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Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

sometimes when someone is stressed because a lot of work he has to do, usually they will go on
vacation to a place that can forget all work, there are various kinds of tourist attractions, one of which is
horror tourism, some people are also very interested in horror tours like lawangsewu and many others

now, I will talk about horror tours in Japan that can add to your knowledge, and I am sure you will be

before that, introduce me, my name is hasbi and I am an international tour guide who has enough
experience for 5 years, I would recommend you a scary place in Japan and a lot of knowledge that you
can get here

first, I will explain the place, then where and how to get there and finally I will explain the uniqueness of
that place.

Aokigahara is a popular place in Japan for suicide, there are many suicides in Japan because financial and
social pressure in Japan is indeed very high and is considered to be the main cause of suicide.

where is the forest located? the location of this forest is beside Saiko Lake and close to Mount Fuji, how
do we get there? if you from Indonesia you will take a plane to Japan and when you get there you have
to take a retro bus that goes towards Saiko Lake, in the middle of the road you will see a bus stop in the
Aikogahara Forest area and you can get down there.

now I will explain the uniqueness of the place,

first, usually before a person will commit suicide he will put a sign such as a hat, shirt or rope in order to
make it easier for forest officials to give news to his family

second, the function of the compass when in the forest will be very confusing, why ? because the
remaining volcanic substances from the eruption of Mount Fuji

lastly, more or less apologize if I am mistaken,, wassalamualaikum wr. wb.