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Bully-Proof Your Child West Houston Medical Center Completes

$16 Million Surgical Suite Expansion
ullying has become a ma- At home, parents can help defend themselves and
jor topic in schools these making themselves
bully-proof their kids by:
days. Bullying is unwant- • Inspiring positive behavior bully-proof!
ed, aggressive behavior among • Encouraging your children to Krav Fit Now is located
school-aged children that in- share their concerns with you inside Pro Dynamic
volves a real or perceived power • Boosting your child’s self Fitness at 14520
imbalance. Kids are verbally, confidence Memorial Drive, #54.
socially and physically bullied • Suggesting her or she sticking If you are interested in
everyday while going to school. with their friends so that they learning more about
Verbal bullying is through name are not alone. Krav Maga or Krav Fit
calling, teasing, and other verbal Now, we are currently
Schools today have done little to offering three classes
taunts. Social bullying occurs nothing to stop bullying. I have for $19.99 so that
by not including the person on had parents come to me to help your child can give us
purpose, embarrassing them their kids learn self defense. Our a try! Give us a call at
publicly or on the internet, school, Krav Fit Now, which is 281-687-4183 or sign
and through spreading rumors located in the Energy Corridor, up online at www.
about the person. The last type offers self defense classes for
is through physical bullying, kids starting as young as six
where they hurt the person’s years old. In our self defense
body through hitting them. classes, the kids will learn the
So, what are bullies looking Israeli Self Defense system
for when they pick someone? called Krav Maga. Krav Maga
Usually they are looking for in Hebrew translates to Contact West Houston Medical Center’s new operating rooms are specifically e
someone who is a loner, some- Combat. It is a highly effective quipped for complex surgeries.

one who is unpopular, very system of self defense that the est Houston Medical Center, “With this investment, we will be able to
passive or even looking for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) use an HCA-affiliated hospital, expand our capacity for more complex
smart kids or someone who for their training. announced the completion of procedures and provide greater access for West Houston Medical Center dedicated
looks different, such as someone In our kids Krav Maga classes, a $16 million surgical suite expansion patients to stay close to home when they one of its three new ORs to minimally
who is overweight or a different the students will develop their project. In addition to building three new need care the most,” said Megan Marietta, invasive surgeries.
nationality or religious belief. gross motor skills, gain self con- operating rooms (ORs), the hospital built CEO of West Houston Medical Center.
Here are some tips on bully- fidence, build friendships with a new pharmacy and expanded its sterile “Above all else, it’s our mission and com-
processing department and post-anesthesia mitment to provide the highest quality of
proofing your child: other students in the class, learn
care (PACU) unit. care and we look forward to serving West
• Walk away if you can and find life lessons while they train, and
For patients, the expanded surgical suite Houston and our surrounding communities
a teacher they will be exercising and get-
means improved access to complex surgical for years to come.”
• Hold your anger ting in shape as well. Students
• Tell the bully to leave them will have fun learning how to care. Each of the three rooms has a unique The expansion marks the first of a series of
alone design, featuring state-of-the-art equipment expected capital investments in the hospital,
for orthopedic surgery, cardiovascular including a first floor and exterior reno-
Houston’s Premier Resource for surgery, minimally-invasive surgery and vation and a new dedicated neurological
Athletic Performance & Recovery neurosurgery. For surgeons and the clinical recovery unit, both scheduled for 2019.
Supplies and Home Medical Equipment support teams, these enhancements provide West Houston Medical Center is a full-
the most advanced clinical technology service hospital serving the West Houston
available and the infrastructure to support community for over 30 years. This Joint
growing demand for higher-acuity surgeries Commission accredited facility provides
in the West Houston corridor. a range of care including emergency
Along with expanding the campus, the hos- services; neurosurgery services, inpatient
pital has advanced its clinical expertise with and outpatient surgery, rehabilitation
8700 Long Point Road, Suite 106 and diagnostic services; bariatric/weight
Houston, TX 77055 the addition of a nurse educator and two
nurse practitioners dedicated to the surgery loss surgery; wound care; sleep disorder
713-465-2200 services; cardiovascular care; woman’s
department. Together, this team plays a services and more. Visit their website at
crucial role in streamlining the hospital’s
clinical processes to ensure timely care for
every patient.
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