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HIDDEN LORE The Carfax Monographs By KENNETH & STEFFI GRANT LONDON CARFAX MONOGRAPHS By Kenneth and Steffi Grant he main purpose of the Monographs is to reconstruct and elucidate the hidden | lore of the West according to canons preserved in various esoteric orders and movements of recent times. This has been achieved by a careful presentation of symbolic designs. many of which have not hitherto been published with proper regard to colour, proportion, attribution and accuracy of technical detail. The Monographs are not merely a repository of historic interest, but embody information which makes of the series a veritable grimoire for those who are able to apply the fortnulas contained in them. They show the influence and trend of magical cults in contemporary art and life, anc furnish a vehicle for studying Western lore as it emerges today, proclaiming again various truths which science declares to be new. It is inevitable that in the process of development these Monographs have come to concern themselves also with ideas of a distinctly oriental appearance. These are aligned with their occidental counterparts and are revealed not as the originals of the Western concepts but as borne upon a parallel current which proceeds initially from an indentifiably common and primordial home of humanity. ‘These essays originally appeared between March 1959 and October 1963 Each monograph was limited to one hundred numbered and signed copies, and consisted of a 13” X 8" folder containing a multi-coloured pen and ink drawing, excep No IV which was illustrated by the photograph of a stele in ink on wood by Austin Osma Spare int the possession of the authors This’ edition is limited to 1000 copies, of which this is number BY Ml WV Vv VI Vil VII Ix CONTENTS THE TREE OF LIFE THE GOLDEN DAWN ALEISTER CROWLEY AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE VINUM SABBATI MAGE AND IMAGE HIDDEN LORE YETZIRAH, MAGICAL CREATION VAULT OF THE ADEPTS A coloured diagram of the Qabalistic Tree with planetary, zodiacal, elemental and alphabetic attribu- tions accompanied by a note on the modifications of the One Consciousness. The diagram. is depicted according to Crowley's system A brief note on the Hermetic Order of the GD « with a coloured delineation of the Complete Symbol of the Rose and Cross. | Eight sigils and an essay concerning the magical phases of his life. An introduction to his psycho-magical philosophy, illustrated by a formula from, the zoetic, grimoire of Zos. Magical zodmorphisms of the Witches’ Sabbath interpreted in the light of ancient symbols, with a picture-glvph embodving a stage of the Great Work. An essay on hermetic mutation with coloured recon- structions of G .*. D .*, Wands and sceptres. A survey of recent imaginative writing with figures from the Hermean zodiac, and the Elemental seals of Dr Dee. Spectral structure and manifest form, with a variant of Frater Achad’s Cosmic Snowflake. Aspects of astral perichoresis, with three telesmatic images constructed on G -. D .’. principles. The seven-pointed figure of its ceiling and floor with a study of doctrines enshrined in its symbols,