor, or journey far from his home.
Intelligence at once. It requires 4d20 hours to learn a
new skill or 2d20 hours to learn new ranks. A Many lords and barons forbid low faction individuals
maximum of 10 hours a day can be used in teaching. from learning to read or write languages, to attend
schools or universities, or to perform magic.

Transformation Powers BP Cost: 5

The character can transform into a humanoid looking FACTIONS
creature, taking on all racial abilities like that of a Factions are grouped into six divisions: Military,
Keltek human. The duration for the Transformation is Religious, Crime, Trade, Political, and Mystical.
1 hour plus an additional hour for each 3 EXP spent The Faction determines the goals with which the
honing the power. character strives to achieve and be associated. The
Faction Rank determines the influence of the faction,
and its political power and economic strength.
Wanted BP Cost: +2
All characters begin the game at level one, but may
The character is a bandit in a specific region or increase his or her level by gaining Prestige Points.
Kingdom of Monokan. In that area he loses all Under certain conditions, a character may start at Level
Prestige. If the character is of a Crime clan, even his 0.
brethren consider him a “fiend” or worse and will not
lend him a hand. The region must be in area that the Each Faction within one of the divisions attained
character has been. grants the character more freedom in the rigid social
structure of feudal Anis. As a character's faction rises,
he will be allowed to use better and more exclusive
weapons, armors, and mounts.
Faction is not to be confused with a character level,
as in other games. Faction levels have a maximum 100.
Faction is an ever-expanding influence of social-
Page 36
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

economic power upon the nations of Monokan. A character must also maintain a Working Retinue
Gaining faction is very significant, and awarding levels at his home, barony, or place of operations throughout
should not be done lightly. the year. These followers are his working force and/or
the people that provide him his position within the clan.
For those who played earlier versions of Phantasm
Adventures, Faction is a new term. Gone are the guilds For ambitious characters, each rank also gives
of the lands, as well as the overly complicated levels guidelines on the maximum number of Working
and tiers. Retinue, a person of his rank can have. This number
does not include followers that must be paid.
As a character gains faction, he will attract an
A character gains Faction Ranks via Prestige.
entourage of followers. These people will require
Faction for each of the six divisions require 10 Prestige
money to support, but will give their loyalty and work
Points to increase 1 Rank.
to the character in trade. Consider each follower to
A character gains Prestige by adventuring, require 5 Copper per Size Code to feed and support per
performing acts of heroism, through the acquisition of day.
wealth, exploring uncharted areas, doing great deeds.
A Follower will never have a Clan Level greater than
Refer to each class for specific Prestige Bonuses, as 1 in any division. A character can instruct a follower to
well as the table below: perform any task legal under the confines of the strict
caste system of Monokan.
10 Prestige Points = 1 Faction Rank
Although Followers are not bound to the character,
Prestige Act
they will only leave, generally, upon being ordered to
+1 Class Bonuses do something against their will or law, or under direct
life threatening situations (followers make good guards
+1 Each 10 silver pennies of visible wealth
but horrible adventurers).
+1 Each gold penny spent in revelry with
+5 Each heroic act
Unlike Followers, Retinue are people that support the
character and his holdings. Retinue do not travel with
the character, though a few loyal ones may.
Rewarding Faction
A character can donate (charities or divisional Retinue require no upkeep and will often earn money
organizations) 1 gold penny to earn 1 faction point. for the character at a rate of their Racial Intelligence or
Racial Endurance (depending on their job) equal in
A character gains 1 Faction point for every +1 copper per month, in addition to providing their own
magical items he owns and uses legally. keep.
A character also gains 1 Faction point for each game
session he is played.
Level Appearance
A character can expend 2 Experience Points to gain 1
A Character must maintain a number of followers to
Faction Rank.
retain his visual appearance of rank, if going abroad or
entering foreign lands. A character need not maintain
his bodyguard and followers within his own sphere of
Marks of factions Level control, or areas where his presence and status is well
Along with insignia, manners, and decorum, the known.
number and type of followers and retinue in his
entourage can identify a person’s faction Should his followers or retinue fall below his
Minimal requirements, his visual faction rank will
Characters above 30th faction in any one division decrease until his present requirement equals or
must continue to have followers and retinue to maintain exceeds a lower level's Minimum Requirement. Even
their status. A character must maintain a Minimum after a character is identified beyond visual appearance,
Retinue, which must accompany him any time he his rank will decrease by 1 depending on the loss of
leaves his land or home. retinue and conditions.

Page 37
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

The loss in level is only in regards to how other Mounts Available: Donkey, or plowing beast, or other
characters and NPCs treat the character. Loss of lowly slow moving beast
Minimal Retinue has no effect on Personal Level
Other Requirements: May not leave his lords land
Benefits, but will effects CIan Codes and Laws.
without permission and a writ of travel
Tax Rate: 80 percent on all purchases or upkeep cost.
Other Requirements
Besides maintaining a group of travelling followers
and working retinue, some ranks require the character MILITARY
to maintain some special abode (castle, barony,
Rank Bonus
wizard's tower, hangout, political position within a
town, etc…) This condition MUST be met to maintain >10 Weapons Available: sling, staff, pike, fork,
full rank and privileges. Should the person lose the knife, dagger, dart, hammers, flails, morning
required abode, the character will d6 ranks in the stars, clubs, maces, spears, and hand axe.
Metal: Copper or tin.
The type of abode required is listed in the Clan
10 Weapons Available: halberd, bill, short bow,
Section. For the purposes of the information below, a
hand crossbow, light crossbow, tiger’s claw.
common housing scheme is used (refer to the specific
clan for more information). Metal: Bronze
20 Weapons Available: short sword, heavy
crossbow, whip, javelin, and war axe.
Codes of Clan Levels
If a character is caught in the act of breaking one of Metal: Orc-Iron
these clan codes/laws he will be fined in the following
30 Weapons Available: scimitar, bastard sword,
long bow, and battle axe.
First offense costs the character loses 10% Prestige,
Metal: Steel or silver
reducing him in clan level if his Prestige falls below
rank requirements. 40 Weapon: two-handed sword,
Second offense costs the character half of his Metal: Moon metal or gold
Prestige, reducing him in clan level to his new Prestige
50 Weapon: great sword, composite bow
Metal: inefron
Third and additional offenses he will be penalized
10d20 silver coins. If the sum cannot be met, the 60 Weapon Available:
character will serve a prison term (at hard labor) for 1
Metal: Mithril
day per 50 copper owed. If he is caught riding or using
an animal beyond his level, he'll be fined 5d20 silver 70 Weapon Available:
coins. If he is found cheating on taxes, he'll be hanged
or impaled! Metal: Star metal
80 Weapon Available: Bastard sword.
Metal: Eogg
90 Weapon Available: broadsword.
100 Weapon: Longsword or other noble weapon

Basic Low Level Faction Grants

A character of a faction of less than 10 in any one or
all divisions have the following rights.
Weapons Use: dagger, dirk, staff, sling, or any farm
Armor Available: Cloth
Page 38
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Rank Bonus Rank Bonus
10 Maximum Devotion: 3 10 Treat yourself as +5 ranks higher in two other
Holy Symbol: soft wood/clay
20 Treat yourself as +10 ranks higher in two
Use: prayers
other factions.
20 Maximum Devotion: 5
Possessions of Typle I poison or narcotic
Holy Symbol: hard wood/bone
30 Treat yourself as +15 ranks higher in two
Use: holy water other factions.
30 Maximum Devotion: 7 40 Treat yourself as +20 ranks higher in two
other factions.
Holy Symbol: magical wood
Possessions of Type II poison or narcotic
Use: cantrips
50 Treat yourself as +25 ranks higher in two
40 Maximum Devotion: 9
other factions.
Holy Symbol: copper
60 Treat yourself as +30 ranks higher in two
Use: spells other factions.
50 Maximum Devotion: 12 Possessions of Type III poison or narcotic
Holy Symbol: bronze 70 Treat yourself as +35 ranks higher in two
other factions..
60 Maximum Devotion: 15
80 Treat yourself as +40 ranks higher in two
Holy Symbol: iron
other factions.
70 Maximum Devotion: 16
Possessions of Typle IV poison or narcotic
Holy Symbol: moon metal
90 Treat yourself as +45 ranks higher in two
80 Maximum Devotion: 18 other factions.
Holy Symbol: inefron/adamantium Possessions of Typle V poison or narcotic
90 Maximum Devotion: 20 100 Treat yourself as +50 ranks higher in two
other factions.
Holy Symbol: mithril
Possessions of Typle VI poison or narcotic
100 Maximum Devotion: 21+
Holy Symbol: angel metal

Page 39
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Rank Bonus Rank Bonus
10 Pay 70 percent tax 80 Armor Permissable: 3 pieces of plate and 4
pieces of chain armor
20 Pay 65 percent tax
Barding: Plate
30 Pay 50 percent tax
90 Armor Permissable: 4 pieces of plate and 5
40 Pay 45 percent tax
pieces of chain armor
50 Pay 40 percent tax
100 Armor Permissable: full heavy plate
60 Pay 35 percent tax
70 Pay 30 percent tax
80 Pay 20 percent tax Rank Bonus
90 Pay 10 percent tax 10 +1 magic Item
100 Pay 5 percent tax Maximum Cantrips: 2
20 +2 magic Item
POLITICAL Maximum Cantrips: 4
Rank Bonus
30 +3 magic Item
10 Armor Permissable: Cloth, leather, heavy leather,
Maximum Cantrips: 8
any leather or hvy leather hat, cloth gauntlet, and
wooden shield 40 +4 magic Item
20 Mount: Pony or light horses. Any animal that is Maximum Cantrips: 10
not considered a pack animal but less than a full
50 +5 magic Item
riding beast. Carts are permissable
Maximum Cantrips: 12
30 Armor Permissable: the use of armlets and
vambraces. 60 +6 magic Item
Mount: Wagons. Maximum Cantrips: 15
Barding: Leather 70 +7 magic Item
40 Mount: trained animals such as wargs or plitons or Maximum Cantrips: 20
medium horse. Chariots are allowed.
80 +8 magic Item
50 Armor Permissable: 1 piece of mail armor, mail
Maximum Cantrips: 25
helms, and leather gauntlets
90 +9 magic Item
Mounts: Low grade flying mounts such as giant
bats and lighter than air vehicle. Maximum Cantrips: 30
Barding: chain 100 +10 magic Item
60 Armor Permissable: 1 piece of plate and 2 pieces Maximum Cantrips: Unlimited
of chain or link armor
Mount: Heavy horse or other large beasts such as
bison, elephants, or swift running dinopads.
70 Armor Permissable: 2 peices of plate and 3 pieces
of chain or link armor
Mount: Noble steeds such as war horses or highly
trained combat mounts.

Page 40
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

This hybrid military and crime clan is renown for
their travels, stories, and ballads of the greatest
Assassin adventures in the lands of Monokan. Bards gain the
Assassins are devoted to covert operations including benefits of both the military clan as well as the crime
spying, infiltration, and killing. guilds for STP gain.
Class Requirements: Characters must have grown up Class Requirements: Cannot be from a high or great
in a large town or city. ranked guild. The character must have some form of
musical skill of equal skill level or greater than any
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige point per assassination purchased skill (free and starting skills exempt)
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige point per epic ballad that is
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per 20 silver composed.
in loot acquired from victim or adventuring
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 10 Prestige Pts per
SKILLS: adventure completed
Academic: 3 Athletic: 2 Combat: 2 SKILLS:
Crime: 1 Healing: 4 Magical: 5 Academic: 1 Athletic: 3 Combat: 3
Outdoors: 4 Social: 1 Technological: 3 Crime: 1 Healing: 4 Magical: 4
Trade: 3 Spells: 6 Kantrip: 3 Outdoors: 2 Social: 2 Technological: 4
Trade: 2 Spells: 3 Kantrip: 1
The barbarian is a rough, uncouth, powerful fighter
associated with the military faction. The barbarian is Calvary
an extremely effective fighter but lacks the skills to A specialized military guild devoted to mounted
handle magic and advanced armor types. combat of all sorts. In the lands of Monokan there are
many variations of Calvary including soldiers mounted
Class Requirements: Medium Clan Rank or less and on horses, wolves, flightless birds, giant beetles, flying
starting characters must be from the country drakes, and even dolphins
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per pair of ears of an Class Requirements: Cannot begin in a low ranked
opponent of equal or greater HP or station. guild and must have some form of Riding at a higher
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per day of skill level than any other purchased skill (free skills are
revelry, drinking, and debauching spending 10 copper exempt)
coins per current military faction. Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per scalp of an opponent
of equal or greater HP or station.
SKILLS: Secondary Prestige Bonus: 5 Prestige Pt s per
acquiring a Riding skill of level of 10 in different
Academic: 6 Athletic: 1 Combat: 1 beasts.
Crime: 2 Healing: 4 Magical: 6 SKILLS:
Outdoors: 1 Social: 5 Technological: 8 Academic: 4 Athletic: 1 Combat: 1
Trade: 4 Spells: 8 Kantrip: 5 Crime: 5 Healing: 5 Magical: 6
Outdoors: 2 Social: 2 Technological: 3
Trade: 4 Spells: 6 Kantrip: 2

Page 41
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Druid Healer
Druids are a hybrid mystical and military guild acting This clan is a hybrid Religious and Mystic guild,
as the protectors and worshippers of all things Mother devoted to the caring of the sick and injured. Also in
Nature holds dear. Druids should be considered both the development of natural, surgical, and the magical
military and mystical for special talent clan benefits. healing arts.
Class Requirements: Starting characters must be from Class Requirements: Must originate from a Town or
the country and not from a great ranked guild. Druids greater and a medium clan rank or more.
must have one Survival skill of a level greater than any
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per 30 Hit Points of
other learned (not free) skill.
healing performed
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per pair of ears of an
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 3 Prestige Pt per victim
opponent of equal or greater HP or station bent on
saved from death via use of the healing ways
destroying nature
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per 100
seeds planted or reclamation of nature Academic: 1 Athletic: 3 Combat: 4
Crime: 4 Healing: .5 Magical: 2
SKILLS: Outdoors: 3 Social: 2 Technological: 3
Academic: 1 Athletic: 1 Combat: 3 Trade: 4 Spells: 3 Kantrip: 1
Crime: 6 Healing: 2 Magical: 1
Outdoors: 1 Social: 6 Technological: 6 Invoker
Trade: 5 Spells: 2 Kantrip: 2 A union of spell-casters devoted to the research of
Invoker spells, runes, and magic oddities. This clan is a
specialized Mystical guild.
Elementalist Class Requirements: Starting characters must
This clan is a specialized mystic guild, devoted to originate from a Town or larger and a Medium ranked
elemental spells, research, and development of guild or better. Invokers may only learn spells from the
elemental powers. Circle of Enchantments, Enscorcelements, or
Class Requirements: Must start from a Large Town or
better and be of at least a medium ranked guild. May Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per allotment of Power
only learn from the Elemental Circle of magic Points equal to characters total score
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per allotment of power Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt tome or
equal to the characters Power Point total ancient scroll read or written on Invocations
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per book or SKILLS:
tome of Elementalism read or published – the character
Academic: 2 Athletic: 4 Combat: 4
must own the book.
Crime: 4 Healing: 3 Magical: 1
Outdoors: 4 Social: 2 Technological: 2
Trade: 3 Spells: .5 Kantrip: 1
Academic: 1 Athletic: 4 Combat: 4
Crime: 4 Healing: 2 Magical: .5
Outdoors: 5 Social: 2 Technological: 5 Knight
This highly specialized Military clan is regimented
Trade: 3 Spells: .5 Kantrip: 1
into land owning, armed warriors, seeking glory
through battle, war, and appeasing their king.
Class Requirements: Must start from a High or Great
ranked clan. Must own land or property. Must have a

Page 42
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Riding skill of equal level or more than any other Secondary Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt. 25
learned (not free) skill hit points of damage inflicted on enemies with hands or
kata weapons
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per scalp of an opponent
of equal or greater HP or station. SKILLS:
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 20 Prestige Pts per quest Academic: 1 Athletic: 1 Combat: 2
or task completed
Crime: 5 Healing: 3 Magical: 2
Outdoors: 4 Social: 1 Technological: 4
Academic: 2 Athletic: 2 Combat: 2
Trade: 4 Spells: 4 Kantrip: 3
Crime: 6 Healing: 4 Magical: 4
Outdoors: 2 Social: 1 Technological: 3
Trade: 5 Spells: 4 Kantrip: 4
A specialized Mystic clan devoted to researching,
Mage learning, and creating pure mental magic, devices, and
This specialized Mystic clan is devoted to pure
research of spells of all kinds. Mages tend to be Class Requirements: starting characters must have
haughty, arrogant, and unrelenting in their quest for grown up in a Large Town or greater and must have a
knowledge. Philosophy or Religious Dogma skill level greater than
any other learned skill (free and starting skills are
Class Requirements: Must be from a Great Clan.
Must have a Runic literacy at a greater skill level than
any learned skill Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per allotment of Power
Points equal to the characters PP score
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige point per allotment of
Power Points equal to the characters total PP score Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per device or
magical item that has been mastered
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt book written
on arts and sciences of magic SKILLS:
SKILLS: Academic: .5 Athletic: 5 Combat: 5
Academic: .5 Athletic: 5 Combat: 4 Crime: 5 Healing: 3 Magical: 1
Crime: 6 Healing: 1 Magical: .5 Outdoors: 4 Social: 2 Technological: 1
Outdoors: 4 Social: .5 Technological: 1 Trade: 3 Spells: 1 Kantrip: 1
Trade: 4 Spells: .5 Kantrip: 1

Martial Artist The Merchant clan is a specialized Trade guild devoted
to trade routes, inter-kingdom trade, commerce, and
A hybrid Political and Military guild, the martial
buying and selling of goods.
artist is the strong arm of the political clan, preferring
stealth, weaponless combat, and precision of mind and Class Requirements: Must be of Medium rank or
body over brute force or magical energies. better. And starting characters must have grown up in a
Town or large settlement.
Class Requirements: Must originate from a Medium
or Low clan. Must have a Philosophy and Law skill Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per 15 silver coins in
level equal to or greater than any other learned skill trade, barter, haggle or buying or selling of goods.
level (free and starting skills are exempt)
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per 50
Prestige bonus: 1 Prestige Pt 25 martial arts skills pounds of goods travelling more than 300 miles
successfully performed

Page 43
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Academic: 3 Athletic: 3 Combat: 4

Crime: 2 Healing: 4 Magical: 5 Paladin
Outdoors: 3 Social: 2 Technological: 4 A hybrid Military and Religious clan devoted to
fighting, warring, and crusading against those subjects
Trade: .5 Spells: 6 Kantrip: 3
unaligned with the their deity and religion.
Class Requirements: Must start from a High or Great
clan, and must belong to a religious order and have at
least a 5 devotion. The character must be from noble
Mystical birth or have grown up in a Town or larger settlement.
The base Mystical clan. This clan is devoted to the Must have a Sword and Philosophy (or Religious
development of magic and the arts of mysticism in all Dogma) skill level equal to or greater than any other
facets of life and death. Mystical characters desire to learned skill (free and starting skills are exempt).
own and control as much magic as possible.
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per person converted to
Class Requirements: None. character’s religion. Or 1 pt per heathen slain in the
name of his deity.
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per allotment of PP equal
to the characters Power Point score Secondary Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per
level of undead / demon slain.
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per magic
item mastered SKILLS:
SKILLS: Academic: 3 Athletic: 2 Combat: 1
Academic: 1 Athletic: 4 Combat: 5 Crime: 7 Healing: 2 Magical: 4
Crime: 3 Healing: 2 Magical: 1 Outdoors: 3 Social: .5 Technological: 4
Outdoors: 4 Social: 1 Technological: 5 Trade: 4 Spells: 4 Kantrip: 4
Trade: 3 Spells: 1 Kantrip: 1
Necromancer A specialized clan devoted to the study of illusions,
fakery, and mystical deception. Phantasms are always
This hybrid Mystical and Religious clan devotes their
cloaked and mysterious and consider all knowledge as
life in research of all aspects of life, death, pain, and
powerful instruments
Clan Requirements: Low or No clan rank; starting
Class Requirements: Must originate from a High
characters must have grown up in a large town or city.
ranked or better clan, and from a Town or larger
settlement. Can only learn spells from the Circle of Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per allotment of
Necromancy and must have a Healing skill level greater PP equal to the characters Power Point score
than any other learned skill.
Secondary Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per
Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt allotment of PP book written or thoroughly read on illusions
equal to the character’s Power Point score
Secondary Prestige Requirement: 50 Prestige Pts per
Academic: 2 Athletic: 4 Combat: 4
incident of dying and being returned to life
Crime: 1 Healing: 4 Magical: 2
Outdoors: 5 Social: 1 Technological: 3
Academic: 2 Athletic: 3 Combat: 4
Trade: 4 Spells: 1 Kantrip: 1
Crime: 3 Healing: .5 Magical: 1
Outdoors: 4 Social: 2 Technological: 3
Trade: 4 Spells: 1 Kantrip: 1

Page 44
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Philospher wilderness (country). Rangers must also have a Bow

A specialized clan devoted to the study of thought, and one Survival Skill of greater level than any other
conjecture, idealogy, and religious thought learned skill (free and starting skills exempt).

Clan Requirements: Low or No clan rank; starting Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per 50 Hit Points of
characters must have grown up in a large town or city. damage inflicted on those who dare harm Mother
Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per 20 people
converted or “influenced” by the character Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per 100
seeds planted or 10 acres of reclaimed wilderness
Secondary Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per
book written or thoroughly read on philosphy SKILLS:

SKILLS: Academic: 4 Athletic: 1 Combat: 2

Academic: .5 Athletic: 5 Combat: 4 Crime: 2 Healing: 3 Magical: 3

Crime: 3 Healing: 2 Magical: 2 Outdoors: .5 Social: 3 Technological: 5

Outdoors: 5 Social: 1 Technological: 2 Trade: 4 Spells: 3 Kantrip: 2

Trade: 3 Spells: 3 Kantrip: 2

Hybrid Military and Crime clan, devoted to brute
Priest force to steal, rob, and plunder treasure. Robbers are
A specialized Religious clan devoted to religious work often well armed and trained in the arts of warfare and
in the study of a god, demon, or some deity. Priests like to mix it up before making off with treasure
tend to travel the lands similar to bards, but spreading
their ideology and dogma to all that will listen. Clan Requirements: Low or No clan rank; starting
characters must have grown up in a large town or city.
Clan Requirements: Must originate from a Town Must have a Crime skill of higher level than any other
settlement or larger and have a devotion of 8 or better. learned skill
Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per level of demon, Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per 20 silver coins in
undead, or opposite aligned creature slain. loot and treasure
Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt converting or Secondary Prestige Bonus: 1 Prestige Pt per 50 Hit
saving a soul to the characters particular religion Points of damage inflicted on the owners of the loot
SKILLS: and treasure he is stealing

Academic: 1 Athletic: 2 Combat: 2

Crime: 5 Healing: 3 Magical: 2 SKILLS:

Outdoors: 3 Social: 1 Technological: 3 Academic: 5 Athletic: 2 Combat: 1

Trade: 5 Spells: 1 Kantrip: .5 Crime: 1 Healing: 5 Magical: 6

Outdoors: 4 Social: 3 Technological: 5
Trade: 2 Spells: 6 Kantrip: 4

A hybrid Religious and Military clan that devotes
their life to the wilderness. Rangers tend to be more
confrontational than druids do, and often disagree so
violently as to come to blows against druid guilds.
Rangers tend to fostercare the wilderness in small
groups of 1 to 8 individuals.
Class Requirements: Must be from a Medium or
greater ranked guild, and must have grown up in the

Page 45
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Sage Soldier
Hybrid Political and Mystical clan that is devoted Specialized warrior clan devoted to pure fighting.
more to ancient knowledge than magical secrets. Sages Soldiers tend to be lifetime warrior and once a
are the caretakers of the great libraries, museums, and character becomes a Soldier he may never move to
world wonders of Monokan. Sages gain all the STP another clan. A soldier should be considered part of the
bonuses for both Political and Mystical base guilds. Military clan for STP benefits.
Class Requirements: Medium or greater clan rank and Clan Requirements: None other than once a Solider,
grow up in a Town or larger settlement. Must have always a Solider you shall be
Lore of equal to or greater skill level than any other
Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per pair of ears of
learned skill.
an opponent of equal or greater HP or station.
Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per ancient
Secondary Prestige Requirement: 10 Prestige Pt per
knowledge discovered. Or 1 point per ancient device
weapon skill mastered to level 10 or greater
found (and kept).
Secondary Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt 100
Power Points spent or cast gaining knowledge of the Academic: 5 Athletic: 1 Combat: .5
past (or perhaps future)
Crime: 4 Healing: 3 Magical: 7
Outdoors: 4 Social: 2 Technological: 5
Academic: .5 Athletic: 4 Combat: 5
Trade: 4 Spells: 6 Kantrip: 6
Crime: 3 Healing: 2 Magical: 1
Outdoors: 5 Social: 2 Technological: 1
Trade: 2 Spells: 3 Kantrip: 2
A specialist clan devoted to the study of gods, cosmic
Scientist powers, the soul, and why does the universe exist.
A specialized guild devoted to the study of ancient Clan Requirements: Must have a Religious Dogma or
artifacts and technological wonders. Scientists are the Philosophy skill level of equal or greater skill level than
strong arm of the Sage guild and more than one any other learned ability
scientist carried a tome in one hand and a sword in the
Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per allotment of
PP equal to the character’s Power Point score.
Clan Requirements: Medium clan rank or better and a
Secondary Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt 20
Weapon and Science Skill of greater clan level than any
silver coins devoted to the temple
other learned skill in the game
Prestige Requirement: 2 Prestige Pts per scientific
find discovered Academic: 2 Athletic: 5 Combat: 4
Secondary Prestige Requirement: 5 Prestige Pts. Per Crime: 4 Healing: 3 Magical: 1
science skill mastered to level 10 or more
Outdoors: 4 Social: 1 Technological: 4
Trade: 3 Spells: 1 Kantrip: 1
Academic: .5 Athletic: 3 Combat: 2
Crime: 4 Healing: 3 Magical: 6
Outdoors: 3 Social: 2 Technological: .5
Trade: 3 Spells: 6 Kantrip: 5
This hybrid clan of Crime, Political, and Military
clans patrol the high seas for thieving and political
endeavors (capturing and ransoming officials and
blackmailing kingdoms with confiscated cargo).

Page 46
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Clan Rank Requirements: Low or No clan rank. Spending Experience Points on a new skill makes the
Swashbucklers must have two Ship Procedure Skills at skill Level One (1). Each time the player spends
a level greater than any other learned skill additional Experience on the skill it increases by one
Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per 20 silver
coins in loot or treasure
Secondary Prestige Requirement: 1 Prestige Pt per Starting Experience Points
pair of ears of an opponent of equal or greater HP or A character starts with a base of 45 Experience
Points to purchase skill levels, magical spells, and
SKILLS: Kantrips.
Academic: 3 Athletic: 1 Combat: 2 There are no restrictions on how many experience
points a player can spend in a skill. A player should
Crime: 1 Healing: 5 Magical: 6 remember that to have a well-rounded character, there
Outdoors: 2 Social: 2 Technological: 6 is more to adventuring than swinging a weapon.
Trade: 3 Spells: 6 Kantrip: 6
Spending Experience Points
A player can spend experience points at any time to
SKILLS increase a level in a known skill, but must wait until his
In Advanced Phantasm Adventures, 4th edition, a character can practice for at least 16 hours to gain a
character will want to perform various actions, abilities, new skill.
and tasks. To do this, he must perform a skill.
That is, during combat a player could instantly spend
For example, an elf trying to hit a monster would need saved Experience to give his character a better chance
to make a skill check against his weapon. A halfling to hit or perhaps increase a Shock level. But if he
drinking into wee hours of the morning would need to doesn’t know anything about Magical Stamina (level
check his Drinking skill to determine if gets too drunk. 0), he must wait until he can practice several hours to
Skills are divided into classes: Academic, Athletic, learn what it is to resist magic.
Crime, Combat, Healing, Magical, Outdoors, Social,
Technological, and Trade. There are two other skill
classes called Spells and Kantrips, but they are used Defaulting
exclusively to determine the costs of acquiring the If a character doesn’t know how to perform a skill,
ability to cast spells and Kantrips, respectively. check to see if he can default to another related skill or
Skills have Levels and Scores to define their ability Racial Score. Some skills in the game have the ability
in the game. There are 230+ skills in APA. to default to another skill or to basic Racial Score at a
penalty to succeed. To determine such default values,
refer to the Skill List below.
Skill Levels It should be noted that not all skills have the ability to
All skills in the game have a LEVEL and a SCORE. default, and not all skills that can default should always
The level is a grading system used to measure how be allowed to default.
many times a player has spent Experience Points on a A character cannot default a skill by using another
particular skill. The score is the basic chance on a d20 skill’s default. That is, if a character needed to use
of success. Poison Alchemy and didn't have it or its default of
A character with a level 3 Dagger Skill and a score of Naturalist, he couldn't refer to Naturalist and find its
10 inidicates that the skill has been increased 3 times default and continue on down the line of defaults until
and that the character has a 10 in 20 chance of something turns in his favor.
successfully using the weapon. Defaulting skills always critically fail on 15 or
skills that have a 0 level are called Default Skills, greater and cannot critically succeed. For each point
and the character has no training in that area. Such over 15, add one to the Critical Fumble roll.
skills may still be able to be performed because of the
character’s physical or mental prowess. To determine
what a skill defaults to refer to the Skill Listing Table.
Page 47
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Skill Advancement additional d10 for a slim chance. A 6 or less and the
Each time a character spends the proper experience skill is successful.
points for a skill, its level increases by one. Each level If the character succeeds in the slim chance, he gains
of a skill improves the chance of the character a (Slim Chance) mark next to that skill. Three such
succeeding in that skill. marks automatically grant the skill a bonus level.
The first time the skill is learned, the skill has a basic
chance of success equal to the race’s Racial Statistic
plus 1/10th of the appropriate Personal Statistic. Maximum Level or Score
Each successive level adds 1/10 the character’s There is no maximum level or score for a skill. All
Personal Statistic as indicated by its base score skills will always fail on a score of 20. If a skill has a
description. score greater than 20, modify all Critical Fumbles equal
to the skill’s level –20 (i.e. a skill with a 25 level
For example: A High Elf with a 5 Personal reduces all critical fumbles by 5) and Critical Skills as a
Coordination Statistic spends 2 EP to learn how to use bonus.
a broadsword. The basic chance to succeed equals the
elf’s Racial Coordination of 8.5. The elf spend another Assigned Difficulty
2 points and increases Sword to level 2 and adds +.5 to Anytime a character performs a skill the GM may
the chance, for a total of 9 (see slim chances). An assign a Level of Difficulty. Each level of difficulty
additional sword level, to level 3, raises the success reduces a skill’s level by 3 pts (-3 to succeed in the
chance to 9.5. skill).
Thus, if a gimp is trying to make a jump across a 30’
Personal Stat Skill Bonus chasm and the GM assigns it to be a level 3 difficulty,
1 .1 reduce the score by 9 to succeed.

2 .2 A player may also assign a level of difficulty, to gain

some additional benefit or perform the skill with
3 .3 “precision” or “flare”.
4 .4 Example: An elf with a Bow score of 23 sees a
5 .5 friend being held hostage. His player tells the GM he’s
going to snap off a shot at the villains head (snap shot
6 .6 is a level 2 difficulty and a head shot is another 3 for a
total of 5) or –15 to the Bow’s score for an 8.
7 .7
8 .8
9 .9 Teaching Skills
A character can teach a skill to another up to halve of
10 1.0
his own rank in that skill. The skill’s EP cost is equal
11 1.1 to his cost +1. His tutoring will require 8d20 hours of
study for a new skill or 6d20 hours for an already
12 1.2
known skill. No more than 10 hours of study can be
13 1.3 performed per day. Only 1 skill can be taught at a time
14 1.4
15 1.5 Basic Skills
Each basic clan and specialized guild starts with an
assortment of skills, based on early life on Monokan
Slim Chance and their profession. Each of the following skills start
Unlike other fractions in the game, skill success at level 1 and may be further trained in with starting
chances and movement do NOT round up or down, experience points. Characters transferring from one
rather they stand as they are calculated. That is, a skill clan to another, do not gain basic skills of the new
with a 12.6 is not rounded up to 13, but is written as clan.
12.6. If a player rolls a 13 on his d20, he must roll an

Page 48
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Basics Martial Artist: Acrobatics, Climb, Swim, Mental Task

All characters start with 10 levels in Ikian Language Ki, and Mental Task Land.
(not literacy) and 10 levels of Social Graces of their
respective homeland. Carry/Lift at level One.
Mentalist: One Literacy, [Climb or Swim],
Recuperation, and Willpower.
Class Basics
Assassin: Climb, CommonLore, Hide, Move Silently, Merchant: Business Administration at level 3, Haggle,
and Recuperation. Driving Wagon, and One Estimate Value.
Military: Recuperation, Shock, Climb, Swim, and
Barbarian: Bravery, Climb, CreatureLore, Dodge, Dodge.
PlantLore, Naturalist, Trapping, and 1 Resistance
(except Magic). Barbarians start only at level 4 in
Language and Social Graces. Mystic: Alchemy, Chemistry, Science: Astrology,
Science: Mathematics, Stamina: Magic, and Swimming.

Bard: CommonLore, 1 Food Skills, History, 1

Language, 1 Literacy, LegendLore, and Music. Mysticism: Climb, Swim, Recuperation, 1 Literacy,
and 2 Lores.

Calvary: Animal Handling, Riding, Climb, Swim,

Recuperation, and Determine Direction. Necromancer: Recuperation, 1 Healing, Science:
Anatomy, First Aid, Swim, and Shock.

Crime: Climb, Swim, Business Administration,

Recuperation, Riding, and Pick Pockets. Paladin: Animal Handling, Bravery, Laws,
Recuperation, Riding, Swimming, Religious Dogma,
and Shield.
Druid: Climb, CreatureLore, Determine, Dodge, Hide,
PlantLore, Naturalist, Swimming, Tracking, and One
Resistance. Phantasm: Climb, Swim, Recuperation, Shock, and 2
Literacy’s at level 2.

Elementalist: Agriculture, Climb, Swim, Alchemy,

Recuperation, and Estimate Value: Magic. Philosopher: Philosophy, 3 Lores, Physics, and 1

Healer: Recuperation, Healing (2 subskills), Climb,

First Aid, and Swim. Pirate/Swashbuckler: Drinking, Black Market,
Bravery, Climb, Gambling, and 1 Estimate Value.

Invoker: Climb, Shock, Swim, Recuperation, and two

Runic Languages. Political: Appearance, Business Administration,
History, Swim, CommonLore, and Lie.

Knight: Action, Laws, Literacy, Recuperation,

Riding, and Shield. Priest: Food Skill, Language, Literacy, Recuperation,
Religious Dogma, Healing, and Resistance.

Mage: History, 1 Language, 1 Literacy, LegendLore,

Magic Resistance, and Runic Literacy. Ranger: Climb, CreatureLore, Dodge, Hide, Jumping,
Naturalist, Swimming, Tracking, and Trapping.

Page 49
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Skill Descriptions
Religious: Law, Making, Philosophy, Religious There are more than two hundred skills in the game,
Dogma, Swim or Climb, and Shock. classified into ten groups. The skills are listed in
alphabetical order showing the skills Name, Base
Starting Racial Score, Primary Default, Secondary
Robber: Black Market, Bravery, Climb, Default, and the Skill Classification.
CommonLore, Dodge, Estimate Value, and Gambling.
Some skills are grouped again under a general
category such as Weapon Proficiency or Menial Tasks.
Under such groups, the primary skill is in Italics.
Sage: Four Literacy’s at level 6, CommonLore, and
LegendLore. Each skill is described with its name and its primary
skill category. The category determines the experience
cost of the skill. Each class lists the XP costs of the
Shopkeeper: Business Administration, Driving: skill categories.
Wagon, Barter, and Haggle.
A player can always attempt any skill in the game
equal to ½ of 1 level in the particular skill. So, even
though a character does not have Acupunture, he can
Scientist: 6 levels of Sciences, Literacy, and Physics.
attempt it at a skill total equal to 1 level in the skill
divided by two.
Soldier: Bravery, Crash, Dodge, Exertion,
Orientation, Riding, Recuperation, Swimming, Tactics,
and Shield.

Spiritualist: Philosophy, Religious Dogma (all

subskills), Recuperation, Shock, and Stamina: Magic.

Trader: Business Administration, Swim, Climb,

Recuperation, Haggle, Barter, and Science:

Page 50
This skill enables a character to perform various
This skill allows the character to mix magical
circus acts including tightrope walking, juggling, flips,
ingredients and create various arcane potions, elixirs,
tumbles, and aerial acrobatics. Acrobatics may be used
and powders.
as a save to halve damage from all falls. A maximum
benefit of quartering the distance fallen may be gained The skill is broken down into five sub-skills:
through acrobatics, spells, magic items, or special Curative, Elemental, Esoteric, Healing, and Poison.
actions. Each is briefly described below.
Curative: Cures disease, infliction’s, and results of
critical injuries. Ingredients determine strength and
effectiveness. Difficulty determined by GM.
This skill is used to add a spurt of quickness to any
character's action. Action may be used to avoid a trap Elemental: Resistance to the elements, effects of the
(difficulty level 2+) or attack first in equal PSN scores elements, and gaining the power of the elements.
(1 difficulty per 2 points of lower Coordination than Ingredients determine strength and effectiveness.
targets). Action may also be used to perform a hasty Difficulty determined by GM.
action that wasn’t expected (i.e. grab the vial before it
rolls of the table). A failed roll means the character Esoteric: Creates the effect of a spell. Ingredients
takes full damage from falls, or attacks last in equal determine strength and effectiveness. Difficulty
PSNs, or fails to perform the desired task. determined by GM.
Healing: Heals damage equal to a die roll.
Ingredients determine strength and effectiveness.
ACUPUNCTURE HEALING Maximum effect divided by 4 is the difficulty.
The skill of applying finely crafted needles to a
patient’s body to control and redirect pranic life forces. Poison: Magical poisons that cannot be detected by
A successful application may perform any number of normal means or special talents. Ingredients determine
things; most often it heals for 1/5th this skill's score strength and effectiveness. Maximum effect divided by
(minimum 1). This may be applied daily and does not 4 determines difficulty.
count as any kind healing.
This skill endows the character with the ability to
AERIAL MANEUVER ATHLETIC perform two tasks at once.
This skill is used whenever a creature is flying and
attempts to cast a spell, attack, or perform a skill. All
natural flying creatures have at least a Score of 18 for ANIMAL HANDLING OUTDOORS
Aerial Combat. A failed roll, adds a level 2 difficulty This skill is used to care for any type of wild or
to the following turn’s skill attempts. domesticated beast. Also used to care for an animal.
Difficulty is determined by how wild, injured, or scared
the creature is. Specialize this skill to gain a +3 bonus
AGRICULTURE OUTDOORS on specific type of creature (i.e. horses, lions, bears,
This skill allows a character the knowledge on how parrots, etc…).
to plant, sow, and harvest crops. It also allows
characters the ability to identify and operate farm
implements including tillers, plows, pickers, and other APPEARANCE
contraptions. SOCIAL
This skill is used to seduce, or to convince someone
to do something out of sympathy, lust, or beauty.
Difficulty is the difference in Comparative Ego divided
by 10, rounded up. Appearance is valod only with the
same general species. That is, a fantastic looking Troll
means little to a lizardman.
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

ARCHEOLOGY ACADEMIC Sculpting: Used to shape clay, stone, or wood into

This skill allows the character to gain information on an the likeness of creatures or objects. Specializing in a
ancient device, object, or tool. Use this skill to medium adds +3 to the skill.
determine the age of items, the civilization the
Sing: A must for a travelling bard; calms and
produced or created it, and draw conclusions on its use,
soothes and can be used to gain a +3 Morale.
function, and abilities. For each 500 years of age,
increase the difficulty by 1. To gain exacting or secret Write Music: Create your own music.
information apply a level 3 difficulty to the skill.
Write Poetry: Create your own poetry and verses for
This skill is used to make or repair damaged pieces
of armor, shields, bows & arrows, and weapons. This Barter Trade
skill is divided into five sub-skills: Chain, Fletching, This skill is used to buy items without expending
Plate, and Swordsmith. currency. Roll to determine the value of your that is
Newly crafted items have a percentage of the normal being traded. Value objects is equal to market prices at
structure equal to 80% plus the difference of the skill’s a percentage of the difference of skill score and die roll
score and die roll. Thus, a swordsmith skill of 22 and a times 5%. That is, a score of 16 and a roll of 3 garners
roll of a 2 allows a 100% structural value for the new 65% of market value.
The amount of damage that can be repaired with the Berserking Combat
use of any of skill, equals the difference of the score
and the skill roll divided by 3. Thus, a skill score of 12 Allows the character to go on a rampage. While
and a roll of 3 repairs 3 points of damage. Each berserk the character doubles his total DFM for
attempt requires 4+1d10 hours of work. A repair may damage. A berserk character cannot cast spells, use
be performed only up to the maximum Structure of the magic items requiring Power, or any defensive action.
item. A berserker requires a full action to recover, but does
not have to roll the skill to do so.
Chain: The fabrication or repair of any armor made
from chain links, mail, or metal studs.
Fletching: The crafting or repair of any bow, arrow, Black Market. Crime
crossbow, or bolt. This skill is used to track down a black market;
Plate: The making or repair of any armor made from places where a thief or anyone else can fence stolen
plates or metal. items or purchase illegal goods. This skill must be
specialized per kingdom.
Swordsmith: The crafting or repair of any hand
held weapon.
Bravery Combat/Crime
Allows a character to disregard fear. Bravery must
be rolled whenever undead, dragons, demons, or
All forms of artistic expression. Difficulty assigned
horrific planar creatures are encountered. A failed roll,
adds a +1 to the reaction of the work or performance.
produces a penalty equal to the difference in skill score
The skill must be specialized into one of the following
and die roll. That is a Bravery of 10 and a roll of 15,
forms: Dance, Drawing, Pantomime, Play Instrument,
results in a –5 penalty to all skill rolls for the duration
Sculpting, Sing, Write Music, and Write Poetry.
of the encounter. A character may retry his Bravery,
Dance: used at social gatherings and courtly affairs. but each roll requires a full action. Combat Bravery is
against creatures; Crime Bravery is against dangerous
Drawing: Can be used to draw maps, sketch the
situations, guards, and risky endeavors.
appearance of beasts, items, or locales.
Business Administration Trade
Pantomime: Performing without sound.
This skill covers basic mathematics of counting
Play Instrument: A must for any travelling bard;
money, and general business procedures like
may also be used to spice up camp life. A successful
roll adds +3 Morale for the night.
Page 52
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

understanding pricing, inventory control, balancing

budgets, and other business operations.
A basic skill used to fabricate a number of common
Carpentry Trade objects in the game. Pick between the following
disciplines: Barrel, Jewelry, Lamp, Lock, Mechanical
The ability to construct buildings or objects from
Metal, and Net.
wood. Requires a Carpentry Toolkit; -4 Difficulty
without one. Barrel. Use this skill to craft barrels, buckets, and
casks, chests, and small wooden containers.
Jewelry: Allows the character to craft any small
Carry/Lift Athletic
body ornament made from precious materials including
The ability to carry or lift heavy objects. silver, gold, gemstones, etc..
All characters have a basic Carry/Lift allowing them to Lamp: This skill is used to craft any number of
carry his own weight for a number of hours equal to his lamps, sconces, candles, candleholders, and torches.
Personal Endurance statistic. Each additional hour
Lock: This skill is used to make and design locks for
requires a skill roll. For additional weight, roll each
doors, chests, and various types of safes. Players assign
hour. For each 1/4th of character’s weight over basic
a difficulty while making that transfers to the difficulty
allotment, add 1 level of difficulty.
in Lock Picking.
A character can lift, for a number of rounds equal to
Mechanical: the fabrication of any non-locking,
his Personal Strength Stat x Racial Endurance, an
mechanical device including those items that are
amount of weight equal to three times his weight. For
each additional round or 1/4th of weight, add 1 level of
difficulty. Metal: Use this skill to make various metal items;
this skill doesn't include weapons, armors, or jewelry.

Charge Combat Net/Rope: This skill is used to make fish and combat
nets. Craft Net may also be used to fabricate rope,
This skill allows a character to perform a Charge twine, and thread.
combat manuever. See Combat for more information
on this action. Sewing: Use this skill to make and mend cloth,
clothes, and small leather objects (gloves, boots, and
Cheat Crime
Use this skill to cheat at gambling, paying taxes, in CRASH ATHLETIC
barter or trade, or performing any general crime of
money (i.e. shell game, a con game, etc…). Allows the character to smash down doors, bend iron
bars, break containers, snap swords in half, or any other
basic destructive action. The GM will assign degree of
difficulty (refer to Strength CS for examples).
Chemistry Academic
Used in non-alchemical or magical analysis of
reactions. Chemistry can be used to make bombs, DIAGNOSIS HEALING
grenades, black powder, acids, and poisons. The GM
will assign degree of difficulty. Allows a healer to determine exactly what is wrong
with a patient. A successful Diagnosis adds +5 to
succeed in First Aid or Healing. Specialize this skill in
one of the following disciplines: Mannish (all non-
magical creatures), Fairy (all magical races),
This skill enables a character to climb various Amorphous (all Slidges and single-celled creatures),
surfaces; including trees, rocks, and cliff walls. This Insectoid (Tharcs and Thras), and Reptilian (lizardman,
skill may be modified by the degree of the angle of the Saurigs, and Troglodytes).
climb, the smoothness of the surface, atmospheric
conditions (wind, storms, rain, and snow), and
equipment being used (pitons, rope, and rope-ladder).
Page 53
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition


This skill enables characters to conclude a number of This skill enables a character to work a number of
factors from observations. This skill is divided into mechanical objects. The skill is divided into Alien,
three sub-skills: Direction, Range, and Weather. Dimensional, Electrical, Hydraulic, Siege, and
Direction: Use this to determine North, South, East,
West, or combinations of the four aspects. Alien: Any device from another world, dimension,
or plane may be used or studied using this skill. Alien
Range: Use this to determine distances for missile
technology can be very dangerous but may provide
weapons. Without knowing the range, all missile skills
great boon.
are at 1 level of difficulty.
Dimensional: This skill is used to operate any
Weather: Use this skill to conclude the probable
hyper-warp or trans-dimensional device.
atmospheric conditions for the next 2d12 hours.
Electrical: Any electronic device uses this skill to
operate or repair.
Hydraulic: Any device that uses hydraulic or
This skill is used as a basic defense against all pressures systems to operate requires this skill.
physical attacks. A character can dodge any attack
Siege: This skill is the more used and common
except those that affect a large area (breath weapons or
Engineering skill; this skill allows the character to load
explosions) or damage those spells that have a save.
and fire various types of siege engines and ballistas.
A character can dodge half of his Racial
Squalian: Technology derived from Squal is crude
Coordination statistic; thus, a pixie can dodge for 4.5 or
and cumbersome, but it is deadly in the hands of those
5 points. A dodge doesn't require an action to perform.
who know how to use it. Characters not from Squal
may gain only 1 level in this skill.
The ability to steer, navigate, and operate a number
This skill is used to escape from a combat net,
of different vehicles. Specialize into one of the
shackles, a cage, or prison. Time to escape can vary.
following skills: Automotive, Cart/Chariot, Boat,
Canoe, Wagon, or Squalian Armor.
Automobile: Includes all mechanical or powered ESTIMATE VALUE TRADE
This skill is used to determine a fair market value for
Cart/Chariot: Any two-wheeled vehicle that is various items. The skill is divided into Animals, Drugs,
pulled by one or more animals. Foods & Liquors, Gems & Jewels, Luxury Items,
Magic, Minerals, and Armor & Weapons.
Boat: Any floating platform with the capabilities of
having rigging and sailing in both shallow and semi- Animals: Use this skill to determine prices for
deep waters. domesticated and wild beasts such as horses, cows,
dogs, falcons, etc...
Canoe: Any floating platform powered by staff or by
paddle. Drugs: Determine the price for legal and illegal
drugs, perfumes, cosmetics, and non-alchemical
Wagon. Any four-wheeled vehicle pulled by one or
more animals.
Food & Liquors: Allows the character to tell the
Squalian Armor. A vehicle with appendages rather
difference between a ‘37 Mignon and 1020 Sauvignon
than wheels, and armed with advanced missiles and
or a good price to pay for dragon tooth soup.
energy weapons. Squalian armor is incredibly ancient
powered battle machines from an age long lost. Gems & Jewels: Use this discipline to determine the
cost for gems, jewels, and other precious and semi-
precious stones.

Page 54
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Luxury Items: Prices for rugs, lamps, statuettes, GAMBLING SOCIAL

figurines, and other luxury items.
The ability to gamble with proficiency. If this skill is
Magic: This skill determines the price of a magical successful, you win an amount of money gambled,
or enchanted item including potions, scrolls, and items. times a percentage equal to the difference of score and
roll times 5. Failing loses the money bet. Watch out for
Minerals: The cost for gold, silver, platinum, in raw
continually winning; some may perceive it as cheating.
ore. Also includes the pricing for precious and semi-
precious metals and metal alloys.
Armor & weapons: The pricing and determination HAGGLE TRADE
of value for any kind of armor or weapon. Specializing
This skill is used to increase or decrease a market
between the two adds a +4 bonus to the sub-skill.
price for an item. A successful Haggle reduces the
price of an item equal to the difference is score and roll
as a percentage. That is a score of 12 and a roll of 2,
EXERTION COMBAT reduces the cost of the item by 10%. This skill can be
The skill enables a character to push beyond normal attempted only one time per item.
physical or mental limits. The exact use of this skill is
varied including such tasks as running for hours, not
sleeping for days, casting magic without Power, HEALING HEALING
fighting after one is totally fatigued.
Allows a character to heal injuries, critical damage,
or perform basic surgery. A successful roll heals a
number of points of damage equal to 1/4th the modified
FIRST AID HEALING score. Healing requires a Healer’s Bag to perform or
First Aid allows a character to treat basic wounds, to assign a Level 2 difficulty to the roll. This skill may be
stop bleeding, and to administer drugs. A successful attempt only every other day per patient.
First Aid heals 1 Hit Point of damage. A character that
Specialize this skill in one of the following
administers healing drugs or herbs with First Aid may
disciplines: Mannish (all non-magical creatures), Fairy
add a +1 to the result die. First Aid requires a First Aid
(all magical races), Amorphous (all slidges and single-
kit, or accrue a Level 2 difficulty. First Aid may be
celled creatures), Insectoid (Tharcs and Thras), and
performed once per day per subject. It need not be
Reptilian (Lizardman, Saurigs, and Troglodytes).
specialized; specialization, as in Healing, adds +4 to
the respective skill.
FOOD SKILIS OUTDOORS/SOCIAL Hide allows a character the ability to conceal himself
so that any casual observer will not be able to see him.
This skill allows the character to perform a number
Those that actively search, must quarter their Visual
of common food related skills including: Cooking,
Score to see the hidden character.
Drinking, Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping.
Cooking: Allows the character to prepare food
beyond the simple eating of hard tack. A good cooked HISTORY HEALING
meal adds +2 to Morale on adventures.
The ability to answer question concerning the past.
Drinking: If a character revels too much, check to History is specialized into Ancient, Racial, Kingdom,
see if he becomes drunk. Revelry during adventuring Planetary, or Universal.
increases Morale by +5.
Ancient: Roll against this skill for any historical fact
Hunting: The ability to go off and track, hunt, skin, that has occurred more than 1000 years ago.
and prepare food for cooking. A successful roll nabs
Racial: This skill focuses on a specific racial history
enough food to feed the hunter for a whole day. This
and has no time limit. Pick one race to be proficient
skill requires at least 1 hour or more to perform.
Trapping: The use of traps and the methods of
Kingdom: This skill focuses on a specific kingdom
skinning and preparing the pelts for barter.
and has no limit in requirements. Pick a nation to be
knowledgeable of.
Page 55
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Planetary: A global perspective allowing the Skualarian: The tongue of the great desert of Squal.
character knowledge of all events throughout time, but
Sign: The inaudible language of body movement
gives very little specific information.
and gestures. Used by many races that have no larynx
Universal: An all encompassing skill that allows the including the Thras.
character to know a little of everything, but no specific
Technospeak: An ancient language spoken by
robot, automatons, computers, and the super-tech
devices of the past.
HYPNOSIS HEALING Thuvian: Language spoken by the people of
This skill Allows a character to place a target under a
deep meditative sleep, offering mental healing. Proper Thrask: The bewildering language spoken by Thras,
use of hypnosis may cure curses and undead affliction. Tharcs, and pixies. Dominate language of Throom and
Each level of undead equals a Difficulty Level. all insectoidal kingdoms.


This skill allows a character to act like a particular Laws Allow the character to understand the codes,
creature or person. To imitate someone, the character laws, cultural habits, and guidelines of a particular
must be able to observe the subject for 1. region of Anis. Specialize in one of the kingdoms of

This skill allows a character to speak various Anisian
languages. Each Language must be purchased The ability to lie. This skill can also be reversed to
separately. There are fifteen major language groups detect lies and untruths.
that a character can learn: Amagon, Brakian, Ikian,
Maldakan, Maldorin, Nilmoran, Nexoran, Saltik,
Shyborian, Sjellikian, Skualarian, Sign, Thuvian, LIP READING CRIME
Technospeak, and Thrask.
The ability to read another person’s lips to discern
Amagon: The tongue spoken by those who live in what is being said. There are fourteen specialized Lip
Amagon. Reading skills including Amagon, Brakian, Ikian,
Maldakan, Maldorin, Nilmoran, Nexoran, Saltik,
Brakian: An assortment of guttural languages
Shyborian, Sjellikian, Skualarian, Thuvian,
spoken by Wild Landers, Jegians, and Amagons.
Technospeak, and Thrask.
Ikian: A semi-successful Esperanto, lkian can be
spoken by about half of the population of Anis.
Maldakan: The speech of the islands of Maldake.
This skills allows a character to read one of the many
Maldorin: The language of many city-states of the
written languages of Monokan. Each skill must be
southern empires including Throom, Theylar, and the
purchased and raised separately and include: Almoran,
lands beyond.
Boci, Fire Symbols, Ikian, Illyrian, Maldakan,
Nexoran: The secret tongue of traders and thieves Maldorin, Moon Words, Nilmoran, Runic, Shyborian,
sometimes referred to as Thieves Cant. Thaingian, and Thrask.
Saltik: The language spoken by the peoples of Jeg, Almoran: Script used in writing magical scrolls.
Chak Pak, and the Skull Islands.
Boci: Writing used in central Throom and Theylar.
Shyborian: Ancient language of the forefathers of
Fire Symbols: A magical rune that can only be
the world of Monokan. Some say this is the language
detected and read after the script is heated to at least
spoken by the gods.
400 degrees under a open flame. Commonly Fire
Sjellikan: The language of the Slidge. Symbols are drawn on metal and stone.

Page 56
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Ikian: The basic writing that is used throughout the Legend: The knowledge of legendary figures, facts,
lands of Monokan. A sort of “common” written script. historical dates, items, and deeds.
Illyrian: Writings of Lower Theylar and Throom. Metal/Gem: Information about the use of metals,
gems, and jewels. Metal/GemLore may also be used to
Maldakan: The writings used by the people of
determine the “general” value of such items.
Maldake and by the pirates of the open sea.
Magic: All things magical, this skill can be used to
Maldorin: Writings used by known and unknown
figure out and examine.
southern Empires.
Plant: The knowledge of all plant life from the eyes
Moon Words: An ancient runic language that can
of a medieval civilization.
be detected and read only under the glow of the moons
of Monokan.
Nilmoran: Script used by a few cities of Thaing. MAPPING OUTDOORS
Runic: The basic magical script used in all tomes, This skill enables character to expertly map his
scrolls, and works of magic. There are levels of Runic surroundings. This skill must be made every 4 hours of
equal to Levels of Difficulty. travel to determine accuracy of the map.
Shyborian: the written language of the gods and the
people who lived on Monokan some 8,000 years ago.
Thaingian: Recognized system of writing for the
The skill Allows the character to make alcohol,
dwarves and people of Thaing.
perfume, or other luxury expendables. Proper
Thrask: Writing used by Throom. equipment must be available. The strength and powers
of such creations are subject to components and
Thuvian: Writings used by various peoples around difficulty level assigned.
the nation of Thaing.
Water Words: A mystical writing that can only be
detect and read if the runes are placed in fresh running MANEUVER COMBAT
water. This skill offsets the encumbrance penalty of armor
and heavy loads.
To determine the total encumbrance penalty, add
Racial Strength to Personal Endurance times the
character’s size. Divide this value by 5. That is, a
LORE ACADEMIC/MAGIC character with a 6 Racial Strength and a 10 Personal
Endurance and being size 2 can carry 24 pounds per
The ability to know something about a particular point of Encumbrance.
subject. Lores are divided into Common, Creature,
Legend, Metal/Gem, Magic, and Plant. Each must be This determines the basic encumbrance. Add to this
developed separately. All Lores are from the the total of all fabricated armors in the chest, arms, and
perspective of a fantastic medieval society. That is, legs. The total is the value subtracted from the
Lore is not a science and is riddled with wives tales, character’s Coordination Personal Attribute.
stories, make-believe, and utter conjecture. A character can offset the Encumbrance penalty by
Common: the basic knowledge of the world of the score in this skill. A character can never gain
Monokan. CommonLore may be used to remember additional Coordination attribute points by having a
what language a nation would speak, what is the name higher Maneuver skill than encumbrance penalty.
of the town on the horizon, the name of the 2nd moon,
and the sign for the weapon’s dealer.
Creature: The knowledge of beasts, animals,
monsters, undead creatures, and demons. Used to Allows the character to perform the various menial
determine the name of a creature, its statistics, attack tasks of everyday life of Monokan. Menial Tasks
styles, and use of its body parts. include Cleaning, Feeding, Start Fire, and Washing.

Page 57
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Cleaning: Use this skill to clean yourself, small size larger, causing them to make an Acrobatics skill or
objects, or rooms (stalls, berths, etc…). drop all items in hand.
Feeding: This skill is used to feed domesticated Meditation: This skill allows a character to enter a
animals of every sort. deep trance allowing Power Points to regenerate at
twice their normal rate, or gain rest twice as quick. All
Start Fire: Use this skill to build a basic campfire or
wizards may learn this skill to level 15.
start a fire in a fireplace. Fires add +4 to Morale on
long adventures. Precision: This mental task is used to perform very
precise operations. The skill can be used to remove a
Washing: Use this skill to clean clothes or to clean
piece of shrapnel near the heart, set a firing pin on a
yourself (bathing, combing hair, shaving, painting your
trap, shoot an arrow through a peephole.
face, applying perfume, etc..).

Allows a character to mine for precious metals in
This group skill allows the character to perform a
tunnels, or by sifting for them in rivers. The difference
number of intense mental disciplines. Each of the skills
of skill score and die toss, is the chance on a d20 for
must be purchased and raised separately.
finding some type of precious metal. One roll may be
A character can only have 1 level of any Mental Task made per day.
unless he is a Martial Artist. A Martial Artist has
unlimited training in this skill.
Do: This skill allows the character to double any skill
score or restriction (such as lifting capacity). Do works This skill allows a character to move without sound.
only for one action, though the results may lasts longer. A character cannot Move Silently and Hide at the same
A Do requires at least 1 round of total concentration. time, nor can a character Move Silently and prepare a
spell, draw a weapon, or speak. Move Silently may be
Jump: This mental task allows the character to
modified by the terrain, atmospheric conditions, the
double his normal distance in any jump.
type of armor being worn (above and beyond normal
Ki: This mental task allows the character to attempt restrictions), and other modifiers.
any normal activity at twice his normal limit. For
example, a character could lift twice as much, hold his
breath twice as long, and take twice the amount of NATURALIST OUTDOORS
damage before making a shock roll. A failed Ki
This skill allows the character to find sufficient
automatically dooms the action.
natural foods and protection for living off the land. If
Land: This mental task allows a character to land on this skill is made, a player may increase his appropriate
his feet in a fall or trap. The twice the score of this skill Survival skill for the day by +5 to succeed.
can also be subtracted from the falling or crushing
DFM score, if successful
M.A.D. (Martial Arts Defense). This skill is broken
down into Melee, Missile, and HTH (claws, fists, This ability enables a character to detect traps. A
bites). A successful MAD allows the character to avoid thorough search may take up to 10 rounds (minutes),
all damage from the specified attack. Each MAD but cover only a few square feet. It is impossible for a
attempt penalizes the Martial Artists with a -4 on his character to move down a hallway constantly checking
next non-MAD action. MAD may be attempted any for traps (he would have to crawl at a ridiculous pace).
number of times in a combat turn. This skill must be made twice, first to Note, then one to
disarm a trap. The skill is broken into three skill
Martial Arts. This skill turns a meek fist into a disciplines: Mechanical, Magical, and Natural traps.
thunderbolt of damage. The difference of skill score
and die toss divided by 2 is the direct damage added to
any HTH attack. If the opponent also has Martial Arts,
his level is also subtracted, before halving. A character
may also use Martial Arts to flip any opponent up to 1 This skill enables a character to sense his physical
position in relation to other combatants, objects, or
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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

pitfalls around himself. This skill may also be required PHYSICS ACADEMIC
if the character is blinded, severely stunned, or in a
This skill allows the character to study the universe
situation radically different than previously
and its effects scientifically, rather than magically as
encountered. An unsuccessful Orientation gains a -4 to
many cultures prefer to do. Physics can be used to
hit/succeed and -2 damage to all attacks or skill rolls.
determine gravity, temperature, tensile strength,
velocity, atmospheric disturbances, geological effects,
and so forth.
This skill allows a character to ignore pain inflicted
by a torture device, or ignoring pain caused by an PICK LOCK CRIME
accident or a quick, undetected, attack. Failure of the
The ability to open a lock. Pick locks requires a set
latter experience causes the character to break and
of picks (special tools) or attain a level 2 difficulty.
answer any question posed to him. In the other case, a
Each level of complexity of the lock adds a level of
failed skill roll will cause the character to scream out in
difficulty. A Basic no nonsense lock is at least a level 1
pain, possibly alerting guards or opponents of his


This skill allows a character to reach into another
This skill is used to block a number of points of
person's pocket, pouch, or backpack without notice and
damage from other melee weapons equal to the
steal any number of small objects.
weapon's parry score found in the equipment section. A
character can only Parry damage inflicted by other
melee weapons, not missile weapons or hand-to-hand
attacks. Parry is divided down into disciplines like that
of Weapon Proficiency. QUICK DRAW COMBAT
Allows a character to draw a weapon without
penalty. A character that is surprised requires at least 1
turn to unsheathe and read a weapon. Quick Draw
This skill allows a character to speak philosophically readies a weapon instantly, requiring only a half action
about the nature of the sentient mind, body, and the (the other half can be used to attack). To ready a bow
perception of the universe through the eyes of requires 2 full turns, but with a Quick Draw, it needs
non-magical and magical beings. Philosophy is only 1 turn to ready a missile weapon.
organized into three basic argumentative disciplines of
Agarmon, Thrusian, and Do’Dorak.
Agarmon: The philosophical idea that all people
exist in a shell of realism expanded only by their own This skill determines how fast a character can heal
consciousness. That beyond their own sphere, the Hit Point damage. Each recuperation may also
reality of the universe is non-existent and thus nebulous decrease a day’s Critical Damage, if the character gains
and open to direction. no other healing from Recuperation.
Thrusian: The simple-minded idea that the more
people believe in an idea, the greater the chance that it
will form into reality. Thrusian is well accepted among
the illiterate and unintelligent, swearing that the Great This skill prepares the character for the incredible
Pumpkin can exist if enough people believe in him! stress placed on his soul and body during resurrection.
All character has a resurrection equal to 100% plus the
Do’Dorak: The ideology that the universe is a
score in this skill minus 1 for each month of being
constant and that all matter is of one form, broken into
dead. Each subsequent resurrection subtract 15 pts.
threads of multiple design and purpose. Do’Dorak is
held in high regard among the influential people and
rulers of Monokan.

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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

RELIGIOUS DOGMA ACADEMIC Embalming: The skill is the science of preserving a

Allows a character to comprehend the laws, dictates,
and philosophy of a particular religion. The gods of Geology: The science behind stone, earth, and the
Monokan are as real as the horse one rides on, and they reactions of the planet.
are just as temperamental. This skill is divided into
Mathematics: This science skill involves both
five disciplines of Enek, Torgon, Saz-Tri, Demi-Gods,
simple mathematics and advanced scientific cal-
and Demons.
culations. Low skills levels allow character to count
properly and quickly add, divide, and subtract numbers
(very helpful when dealing with quick merchants).
Higher levels of this skill allows for algorithms,
This skill allows a character to ride an animal in calculus, and advanced geometry (possible used in
precarious terrain, through combat, or in adverse magic, technology, and siege warfare).
conditions via Air, Ground and Water creatures.
Air Riding. Skill covers all magical and non-magical
means of fight.
This skill is divided into three disciplines: Attack,
Ground Riding. This skill covers any beast or
Bash, and Parry. Each deal with the use of a shield in
magical object that moves across the ground.
either a mode of attack or defense.
Water Riding. This skill is used to maintain control
Shield Attack: Use the shield as a weapon. All
over water creatures.
normal “to hit” modifiers apply. If successful, the
DFM of the attack equals the character’s HTH DFM
plus the protection of the shield.
Shield Bash: The use of the shield to knock an
Scalping is the ability to proficiently scalp or to cut
opponent to the ground. A Shield Bash can only be
off an ear, nose, or other body part. An unsuccessful
performed on a target of equal Size or less. A
scalping earns only half the normal Prestige. A critical
successful bash, requires both the attack and defender
fumble, results in the destruction of the scalp or ear.
to make a Comparative Strength roll. If the defender
loses, he falls prone.
SCIENCES ACADEMIC Shield Parry: The standard use with a shield, to
block damage. A shield can be used against all forms
A set of skills defined under a fantasy world using
of attacks except area effect spells or weapons, mental
scientific principles. Sciences include the following
attacks, and spells that specifically state that defenses
disciplines: Anatomy, Astrology, Biology, and
may not be used.
Anatomy: The scientific study of organ and biology.
Astrology: This pseudo-scientific skill allows a
character to examine the heavens to predict future
events, good or bad portents, and various other aspects All skills dealing with large boats, ships, and the
of the changing multiverse. Embalming. This skill is plying of the open ocean and seas of Monokan. Ship
used to properly preserve a body for entombment or for Procedures is disciplined into Navigation, Rig Sails,
long travel. It is also used to preserve precious organs Row, and Tie Knots.
for alchemical creations.
Navigation: This skill is used to steer boats or ships
Astronomy: The true science of studying the that travel beyond visible shore. Navigators must own a
heavens, sky, rings, and moons. This allows sextant, star maps (of the correct hemisphere), and
predictable science. navigator tools.
Biology: As above, but for non-sentient creatures. Rig Sails: This skill allows a character to prepare the
Biology may also include flora and information about sails to be furled or unfurled.
plant habitats and organic structure. This skill is needed
Row: This skill allows the character to use paddles in
to identify chemical or alchemical reagents.
the most efficient and strength saving manner, and to
maintain a constant rhythm with the other rowers.
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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Tie Knots: This skill can prove helpful even to land- STAMINA VARIOUS
lovers. Tie Knots gives the character the ability to tie
The basic saving throw for Electrical, Fire/Frost,
dozens of various knots that serve many purposes.
Magic, or Poison(disease) damage. A successful
Stamina roll halves or negates the damage or effect of
the attack. A magic spell that allows a saving throw
against damage always ignores all basic defenses.
Use this skill to maintain consciousness after
Electrical: Use this stamina against any natural or
receiving mind-numbing damage. Anytime a character
unnatural electrical attack aimed at the character. In
is hit for a number of points of damage equal to his
most cases electrical attacks halve damage on success.
Racial Endurance score he must make a roll against his
Shock skill. Failure, causes the character to fall Fire/Frost Use this skill against potent fire or frost
unconscious. Shock can be used the following turn to damage. This skill shouldn't be used against normal
awaken. Roll shock only 1 time during a battle, unless a torch fire or typical frostbite, but for such things as
Critical result indicates otherwise. Each turn after the dragon fire, liquid fire, or ice storms (the spell).
first, add +1 to the score for the purposes of awakening.
Magic: Use this skill against magical spells. Magic
Outside of combat, Shock may only be rolled once per
derived from magical weapons (e.g. pluses to hit or
30 minutes or once per minute if there is an active
damage) cannot normally be nullified by this skill.
agent trying to waken the unconcious character.
Poison/Disease: Use this skill against all types of
poisons. This skill is also used to fight off the effects
SOCIAL SKILLS SOCIAL of disease from the simple cold to such virulent
diseases as the Red Death.
This skill grouping allows characters to perform
proper etiquette in a number of different cultural
backgrounds. This skill should be made each time a
character enters a new cultural area, deals with foreign
merchants or nobles, or deals with individuals of higher This group skill heading encompasses a number of
level. semi-related skills that allow the character to work
various types of metal into objects. This skill includes
Amagon: The cultural habits and customs of the
the following sub-catagories: Blacksmith, Leathersmith,
people who reside in the kingdom of Amagon.
Goldsmith, and Silversmith.
Chak Pakian: The brash and often rude customs and
Blacksmith: This skill is used to work with steel,
social behavior of those who live on the open steppe of
iron, bronze, or iron derivatives.
the Chak.
Leathersmith: This skill is used to work leather and
Jegian: The cultural habits and customs to the
related tanned hides.
people who live in the noble land of Jeg.
Goldsmith: This skill is used to work gold, platinum,
Maldakan: In this culture, money talks. Learn the
adamantium, and inefron
social customs of this empire to gain an edge in
commerce. Silversmith: This skill is used to work silver,
mithril, or moon metal.
Squalian: The harsh and often brutal customs of the
people of the great Squalian desert.
Thaingian: The cultural habits and social customs SPY CRIME
to the underground kingdoms of Thaing.
This skill allows a character to use Hide, Move
Throomian: The bizarre and artful social habits and Silently, and his Auditory sense together to by pass
customs of the people who live in the endless swamps guards and watches, and to overhear possibly sensitive
and bogs of the Throom. information. With this skill, the character need not roll
for Hide, Move Silently, or Auditory while spying.
Theylarian: The most elaborate and sophisticated
culture in the entire known world, theylarian social
graces is complicated and unrelenting to those ignorant
in its ways.

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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

STRENGTH ATTACK COMBAT/ATHLETIC Plains. Use this when travelling through large open
areas, plains, steppe, and veldts.
Skills used to overpower and increase damage in an
attack, this skill is divided into three disciplines of Tropical: Use this when traveling in hot, wet areas
Subdual damage, Wrestling, and Vital Blows. such as rainforests, swamps, bogs, or islands laying
near the equator.
Subdual: This skill inflicts temporary damage,
which has the chance equal to the damage inflicted
(after defenses) to subdue an opponent on a d20. Thus,
if an attack does 5 points of damage, the opponent has a
5 in 20 chance of becoming subdued. This skill is used to swim. See Combat for
restrictions on wearing armor and swimming.
Wrestling. This skill gives the character the ability
to hold off an opponent and force him to the ground,
pinning his arms and legs. All size related penalties
are tripled.
This skill is used to gain an advantage in a planned
Vital Blows. This skill musters every bit of the
assault. Tactics cannot be used during combat, only
character's strength to inflict massive damage. The
before, and then only when most of the combat factors
attacking character always performs his Vital Blow on
are known. A successful Tactics adds +5 to Morale to
the last phase of a combat turn and then must strike his
all allies of the character.
opponent as normal. The character must then succeed
in this skill. If both skills are successful the attacker can TORTURE CRIME
double his normal DFM. Each Vital Blow inflicts 1
This skill is used to inflict great amounts of pain
point of damage to the attacking character.
while doing little or no damage to the victim. Each
successful use of this skill requires the tortured victim
to make a Pain Resistance roll or break, telling his
captors everything he knows.
This skill is used to double the character’s daily
ground movement. Surge doubles fatigue and halves
Morale for the character. TOXICOLOGY COMBAT
Toxicology is used to determine what kind of poisons
or carcinogens were used to kill a creature or person.
This skill determines if a character becomes fatigued TRACKING
or not in various terrain. After each day of travel or OUTDOORS
exertion, a character must roll against the respective
Use this skill to determine direction, number, type,
Survival skill. If the skill fails, the character attains a -1
and condition of an enemy/prey.
to Morale. Survival is divided into seven disciplines of
Arctic, Aquatic, Desert, Forest, Mountainous,
Plain/Steppe, and Tropical.
Arctic: Use when the character is travelling through OUTDOORS
regions of extreme cold, very high altitudes, or regions
with extreme winters. Use this skill to tunnel through various material
including snow, sand, rocks, and stone.
Aquatic. Use when the character is in or over water
(as in a boat or ship).
Desert. Use this skill when in dry, hot climates.
Forest. Use this skill when in large deciduous
Use this skill to applying Healing to non-sentient
animals. For each level of the skill, the character can be
Mountainous: Use this skill when the character is in proficient in a different type of creature. One-quarter
hills, mountains, or areas of steep, rocky terrain. of the skill’s score is healed to any injured or sick
creature. A veterinarian requires a Healing Bag to
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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

perform the skill properly; add 1 level of difficulty Experience Points

without proper equipment.

A character gains Experience Points (EP) by

WATER COMBAT COMBAT completing adventures, achieving in personal goals,
and for good role-playing.
Use this skill whenever a character is more than half
submerged in water. A failed roll yields half skill scores Award the player the following EP:
to hit and DFM.

Per game session 1 EP

This skill is broken down into twelve disciplines Saving a friends life 1 EP
defined below.
Primary Personal Goal 3 EP
Axes: The use of any single handed, double-bladed,
or two handed axe. Secondary Personal Goal 2 EP
Blunted: The use of any weapon with a blunt head Tertiary Personal Goal 1 EP
including such weapons as maces, clubs, morning stars,
and mauls.
Personal Goals
Ballistas: The use of any large siege engine
including scorpions, ballista, giant crossbows, and Beyond adventuring, a character gains EP by
stone throwers. attaining Goals that have been determined by the
player. There are three levels of Personal Goals, each
Bows: the use of any bow except crossbows. worth a different amount of EP.
Crossbows: The use of hand, light, medium and From the following goal list, pick a Primary Goal, a
heavy crossbows. Secondary Goal, and a Tertiary Goal. Each time a
character achieves the goal, place a mark next to it.
Daggers: The use of any small hand held bladed
After 20 such marks, the character may cash them in
weapons. Use this skill for the use of the short sword.
for the appropriate EP.
Firearms: the use of any technological weapon
including guns, laser rifles, rocket guns, and alien
weaponry. Goals:
HTH: the use of hands, feet, biting, and hand to
hand combat styles. Thrill Seeking: The character lives for new
Polearms: The use of bills, forks, pikes, halberds, challenges and danger. The more danger and
and spears. cliffhanging excitement, the better. The GM shall
determine how many marks a particular experience or
Slings: The use of the sling or staff sling. action is worth.
Swords: The use of any type of sword, excluding Explorer: For each 20 miles of unexplored territory
the use of short swords (use daggers). traveled, add 1 mark. Explorers need not move through
Thrown Weapons: The use of any weapon that is desolate areas, and can journey among civilization as
thrown. Even weapons such as dagger or hand axe use long as the territory is new. May also be used to
this skill when they are thrown. explore dungeons (GM will assign marks)
Combat: The character seeks combat, battle glory,
and carnage. For each action of combat, add 1 mark.
Casting/Using Magic: For each worthwhile spell
Use this skill to resist any type of temptation such as cast, magic item used, or potion drank, award 1 mark.
gold, staying awake on watch, drinking too much, have
a go with a shady prostitute, a sirens call, or other such Steal: The character lives to steal and attain wealth
struggle with emotions or desires. through theft. For each 10 silvers of loot gained
through criminal activities, add 1 mark.

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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Attain Magic: The character loves to collect magic Sense Level EP

items and baubles. For each +1 in magical power, the
01-30 .5
character gains 5 marks.
31-50 1
Attain Wealth: The character loves wealth and gains
3 marks for each 5 silver coins worth of visible wealth 51-80 2
(the character must keep the wealth).
81-100 3
Party: The character loves to have a good time.
101-120 4
Each day of carousing, partying, drinking, and having a
good ol’ time gain 1 mark. 121-150 5
Player Specified: Allow the player to devise his own 151-175 6
Goal. The GM should look closely at any such player
176-200 7
Specified/Designed goal.
201+ 8
Example: A character has a Visual Sense score of
Experience Points gained from goals can be used to
120 and desires to increase it. Each point up to 150
increase Personal Attribute scores, Senses, Skill Levels,
will cost 5 EP, then 6 EP from 151 to 175 points.
Devotion, Gaining Spells, or Spell Levels.
The GameMaster must approve each allocation of
marks to the player’s character sheet. If the player Devotion EP
believes he deserves bonus marks or experience points,
2-5 .5
he should consult with the GM.
6-11 1
12-14 2
Gold To Experience Points
A character can spend 3 gold pennies and gain 1 15-16 3
Experience Point in training.
17 4
18 5
Experience Point Chart
19 6
Use the following tables to spend EP.
20 7
21+ 8
Personal Attributes EP
Example: A character worships Enek at Devotion of
01-10 .5
3, but desires to learn more about his god and increase
11-15 1 his deity powers. He does this by increasing his
devotion, and spends EP. To increase his devotion to 4
16-25 2
costs .5 EP, then half another EP to raise it to 5. To
26-35 3 increase his devotion to 6, however, costs 1 EP, and so
36-42 4
42-55 5
Magic EP
56-66 6
Apprentice 4x
67-70 7
Magical Race Wizards 5x
71+ 98
New Circle 8x
Example: A character has a 13 Personal Attribute in
Strength. The player saves several weeks of EP and Non-Magical Race Wizards 10x
then raises the attribute, thus increasing his Strength
Statistic. To go from 13 to 14 costs 1 EP. To raise the
score from 14 to 15 costs another 1 EP. The next point,
however, will cost 2 EP.
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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Example: A character wants to become an An item’s Cost Multiplier is listed as well as the
apprentice and spend 4 times his Spell Cost (see Commodity Availability, is listed last.
Clans); he looks up his Spell cost and determines it’s a
3. To become an apprentice costs 12 EP. His race is
non-magical and must spend 30 EP to become a Tin (-3): A metal that is mined in the mountains of
wizard. To gain a new circle of magical spells, simply Amagon and parts of Thaing. Tin is crafted in smithies
costs 8 EP. in parts of Jeg and out on the open steppe of the Chak.
Cost: 1/4th Availability: 200%
Monetary Conversion Table
2 Steel Pennies = 1 Nickel Copper (-2): This metal is used both as a currency and
2 Nickels = 1 Copper Cent as a metal used in the manufacturing of various tools.
Copper is mined in the hilly terrain of southern Chak,
100 Copper Cents = 1 Silver Sovereign the mountains of Thaing, and found in a few hills in
25 Silver Sovereigns = 1 Gold Ducat Jeg.
5 Gold Ducats = 1 Platinum Dollar Cost: 1/3rd Availability: 150%
5 Platinum Dollars = 1 Elven Oak Coin
Bronze (-1): This metal is a mixture of copper and tin
and is the most common metal type found north of the
Starting Wealth Amagon and Thaing mountain range. Bronze is used in
A character can start the game with 100 silver coins all imperial dress armor and weapons and is considered
or more if enough Background Picks are used in better than orc-iron in many military clans.
Cost: ½ Availability: 110%
If, however, a character does not spend any BPs in
gaining wealth, he starts with 1d100+25 Copper Cents.
Orc-Iron: Chief metal used in all the known empires.
Metals of Monokan
Most metal objects made in the known empires are Steel (+1): This material is an advanced hybrid of iron
made from what is commonly called ‘orc-iron’ or and is manufactured only in Thaing. It is composed of
sometimes referred to as pig-iron. This material is iron ore and several other metals, then super-heated to
made of mostly iron that has been melted into slag bars give great tensile strength and tremendous durability.
and then stamped or hammered into whatever shape
that is desired. Cost: x2 Availability: 80%
All objects listed in the weapons and armor section
are listed in costs, durability, and effectiveness made Moon Metal (+2): This material is found only rarely in
from orc-iron. the mountains around the Wild Lands. It is lighter than
There are a number of other types of metal used on water but having twice the tensile strength than steel.
Monokan to craft weapons, armors, and other various In the dark, it softly glows and when the moon’s glow
tools. Some f these metals are inferior to orc-iron, casts across such metal it is said that it sings.
while others are far superior. Cost: x3 Availability: 25%
A list of the metals and their abilities are described
below. In parenthesis is a bonus or penalty that must
be applied to one aspect of the equipment (decided Inefron (+3): This ore is mined very deep in the
upon by the GM). That is, a sword made out of Steel ground and the metal glows as if magic in origin.
(allowing a +1) can apply the bonus “to hit”, damage, Inefron is mined in Thaing only.
PSN, or its overall durability, but not all of them. Cost: x3 Availability: 20%
An item may never be made of more than one metal
type, and a maximum of only one aspect may be

Page 65
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Adamantium (+4): A true high-density metal, this “monster” is any creature with a Racial Endurance of 8
material is mined only in the deepest shafts of Thaing or more, larger than size 3 or having special magical
and Squal. The material is so hard that it takes an qualities.
adamantium hammer and anvil to shape itself. This
Cost: x4 Availibility: 20%
metal disrupts magic energies and decreases all power
point scores in half within 10 feet of it.
Cost: x5 Availability: 10% Fairy Yew/Lesser Demon or Dragon Bone or Hide
(+3): Trees grown in sheltered silvan groves, tended
only by druids and magical beings. Skins or bones from
Mithril (+4): This material is the rarest of all metals on any lesser demon or dragon.
Monokan. Mithril shines like magic and will test to be
Cost: x6 Availibility: 10%
at least +3 in magical dweomer. If magic is crafted into
mithril, the magic is twice as effective. Fairy Steelwood/Demon or Dragon Bone or Hide
(+4): Faerie steelwood is a tree that has bark and wood
Cost: x10 Availability: 1%
as strong, if not stronger, than adamantium. Any hide
or bone from a demon or a dragon will impart
considerable power and strength into an item.
Organic Materials
Just as various metals have differing qualities to Cost: x10 Availibility: 1%
them, so do organic materials poses varying degree of
qualities. As listed above, the material is listed with a
bonus or penalty that must be applied to one aspect of Gemstones
the item. Gems in Advanced Phantasm Adventures are sold
either by karrot or by the ounce.
To determine the quality of a gemstone roll d100.
Soft Wood (-2): Organic material made from any
This roll indicates the size in karrot or ounces in
number of fast growing decidious trees. The material is
percentages. If the d100 generates a 90 or better, reroll
light (25% normal weight).
the dice adding the first total to the second. Continue
Cost: 10% Availibility: 200% until the dice generate a score less than 90.

Hard Wood/Bone/Hide (0): Organic material of this For example, a roll of a 92 allows the GM to roll
class is far stronger than soft wood and is the norm for again getting a 45. The gemstone has a 1.37 karrot
basic equipment. The woods are made from tough pine value.
or cedar. Bone constitutes any normal creature’s
skeletal remains. Hides would include leathers made
from bovines or other small furred creatures. Gemstone Price
Cost: Normal Availibility: Normal Diamond 2 gold/karrot
Ruby 10 silver/karrot
Elven Yew/Large Animal Bone/Dinosaur Hide (+1): Sapphire 5 silver/karrot
Elven yew is a specially cared for tree raised
Star Jewel 1 gold/karrot
exclusively by the elves. Large animal bones include
any skeletal materail from creatures with a Racial Angel Eye 50 copper/karrot
Endurance of 7 or more. Reptile hides also includes
Jade 1 silver/ounce
any monsterous skins such as giant spiders, giant grab
shells, and less flightless drakes. Rainbow Gem 1 nickel/ounce
Cost: x2 Availibility: 50% Flame Jewel 5 silver/karrot

Elven Pine/Monster Bone/Monster Hide (+2): Elven

pine is a special pine tree grown only in the cold climes
such as Jeg by a devout following of elves. A
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Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

Precious Items Without saying, the paladin or even the warriors’ guild
In APA 4th Edition, may also come across precious finds the use of poison to be dispictable. Yet, the
items such as silk, perfume, oils, and spices. The chart assassin or burgler guild actually permotes its use.
below outlines some of the basic cost guidelines to
All poison allows the character (target) to make a
determine the value of such items.
save before its effects occur. Unless otherwise stated a
character will need to use Poison Alchemy to apply the
poison to a blade or weapon. All applications last for 3
Precious Item Price
attacks and are sold in 3 use applications (9 hits). All
Red Coral 1 silver/pound poisons have an Endurance SC for skill modification.
Blue Coral 50 copper/pound
Yellow Coral 25 copper/pound Poison Endurance Effect Cost
White Ivory 2 silver/pound Allara 25 +1d6 damage 8 ss
Black Ivory 4 silver/pound Bodara 5 Paralyze for d6 turns 6 ss
Poor Quality Silk 10 copper/yard Comcha 50 +2 damage 2 ss
Good Quality Silk 50 copper/yard Dok 20 Blinds for d8 hours 12 ss
High Quality Silk 2 silver/yard Foo’ra 40 Stuns for d6 turns 10 ss
Spice 1 Steel/pound Gaga 65 +1d6 damage 15 ss
Rare Spice 1 nickel/pound Hatra 50 Paralyze for d6 turns 20 ss
Common Plumage 1 steel/pound Klima 100 +1d10 damage 2 gd
Rare Plumage 50 copper/pound Mphra 10 +1 damage 15 cc
Bone 1 copper/pound Nphra 15 -3 from PSN/d6 turns 5 cc
Monster Bone 1 silver/pound Qu 90 Prevents spellcasting 7 ss
Demon/Dragon Bone 1 gold/pound for 1d6 hours
Organs* 1 steel/pound Rysla 30 Sleep for d6 days 8 ss
Monster Organs* 175/copper pound Tiktra 45 Quarter movement for 1 ss
Demon/Dragon Organs* 30 silver/pound d6 hours
Vishki 25 Pervents healing for 30 ss
*Must be properly preserved. D6 days
Potions Xiin 70 Insanity for d6 days 25 ss
Magic potions can be created through the use of
Zo 100 Death! 2 gd
Alchemy to perform both mundane and magical effects.
Potions are a magical combination of ingredients
creating wonderous effects. There is never a bad side
effect to drinking potions, except that if a character
drinks more than three different potions within an hour, Herbs
he must save vs. Poison Stamina or die. The use of herbs is generally held acceptable in all of
the clans of Monokan. The problem with herbs is that
All potions have a basic availability of 25%. For
many are as addictive as strong drugs. Addicition
more information on creating potions, refer to book III.
occurs after 2nd use within 7 days; allowing in
Excertion roll, modified using the Endurance specs
found below. A unsuccessful excertion causes the
character to become addicted to the herb, requiring its
The use of poisons is held differently, depending
use not for the effect but to satisfy the craving. To
upon the guild or clan the character belongs to.

Page 67
Advanced Phantasm Adventures 4th Edition

overcome an addiction requires the character to forego Kilma 5 Repells small insects and 5 cc
the herb for 30 days.
Those addicted to an herb cause an accumulative
Lomka 15 Add +5 to specific Stamina 1 ss
–1 to all skill and die rolls every other day until the
addicition is beaten. That is, a character will be at –15 skill for d10 turns
on the final days of addiction. Just one use will negate
Mphta 20 Add +1 permanently to 5 ss
all of the penalties, but force the character to start over
from scratch in his battle against the herb. Random Personal Attribute
All herbs are sold in bundles of 4 applications. All Nphta 40 Add +1 permanently to 5 gd
effects are reduced –3 unless prepared with Alchemy or
Random Racial Attribute
Chemistry skill.
Pill 50 Repell Type I – III undead 3 ss
For 1d10 rounds
Herb END Use Cost
Rooswi 25 Breathe water for d10 rounds 1 ss
Azha 20 roll 2d10 for initiative for 2 ss
Tuugi 40 Relieves all stun 1 ss
1d6 turns
Voopka 95 Equal to 1 days worth of food 1 ss
Booka 15 Antidote for poisons of 1 ss
Ziiki 5 Cures hangover 1 cc
30 or less END
Bzikil 70 Restores lost Sense 3 ss
Callpo 35 x2 natural healing for d4 days 2 ss
Cathras 35 Instantly binds bleeding 3 ss
Cellk 50 Heals 5 Hit Points 4 ss
Cepfra 50 Halves Critical Injury result6 ss
Dillma 40 Breathe low oxygen for 2 ss
1d8 hours
Dokra 35 Add +3 to hit for 1d6 turns 3 ss
Dolqu 80 Cures any disease 5 ss
E’ma 50 Returns all PP 10 ss
Ennop 90 Doubles PP 1 gd
Fhullki 20 Add +25 to 1 Sense for 2 ss
1d6 hours
Fiomwr 03 +1 on next 2 skill rolls 15 cc
Gaaah 40 Antidote for any poison 3 ss
of END 31 – 60
Herb END Use Cost
Goop 50 Heals 1d4-1 hit points 1 ss
Hamkqa 80 If applied within 1 round of 1 gd
death, brings character back
to life at exactly HPB
Juujo 85 Antidote for any poison 5 ss

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