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Jessie Joshua Kadison 6 An c a From @ phone booth in Vegas Jessie calls at five a.m. anc 6 To tell me that she's tired of all of them An c 6 She says "Baby I've been thinking about a trailer by the sea An c > We can go to Mexico: you, the cat, and me En c We drink tequila and look for seashells Em D c Now doesn't that sound sweet? En D c Jessie, you always do this Dies Cee Dae ict 1D) Every time I get back on my feet [chorus] 6 c 6 c Jessie, paint your pictures, about how it's gonna be 6 c D En Dd By now I should know better, your dreams are never free 6 c 6 c But tell me all about our little trailer by the sea 6 c D En oD Jessie you can always sell any dream to me 6 c D 6 Jessie you can always sell any dream to me G6 D/FR Amo G6 D/FR Am oC [Verse] 6 An c 6 She asks me how the cat's been, I say Moses, he's just fine Am c 6 He used to think about you all the time 6 An c 6 We finally took your pictures down from the wall Am c D Jessie how do you always seem to know just when to call? Em D c She says: get your stuff together En D c Bring Mose’ and drive real fast En D c And listening to her promise Deu Cau 10et Clea.) I swear to God this time it's gonna last [Bridge] En D> c I love you in the sunshine Em D c Lay you down in the warm white sand Em dD oe And who knows maybe this time > ec peo Things may turn out just the way you planned