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Personal Activities


• SWOT analysis

• CV, Biography & Website

• Evaluation

• Project proposal + Letter

• Master plan

• 5/10 years from now

• 1 year from now —> be aware: don’t overestimate 1 year,

or underestimate 10 years

• What will you need to do? Action vs motion


• Who are you?

• What do you do?

• Relevant follow up questions


• What is special about you? (prizes, achievements,

experiences, concerts, quotes, collaborations, teachers,
background, goals, artist statement)

• What is special about your music (5 adjectives that

describe what you do)

• Who are you writing for? (target audience, where find

them, purpose cv)

• Third person perspective most common

• Strong opening phrase

• Don’t be too modest, don’t be too bold

• Write for information, not for influencing opinion

• Name and principal activity in first sentence

• short/long versions
Master plan

• Apply through Studielink before March 1 2019

• Upload Masterplan in Osiris aanmeld

• Content:

• a. Main subject

• b. Professional practice

• c. Research

• March 22 2019

• Signed by main subject teacher

• SWOT (one page)

• CV, biography, photo and website (working link)

• Evaluation (half a page)

• Personal project (one page + program proposal)

• Mail:
Increase your Welcome
chances in Ready to get started?

8 steps
By taking you on the Entrepreneurship route in 8 steps,
Culture+Entrepreneurship helps you find your direction in
your work. We teach you to stay in touch with your artistic
values and strengths while binding paying customers to
your idea, service or product. To ask yourself what audien-
ce would benefit from your work.
Business guide for We offer lots of inspiration, tips and stories from artists, an
artists and creatives actor, a musician, an architect and a documentary maker.
These are all eye-openers that show you how your artistic
qualities can be used really well in your development as an

Enjoy reading!

Table of contents
True or false? 3 statements 6 StEp 6 Come into contact with customers 53

Step 1 Develop your professional identity 11 Interview with documentary maker Anke Theunissen 58

StEp 2 Build a stable foundation 17 StEp 7 Negotiate like a boss 60

Interview with artist Tijs Rooijakkers 26 Stap 8 More focus, less stress 67

StEp 3 Choose your own form of enterprise 29 Interview with artist Rajae el Mouhandiz 70

Interview with actor Michaël Bloos 36 Useful addresses 72

Interview with composer Kate Moore 38 Contact 75

StEp 4 Make sure you are seen 40 Colophon 76

Interview with architect Mathis J. Bout 44

StEp 5 Find financing for your plan 47

4 5

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !


Basics of Marketing and Communication

Who says what, about what, in which channel to whom, at what time, in what way with what

have a good idea of what your artistic product is, what your targets are, what environment you operate
in, who your target group(s) are or could become and present yourself in a clear way through
appropriate channels

Marketing plan
1 Who are you, what do you want and what do you have to offer? - Aims
Mission, direction of development and marketing targets
2 What does the music profession and your particular niche look like? - Research
Acquiring knowledge of your audience, the market and your own place in this
3 Where will you be in a few years and how will you get there? – Plan
Marketing mix and action plan for a certain period
4 Did you succeed and what can you change? - Evaluation
(Periodic) evaluation and adaptation
• Project description

• Starting position marketing communication

• Goals and targets, ambition <-> possibilities (SWOT)

• Research target groups

• Image and profile

• Action plan for marketing and communication materials