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The 38th APAN-Fetus ver1.

2 2014/8/26

Session outline
Title 6th Fetus session
Date & Time (Taiwan time) 13:45-15:30, August 13 (Wed), 2014
Topic Complicated twin pregnancy
Style Teleconference
System Vidyo system in Hong Kong

This is the 6th fetus session. In this session, the main conference site will be connected with other sites via the Vidyo server
Abstract: in Hong Kong. Professors and doctors from different countries and regions will share their interesting cases on twin

main Name Institution Country

Chair Dr KY Leung Queen Elizabeth Hospital CN
Co-chair Dr Ming-Kwang Shyu National Taiwan University TW
Chief Engineer* Chang, Albert National Chi Nan University, The University of Hong KongTW, CN
Participanting institution Moderator's name Country Engineer's name
Ms. Houkabe /
01. Nantou Dr Ming-Kwang Shyu TW
Mr. Antoku
02. HKU-Shenzhen Hospital Dr Mary HY Tang CN Mr Zhang
Mr Veerapol manatarinat
03. Mahidol University Siriraj Hospital Dr Tuangsit Wataganara TH
04. National Center for Child Health and
Professor Chiba Toshio JP Dr Yamashita Hiromasa
Mr Ti-Chuang Chiang / Ms
05. National Taiwan University Dr Ming-Kwang Shyu TW
Esther Wu
06. National University of Singapore Dr Mahesh Choolani/Dr Citra Mattar SG Jummain
07. Sebelas Maret University Dr. Moewardi
Dr Adrianes Bachnas ID Dr Adrianes Bachnas
Hospital Solo
Mr Frankie Chiu / Mr
08. The University of Hong Kong Dr KY Leung CN
Albert Au
09. University of the Philippines Manila Professor Serafin C. Hilvano/Dr Valerie Guinto PH Mr Darwin Laurencio

10. Bachmai Hospital Dr Dung VN Mr Phong Le Hong

*Chief engineer is in charge of testing and controlling the system.

** Italic is to be comfirmed.

Program (Nantou time) Presenter/center TH/ID CN/PH/TW JP

13:45-13:50 Opening remarks and greeting Dr KY Leung 12:45-12:50 13:45-13:50 14:45-14:50

Laser photocoagulation in severe mid-trimester TTTS:

13:50-14:03 Dr Maolee Bhuwapathanapun 12:50-13:03 13:50-14:03 14:50-15:03
Analysis of consecutive 106 cases

14:03-14:16 Twin anemia polycythaemia sequence Dr KO Kou / Dr KY Leung 13:03-13:16 14:03-14:16 15:03-15:16

14:16-14:29 Computer assisted vascular mapping of the placenta Mr Yang Liangjing 13:16-13:29 14:16-14:29 15:16-15:29

14:29-14:42 Twin Anemia-Polycythemia Sequence Dr. Tien Yi-Wen 13:29-13:42 14:29-14:42 15:29-15:42

Fetal gene transfer in early gestation promotes stable

14:42-14:55 Dr Citra Mattar 13:42-13:55 14:42-14:55 15:42-15:55
transgene expression
Outcome of Cases of Multiple Gestation in Philippine
14:55-15:08 Dr Olav A. Gullbekk 13:55-14:08 14:55-15:08 15:55-16:08
General Hospital
Correlation between placental site location and
15:08-15:21 Dr. Adrianes Bachnas 14:08-14:21 15:08-15:21 16:08-16:21
selective IUGR in twins

15:21-15:30 Closing remarks and goodbye message Dr Ming-Kwang Shyu 14:21-14:30 15:21-15:30 16:21-16:30

1. Teleconference, connecting 6-9 stations.

* Please note that after the event, a session report, including some photos taken during the session, will be posted on the TEMDEC website.