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IS December 2017



SUBJECT: Recommendation for Award or the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award

I. I recommend USAKENT Air Warfare Center (AWC), Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab
Emirates, for the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award for exceptional meritorious
service from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2017. Our overall mission description is:
Build partnerships, tactical capabilities, and interoperability through integrated training and
exercises focused on the development of the UAE. GCC partners, the US, and coalition

Our center has not previously been awarded any unit awards.

3. We do not have any subordinate units that will share in the AFOEA.

4. This center qualified lbr the AFOEA by making truly significant contributions to the
Combined Forces Air Component Commander's number one regional engagement priority.
These contributions measurably enhanced the Department of State's. Department of
Defense's and the Air Force's ability to optimally pertbrm their peacetime and wartime
missions. The exceptionally meritorious service included significant achievements in the
finalization of' the Defense Cooperation Agreement. In addition, the AWC developed and
participated in regional joint training exercises, which drove greater integration between the
US and the UAE, directly impacted our capability to defend and engage real world threats.
This Center is truly an outstanding organization.

5. My point of contact On this matter is

4 Attachments:
I. AF Form 1206
2. Award Citation
3. AWC Organizational Chart
4. Acronym page

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The United States Air Forces Central Command Air Warfare Center, Air Combat Command distinguished itself by
exceptionally meritorious service from I January 2016 to 31 December 2017. During this period, the United States
Air Forces Central Command Air Warfare Center was charged with building partnerships, tactical capabilities and
interoperability through integrated training and exercises, which focus on the development of the United Arab
Emirates, Gulf Cooperation Council, United States and its Coalition partners. It accomplished this by leading nine
bilateral and multilateral exercises, with many firsts during this period, which included introducing a United States
Navy maritime component to an exercise and providing United States Army Patriot operators an ability to target live
aircraft using a live-virtual-constructive system. These exercises brought together the Gulf Cooperation Council to
refine defense planning strategies. Additionally, the Center developed Kuwait Air Operations Center capabilities to
enable joint combined integrated air and missile defense exercises. The Center coordinated the Integrated Air and
Missile Defense Subcommittee of the Joint Military Dialogue between the United States and the United Arab
Emirates. This ensured both nations shared common threat pictures and how to defend against them. Furthermore,
the Center developed plans to integrate the Emirati air defense picture into the Coalition air picture, which greatly
enhanced missile defense capabilities. The distinctive accomplishments of the members of the United States Air
Forces Central Command Air Warfare Center reflect great credit upon themselves and the United States Air Force.

Mae 2
Air Force Organizational Excellence Award Meritorious Service 1 Jan 2016 - 31 Dec 2017
USAFCENT Air Warfare Center Air Combat Command (ACC)

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SPECIFIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS (Use single-spaced, bullet format)

Mission: Build partnerships, tactical capabilities, and interoperability through integrated training and exercises focused
on the development of UAE, GCC, US and coalition warfighters.

- During the period from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2017 the United States Air Force Central Command Air
Warfare Center led the way in building partner capacity by providing the Gulf Cooperation Council
synchronized exercises to unify the battle space and prepare for the Combined Defense of the Arabian Gulf
- The diversity within the USAFCENT Air Warfare Center provides a broad impact on the region and positively
affects the AOR, but also touches every facet of the bilateral relationship between the US and the UAE militaries
-- Unique unit with baseline Title 10 funding, authorized to conduct critical Title 22 foreign training mission in AOR
-- Successfully transitioned to off-base, permanent presence enabling 2-yr accompanied tours; tremendous demo of
US commitment opened F-16, C-17, C-130, RPA, missile def trng doors; 49 prsn1/8 families residing in Abu Dhabi
-- ADLTs liaised with 3 nations to unify partnerships & build regional defense plans that provide full GCC coverage
-- Created a strategic plan, Vision 2026, signed & endorsed by the AFCENT/CC as a roadmap for unit development
-- AFCENT Liaison efficiently processed 140 residency visas, 72 base entry requests 8c 116 Host Nation memos
--Relationship key to US-UAE Defense Cooperation Agreement signed in 2017; overcame 20 yr roadblock in 18 mo.
-- Built UAE's 1st airlift loadmaster initial & mission qual courses; low-level/airdrop/NVG key to expeditionary ops
-- Developed Kuwait Air Operation Center simulation capabilities; built successful bilateral BMD exercise capability
-- Hosted RAND study for security cooperation strategy, which illuminated UAE and Saudi Arabia cases that
ensured strategic policy makers were informed of regional issues
-- Coordinated and hosted Joint Functional Component Command for Integrated Missile Defense Crisis Action
Planning and Employment course where 11 US military members were trained and certified earning 5 Joint credits
-- Provided personnel to fill US Embassy Abu Dhabi Community Liaison Office vacancy for 3 months; ensured
seamless family readiness support to 700 military & State personnel & their families during DoS hiring freeze
-- Immersed in UAE public sector; allied w/Ismaili Centre Vice President to shape Ambassador's cultural networking
-- Engaged with US Embassy Management Chief to sync 43 agencies 8c reformed weekly management platform brief
-- Participated in Joint Military Dialogue between Office of Sec Def & UAE Sr leaders in biennial defense discussion
--- Led IAMD Subcommittee; sat on Mil Cooperation Subcommittee; developed action plan for improved readiness
-- Lynchpin of C2 Interoperability Board 8c CENTCOM Action Officer Working Gp; improved bilateral coordinatio
-- Unit contributed to $1 13B in defense sales at the 2017 Dubai Air Show which was held 12- 17 Nov 2017 at the
Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport which was praised by the US ambassador to the UAE
--- 2 members coordinated the USS America Reception on 12 November; US Ambassador and VIP guests attended
--- CV was Air Boss, bedded down 10 combat aircraft/130 personnel; oversaw 6 days of flying and 12 show sorties
--- Coordinated F-22 DV viewing w/US Embassy & AFCENT; provided 2 personnel for sentry to allow US
Ambassador & UAE Vice Pres access to most prized aircraft at Air Show for first 5th gen static display in AOR
-- Unit lighter personnel advanced the UAE's F-16 pilot training program; 3 pilots flew 243 instructor sorties/323 hrs
that created 4 new instructors & 29 combat wingmen who immediately deployed for combat operations in Yemen
-- Airlift pilots built relations w/UAE leaders; gained approval to fly, developed nascent medevac, airdrop capabilities
-- Provided the lead Joint Terminal Attack Controller to Exercise IRON UNION; supported US Embassy's largest
event as lead for more than 50 countries, 100 DVs & 600 UAE members; trained 3 classes of UAE's Presidential
Guard which produced 14 qualified Joint Terminal Attack Controllers; provided 2 week support for 10 ship
Moroccan F-16 deployment spin-up prior to deployment for combat operations
-- Escorted 6 UAE 17-16s to RED FLAG; assisted 150 airmen in challenging ex to prepare for combat ops in Yemen
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RANK/NAME OF NOMINEE (First, Middle Initial, Last)

USAFCENT Air Warfare Center

SPECIFIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS (Use single-spaced, bullet format) (Continued)
- Executed Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed Emirati Air Warfare Center Advanced Tactical Leadership Course, which
fostered enduring relationships with the Gulf Cooperation Council and regional partners
ATLC 26 was held 9 October-25 November 2016 at Al Dhafra AB which focused primarily on tactical-level
fighter aircraft integration with Command and Control (C2), airlift, intelligence, & Joint Terminal Attack
Controllers in a multilateral live-fly exercise while certifying 26 Mission Commanders for combat operations
--- Incorporated, for the first time, the Moroccan Air Force F-16B52 and French Air Force A400M aircraft
--- Merged 9 nation participants to integrate the Cubic P5 pod ACMI tracking system across all platforms
--- Built intermediate ground control intercept course to greatly increase capability of partner nation's air forces;
initiative of AWC members advanced interoperability and strengthened integrated air-power capabilities
--- Crafted data link plan that blended 56 aircraft from 7 nations which flew 633 sorties and 1038 hours; coordinated

-- Led two DESERT FLAG Exs with the United Arab Emirates' Air Warfare Center focusing on tactical-level fighter,
Command and Control (C2), airlift, and Joint Terminal Attack Controller interoperability in a multilateral live-fly
exercise construct
AWC forged the inaugural DESERT FLAG Ex, 13-31 March 2016 at Al Dhafra AB modeled after Op RED FLAG
--- Introduced USNAVCENT carrier ops, with F-18s & E-2 flying from the USS Harry S. Truman in Arabian Gulf
--- Laid the foundation for future Live-Virtual-Constructive training; networked airborne aircraft with Patriot sims
--- First exercise of its kind, drawing a total of 473 participants from 10 coalition nations and 5 of 6 GCC nations
--- Seamlessly integrated 43 aircraft from 5 nations into Ex planning and execution; most realistic training in GCC
-- Ex DESERT FLAG 17 (also known as IRON FALCON 17-2) was held 5-22 March 2017 at Al Dhafra AB, UAE
--- Eight nations participated, including 41 aircraft; F-22s exercised for the second time in IRON FALCON history
--- Three weeks of high intensity flying; 350 sorties and 648 flying hours trained 535 coalition partner personnel
--- Debuted United States Army Patriot operators' ability to target live aircraft using a Live-Virtual-Constructive
training environment; simulated Patriot engaged 8 enemy aircraft for kills with zero fratricide in huge joint win
--- Introduced for the first time a communication out mission launch; ensured 7 partner nations were capable of
launching, recovering & controlling aircraft in a war time battle scenario simulating Contest-Degraded C2 Ups

Ex FALCON SHIELD utilizes a virtual and constructive simulation environment replicating the Integrated Air and
Missile Defense kill chains for both joint & coalition mission sets, & features elements of each component command
-- Revitalized Ex FALCON SHIELD after 2 yrs of cancellation; coord'd huge key leader push for multi-lateral win
-- Led 2x Ex FALCON SHIELD at IAMDC on Al Bateen AB, training 120 members & 65 students from 7 nations
--- Developed 754 training events & created 29 briefs for 7 vuls which strengthened CFACC's regional jt kill chain
--- Hosted CFACC priority "Missile Defender of the Year" awards during FALCON SHIELD with Missile
Defense Advocacy Alliance, developing esprit de corps, & raising the profile of the exercise for all participants

Conducted 3 HAWKEX events, tactical-level C2 exercises to increase interoperability in a bilateral "fight-tonight"

construct; participants demonstrate and refine the elements of the Integrated Air & Missile Defense Joint Kill Chain
-- Trained a total of 120 US/UAE air defense & C2 operators across the full spectrum of air & missile defense ops
HAWKEX 8 was held 17-21 January 2016 and was the first exercise in the UAE where female GCI controllers
were involved; first introduction of THAAD concepts; first introduction of Shared Early Warning System
- HAWKEX was designed, planned & conducted by the unit, without outside support, and is a key host nation event

BMDEX is a bilateral tactical/operational exercise conducted by the US Army THAAD TAFT with support from the
AWC, held semiannually at the IAMDC at Al Bateen AB. BMDEX reinforces US & UAE partnerships through
integration & team building as participants exercise the the Joint & Combined Kill Chain promoting UAE & US C2
and BMD integration
-- Hosted 3 BMDEXs; trained 70 US & UAE members to communicate, reduce fratricide & improve missile defense
- BMDEX was key to developing and highlighting upper tier defense TTPs for the US and UAE in combined IAMD


AF FORM 1206, 20170802