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One day there lived a husband and wife, named Inaq Tegining and amazed. He
lives in a small village on Lombok. They used to have a child, but because of their
illness the child died. Amaq Tegining and teganang work as farmers, but they do
not have their own fields, because there is no inheritance from their parents. So
they work as farm laborers at the fields of others, they only get paid for free food
and drink after working by their employers. Because in the past there was also no
money, they bought and sold by exchanging their goods.

Inaq tegining and amaq teganang, do not want to bother with worldly life,
what they have in mind is only, how to live and eat for free if in the main lombok
language mauk mangan, they also do not demand additional salary to their
employers. most valuable for them are only 2 cows, namely male and female cows,
which are always below them everywhere.

one a sunny morning, I went away with my wife, while carrying her favorite cow,
they met an arrogant attack called amaq sahnun. Amaq this witness saw Inaq
Tegining and I was afraid to bring their cows, it was a coincidence that this year
yesterday I lost 2 cows, and he thought that Inaq was going to be strict and I was
the one who stole his cow. Amaq sahnun hurried over to them and said "Be Inaq, I
am clarifying, I am afraid that I will go to tiye", but I am sure that I will be sent to,
Rubin ilang nu ", Amaq did not receive the accusation that he was accused of
hunting cows. even against amaq sahnun to argue. Hours of debate on the roadside,
many people saw Amaq teganang and amaq sahnun arguing about the ownership
of 2 cows
Shortly thereafter, there was a resident, who claimed to be an eyewitness, and
explained that the cow was not an official cow, because it made the Shabbat
embarrassed in front of everyone, and soon the people were respected by all the
people because of their honesty.

From this story we can learn a lesson, do not think about someone else,
because it can harm us someday.

This fairytale of Lombok people, has a song lyrics and is very famous in
my area as well as the Sasak Lombok area, I can convey the lyrics:

it's time for people to talk about alcohol

Amaq Teganang stands for

His work was short and long

Sampai sai adu aku kujing leq tengaq rau

Inaq Tegining Amaq Teganang epe ne

It is with Teganang Teguh lite

Beleq ongkatne excuse me