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End of Year Report

TEACHER: Dylan Evans

Honouring the Past ~ Embracing the Future








English (overall achievement)  

English encompasses: Listening, Reading, Viewing, Speaking, Writing and Creating. Your child has been assessed on
these English skills.
English Comment: (STUDENT NAME) has had a positive year in English and has made some impressive
growth in many areas. (STUDENT NAME) has handed in all assessment pieces and there are usually of a
good-high standard. He occasionally needs to be reminded to check over his work but this has improved as
the year has progressed. (STUDENT NAME) participated in PAT-Reading testing and achieved a scale score
of 132.1. This is a growth of over 10 points from his previous score. (STUDENT NAME) has a current spelling
age of above 15.5 years which is up from his Term 1 spelling age of 12.4 years. (STUDENT NAME) has a
Literacy Pro reading comprehension score of 906 which puts him in the proficient band for a Year 6 student.

Mathematics (overall achievement)  

Mathematics encompasses: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Your child
has been assessed on these strands.
Mathematics Comment: (STUDENT NAME) has continued to work hard in Mathematics over the second
half of the year. I have been impressed with (STUDENT NAME)’s ability to locate fractions on a number line
and describe probabilities using simple fractions, decimals and percentages. (STUDENT NAME) could also
interpret secondary data displayed in the media. (STUDENT NAME) participated in PAT-Maths testing and
achieved a scale score of 131.3. This is a growth of almost 6 points from his previous score and puts him
ahead of the benchmark set for a Year 6 student. Well done (STUDENT NAME).

Technologies – Design and Digital  

Health & Physical Education  
Humanities and Social Sciences - Geography  
Humanities and Social Sciences - History N/A N/A
Civics and Citizenship (Year 3-7)  
Economics and Business (Year 5-7)  
The Arts (Visual Arts, Media, Music, Drama, Dance)  

Languages (Japanese) – Mrs Melissa Amner  

Japanese Comment: (STUDENT NAME) continues to excel in Japanese and he has put in extra
time and effort to partake in multiple competitions for a second year. His strength definitely lies in
word recognition for both Hiragana and Katakana; however more emphasis needs to be placed on
vocabulary acquisition if he wishes to further his understanding and use of Japanese. He is able to
order food from a menu and calculate amounts in yen to spend and receive. Well done (STUDENT
Science – Ms Jo Button  
Science Comment: Term 3: Chemical Science, Term 4: Earth and Space Science.
(STUDENT NAME) is a capable Science student who, although he participates in all activities, I would like
to see him constantly apply himself in order to achieve at the level that he is capable of. He is developing
his understanding of how materials change reversibly and irreversibly through mixing, heating, cooling,
and rusting and designed and created a filtration device. (STUDENT NAME) is developing his knowledge
of Space and how sudden geological changes and extreme weather events can affect the Earth’s surface.

Honouring the Past ~ Embracing the Future

Teacher Assessment Student Assessment




Gawler Primary School SMART Values

 Aiming to do your best  
 Having pride in your achievements  
 Consistently following school and class routines  
 Using time well  
 Being positive about learning  
Mutual Respect
 Listening attentively to others  
 Interacting politely and positively with peers  
 Interacting politely and positively with adults  
 Behaving in a fair manner  
Active Participation
 Being active in teaching and learning times  
 Persisting with learning tasks  
 Staying on task  
 Willing to take risks  
 Accepting responsibility for own behaviour  
 Being responsible for diary/notes/stationery  
 Sharing responsibility  
 Coping with challenges in a calm, rational way  
 Caring for the environment and property  
Team work
 Working cooperatively in a group  
 Displaying peer leadership when appropriate  
 Respecting/ supporting other peer leaders  
 Following instructions  
 Compromising where needed  

Class Teacher’s Comment: (STUDENT NAME) has continued to have a successful year and has
shown why many students around our school look up to him as a role model. (STUDENT NAME)
continues to produce work of a good standard but can occasionally make silly mistakes that he is
more than capable of correcting himself. (STUDENT NAME) has demonstrated an ability to listen
attentively to others and has been fantastic at working cooperatively in group situations. He can be
trusted to either lead a group or support those that are in charge. If (STUDENT NAME) can continue
to show the same skills and traits and put in the same amount of effort into high school that he has
done at Gawler Primary then he will be very successful in the future. Well done (STUDENT NAME).
Term Three - Attendance . Teal indicates days present, blue indicates days late, white indicates days absent

Term Four – up to and including Friday, Week 7. Teal indicates days present, blue indicates days late, white indicates
days absent

Days present up to the end Days absent up to the end Days late up to the end of
of Week 7 Term Four 2018: of Week 7 Term Four 2018: Week 7 Term Four 2018:
End of Year Student Reflection

This year I have learnt how Australia votes and more about civics and citizenship. I’ve
learnt how to work out a percentage of something and also learnt how to use similes
and metaphors to make my writing better and more descriptive.

This year my highlights of the year were SAPSASA soccer and rugby. Another
highlight of the year would be my Japanese competitions and getting sixth in the state.
Other highlights of the year were swimming and the end of year concert.

Next year I would like to improve on my punctuation. I can also improve on not rushing
my work and making it a better standard.

Description of Achievement Levels

A Excellent Your child is demonstrating excellent achievement of what is expected at this year level
B Good Your child is demonstrating good achievement of what is expected at this year level
C Satisfactory Your child is demonstrating satisfactory achievement of what is expected at this year level
D Partial Your child is demonstrating partial achievement of what is expected at this year level
E Minimal Your child is demonstrating minimal achievement of what is expected at this year level

Gawler Primary School has been using the Australian Curriculum in all learning areas. Accordingly,
your child’s achievement in those learning areas is now being fully assessed and reported against the
Australian Curriculum.

You can ask the school to provide you with written information that clearly shows your child’s achievement in
the subjects studied in comparison to that of other children in the child’s peer group at school. This
information will show you the number of students in each of the achievement levels A – E

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Principal’s Signature

Honouring the Past ~ Embracing the Future