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(Instructor: Vinay Singh, Email: , Mo: 08108304735)

 You have started your engines and have been allocated RWY 32. But TORA for
RWY 32 is 7000 ft & TORA for RWY 27 is 9500 ft . Your A/C is heavy & requires
TORA of 8500 ft . Take action.

Mumbai Tower, VT-HSS, Boeing 777, Position –Bay A7, POB -200, ACFT heavy,
Request RWY27 for departure due insufficient TORA of Runway 32.

 Obtain High speed taxi clearance.

DPN Ground, VT-HSS, Bay A7, Request Expedite taxi due approaching weather.

VT-HSS, VIDP Ground, Taxi via B to RWY holding point 09.

Taxi via B to RWY holding point 09, VT-HSS.

 While taxing you see rubble on taxiway. Take action.

Mumbai Ground , VT-HSS, Taxing via B, see rubble on taxiway, holding position,
request assistance to get taxi track surface clear of rubble.

 Runway lights dim when lined up. Take action.

Gwalior Tower,VT-HSS,Lined up RWY09,Runway lights dim, REQ increase intensity of

RWY lights.

1. During Landing, You observe an animal on Runway. Take action.

Bhopal Tower, AI 731, During landing run just missed hitting a bull , animal crossed
runway in middle from left to right , Aerodrome not safe for operation, Request
immediate action.

Roger, Taking action, Bhopal Tower.

 You are a training Flight. You want to land, continue rolling and take-off without
stopping. Ask for clearance.

BBB Tower, VT-HSS, ATR 72,Training flight ,On finals RWY09,Request “Touch & Go”

VT-HSS, BBB Tower, Clear for Touch & Go.

 Seek Permission of sector for VOR Calibration.

Delhi Control, VT-HSS, Passing FL230, Request Permission to fly between R-265 &
R-290 at FL260 between 30& 60DME for 20 min to carry out VOR Calibration of

VT-HSS, Your request approved, Report reaching FL260.DPN Control.

will report reaching FL260, VT-HSS.

 Your Flight is from Mumbai to Trivandrum. Over Goa communication is difficult.

Take action.

MNL Control (2), Words Twice, VT-HSS(2), Over Goa 0630(2), FL320(2), Estimating
BBB-MMV FIR 0700(2), Estimating ALDIN 0800(2), MNL next (2), ETA TVM 0830(2)

 You experience Microburst on take-off leg. Take action.

MNL Tower, IT731, Experienced Microburst on Take-off leg RWY 09 at 4000 ft,
Severe downdraft, lost height by 400 ft. Experiencing Blinding rain with lightening.

 During taxi, visibility falls below your AOM. Obtain Information & take action.

TVM Ground, VT-HSS, Taxing via L9, visibility falls below AOM, Request Trend.

VT-HSS, visibility will decrease below 800m in next three hours, Report intentions.

Request approval as a Special VFR Flight, A/C is approved for Instrument Flying,
PIC is holding current instrument rating.
 You are a Training flight. On finals you decided to fly along the runway centre line
at low altitude. Seek Permission.

NNP Tower, VT-HSS, Cessna Citation, Training Flight, On finals RWY09, Request
“ Low Approach”.

 Your flight is from Delhi to Gaya. You are passing FL170 for FL320 with a
restriction to maintain ROC 600 FPM or less due traffic 9W 790 climbing to
FL350.You want to increase your rate of climb to 700FPM. Inform ATC about your
plan & seek necessary permission.

DPN Control, VT-HSS, passing FL170 for FL320 with a restriction to maintain ROC
600 FPM due reciprocal traffic 9W 790 climbing to FL350, would like to climb to
FL320 at a rate of 700 FPM, request permission & revised climb instructions for
9W 790 to ensure adequate separation.