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Christmas is Just the Start

Nov  Late Fall Series “God’s Presence in Us”

Christmas! of God’s Amazing Grace
Luke 1:37-79, 2:25-32
4 Draw Near to God Hebrews 7:17‐28
1.  Christmas is Just the Start of God Reordering Mankind (1:46‐55) 
 I will join God in His care for the people society ignores. 
Ma hew 6  
11 Thine is the Glory
Pastor Gene  
18 I Am with You Always Ma hew 28:16‐20  
25 The Pain in Being Near Isaiah 6:1‐7  
2.  Christmas is Just the Start of God Keeping His Promise (1:67‐79) 
 I will cherish the one Person who always keeps His word. AND I will give greater
2 You are Seated with Christ in Heaven Ephesians 1:15‐23 a en on to that dependable Word. 
9 Listening for that S ll, Small Voice Acts 13:1‐4, 16:4‐10  
16 The Baby Who Invented Christmas Micah 5:2‐5a  
Christmas is Just the Start of God’s Luke 1:37‐79,  
Amazing Grace 2:25‐32
30 New Year—Star ng Fresh with Jesus Philippians 3:7‐16
3.  Christmas is Just the Start of God Saving Mankind  (2:29‐32) 
 I will embrace all the ac vi es of Jesus: savior, present, revealer, glorious. 
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