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B Burtington Books Oe Workbook Linda Marks TE c c£ Ls a 1 i c £ a c£ Ls i x“ x Ls Ls xz x 5 Ls a Ls LS x x 3 i a Ls = a 2 a s r Le rae Fan ES © ee - Getting Started PAGE 4 ~ SS eer eee reer eee " @ Taking Risks PAGE 6 bi > eee - @ Kings and Queens : PAGE 16 © It'sa Mystery! PAGE 24 Peer cee tees aes @ Living Together PAGE 32. e ae oe IE PAGE 40 @ Saving Our Planet PAGE 48 @ Be Healthy! RAGE 56 Making Sense PAGE 64 oe Bridge to the Future PAGE 72 RE oe F] Glossary. - PAGE 82 VOCABULARY REFERENCE Speaking Glossary PAGE 39. Grammar Appendix PAGE 94 LANGUAGE RESOURCE Irregular Verb List PAGE 109 > Wiiting Guide PAGE 12 WRITING RESOURCE Wiiting Pin Pages PAGE 116 LEARNING COMPETENCES Self-Evaluation Charts PAGE 126 VOCABULARY @ ater 4108 to form placesin town. A 8 department a office art b station © alley post store e f 1 2 3. amusement 4 5 bowling park 6 railway sallery Complete the sentences with the places in town from Exercise 1. 1. For my birthday, my parents took me to a huge on With lots of water rides. 2. | bought this bracelet ina inthe city centre. 3. Please take this box to the — ‘and send it to our factory in the USA. 4 Peters arriving by train at six otlock. Dad is going to pick him up from the iy 5 Last Friday evening, we went toa — twas my first time, but | won a few games. 6 One of my mum's paintings is hanging in the local Complete the sentences with the words below. playground - offce + library + shopping centre tennis court + nightclub 1 I borrowed this book from the. six months ago. must return itt 2 My dreams to play a match against my brother ona eos at Wimbledon. 3 They've got some nice shoe shops at the ‘on Gordon Road. 4 The children can go and play in the 5 Myparents go dancing at a local 6 Please come into my and take a seat. ° 98 Choose the correct answer. 1. He never helps anyone. He's the most generous / selfish person | know. 2. Be careful what you say to my brother. He gets Upset easily. Hea very sensitive / sensible person. 3. You have to be proud / brave to be a firefighter. It’s a dangerous job. 4 You never know if she'll be happy or sad. She's so moody / stubborn. 5 Idon’t know anyone else like John, He's unique / pushy. 6. Claire always tells the truth, She's energetic / honest. ‘Match the descriptions to the adjectives below. 1. She's always got a smile on her face. 2. She never says'please’ or thank you 3. Ive got two jobs: babysit the neighbour's children and | walk my uncle's dog twice a day. 4. She's nice to everyone and never says anything bad about anyone, 5 Thate getting up in the morning and | love spending my free time lying on the sofa, 6 Heisn'tatall friendly and he criticises people all the time. a kind hard-working b tude cheerful © lazy f nasty Circle 14 words in the puzzle related to food. fe le|s alae le le