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Curtin University Research Contacts For MoRAIS Applicants

1. Growing the Global Bioeconomy Contact Email

Oil/water interfacial phenomena for palm oil and cashew nut shell liquid processing Dr. Chi Phan

2. Data Science - Modeling and analysis with large data sets Contact Email
Are oropharyngeal and gut microbiome profiles associated with TLR pathway immune response in Chinese Immigrants?
Associate Professor Brad Zhang
Using systems biology techniques to interpret whole genome methylation data in Chinese immigrants
Data analytics in agriculture: linking spatial information, agronomy and models
Data mining for regional insight into agribusiness
Research Assistant Myrtille Lacoste
Modelling trends in climate data and impact on agriculture
Meta-analysis on plantation data: intensifiying cocoa/palm oil long-term production
Curtin Instiute for Computation has a theme devoted to this - see Professor Andrew Rohl
Satellite remote sensing of air pollution in Indonesia as a cost-effective alternative to ground-based monitoring Dr Gavin Pereira
Any applied analyis, but with a focus on health-related outcomes/drivers Professor Mark Harris

3. Understanding and adapting to the transformations associated with digital media technologies Contact Email
The networks of digital agriculture: agents and flows (stakeholder analysis in various productions e.g. cocoa, palm oil, meat...)
Potential of digital agricultural technologies for rural development and productivity
Research Assistant Myrtille Lacoste
Digital agriculture: promoting high-value products through value chain development
Building apps to support agricultural decision making
Digital media technologies in Education Professor John Williams
Associate Professor Milovan Urosevic
Multi-component seismic, AVO, anisotropy and monitoring
Associate Professor Roman Pevzner
Time lapse seismic for reservoir monitoring, borehole seismic, distributed acoustic sensing
Associate Professor Andrej Bona
Seismic imaging
Professor Boris Gurevich
Rock Physics Professor Maxim Lebedev

4. Energy availability, planning and utilization of existing resources, identification of new technologies and infrastructure Contact Email
Human capital and potential energy-saving windfall in developing countires
Associate Professor Ruhul Salim
Climate change, sustainable cities and economic growth
Energy security in Asia, Energy economics; Natural gas sustainability Professor Helen Cabalu
Petroleum Engineering Geomechanics topicss such as Hydraulic Fracturing, Reservoir Geomechanics, Sand Production, and Wellbore Stability Dr. Seyed Fallah
Unconventional oil and gas, Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation Professor Reza Rezaee

5. Future Industries Contact Email

6. Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy Contact Email

Digital tools in agriculture as media for training and development
Data sharing in agriculture: successful business models Research Assistant Myrtille Lacoste
The relevance of crowd-sourcing data in agriculture
Perceptions of human resource management and managerial style and their impact on innovative behaviour: a qualitative study Associate Professor Steve McKenna
Social Enterpreneruship and Innovation in the Tourism Sector Dr Subas Dhakal

7. Accountability, Regulation and Governance Contact Email

Professor Ross Taplin
Professor Saurav Dutta
Research in Ethics and Accounting Education
Professor Glennda Scully
Forensic Accounting and Fraud detection
Dr Rosie Kerr
Associate Professor Alistair Brown
Professor Glennda Scully
Dr Harj Singh
Dr Nigar Sultana
Professor Saurav Dutta
Dr Effiezal Abdul Wahab
Auditing Research: audit quality, internal audit and controls, group audits, audit risk and materiality
Dr Abhi Singh
Professor Ross Taplin
Dr YH Tham
Dr Vincent Chang
Dr Imran Haider
Professor John Evans
Dr Harj Singh
Dr Nigar Sultana
Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation, Board and Board sub-committees
Dr Lien Duong
Associate Professor Grantley Taylor
Dr Pattarin Adithipyangkul
Dr Lien Duong
Dr Nigar Sultana
Associate Professor Grantley Taylor
Financial Reporting Quality including earnings management, conservatism, financial distress and developing economies
Associate Professor Alina Lee
Dr Greg White
Dr Yuni Yuningsih
Big data in agriculture: legalities and realities Research Assistant Myrtille Lacoste
Corporate Social Responsibility in SMEs and Multi-Nationals Dr Subas Dhakal

8. Business Process Management in Governance and Leadership Contact Email

Professor Chongyi Liu
Associate Professor Grantley Taylor
Research in management accounting, performance management and CSR
Dr Nigar Sultana
Professor Glennda Scully

9. Health Determinants and Health Systems Contact Email

Professor Steve Allsop
Professor Tanya Chikritzhs
Alcohol policy
Dr Wenbin Liang
Dr Tina Lam
Autism - specifially assessing functioning in Austism internationally using the International Classification of Funtioning Developed by the World Health Organization Professor Sonya Girdler
Causes of cancer; occupational health Professor Lin Fritschi
Early Intervention and Prevention (Drug and Alcohol) Dr Nyanda McBride
Ethnograpic Research Professor David Moore
Health effects attributable to illegal biomass burning in Indonesia
Re-evaluation of World Health Organisation recommendations for birth spacing in low-middle income countries Dr Gavin Pereira
A health-effects evidence base to motivate development of Indonesia's first birth registry
Professor Simon Lenton
Illicit Drug Use Associate Professor Rebecca McKetin
Dr Robert Tait
Medication use (prescribing, clinical management), safety and quality in health care, antibiotic stewardship, professional community pharmacy services, electronic Professor Lynne Emmerton
Social Studies of Addiction Concepts Professor Suzanne Fraser
Societal preferences for health system design Associate Professor Richard Norman
Professor Dennis Gray
Substance use among Aboriginal Australians Dr Mandy Wilson
Dr Julia Butt
Any applied analysis Professor Mark Harris
The HIV Related Diseases Programme Associate Professor Patricia Price
New Rhenium-based Compounds as Potential Anti-Cancer Drugs Professor Marco Falasca
Structural biology, macromolecular modelling and computational biophysics Professor Ricardo L. Mancera

10. Chronic Disease and Ageing Contact Email

Polypharmacy (management of multi-morbidities), dementia management, anticoagulant management Professor Lynne Emmerton
Immune related circulating microRNAs in newly arrived and long-tern Chinese immigrants Associate Professor Brad Zhang
Associate Professor Brad Zhang
Identify epigenetic biomarkers of congenital heart defects (CHD) in parents
Associate Professor Phillip Melton

11. STEM Education Contact Email

STEM Education Research group - A recognized discipline area in the School of Education Professor John Williams

Please note this is not a complete list. At Curtin we have a number of supervisors across a range of study disciplines. We encourage you to find a supervisor through the register linked below. You can search the
register using key words from your study discipline or school of interest.

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