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Assignment 2: Case Study

a) Mariam’s ethical behavior within the organization.

Ethical behavior is the actions that are consistent with the good values practices by the

society and the individual. In business, ethical behaviors demonstrate the key principles

which include the honesty, fairness, equality, diversity, equality and rights of the individual

in performing their duty. There is no directs code of conducts at workplace, however, it is

important to apply the ethical actions to preserve the sensitivity of the staffs and colleagues.

In the case of EIB, the CEO namely Mariam is having an ethical behavior issues and earn no

respects from the staffs that affect the overall quality of EIB.

Mariam as the CEO of EIB did not work professionally as she does not even know the

direction of the company. She making the decision without full consideration and she might

change her mind instantly without discuss with the staff. The actions she is taken never

thinking on the implications towards the staffs. In fact she fired the staff without a strong

reason and sometime order the staff to do the undefined duties for long times other than the

original tasks. As the result, she did not gain respects from the staff and even the junior staff

dare to challenge her decision on the leave approval. Unethically, Mariam herself took leave

for her friend’s birthday in Bangkok although the reason she does not given a leave as it is on

the peak of clients’ renewal period.

Mariam does not give a good example to the staffs and even does not understand the meaning

of the client services management. She seldom meets the client by sending the staff including

the senior broking manager or the advisor to meeting up the customers. Mariam also did not

show her efforts to work honestly. She is unable to understand the theory and concept of

management and fail to understand the meaning of profiling and rebranding of the business

by applying it to herself which is a nonsense idea.

b) Mariam’s style in handling the staff grievances and factors that shape her ethical

behavior at work.

Mariam is described a person without proper behaviour in managing the company and not

favour by the staffs. She always left the staffs without a proper direction makes the staff lost

their respects towards Mariam. The weak management leads by Mariam resulting high

turnover of the staff. On the first year after she sit for the CEO position, 12% turnover of the

service staff as the staffs dissatisfied with management style of Mariam. The turnover affect

the business to lost 10% of their major clients due to the junior staff are less experiences and

negotiation skills in advising the clients. She also does not involve in any staff club activities

even to know the staff private life which is important to understand the staff emotions.

Though there are complaints made to the Managing Directors on her attitudes, no

improvement happen so far. She always treats herself the most superior power and ordering

people to do anything out of their job specification. Even worst, she expects a blind loyalty

from the staffs without consideration on the subordinates’ feelings. For instant, she gave an

instruction for Hanum, a Senior Manager for Managemen and Corporate Affair to prepare a

business plan and to be completed in a week. She did not provide any further information for

Hanum. Even though many complaints have been made there is no solution on her attitudes

so far either from the higher management or herself.

Therefore, she the organisation as whole to plays roles to influence Mariam’s attitudes since

she is the leader for the company. The best practice to apply is by organise an Ethics
Committee that are among the Managing Director and the rest of Board of Directors to strike

the strategic decision to resolve the ethical issues within the organisation. The committee

need to investigate the issues with a necessary integrated framework by stressing on the

management level to give a good example for the subordinates. The framework is necessary

to monitor and check the behaviour of the top management in leading the company as well as

the entire staffs to make sure everyone hold on the good business conducts towards the

business objectives.

At the same time, the practices of whistleblowing need to apply among the peers as to

monitor everyone’s wrong doing. Any level of staffs are giving a concern to report directly to

the Managing Directors or the Boards any unethical events practiced by the colleagues or the

leaders. In EIB cases, Hanum, Bakar or any staffs discriminated by Mariam and notice any

wrong doing by their CEO can directly make a report for necessary actions to preserve the

organisations reputation and the well being of the staffs. If necessary, the Boards may

incorporate a reward system for the staff to increase the commitment among the staff that

shows good judgmental capabilities for the organisational benefits.

c) Bakar’s actions to help the organization.

Referring to the EIB case, we can understand Bakar is playing the actual functions of the

company in many tasks such as servicing the customers, supporting the staff club activities as

well as making a report to the Managing Director. As he has already identify the roots of the

problem, he need to take an action to ensure all the potential staffs would not leave the

company due to the Mariam mismanagement. Bakar may suggest to the Boards to establish a

clear job tasks classification to ensure every level understand their roles and obligation to

contributes for the company. The Boards may involve in the business once a while to get the

direct update from the bottom line of the organization by approve the whistle blowing

practice to be implemented by all staffs.

Mariam may not be fired on her unethical behavior as she may have some potential talents in

leading the organization where it was informed that the Managing Directors aware of this

issues but no action taken so far. At the same time, the organization need to conducts a strict

screening process before employ a staff including the background checks and the previous

employees cross references to ensure only a problem free staff is hire. Bakar earn respects

from the staffs more than Mariam. Therefore he might play the role of motivator for the staff

to boost up their motivations resulted from Mariam’s actions and become the role model for

the entire staff to enable attitude influence to shape a better organizational behavior.