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° % LEE HEALTH ()%® Lee Physician Group April 23, 2018 Via Email/Mall Delivery Jacfranz Guiteau, M.D. Re: Employment with Lee Health System Dear Dr. Guiteau, This isto provide you notice of termination of your August 7, 2016 Employment Agreement ("Employment Agreement") with Lee Health. In accordance with paragraph 10.b. ofthat agreement Lee Health is required to provide ninety (90) days' written notice, However, as discussed, Lee Health is providing one-hundred eighty (180) days' written notice to assist in your transition Per our discussion on April 13, 2018, itis our expectation that you will continue to provide clinical services during the 180 day notice period. Therefore, your employment with Lee Health shall end at the end of the work day as of October 12, 2018, We also discussed our expectation that you will complete all medical records for which you are responsible on or before the last day of your employment and that you will continue to abide by Lee Health polices and procedures in accordance with your Employment Agreement. Lee Health is the record owner of all records. \We appreciate your commitment to the patients and the Renal Transplant Program over the past years and wish you the best of luck in the future, Sincerely, Ciapo >> Venkat Prasad, M.D, Chief Medical Officer Lee Physician Group Administration Med Plaza One, Suite 200 {9800 8, Healthpark Drive Fort Myers, FL 33808 239-343-8625 «fax 239-343-6143