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Nishabhanga Raja Yoga cancels the fall (debaltation) of planets falling under its

influence. The rules for the definition of this Yoga are as follows:
The host of the sign of elevation, the planet in the fall is in Kendra to the Lagna or the
Moon. For example, if Mercury is devalued in Pisces, Mercury being the master of Virgo,
its sign of exaltation, must be in Kendra to Lagna or the Moon. Thus, Mercury will
receive Nichabhangu if Lagna or Chandra are in any of the dual signs. Dual signs give
good communication skills and good opportunities for productive writing, etc. Another
example: if Saturn is devalued in Aries, then Venus, being the mistress of Libra, a sign
where Saturn is exalted, should be in Kendra towards Lagna or the Moon, thus Saturn
will receive nothing or the cancellation of its fall.
If the host of the sign, where the planet is in the fall, is in Kendra towards Lagna or the
Moon, Nichabhanga Yoga is also formed. It is also known as the dispositor of the
planet; if the dispositor of the planet that is in the fall is in Kendra to Lagna or the
Moon, then Nichabhagna will manifest. It is also an important part of Kalpa Drum Yoga,
where the dispositor of a strong lagna master is in Kendra towards Lagna. In that case,
when a person sincerely calls for help, when he is in trouble or powerlessness, help will
surely come.
If the planet in the fall occupies the sign of its elevation in the map of Navamsha,
Nichabhang is formed. Each sign of Rasi has nine Navamsh, Saturn is in a fall in Aries,
and the seventh Navamsha is Libra, his sign of exaltation. Thus, if Saturn is between 20
° - 23 ° 20 'degrees of Aries, Nichabhang will automatically appear. This provision
shows that a person has carefully executed his dharma in his past birth, which clearly
shows the blessing of Bhagavan, hence his state of debilitation or misadventures is
forgiven and he receives help.
If in the sign, where the planet is in the fall, there is also another planet, which rises in
this sign, then ni ничабbanga is also formed. It shows the help and benefits from
influential friends and partners and thus when the planet in the fall is connected to the
planet in elevation, it creates such a situation in a person’s life when he, being in
anxiety, meets an influential or satisfied person who gives him support and helps out
him. This is a great luck. For example, a businessman may have a collapse in his
commercial activities and by chance, as it may seem, he was waiting for his plane at
the airport, met with the chairman of the bank. They talked and the businessman told
him his problem. The chairman, after listening to him, helped him in solving his
difficulties, and he successfully continued his business.