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Aroint Thee

Suthen​: We live in times when fair is foul, and foul is fair.

And although we hover through the fog and filthy air
Yet although an Alarum of great hard has cost us trade
Our expectation will have none other than time exuent.
Just as terrible storms at sea arise out of the east,
from the place where the sun first shows its seeming
Comfort of the dawn, even thus did new military threat
Come on the heels of the seeming good news of execution--
Your skipping, sir, marches time lightly armed, serving
a ​skytesh​ surveying vantage seeing blancmange opportunity--
Let us imagine folk as seemly as those wishing upon hate
To rattle their own cage, where the swells of discomfort
Born upon this pillow shall umbrage and choke a disdain--
So truth could be told, so sparrows will now’t hawk fame
And a Bellona that lives within all such done lieblings
Will n’ere again wage that particular war: if our coin,
No longer solid, shall become a type ballast what o fors?
A gyroscope would serve better compass thana poindexter
Let condemnation not pour over a wretch when allis taken--
A sailor's wife had but chestnuts in her lap, munching--
I’ll pay good farthing for it good woman quoth I hastily
"Aroint thee, witch!" the rump-fed runnion cries to me--
Is she blind or has horror colded my visage so thanne--
Her husband to Aleppo gone, a mastermind “I o'th' Tiger”--
So in a sieve I'll thither sail even’st ​ratum sans cordum
Will nahellenia hay her dozen cozen and will coventina drop
A fire accord? Will now’t see ont? Willst be forevermore?